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Directory theme, the only directory solution you will ever need

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Out of the blue, here we come with our most exciting product yet!

After months and months of work, team Templatic is excited to introduce Directory – the only directory solution you will ever need. Over the years, we have released some unique themes for different niches, and we started this unique concept of themes that help you create a money making site, also allowing your visitors to submit content on your site. Thanks to you, these ideas were well received and rewarded.

If you are a website owner looking to create a directory site these days, you are definitely in luck.

View Demo or Purchase Directory

Directory is essentially a culmination of our directory efforts over the last few years. In this system we’ve included literally hundreds of features that you guys requested in the comments, forums or social media. It is powered by multiple plugins and themes with even more available as optional/paid extras.

Upon purchasing Directory you will receive:

  • Tevolution 2.0 – the upgraded version of our base app plugin released last year
  • Directory theme – contains most of the design, fully responsive
  • Directory plugin – powers the “Listing” post type and other content-management features
  • Location Manager plugin – enables the multi-city functionality

Better directory navigation and content management

One of the things we really wanted to perfect with Directory is the browsing experience, for both the admin and the user/visitor. Category pages now feature AJAX-based view switchers for quick transitions between grid, list and map view. They also come with a customizable sorting dropdown – you decide which options show in the box.

Similar approach has been used for detail pages. Instead of clumping everything together we’ve added tabs. For instance, if you add a video to a listing it will be shown inside a tab. Detail pages now also come with proximity-based related posts section. Along with filtering content based on categories (or tags) you can also set a perimeter from which related content will be pulled. The map available on the detail page can even generate directions to the listings location.

The two most important content management features must be the custom post type manager and the custom fields manager.
Post type manager gives you the tools to create a fully functional post type (e.g. Properties) and matching taxonomies (Property categories and tags).
Custom fields manager on the other hand allows you to define custom fields for those post types. With the post type created and custom fields defined you can generate submission forms and allow visitors to post content from the front-end.

Focus on monetization

Templatic themes have always been known for they money-making abilities, Directory is no different. Your primary source of revenue will be user submissions. This is achieved by creating price packages, i.e. payment plans for the submission form. Price packages can be added for every post type you create using the post type manager.

There are two package types available; pay-per-post and pay-per-subscription. Along with being post type specific, price packages are also category specific, allowing you to define different packages for different categories. Categories themselves are also monetized so feel free to set a different price for each category. Use the “featured post” option to get set featured price and get additional income from submissions.

There are other ways of making money as well. Read all about them in the dedicated Directory monetization page.

Global city management

In Directory, cities are organized into countries and states. We’ve pre-loaded a bunch of them (240 countries / 3900 states) so you don’t have to waste time doing it. With the change in location structure we also had to change the way cities are selected. City selector in Directory can be hierarchical with three consecutive dropdowns for country, state and city. It can also be list-based; with cities sorted into lists with countries as columns.

Or… you can just rely on the geo-location tracker. The tracker will analyze the visitors IP address and determine his/hers location. The visitor will then be placed into the city that’s nearest to them. This behavior can be controlled. Three options are available:

  1. Ask for geo-location – user is asked to share his location. If approved, the city nearest to them is loaded
  2. Force geo-location – the nearest city is always loaded
  3. Show default city – 1st time visitors always land on the default city

City customizations are another cool Directory feature. While creating a new city you’ll have the opportunity to define an HTML message for that city (which will show in the city selector), a custom header and a custom body background. You can use either images or simple colors for the header and body backgrounds.

Extend the functionality

The features we’ve mentioned here are just a few slices of a much larger cake. Directory was designed to be modular, meaning you pay for what you truly need. All the stuff mentioned so far was part of the Directory core, i.e. the themes and products you get after purchasing the Directory theme (starts at $99). Directory can be extended with specific Directory add-on plugins, Tevolution Payment gateways, Tevolution app plugins (e.g. Templatic Booking) and dedicated Directory child-themes.

