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(valid on 1 or 5 site license)

City CSV repository

This page contains community CSVs containing cities for various countries of the world. The initial batch of CSVs was taken from our forum thread. Each of these CSVs will allow you quickly add a significant number of new cities to your Directory-powered website.

To use these CSVs you’ll need…

  1. Our Directory theme (or a Directory child theme).
  2. The free Bulk Import plugin. For import instructions open the theme guide.
  3. Make sure the Location Manager plugin is active.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To submit the CSV you should have at least one active membership with Templatic.
  2. A maximum of 2 add-ons will be granted which means even if your are sending 10 CSVs you will be eligible for only 2 directory add-ons.
  3. The CSV that you provide should be of popular country where number of cities are high. (min 5,000)

City CSV download

    1. Algeria
      Download (by bachirahmani)
    2. Australia
      Download (by sevenworth) | Download 2 (by timobishop)
    3. Belgium
      Download (by bgooris)
    4. Brasil
      Download (by samuelmanzini)
    5. Canada
      Download (by gcoleman)
    6. England
      Download (by Tudortrainingacademy)

  1. Netherlands
    Download (by Mackaaij)
  2. New Zealand
    Download (by sevenworth)
  3. South Africa
    Download (by sevenworth)
  4. Spain
    Download (by Josemiguel)
  5. Turkey
    Download (by themem)
  6. United Kingdom
    Download (by daryla)
  7. United States
    Download (by fantastiko)
  8. Zimbabwe
    Download (by Walcee)
  9. Nigeria
    Download (by eMicah)
  10. Austria
  11. Germany

Important! We do not vouch for the accuracy of these CSVs. Each of these files was given to us by our customers and we are providing them here without any modifications.

Submit your own city CSV and receive a prize!

In case you created a list of cities for your own site feel free to send it to us and allow others to reuse the CSV. As a thank you for the contribution we’ll be rewarding you with a free Directory add-on of your choice. This time around we’ll be allowing a maximum of three CSVs per country (before it was just 1). Having 3 available CSV’s will provide more variety to the person downloading them in the future. Once all three slots are filled future CSVs (for the same country) will be rejected.

Before submitting your CSV make sure it matches this criteria

  • The CSV can be imported without any errors.
  • The CSV is encoded in UTF-8.
  • The names of cities are written in normal text. ALL CAPS or unnecessary characters should be avoided.
  • The dash (-) is used to separate multiple words in the City Slug column. If the city name is “New York” the slug should be “new-york”.
  • This is the username you use to login to Templatic forums, member area and Helpdesk.
  • Make sure this email address is active. We might have some questions.
  • Tell us the name of the country in which the cities are located.
  • Please upload your CSV to Dropbox or some other file sharing site. Paste the download link inside this field.
  • Write here which Directory add-on you want as the prize. Please note that prizes are issued only for CSV included in the repository (we might reject your CSV).
  • If there's something we should know about your CSV please write it here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.