What is Frontend listing submission?

Basically, the site admin will add a listing from the back-end and publish it. This makes the listings available to the visitors. But, the directory theme has a facility of allowing the users to submit the listings from front end too. This frontend listing submission feature has it own benefits, for the users, the site owner, and the listing owner.

The purpose and use of frontend listing submission

  • The users will be able to submit their listing and contribute to the content and usability of the site.
  • The front end listing can be used to implement various monetization schemes in the site.
  • The listing owners can submit their listing on their own. They get a platform for promoting their listing.

Simplest Frontend listing submission process.

It is amazing how easily you can implement the frontend listing submissions in your site by adding a single line “shortcode” to the page. This will embed submit listing form to the page. However, Directory and its child themes already come with a submit listing form.

With this form,there’s a simple four step submission process.

  1. Selecting the payment package.
  2. Entering the listing information/content.
  3. Login/Registration.
  4. Making the payment(if the package you selected is paid).

Create a submission form

The submission form can be made visible on your Website with the help of a “shortcode” which is inserted while creating ‘Submit Listing’ page in backend as shown in the below image.

frontend listing submission1


Customize the submit form

The Fields or the custom fields which are included in the submission form can be managed from the back end of your site. You can add, update, activate, deactivate the fields. The changes you make here will be reflected on the submission form instantly.

submit img2


15 different field types

Customize your submission form with these field types: Text (editor and simple text area), date picker, buttons (checkbox, select, radio), heading, multiple image uploader, geo map.

Frontend listing submission field types


Default submission fields

Default submission fields include: Title, categories, content, excerpt, city selection fields, image upload, special offers, business hours, business logo, video, contact fields (phone, Facebook, email, twitter, etc.). These fields save you the trouble of designing a submission form, helping you save your time for other configuration settings.

submit img5


Custom Register form:

Before anyone submits anything on your site, you definitely would want him to be registered. So, once entering the listing details is done, the form comes with a custom registration form. If the users are already registered they can sign in and post their listing.

submit img6


WYSIWYG Submission

WYSIWYG is termed as “What you see is what you get” Submissions. These are nothing but the visual submissions to help you visualize your Listing before getting it published live. This visual frontend listing submission can also be modified with the help of the custom fields in Back end. It is available in the members area as a paid add-on.

A WYSIWYG submission page can be created very easily just by adding the relevant shortcode to a newly created page.

WYSIWYG frontend listing submission

All the fields in this form can be edited by clicking on them.

Suppose, you are creating a general purpose directory site, and want user submission. With Directory, you already have an in-built submission form. You can use the form directly as it is designed thoughtfully to contain the required basic details. But even if you want the form to be different than that. Directory theme front end submission will allow you to create such form and manage the fields of the form. You can add the fields you want and remove the one’s you don’t, without investing a large amount of time for it.


Using these submission forms and other Templatic features, you can make your website content and feature rich. Configure the payment packages as you like and make the users pay for the submissions they make.



Many of the our Directory theme users use the front end submission form to take the users’ submission. With the users’ submitted listing they have the following benefits:

  • Increase in the listings of the site, more content and ultimately more traffic.
  • With more content, increase the usability and user-experience.
  • Helps earn revenue for making the users pay for submitting their listings.
  • Unique and constantly updated content for better SEO.