Possibly the most important Directory add-on is Events Manager. This plugin will enable the “Events” post type and let you create, showcase and monetize events. Recurring events are also possible with recurrence settings ranging from days to years. Another cool feature is the listings integration, i.e. the listing-event bridge. When connected, events will appear on listing detail pages under a new tab.

Another mention-worthy Directory add-on is Field Monetization plugin. With this plugin you’ll be able to connect custom fields with specific price packages. Charge more for price packages with more input fields! Events Manager and Field Monetization plugins are in final stages of development. They are not available for purchasing at the moment, but will be very soon.

Google Maps

Maps have been an important part of our themes for a while, but we’ve really taken it to the next level this time. Maps are so prevalent in Directory that there isn’t much that cannot be displayed using them. There are now two homepage map widgets, two maps for the category page and two different detail page maps. Along with all that you can also generate a map in any post type (existing or created by you) using the map shortcode.

Google Map features in Directory include:

  • Marker clustering – works for all listing maps, can also be disabled
  • Homepage map search – search for map markers/listings from the map itself
  • Custom category markers – add them while creating the actual categories, they work with all maps in the theme
  • Street View – available for all maps
  • Full page map toggle – show the homepage map across the whole screen by clicking a toggle button in the corner

To clarify, this is not GeoPlaces v5

Several months ago, after much deliberation we decided that it’s time to try something new when it comes to creating a directory theme. The problem with upgrading GeoPlaces is design single city directory vision it was built around, we cannot deviate from it. Directory gave us that blank canvas we wanted. However, considering we drew a lot of inspiration from our own GeoPlaces forums and forum members, it is fair to offer something special for those looking to upgrade from GeoPlaces.

We will be providing a 40% discount to all of you who decide to switch from GeoPlaces to Directory. Click here for details.

A new beginning

As a team, we are very excited about this project and can’t wait to truly make this the best directory site platform out there. Bunch of add-ons that will extend your directory site and child themes are coming up. Soon, very soon.

The quest begins now.

View Demo or Purchase Directory

26 thoughts on “Directory theme, the only directory solution you will ever need

  1. Tricia says:

    Does your event plugin work with Publisher?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi Tricia
      I did some tests and it appears like the plugin doesn’t work with Publisher. That said, it seems like a minor incompatibility so I’ll investigate further and see if something can be done to remedy it. if you need an update for this please contact us via the contact form at the top of our site.

  2. Darrin says:

    Is there any update on the 40% discount for switching from GeoPlaces?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hey Darrin
      At the moment the discount can only be obtained by making a manual PayPal payment. This will change soon (we’ll find a better way). As soon as we figure something out a blog post will be released detailing the procedure.

      1. R.Bhavesh says:

        Update: a better way is now available… please contact our support.

  3. Mike says:

    Please does your cartsy theme work with tevolution?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi Mike
      Tevolution is designed to work with pretty much any theme (made by us or otherwise), however we can only provide support (and guarantee a certain experience) with the Tevolution-powered themes. Cartsy unfortunately isn’t one of them. In short, it will likely work, but it’s hard to say how well.

  4. maxwell says:

    i want to use this theme as real estate portal like realtr. Is that possible? And how good will it be compared to realtr.

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      From a functionality standpoint you could use Directory for a real estate portal. However, from a design perspective you’d be much better off using Real Estate or Realtr. I suggest testing the theme before purchasing so you can see whether it can work for you or not.

  5. Dale says:

    Will GeoPlaces v5 ‘Events’ include the feature: “They connect with listings” that Directory Events plugin allows.

    Could you perhaps add a section that compares GeoPlaces v5 with Directory. I need to understand why i should upgrade to Directory.

