Global Location

Global Location add-on plugin helps you to set global location in directoy

Shows listing from all your cities together

The main purpose of the Global Location add-on is to provide a page where listings from all your cities are shown. As per the default location functionality inside the Directory theme, all content is filtered based on the currently selected city. Global Location add-on counteracts this behavior by adding a “Global City” option within the header city selectors.

Global Location For Directory Theme

Set the global city as default

If you want your first-time visitors to have access to all of the available content make sure to set the “Global City” as the default city for Directory. After browsing your directory with all the content showing they can easily focus on a particular city by using the header city selector. The cool thing about the Global City is that it will show the city description just like any other city on your site.

Useful in alternative hierarchies

By default Directory comes with a Country ? State ? City hierarchy. However, you can change this behavior to State ? City or just cities by editing settings within the Manage Locations area. If you’re focused on creating a directory for a specific country, choosing the “One Country” option inside the back-end would be the way to go. In that particular hierarchy, the “Global City” essentially provides access to all listings within your country. The next step would be to rename “Global City” to a more appropriate name (e.g. “All of Unites States”).

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