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Templatic Nulled Themes

Templatic nulled themes are what you’re searching for right? Know the risks first before you decide to download and illegally use our themes.

You have found this page because you are looking to download an illegal copy of our themes. Whether you are looking for ‘Directory theme nulled‘ or ‘ Templatic nulled themes, you should read this warning to know the consequences and dangers of downloading and using nulled Templatic themes.

Using our themes or directory add-on plugins without paying for them is of course illegal. You’ll not only be breaking the law but it’s also not ethical or moral to steal any product you haven’t paid for – that’s what’s using the software without paying for it is – stealing.

What happens if you use nulled Templatic themes?

1- We run daily checks on websites using our (non-free) themes without a valid license. All of our themes are registered on our database and communicate with our servers to let us know the URL they have been installed on. You don’t believe this? Give it a try with a live site you have worked hard on – like we worked hard on our themes.

Once your website gets busy with traffic and users, don’t be surprised if your site suddenly goes offline. You will not only be losing it only to restore it from your c-panel, once an illegal copy of our theme has been deactivated, it cannot be used again. Is it easy for us to do this? – it’s as easy as you decide to use our non-free themes without paying us for our work. Do we want to do this? The answer is ‘No’, we wish you to enjoy our theme – just pay for it.

In some cases where we see financial damage to you may occur, we will allow you to restore the website. In return, we hope you will purchase a legal license to continue using our theme within 4 weeks of re-activating it.

So how do you purchase a legal copy of the theme you’re using illegally? It’s very simple – all you have to do is to visit the theme’s sales page, choose the license you need and pay for it. Once you purchase the license, you’ll be able to download the legal copy and receive support and updates on it.

2- Using a Templatic nulled or cracked theme or plugin is not only morally wrong. We often get customers who buy a legal license after suffering financial or other damages when using an illegal copy. Why? because by downloading a nulled Templatic theme, you are at the hands of the hacker who has nulled/cracked the theme. Hackers only have one interest and that’s to take control of your server and/or transactions made via your website.
Think about it, why would they bother cracking some company’s software and provide it for free download? Maybe they have other reasons, but do you want to be part of that or even run the risk?

3- Installing a nulled Templatic theme, or for that matter one from any company, renders your hosting account vulnerable to hackers. This means that not only the domain or even development domain is at risk, that’s also any other domains you have on that account are at risk as well. Nulled themes are always riddled with malware and viruses. A nulled theme is cleverly designed to attack your server, computer or both – that’s why a nulled theme is made available for free download. We hope this has solved the mystery of why software is cracked and made available to use for free. It’s up to you!

4- Google and other search engines will not rank your website very high. Why? By activating a legal copy of our theme also activates certain functions or parts of the code which related to SEO. Installing an illegal nulled Templatic theme for a website you value is not really worth the time you’ll be spending on working on its content and SEO. In case your website does well on Google with a nulled theme, it may be a matter of time of when it will drop.

5- Not all functions on a nulled theme will be working as we designed them to do. How if you’ve managed to install the theme you’re thinking right? The simple reason is that when a theme is activated with a legal activation key, certain functions are also activated. You might be happy the theme looks good on your website why not get yourself a legal license and get all of its functions to work too?

Used a nulled Templatic theme and your website is down? Contact us now

Can you legalize a nulled Templatic theme?

Yes, of course, you can. We will be more than happy to offer you support and fully functional theme files once you purchase. Will we be upset you’ve used our theme illegally? – Not if you purchase a legal license from us.

You only want to try our themes before buying?

Sure you can do that, and without having to illegally download a theme to try it. We can help, all you have to do is to request an admin test site from us.

We offer hundreds of admin test sites daily. These trials are the best way to try Templatic themes safely. For one, you’ll be getting a safe environment to test our themes as admin, user, and visitor. You will not be running the risk of infecting your server, computer or both. We also offer you support while you test any of our themes. This will legal way to get to know how our themes work.

Request a free no obligation trial now

Risks you didn’t know you didn’t know

Are Templatic themes shareware or freeware?
– Themes which have a price tag on them are commercial products, they must be purchased. Use our theme illegally and your website will not stay online for long. Themes we give away are clearly marked as free ones, it’s not that hard to know which theme is a paid one.

Can you buy Templatic themes anywhere else except our site?
– No, you can’t. It’s only possible to legally purchase a theme directly from our website. If you’ve been sent from one of our affiliate websites, that’s fine. The payment you then make via our website is deemed as legal.

Can you get support or updates if your website is down with a WordPress update?
– Not unless you have a legal license. All of the themes in our member area are updated to make sure they work when there’s a WordPress update. Is your website already down after a WordPress update because you don’t have the legal copy available for our customers? We will be happy to help get your website online again if you purchase a license from us.

You think the price is too high?
– You can download nulled Templatic themes if you like and ignore all the risks involved. How about if we tell you that it costs us money to develop themes, support them and update them? Your take on this will really depend on how much you value your website. Do you?

If you decide to download a nulled Templatic theme which has been nulled by a hacker, it’s up to you. If using a cracked theme doesn’t bother you, ask yourself one simple question – if while it’s online, would you like to work hard on your website then be left without fixes or support when you need it most?

Top 10 reasons why not to download nulled Templatic themes..

..and what will happen to your website if you do?

  • Not all functions work or work properly on a nulled theme. Getting a fully functional theme is only possible if you download it from our member area.
  • Don’t put all of your users at risk by forcing them to visit a website which is using a nulled theme. Putting your users in harm’s way is exactly what you’ll be doing. Nulled themes are always virus infected and full of malware.
  • Nulled themes are never updated to make sure they work with the latest copy of WordPress. Legal copies from us are always updated so your website will never be down.
  • Having a legal copy gives you access to support and updates. Use our theme illegally and you’re on your own!
  • Using a nulled theme renders your website and all other domains on your account (if you have any) to go down.
  • Getting support when the website you earn from or value goes down isn’t possible with a nulled theme.
  • Your users will be disappointed if your website is taken offline. A legal copy is the best way to be certain there will be no interruptions to the services, information or products you provide.
  • Nulled themes give hackers control over your website, server, computer or all of those put together.
  • Download a nulled Templatic theme basically means you’re on your own. If you need assistance, you’ll need to find the hacker who has offered you the theme.
  • It’s not legal, moral or ethical to use anything which is on sale for free. It’s called ‘stealing’.

Trust me, the nulled WordPress themes are not really worthy of the efforts and time to set up your site using them. Your nulled Templatic WordPress Themes are not 100% secure and they may crash anytime. And why go for Nulled WordPress themes when you can get the premium & professionally designed themes for free?

No need to risk your site with any nulled WordPress theme

Assuming you’ve read the cons of using Cracked Templatic Themes, we’re sure you will never want to risk it. And why would you want to, when you have this special discount offer from Templatic?