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35+ Best WordPress Classifieds Theme For Online Directories

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Creating an Online Classified website? Here is the list of some of the best WordPress classified themes. They have wonderful designs, amazing features, flexible options and unlimited uses.

The idea of a classified website is to provide an ad posting platform where the people can post their classified ads. These ads can be about anything: different types of products or services. The classified website will be used by the visitors to find a relevant product or a service.

The classified ad posting software acts as a middle ground for people with different interests and therefore getting enough traction should not be a big problem.

These are Classified themes and they obviously have the basic inbuilt feature of posting and displaying ads. Besides, they all come with their unique features and customization options.

Classifieds Plus WordPress Theme

The classifieds plus WordPress theme is a fully responsive, modern WordPress theme for creating classifieds style online directory websites. It comes with just the right amount of features and options to let you create professional, location based websites that earns for you.

The main attraction of the theme is how easy to use it is. You can use the inbuilt options to quickly setup your classifieds website, while the management options are even easier to let you control and maintain your information packed classified directory website. It comes with a fully functional front end classified ad posting system. So just create all the categories you want, even set different prices for the categories if you need, and start accepting classified ads. You can also create different price packages for different plans on your website.

To let you make money through classified website, there are a number of inbuilt features, you can ad monetize your website with Google AdWords, use other services as well to create a website as a business setup. The theme has a modern and clean look, and is SEO optimized. Besides, you can use different directory add-ons to integrate different types of listings like deals, jobs, events, real estate, etc. Therefore, the theme is completely multi-purpose and offers you unlimited opportunities to create any kind of website you want.

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Classifieds – WordPress Classifieds Directory Themes

If you want to create a complete classifieds directory website where people can post ads as well as view advertisements, here’s the solution.

Templatic’s classifieds WordPress theme is, in fact, a complete WordPress directory theme portal in minutes. In addition to that, it is so easy to use that even if you’ve never used WordPress, you will be able to create and manage your own ad posting WordPress website.

The Classifieds Directory theme is based on the Directory theme, inheriting all its features, like the ability to create custom fields, custom post types. The easy dashboard options to let you efficiently manage the classified website features, etc.

The theme helps you earn using the monetization options. Besides, you can change colors, customize and make it look and work just the way you want. This is a directory child theme and it can be used by integrating different directory add-ons like deals, jobs, real estate, as well as places. Therefore, you can create a big classified platform – with different types of listings. Also read: Using WordPress Classifieds Script for creating Online Classifieds Directory Website.


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ClassyAds – Classifieds Directory WordPress Theme

ClassyAds is a modern Classified listing WordPress theme. With the easy options and flexibility, you can create a desired classified website in minutes.

The ClassyAds theme is based on the WordPress plugin WP Job Manager. You can either create job listings or the classified listings with this theme. For location features, the theme supports the region plugin, as well as custom filters for region. And for the paid submissions, you can use the paid listing WordPress plugin.

Most of the features of this WordPress themes are based on different plugins. The listing page of theme comes with a unique and attractive design. FlatAds can be developed into a fully fledged online directory website.

For eCommerce features, the theme integrates with WooCommerce. It also supports WP Job Manager. So the theme can be used to sell commodities as well as job listings too. For location awareness, the theme integrates with the google maps.

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FlatAds – Classified Ads WordPress Themes

Flat Ads is a directory classified theme. Here classified ads are added as a directory listing.

It tightly integrates with Google maps and GeoLocation facilities. Also, the Classified theme supports custom fields for categories and subcategories. With the help of bbPress plugin, you can start a forum on your site. The theme is designed for ease of use where you can easily setup your website with this template and manage it easily.

The theme is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. And for facilitating monetary transactions in the theme, you have inbuilt PayPal. Flat Ads is SEO optimized. And to make the changes in the theme, you have an advanced and powerful theme options panel. With bbPress, you can make a community of classified dealers on your site too.

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Classiera – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Classiera is one of the best WordPress classified themes to create outstanding Classifieds WordPress site. It allows you to choose from more than 16 homepage layouts.

The theme is tightly integrated with Google Maps. And a Classiera website supports video ads too. As a classified website is mostly complex, with a lot of information and different features on the site – there are advanced search features to let the visitors find the most relevant listings.

There’s a feature called “Bump up” ad feature, where the ad listing owner has the feature to bring up the ad listing on the website if it get buried too deep in the list of listings. Moreover, you can set different prices for different categories. You can also use this theme for auction listings because a bidding module comes included.

For the visitor’s experience, this theme comes with an advanced search bar. The theme supports WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your classified site. Besides, the Classiera comes with PayPal integration for accepting payments through your website. It is SEO optimized. The theme has many other interesting features like different pricing page styles, custom designed shop page for WooCommerce, different layout styles for presenting your classified ad listings, image icons for categories, image upload count limit, etc.

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Trade: Classifieds Theme for WordPress

Trade is a classifieds theme with modern design and straightforward features. The classifieds theme comes with easy options to create and manage your classifieds website.

