Generally directory sites have hundreds of listings under each categories. By default we provide pagination at the end of set listings so users can click on the next button and visit the second page of same category.

But, Infinite scrolling really helps to improve user experience on your site. Users do not need to click on the pagination! They can simply scroll down the page to see more businesses. Good thing is we have provided compatibility for an Infinite scroll plugin.

Here in this tutorial we are going to put more lights on how you can integrate the “infinite scrolling” feature on your Directory site.

Let us see how it can be done in your Directory by following easy steps:

  1. Install and activate the Infinite-Scroll plugin.
  2. With the plugin active go to Settings ⇨ Infinite Scroll.
  3. Enter the following under the Content Selector option
  1. Enter the following under the Navigation Selector option
  1. Enter the following under theNext Selector option
  1. Leave the rest as-is and click on “Save Options”.

With this completed infinite scrolling should now be enabled in all category pages, the “all listings” page and also all search pages like this:

So, this way you can easily enable infinite scroll on your Directory website and make it more user friendly.