    Initially I purchased Events Theme. Then purchased GeoPlaces and re-developed entire multisite website as it’s event listing capabilities were better.
    Now Directory? What to do?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi Dale

      We actually thought about creating a GeoPlaces vs Directory post but decided against it since both themes do pretty much the same things; it’s just that Directory does it better. Imagine the iPhone 4. It does pretty much everything as iPhone 5S, but the new one is better in pretty much every way. If you have specific GPv4 vs Directory questions that we could answer, go ahead and ask. I’ll provide the answers here and include the questions inside the FAQ.

      To answer your “What to do” question…. It’s hard to say. My advice is, stick with GPv4 if you’re happy with the current site and functionality. The theme isn’t going anywhere, we will continue to support it for month to come.

  6. Dale says:

    Hi Vedran

    Thanks for your reply.

    Will GeoPlaces v5 ‘Events’ include the feature: “They connect with listings” that Directory Events plugin allows.

    …or are you saying there will not be a GeoPlaces v5 ?

    I have created this request on the ‘New Features Suggestion’

    This feature is ultimately what I was looking for.

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      We haven’t talked about GeoPlaces v5 yet. I imagine GeoPlaces v5 will be released as a child theme for Directory. Basically you’ll get all the new functionality and keep the existing look and feel of the theme. I should repeat that this is just my view on the matter… I haven’t discussed it with others :)
      In case my idea turns out to be true, GeoPlaces v5 will feature the listing-event bridge as does the main Directory theme.

  7. Deniz says:

    Event was included in Geoplaces Theme.

    But event not included in Directory theme. I must pay extra payment for Event plugin with 49$ to include it.

    And geoplace included Monetization but Directory need plugin for it. I think this plugin will be with money too..

    I think it is not good.

    What is your plan?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Directory is a product separate from GeoPlaces, we want to make that as clear as possible (not including events is one way in which we’re doing that). Monetization is included in Directory, I wrote a great deal about it in this very post. Actually, monetization features within Directory far surpass those in GeoPlaces. On top of that there is also the Fields Monetization add-on that introduces even more ways to make money.

      Our vision was to create a modular framework in which each user creates his/hers own directory. It’s like buying a car; you get all the important stuff with the car itself but gotta pay for cool extras :)

  8. Jose says:

    Hi, Directory looks great but I could get “vantage” theme from appthemes for the same price and it includes events and hundreds of add-ons to buy, so why should I buy this one?
    Fields Montization is a plus, when it will be released?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Perhaps comparing it to GeoPlaces would have been more appropriate (not to forget it is replication of GeoPlaces and geoplaces still beats others in many aspects). Also, it does not include events imho.

      To begin with, take a look at the feature index of directory which already saves you from purchasing so many, must have add-ons.

      Directory has a different vision and as we progress on this path, it will be noticeable.

      Add-ons. We have just released directory and we have some useful add-ons already published. Creating more and more, useful add-ons is just a matter of time and we have all the plans to create new add-ons. No ETA but soon.

      Fields monetization is completed but we are doing in-house testing. It should be released in next 2 weeks.

      1. R.Bhavesh says:

        Fields monetization and other add-ons are now released plugins

  9. Arm says:

    Nice theme, in the demo…i cannot find any listing using “Multi Rating”, hope i can see it…

  10. jcruz says:

    Hi, can I display events and listings on homepage and map?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Yes, of course. You can use the homepage widgets to display any post type (you create) on the homepage.

  11. Siva says:


    Instead of showing a simple marker on google maps, is it possible to show a route?! Thanks

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      No, I’m afraid the theme doesn’t have this feature at the moment. It’s something you’d have to achieve by customizing the included Google maps.

  12. steve smith says:

    Will there be an add-on option coming for this theme for coupons? Something that business owners could offer deals on is popular at the moment

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hey Steve. We don’t have anything like that planned for the immediate future, but yeah, I think we’ll have something along those lines. A plugin, a child theme or perhaps both.

    2. R.Bhavesh says:

      However, you can add/edit/delete unlimited custom fields on listings. How about adding a text-area custom field labeled offer/deal/coupon and let them add coupon/image/html in that field?

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