You can create your classifieds website with drag and drop page building using the Visual Composer page builder. It comes with 4 unique and professionally designed homepage versions you can choose from. For payment processing, it comes with Paypal integrated. Moreover, Trade is performance and speed optimized. It allows integration with Contact Form 7 for creating meaningful contact forms to collect information from your visitors. There are maps and advanced search features. You can use the search and filter pro plugin with this theme to improve the user experience.

The powerful theme options makes managing the WordPress classified website template very easy. Moreover, all the included features are enough for creating a very useful classified website while avoiding features that may unnecessary complicate your website.

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Knowwhere: Classifieds WordPress Theme

Knowwhere is a WordPress theme for creating a different kind of online dictionaries like Job board, city directory or a classifieds website. The homepage banner supports video backgrounds to give your website a sophisticated look. The theme is ideal for you to create complex and useful classified website for your city where people can post as well as look for ad listings under different categories.

This WordPress Classified theme supports membership features as well as bookings. It also supports subscriptions. Therefore, the potential of a website created using this theme is unlimited. Besides, you can create page designs of your choice through the drag and drop Visual composer page builder and use the unlimited dashboard options to make your site look and work the way you want.

Also included is radius filter as well as other filters to help the visitors to find the most relevant listings for them. The maps can be integrated and customized. There is also a demo dedicated to the niche of job portal as well as one for real estate so you can create one with this classified website template.

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Classifieds – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Classifieds is a comprehensive and one of the best WordPress classified themes. With all the features and options, you can create a website of your choice easily.

Classifieds is performance optimized to ensure that the speed is not disturbed with even thousands of ads. Moreover, this WordPress Classified theme supports geo-location search features. The ads will be posted with auto-expiration dates.

The theme also supports category wise custom map markers. And Classifieds is WooCommerce ready and supports multi-currency. And it also supports RTL languages.

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CouponHut – Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

Coupon hut is a coupon and deals WordPress theme. So it is slighly different from the rest of the themes mentioned in this list of best WordPress Classified themes. It has a minimal and very clean design. The theme comes with an inbuilt registration and user management features for creating a coupons directory.

It also comes with an inbuilt page builder. With this theme, you can create 2 type of deals – Coupon and Discount. You can create a website where you can display coupons and deals as well as sell products and earn affiliate income. It is fully responsive and helps you create a deals website with organized design where the listings are highlighted. The coupons classified theme comes with pre-built pages and forms which can be easily redesigned using the drag and drop options.

The Coupon Classified theme has the facility of registration for the members. It comes with pre-designed page templates you can use directly on your website. There is a review and rating system for the visitors which is one of the most desirable features for such a website. For minor CSS changes, you can also use the custom CSS editor. Coupon hut is SEO optimized too. It is based on WooCommerce for the eCommerce features.

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Price Compare – Price Comparison WordPress Theme

You can use this fully responsive Price Compare theme to create a website that compares various products. The Classified theme has a beautiful design that looks great on every device. The light weight theme allows you to create information rich websites, where a lot of people can find a lot of information about different products.

The Price Compare theme is performance and speed optimized. Moreover, you can make money through this theme by creating an affiliate program. Also, Price Compare comes with an inbuilt monetization system. The inbuilt registration system is what makes managing the website built with this theme so easy. The stores can easily register on the website, and upload their product feed to your site. The theme is also configured to provide you with some analytic statistics so that you can have an overview of performance of each store or product. Also included, is a powerful keyword search system to facilitate the visitors of your site.

With PayPal, Stripe and other payment options, you can enable monetary transactions. So, the theme offers Ajax search option. Price compare can also be used to create a website in RTL mode. It is SEO optimized too. The Price compare theme supports Google fonts, and is very customizable.

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Reviews – Products And Services Review WP Theme

Review is not exactly a classified theme but it is a product review theme that can be used as a classified website with the eCommerce features.

The WP Classified theme can be used to create a website in 2020, that compares and reviews a product. So it can also show where the product can be bought from. Therefore, before buying a product, the users can refer its feedback on your website.

It comes with custom widgets and page templates. The Classified theme has easy table options, to let you create pricing tables. Moreover, it can be used to create a website in RTL language too.

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Adifier – Classifieds Ad WordPress Theme

Without any external plugin need, the theme can be used to create a classified website. It can also be used to a fully functional online ad posting software.

It allows frontend users to submit their classifieds listings. Adifier supports different ad types: Buying, gifts, auction, selling, and exchange. Besides, it supports custom fields. This classifieds WordPress theme has all the features to let you make money through an online classifieds business.

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Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Classiads is one of the elegant and flexible classified theme for WordPress. The Classified WordPress theme has a clean and modern look and easy options to create your website. Moreover, it supports GeoLocation.

There are two homepage versions of the theme. Classiads has an intuitive and powerful theme options panel. Besides, you can even create membership plans on your website.

This theme also allows frontend submission listing. If you want to start forums, you can use the bbPress plugin with this theme. For accepting payments on your website, PayPal can be integrated. Classiads is SEO friendly too.

