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Directory translations repository

This page contains community translations for several world languages. The initial batch of translations was taken from the following article . Each of these translations will allow you quickly translate a significant portion of your site.

Follow these steps to correctly add a translation to your site

  1. Download the latest version of Directory (or the child theme if you’re using one) to your hard drive. You’ll find the download in member area.
  2. Download the translation you need from the list below.
  3. Update the translation you downloaded with the latest strings. You’ll find instructions for doing that in this translation guide.
  4. Enable the translation by following these steps located inside the Directory guide.

Translation downloads

  1. Croatian
    Download (by DukeArdelis)
  2. Danish
    Download (by Alikazem)
  3. Dutch
    Download (by Mackaaij)
  4. German
    Download (by rakhiv)
  5. Hebrew
    Download (by Cbtisrael)
  6. Italian
    Download (by mondonido)
  7. Polish
    Download (by michael89)
  8. Portuguese
    Download (by vibisinfor)
  9. Russian
    Download (by viktor)
  10. Spanish
    Download (by gijondeocio) | Download 2 (by dakywo)
    Download (by Damian) for Eventum theme
    Download (by Damian) for Listing theme
  11. Turkish
    Download (by themem)
  12. Brazilian Portuguese
    Download (by Caio)
  13. Arabic
    Download (by Mosaab)
  14. Indonesian
    Download (by Kang)
  15. French(Business Directory)
    Download (by Saidani Khier)

Important! We do not vouch for the accuracy of these translations. Each of these files was given to us by our customers and we are providing them here without any modifications.

Submit your own translation and receive a prize!

In case you translated Directory to your native language feel free to send it to us and allow others to reuse it. As a thank you for the contribution we’ll be rewarding you with a free Directory add-on of your choice. This time around we’ll be allowing a maximum of three translations per language (before it was just 1). Having 3 available translations will provide more variety to the person downloading them in the future. Once all three slots are filled future translations (for the same language) will be rejected.

Before submitting your translation make sure it matches this criteria

  • The translation must contain the global front-end PO file for either Directory or one of Directory child themes. Plugins-only translations will be rejected.
  • The PO file can be compiled by Poedit (into MO) without any errors.
  • There are no fuzzy strings inside the file.

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