You can create a multi city Directory website using any of our Directory themes, there will be a city switcher in the header of the website which will help your visitors change cities. And all cities will display different listings.

Now, what if you want to display a unique message about each city in a text widget somewhere on the home page?

You can easily do it 🙂 Let me show you how:

1) First of all, go to your wp-admin > Tevolution> Manage Locations > Cities

2) Edit all your existing cities and add your unique city description in the field City Message

3) Now go to your wp-admin > Widgets module and add a Text widget in the area where you want to display this message and add this [city_message] shortcode in the text widget.

The [city_message] shortcode will fetch the city messages that you have added by editing your cities and will display that message according to the city you are browsing on the website.

Display the city message in a separate page

If you want to display a long description for your cities you can use the same [city_message] shortcode in a WordPress page. You can create a new WordPress page from Dashboard>> Pages>> Add New. You can then add this page in your navigation menu from Appearance>> Menus section.

So, this is a great way to display a unique message/description about each of your cities. It will help in SEO too!