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Classify – Classifieds WordPress Theme

Classify is a feature rich Classified WordPress theme. It comes with GeoLocation support and unlimited customization options.

Classify comes with different homepage styles. It supports video ads. Moreover, the Classified WP theme hasPayPall built in. For eCommerce features, you can use the WooCommerce plugin.

With Classify, you can create membership plans and allow front end submission of ads. Moreover, this Classified theme has an inbuilt email alert facility. The code is clean and well commented, so you can extend or update it easily.

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The comprehensive Directory theme

Even though this is not a ready to use Classifieds website template, you might like to opt for it if you want a fully flexible classifieds directory. There’s a child Classifieds theme that can act as one of the best WordPress classified themes.

This directory theme allows you to create custom post types with unique fields, to accept submissions under different categories. Directory and its set of child themes and add-ons, provides you all the flexibility to create a niche specific classifieds website or general purpose classifieds website.

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Classified Engine Theme – Classified WordPress Theme

Classified Engine comes with beautiful design and amazing features. The theme is designed to let you monetize by posting ads on your classifieds website.

You can create your pricing plans with time duration. The users can post a review, share the ad or directly send an inquiry message. Therefore, this Classified WordPress theme allows map on the website. Besides, for changing the look of the theme there are easy and intuitive options.

Some of the options are available at the front end itself. The theme comes with PayPal integrated and supports some other popular payment gateways too. Classified Engine is SEO optimized.

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Classifier – Classifieds WordPress theme

The classifier is a WordPress Classified theme to let you create a feature rich and fully monetized classifieds website. It has a clean design and vast customization options.

With the membership options, you can create and display membership packages. The theme can be used for free or paid classified ad submission. The Ad detail page is well designed and comprehensive.

For enabling the social network on your website, the theme is BuddyPress compatible. The theme comes with some page templates. The theme takes care of SEO management too.

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Best WordPress Classified Themes

WordPress Classifieds theme is a feature packed theme to let you create a classified website. It is flexible and comes with easy and vast administration options.

You have more than 30 child themes with different designs to choose from. You can built your custom registration forms with custom fields. With this theme, you can restrict the site content and allow access to the determined membership level only.

There are specific areas for advertisements that you can use for making money. The theme also has good features to create and print receipts. WordPress Classifieds theme is compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins.

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ClassiPress – Classifieds WordPress theme

ClassiPress is one of the best WordPress classified themes. It comes with many monetization options. It is a cleanly designed theme.

The homepage of the theme is highly customizable. With easy options, create pricing plans. You can also customize the submission form with the custom fields. The theme allows you to create membership packages too.

The search option in the theme included search autocomplete and suggestions. The code of the theme is clean and can be easily extended. ClassiPress is SEO optimized.

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CarSpot – Automotive Car Dealer WordPress Classified Theme

Carspot is a one of the most powerful car dealer wordpress theme especially designed for the automobiles and car dealership business owners to grow their businesses online.

This theme is eCommerce ready with WooCommerce compatibility. It comes with multiple customization options and comes with classifieds icons that you can use to decorate your website and make it look absolutely professional and tailormade. Besides, it includes a powerful search functionality.

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Classicraft – WordPress Classifieds theme

Classicraft is a WordPress classifieds website template to start your own online marketplace. Create a multipurpose Classified website with this theme and generate some passive income.

The theme comes with multiple monetization options. Use your creativity with the inbuilt features to improve the usability of your website. With the inbuilt payment processing systems, you can start accepting payment right away.

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Motors – Multipurpose Classifieds template

This is a classifieds website template that can be used for various niches. It can even perform as a fully fledged multi purpose Classifieds website.

You can easily integrate PayPal into your website and start accepting payments. The theme is feature rich. With all those vast and varied features, the theme is still really easy to use.

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GeoCraft V2 – Multipurpose directory theme

GeoCraft is an ultimate classified directory theme that you can use for your classified website. This classifieds WordPress theme is responsive and comes with Secure SSL to keep your site secure.

GeoCraft directory WordPress theme comes with enough ad space to let you monetize your website traffic by displaying advertisement banners. It provides compatibility with WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your classifieds website. It comes with awesome slider and cross-browser compatibility.

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Listify – WordPress Directory Theme

Listify is one of the most popular listing based directory theme and can be used as one of the best WordPress Classified theme. It lets you easily create pages of your choice with the visual composer drag and drop page builder. This directory WordPress theme is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

For eCommerce on your classifieds website, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, the theme is really easy to use, speed and performance optimized and comes with all the options to let you customize and manage your WordPress website easily.

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Search & Go – Modern & Smart Directory Theme

Search and go, as the name suggest is a powerful and easy to use classified directory theme. This classified template is easy to use and customize. It comes with multiple shortcodes and different page layouts that you can make your site attractive.

Search and go allows social logins. With google map, you can create a really easy to search website. This classifieds WordPress theme has enough customization options to let you create a website that looks and works exactly the way you want.

