Directory theme provides automated email templates to be sent on trigger of specific events. The templates are pre-prepared and can be edited. Refer this document to know how the email templates can be edited. The Directory theme uses shortcodes to display dynamic content within emails.

The emails are to be personalized for each user and account details are to be used for this. This dynamic content can be presented in the email templates using the shortcodes. The shortcodes are configures to extract the relevant information about the user and his account details before sending the emails. This means that the templates won’t be needed to updated manually.

Shortcodes for the dynamic content of email messages

To manage the templates navigate to Tevolution >> Settings >> Emails and Notifications. Here are some most commonly used sample shortcodes.

[#user_name#] – will fetch the username to whom the message is to be sent.

[#site_name#] – The website name that from which the message is sent.

[#site_login_url_link#] – Login page link from where the user can login to the site.

[#user_login#] – The chosen username.

[#admin_email#] – email address of the site owner.

[#user_password#] – The generated Password