Events you have added does not appear on the website due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Also make sure that you have not changed option values for that particular custom field. we need to keep values as “Regular event, Recurring event“. You can edit values for option title field instead.
  2. First of all, Go to Your wp-admin >> Tevolution >>  Custom fields >> Click over the event post type tab >> Make sure that you have already enabled one of the default mandatory custom field named as “Consider this event as” (Holding an html variable named as event_type )
  3. Also make sure that below listed custom fields are already active and visible at both font end/back end.
  • Event start date,
  • Event End date,
  • Start time,
  • End time. 
  1. Along with this, if you are getting the pid=0 upon successful submission, make sure that you have already enabled custom fields Post Title, Post Category, Post Content, Post images from the same Custom Fields module.