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Classima – Classified WordPress Theme

The Classima WordPress theme comes with a total of 5 different homepage designs for you to choose from. For theme options, you have the Redux admin panel to manage your classified website. There are header styles, blog layouts, gallery options, Google Font support, and much more.

It supports Elementor page builder to let you easily build new pages for your website. Even the homepages can be edited using the page builder. For easy search, the theme comes with Ajax filters. You can use different layouts to set advertisement banners to ad monetize your classified website. Classima supports a wide range of payment options, and is social media ready. It comes with a child theme included for advanced customization and changing different aspects of the theme design.

Classima comes with all the features that you may need to create a fully functional feature packed classified website with WordPress. It also comes with enough customization options to let you manage the look and feel of your website so that it is according to your requirements.

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Lisfinity WordPress Classifieds Theme

Lisfinity is a feature packed WordPress Classifieds theme to create advanced classified website with WordPress. Use the drag and drop builder for creating content beautifully, and build custom categories as well as custom fields.

The theme pages are build with the Elementor page builder and that makes editing and modifying the page designs simpler than ever. With some experience, you too can create page designs of your own from scratch using the Elementor’s drag and drop options.

The advanced search feature allows you as an admin to set the search feature on different pages of the website based on the requirements. This theme also comes with different features to support online directory monetization. You can create different pricing packages and let people post their classifieds advertisements. There are a few features that will let you further monetization with access control. The impressive part of this theme are the small details, the small features to customize and make your site look and work the way you want.

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Ad Forest WordPress Classified Theme

This is a classified theme for creating custom classified website. The theme is fully responsive and is best for your if you want to create professional looking site with easy theme options and features.

It comes with more than 28 modern and ready to implement theme design. It supports the Elementor page builder to use drag and drop options to create pages designs. The location features of the WordPress Classified ads theme allows you to create location based listings which are then served to the visitors based on their location and therefore providing only the best and most relevant results. This will significantly improve the user experience on your website.

The listing WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready for eCommerce features on your website. There are multiple header styles and an RTL version of the theme to create localized website in RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. The additional advantage is the availability of app versions for android as well as iOS.

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Adifier WordPress Classified ads Theme

The Adifier is one of the best WordPress Classifieds theme in this list. It is beautiful and comes with some very unique features to let you create most attractive classified websites.

It comes with many stunning demo versions to choose from. You can install of these demos with a single click and get your website live with a little bit of customization. The theme allows integration of maps and many location based features. It also supports WooCommerce for accepting payments as well as selling through your classified websites.

The Classified WordPress theme supports creating different types of classified listings for selling, auctions, exchange, job vacancies, rent, etc. This makes the theme more interesting and useful for both, the advertisers as well as general users who can browse through a variety of listings. The communication between the two parties is made easy through the chat as well as email support on the website. There are beautiful reviews and advanced search features. As far as the design is concerned, the theme comes with different layout options for classified listings, header, etc. Moreover, there are tons of other features like social logins, multi currency, ad compare, etc. that make this theme one of the best for building advanced classified websites.

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What is your favorite from these Best WordPress Classified themes?

All these classifieds website templates let you create beautifully and feature rich WordPress classifieds website. Generally, to create a feature rich and flexible classifieds website, it can take days or weeks.

However, using these Classifieds theme, you can get started in just moments. Besides, all these Classifieds WordPress themes are flexible enough to let you create websites of your choice. Pick up your favorite one and get started now.

60+ Best Education WordPress themes for Training centers, Schools, Universities, Online courses – 2021

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Create a beautiful website for your educational institutions in just minutes with these best educational WordPress themes. Here is a collection of the best, professionally designed, top rated, best selling education WordPress themes that you can use for your website.

While we have included a few WordPress themes with LMS, this collection focuses more on simpler themes that lets you build a website to represent your institution online. These education WordPress themes are flexible and really easy to use.

This list has the best education WordPress themes to let you create websites for schools, colleges, Kindergarten, daycare, Universities, or private tutors. It includes LMSs, courses and educational website themes, online training or WordPress themes for creating a website for any kind of educational institute. This list also has themes especially aimed at kids pre-school, high-school or university

Academy – Learning Management Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

Academy is one of the WordPress Courses themes. It provides the feature to create and manage online courses. It also has options to sell the online courses. With the theme, you can enable user registration. The users can manage their profiles on your website. It comes with post types for courses and lessons. So you can create online Course and make it available for subscription. With the theme, it is very easy to manage the users who subscribed for a course.

On the online course completion, you can award a course completion certificate. The Lessons can also be added to a course. For the lesson, you are allowed to attach files and a media player and image slider. Academy allows unlimited sidebars and short-codes. If you wish to integrate e-commerce facility into your website, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. Academy theme lets you chose from the pre-built page layouts, and create sidebars.

WPLMS Learning Management System

Free theme install   Free theme install

WPLMS Learning management system is one of the best education WordPress themes. It is a online learning theme. If you want to create a comprehensive online education website, this WordPress theme is for you.

