Do you want to show all the businesses submitted on your site on single page? Yes, it’s possible by using the Global Location add-on.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can make your Directory as Global Directory.

You can show all the submitted businesses(across cities) on the home page of your website without  selecting a city from city selector. The Global Location add-on lets you as admin create a new location which will become the first one where your visitors will land on your site.


Once you will setup the options as mentioned below you will see a link in your city selector to go to your Global Location(which displays listings from all your cities together)

Install the Global Location plugin and activate it, you will get an option “Show global location” in theme WP-admin> Tevolution> Manage Locations as shown into below image for your reference. Enable that option and you will see three more relevant options pop up over there.


What these options will do?

Show Global Location – Enabling this option will add a new link named Global Location in your city Selector, once you click on that link city-wise filtering will be disabled and you will be able to see listings from all the cities you have added on your site.

Set this global location as default city – Enable this option if you want to show your home page with this Global Location selected(listings from all the cities) for the first time to the visitor of your website.

Name of your global location – You can rename the link title(Global Location in front end) to any name which matches your requirement. For example: if you are only displaying cities from US, you can add a name like All of United States instead of that default Global Location string.

Description for your global location – Just like you add city description while adding a city you can add description for your global location also. It will be displayed in the city selector area as well.

So, this way you can create a truly Global Directory website by using a combination of our Directory theme and Global Location add-on.