You can choose from available demos and go for the one you like. With a single click, you can import the demo data and make your site look just like the demo. WPLMS has it all – You can create, manage and sell courses, arrange quiz, assignments, register instructors and students, award certificate, etc. There’s also the option to create and display course events. WPLMS also allows to manage the course from the front end. This WordPress theme has a shortcode generator.

Being compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, you can create online courses on your website. WPLMS Learning management system is also compatible with the paid membership pro plugin. So, there’s more than one way of making money through the website. Start forums and discussions on your e-learning portal using the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

Tutorque – Education Theme with LMS & Zoom

Free theme install   Free theme install

Tutorque Education WordPress Theme is a multipurpose LMS WordPress Theme extensively built for educational websites or educational institutes.  It is seamlessly compatible with preparatory schools, high schools, colleges, universities, online courses, training schools, language schools, and many more that extensively integrate with Tutor LMS, LearnDash, Wishlist Member LifterLMS out of the box.

With the power of Elementor and 30+ elements of WidgetKit, it is a complete solution, with limitless functionalities with 7+ starter templates along with features like accessibility, multiple header variations, one-click demo import, and multilingual support for selling your online courses. Also, enjoy integrating BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, and bbPress plugin for controlling the forum or group activity.

Tutorque is not just a theme; it’s a definitive solution with unbeatable value for your next education website with limitless functionalities with a learning management solution.

Peekaboo – Children Theme Template

Free theme install   Free theme install

Want to create a website for children’s daycare or school? Peekaboo is for you! Peekaboo allows you to create a fully customized learning website for children. With a fully responsive layout, your site will be accessible to its user in any device. With FlexSlider and Orbit Slider, Peekaboo allows responsive image slider. The slider can also be content/post based. Besides, you can upload a custom logo, choose from Google Fonts, and lots of custom page templates. Peekaboo has a scroll to top button. So, you won’t need to scroll back all way up to the beginning of the page. This WordPress theme supports responsive videos from Vimeo and YouTube. So, you can directly provide the videos to your audiences. Using Peekaboo you can create your learning site easily, in any language. This WordPress theme is translation ready. The background image of the theme can be changed with easy options.

Grand College – WordPress theme For Education

Free theme install   Free theme install

Grand Collage theme – As the name suggests is a WordPress theme for creating and educational website. However, the scope is not limited. You can use the theme to create a website for school, college, University or a general purpose educational website.The theme has custom post types for creating courses. The other post types are for creating Portfolios, gallery, Testimonial, etc. With the page building options and Slider Manager you can create pages of your choice. The available shortcodes and custom widgets help you make your site more intuitive.With Grand college, you can create a website in your own language. To ensure that Search engines rank your site positively, it is SEO friendly. This WordPress theme allows you to fully customize the color of the site. Select from the fonts available or upload new font. Grand College also has a facility to show the

University – Education and Course Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

University theme is one of the most flexible WordPress university themes. The website created using the theme can have educational coursestraining and events listed on it. With University, it is possible to sell events tickets and courses too.

There are 7 versions of one click Demo available. Choose any of them and install it with just one click. This WordPress theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. To create a Learning Management system with the WordPress theme, you can integrate the LearnDash plugin. To start Forums, integrate the bbPress.

This education WordPress theme supports Facebook and Disqus comments and it’s already integrated into the theme. To earn more with the theme, you can use the google Adsense.

The Keynote – Conference / Event / Meeting WordPress Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

The Keynote is a responsive WordPress theme designed for Meeting, events, events management and conferences.

Keynote comes with paypal integrated. With the theme, you can create a website that can sell events tickets. This WordPress theme has facilities to create a time schedule or program and display it in an organized way. A beautiful page that displays the speakers/participants of the conference or meeting. Such meetings and conferences can be educational or subject related. So, with this WordPress theme, you can create an educational website that shares knowledge by conferences, meeting or events.

Keynote comes with unlimited customization options. Select from the full-width or the boxed layout of the theme. You can easily install the one click demo data and make your site look like the demo. With advanced admin panel, you can change the color of the theme. Select from the available fonts or upload new ones. The theme customizer will let you create your own designs with easy options. For this, you can also use shortcodes. Turn your meeting or events website into an e-commerce with the WooCommerce.

Clever Course – LMS WordPress Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

Clever Course is a Learning Management system from Good Layers. This SEO friendly & fully responsive WordPress theme for better visibility on search engines, has a minimal design. This education WordPress theme is ideal for creating an online learning website. You can also use the WordPress theme to create a website for a school, college, university or any educational institutions.

Cleaver course allows the instructors to create courses and add content to it. The instructor can also create quiz and offer them to the students/subscriber. The interested students can subscribe to the courses by paying fee. To accept the fee, the cleaver course system has paypal inbuilt. On the completion of the course, the theme also allows to award a certificate for the course. This education WordPress theme has also the facility to let the subscriber rate the course. This will help to show the visitors the overall quality of the course.

With the Cleaver course WordPress theme, you can create a learning website in multiple languages. This will increase your website’s usability and your courses can be availed by a larger group.

LMS | Responsive LMS WordPress Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

LMS is a wonderful WordPress Learning management theme. With unlimited customization options you can make a website of your choice using this theme. You can choose from the boxed or fullwidth layout of the theme. You can create free and paid courses. The theme also has the option for course analysis using graphics. The theme can be made socially active using the BuddyPress theme.

With the visual builder plugin included you can create page layouts. You can sell on your theme using the WooCommerce plugin. The theme is compatible with the Sensei plugin. It is also compatible with the Events Calendar pro plugin for displaying events on the website.

Happy Kids – Best education WP Theme for children

Free theme install   Free theme install

Happy kids have a cute and colorful design and actually designed to make the kids happy on the very first sight. You can use Happy kids theme to create any kids related website. The theme is best suited for kindergarten, pre-schools, and daycares.

Now no more boring website for kids. The theme comes with revolution slider included. You can change the slider as per your needs. Everything in the theme is flexible. You get to choose from 9 pre-made background sections. The admin panel of the theme allows you to change the colors of the theme. Happy kids also allows you some pre made page templates to choose from. Moreover with shortcodes and custom widgets you can do almost anything with the theme. Happy kids also allows to post tutorials and learning content in form of text, images or videos embeded from Youtube or Vimeo.

Along with spreading knowledge among kids, if you want to sell anything on your website, you can do that too. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can include e-commerce facilities in the website. Using WooCommerce, you can sell shippable or downloadable products.

Baby Kids – Education For Children

Free theme install   Free theme install

Baby kids is multi-purpose theme for creating kids online educational website. The theme has a pleasant and colorful design. You can import the pre-designed demo to your website by just one click.

To provide the ease to access the site, the theme has an advanced search option in it. To make the site look attractive, slider revolution plugin is already included. For the newsletter facilities, you can integrate MailChimp. The site is easy to create and manage using the visual composer. With the admin panel options, you can change the color, background, fonts and icons of the theme. The theme also lets you create and manage a time table. To create forms, you can use the Gravity forms and Contact Form 7. The powerful theme options panel will let you change the theme according to your needs.

Be it a kindergarten, elementary school, or preschool, the theme is perfect. With the flexibility and a large number of plugin compatibility, you have unlimited opportunities. With WooCommerce the site can be converted into an e-commerce website.

Masterstudy – Education Center WP Theme

Free theme install   Free theme install

Masterstudy is all you need to create an online education related websites. It has the facilities to create paid or free courses, education related events, and everything needed for a learning hub.

Being, specifically designed for learning website, the theme help you create courses easily. To accept payments for the paid courses, PayPal comes integrated into the theme. You can use the WooCommerce plugin to help the payments. The theme also has other features like the course rating facility for the students, pages for teacher’s profile, etc. With the integrated Visual Composer, creating pages becomes much easier. For example, you can create pages with page building options. MasterStudy also has a number of customization options. You can change the color, select from the two available header styles, skins, fonts, etc. Besides, you can also add blogs and events on your website.

Kids Voice School – Responsive WP Theme

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Kids Voice School is a fully responsive and interactive theme for child school, preschool, Kindergarten or any child art, craft or learning website. The modern WordPress theme has an attractive and responsive design with simple and manageable features.

With the powerful admin panel of the theme, you can change the look and the feel f the theme. Very easily, you can insert the demo data into your website and start editing it. The theme allows you to choose from the 10 available color schemes. For further customization, it comes with the shortcodes. To display the image gallery into the theme, there is a custom post types gallery. With this creating and managing gallery becomes an easiest task. So if you want to explain something using images, that can be easily done.

The theme comes with an Ajax contact form. Kids’ Voice school has a simple design and very basic features. But it is easy to use and has a lot of options to show your content and manage the look. It can be a best choice if you want to create a simple website that focuses on spreading knowledge and building a creative kids website.

WordPress ducation Theme

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It is one of the best Education WordPress theme. Education WP comes with more than 10 pre-made demos. Education WP uses an in-built LMS system. This comes with an inbuilt LearPress add-on. So, if you ever wish to run your website without it, you can easily disable it.  Generally, LMS is assumed to be difficult to manage, but not with the WordPress Education theme.

With Education WP, there comes a drag and drop course builder. Once the course is ready you can sell it with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and Offline payments. You can also use the paid membership pro add-on for this. With the bbPress, you can also start forums on your website. You can also create and conduct quiz on the site. Not just LMS, the theme also allows you to create events and sell events tickets on your website.

The theme has the drag and drop page building facility through which you can make pages. The theme also allows to change colors and fonts of the theme to match your needs. To make your site more attractive, you can use the available icons tooEducation WP is performance and SEO optimized. The theme is also RTL compatible

Sakola – School WordPress Theme

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Sakola is one of the best education WordPress themes that is suitable for schools and colleges. This education WordPress theme as multiple header styles options and easy to use customization as per your needs. Install the theme with just one click.

Sakola is an SEO optimized theme. Moreover, it is an elegantly responsive & modern WordPress theme, so that your website looks great on any device it is viewed on. This WordPress theme comes with unlimited color options and more than 600+ Google fonts.

Fable – Children Education WordPress Theme

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Fable, is a perfect name for the theme that help you create kids’ education websites. The theme is perfect for creating kindergarten, primary/elementary school, nursery, summer camp, babysitting or art and craft school’s website. You can also use Fable as a theme for teachers.

It comes with 5 premade homepage layouts(including a one-page layout too). Fable has a built in drag and drop page builder with more than 35 components. So, easily make a page of your own design. To give a beautifying look to the theme, slider revolution comes built in with Fable. The theme also has a built in timetable. The WordPress theme style panel lets you set styles for the theme. You have unlimited color options. This WordPress theme options panel will allow you to change the theme settings like fonts, favicon, logo, blog and post options, etc.

Carry Hill School – Responsive WP Theme

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Carry Hill School is a responsive and education based theme for WordPress. The theme is basically prepared to create a school or child care center’s website. But you can also use it to create a website for kids learning or any arts or crafts or creative website.

To provide you the ease of page building, Carry Hill School comes with Visual Composer. Now, you can create the pages of your imagination with drag and drop options. You can select from the 9 color presets. The theme option panel, is very powerful yet easy to use. Carry Hill school has the schedule plugin, Timetable schedule for creating and displaying timetables. To make your site look more attractive, it also lets you use number of icons. To create e-commerce facilities in the website, you can integrate the Ecwid.

Kids Zone | Responsive Children Theme

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To let you make pages of your desire, you can use drag and drop page builder. Kids zone comes with the Visual page builder inbuilt. The theme comes with a mega menu support so that you can display all the options of your site. It has a sticky navigation option with 3 header options.

For beautiful image gallery, the theme has gallery item masks. It also allows you to choose from the available skin patterns. The theme has options to change the colors and fonts of the theme to customize it according to your needs. It also has 6 homepage layouts to choose from.  To make the content interesting, you can use the font awesome icons. Kidz zone is SEO optimized and translation ready.

Magicreche – Responsive Crèche WP Theme

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Magicreche is a responsive and retina ready theme. With this theme you can create an education website for creche and pre-school website.

There’s a slider that introduces the staff to the visitors. The theme has multiple shortcodes, that you can use to create your website. With the advanced admin panel of the theme, you have unlimited color and font options. Magicreche allows creating posts with simple text, images, video embeds, and audios. The theme options allow you to change the theme behavior. So, you can make the theme work just like the way you want.

ParkCollege- Responsive Crèche WP Theme

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The ParkCollege is a theme for creating an education website for online learning and educational institutions. The theme design is responsive.

ParkCollege comes with a course builder that allows you to create online courses. You can also use the theme to create blog posts. The post allows video support. ParkCollege has powerful theme options. Using these options you can change the fonts, and colors of the theme. Without needing to know the code, the theme lets you change the color schemes of whole website.

Polytechnic | Powerful Education, Courses & Events

Polytechnic is a responsive and professional education based WordPress theme. It is ideal for creating a website for colleges or educational institutions.

The theme features a drag and drop builder. And it is none other than the Visual Composer. So, building pages in the theme is just a matter of drag and drop. If you need to change the theme’s colors and fonts, you can do it using the live customizer. This edu WordPress theme has a powerful control panel that allows you to manage and change the basic theme options.

Polytechnic is WooCommerce ready. So, if you want to have any e-commerce facilities in your website, that is possible too. Polytechnic is translation ready and using the WPML plugin. You can also create a website in multiple languages.

Some WordPress plugins to enhance your website:

Guru | Learning Management WP Theme

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Guru is a theme for creating a Learning Management system lms. Based on the LMS plugin – Sensei, the theme help you create a comprehensive WordPress learning website.

Guru comes with a Visual page builder. With lots of available page elements, the theme allows you to create pages with drag and drop options. The theme has inbuilt clean and manageable login and registration facilities. It supports mega menu with image. Guru has a lot of blog and portfolio options. In addition, there are shortcodes, to add to the theme’s utility. For learning management the theme supports the Sensei plugin. With this, you can create online courses, add lessons and create quizzes. You can also create and manage tests.

For the quiz grading, you can choose the automated grading or manual. You can also monitor the Course analytics with Guru. The theme is SEO optimized and RTL ready. It has all the options to change and manage the appearance of the website.

Campus | Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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Campus is a flexible education based WordPress theme. It can be used to create educational websites with easy and super-flexible options and a retina ready design.

Campus has followed strict coding rules, so it offers compatibility to most of the popular WordPress plugins. The theme has easy options for customizations. You can set how you want the slider to behave. You can also change the fonts and color of your site. The theme also allows to create your header styles. Ultimately, you can make the theme look and work just like the way you want.

Campus is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. So, you can easily integrate e-commerce facilities into the theme.  Being translation ready, the theme allows you to create a education site in your own language.

Lighthouse – Multipurpose education Theme

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Lighthouse is one of the Best Education WordPress themes for building a education site for school or kindergarten for kids. This theme is Fully responsive and WooCommerce compatible for eCommerce features into your website. Everything in this theme can be managed with easy options from the backend.

This education WordPress theme is compatible with Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, MailChimp, Booking Appointments plugin, etc.

Invent – Education Course College WP Theme

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Invent is an online course theme. It comes with support for SiteOrigin page builder. The drag and drop page builder will allow you to create pages with utmost ease and flexibility on your WordPress online learning website.

Along with the page builder, there are some more than 30 page builder widgets. You can choose from the boxed or fullwidth layout of the theme. You also have unlimited opportunities to change the page header of the theme. The theme option panel has more than 200 options in the theme. You can change the color of the website easily. You can also choose your fonts. Invent uses the LearnDash plugin for the Learning management facilities in the theme. With LearnDash you can create and sell online courses. Also create quizzes and grant certificates. The system also lets you have reports of the activities. There’s much more you can do with this Learning Management system.

Universe – Education Theme

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Universe is one of the WordPress themes for education. The themes option panel is simple and easy to use. With these options, you can change the appearance and functioning of the education theme. You can integrate MailChimp with the theme for newsletter facility.

The homepage of the theme is totally widgetized, so you can change the page by managing the widgets. Universe also has the google maps integrated. It also has a working contact form included. To display the pictures and images clearly, the theme comes with sortable gallery. The gallery is easy to create and manage.

Universe comes with the .po and .mo files. So, it can be translated into any desired language. It is an SEO optimized theme. For multi-language translations, the theme is compatible with the WPML plugin

Buntington – Education WP Theme

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Buntington is an education WordPress theme to create website for colleges,university of schools.

Buntington comes with an inbuilt visual page builder. This will let you create page of your desire very easily.  This theme allows you to create reusable content chunks. You can create parts of pages or post and then insert it with a shortcode into the main pages. Buntington also allows you to create and manage online courses. You can also add downloadable documents to it. Buntington also has the feature to add events. So, you can add and display the events with galleries in your website.

To customize the theme, there are lots of shortcodes and theme options. With these options, you can make the it work and look the way you want. It comes with the localization files, so you can translate the education theme in your local language.

University: WordPress Theme For Colleges

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University is a simple but feature rich education based theme. It is one of the simplest yet best education WordPress themes. With a clean look and easy options it lets you create a website for any educational institute.

The WordPress education theme allows you to choose the colors for your website. To let you create a website in desired language, the education theme comes with .po and .mo files (or you can use a translation plugin). Using these files, you can create a website in your own language.

The University & education theme do not overwhelm you with number of features. But it surely has everything that you’ll need to create a beautiful university/school website.

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50+ Best WordPress Themes for Architects and Design studios – 2021

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Finding a perfect WordPress themes for architects website can be little tricky. It’s not that there are fewer options available for the for architects. You’ll find plenty of them. But the difficult part is to select the one that has the features to let you create what you desire.

Here are some beautiful and feature-packed architect themes . The themes in this list exhibit different features. You can have a look at each of these and find out whi

ch theme offers you the feature/s you need. All of them are highly customizable and flexible. And the customization is possible with easy options.

All of these themes come with some special features as well as some general ones like portfolio layout options, a design built specially for architecture firms as well as interior or exterior designers. These are all best WordPress themes when it comes to value for money and good features.

Ekko – Architecture Theme for WordPress

Ekko is a beautiful and multipurpose WordPress theme, with a unique design for architects and creatives to showcase their work. Besides the design for creating a website for your design studio, there are many other useful demos for business websites, winery, travel, furniture shop, consulting, etc.

The theme is fully responsive, very flexible and easy to use. To make quick design changes, you can choose from over 200 template blocks, include them in your page with a single click.

The WP Bakery Page builder is included with the purchase giving you the ability to manage the theme with quick drag and drop options. It also works with a variety of popular and useful WordPress plugins like bbPress, Gravity forms, WPML for multi-language support, and WooCommerce for eCommerce facilities on your website.

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MIES – WordPress theme for Architect

Mies is one of the brilliant WordPress themes for architects in 2018. You can use this theme to create a website for architect, engineer or an architectural firm.

MIES is beautifully designed. The theme allows full-screen images and parallax scrolling. With MIES you can display your projects with beautiful portfolio options. You can present your work the way you want. The theme has it all to let your visitor filter and view your work easily. For customizing the theme, you can use the live customizer. MIES is speed optimized and is SEO ready. The theme has a clean code. The admin options are plenty and let you change the theme appearance easily. MIES allows WooCommerce integration for e-commerce features in your site.

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Inteco – Interior Design For Interior & Architecture WordPress Theme

Inteco is an interior design premium WordPress theme especially designed for interior designers, architects, landscape design industry and others. The theme is clean, minimal and easy to use and comes with a powerful framework Goodlayers. It has multiple layouts and designs with unlimited sidebar and color skin options to choose from. There are portfolio layouts, blog layouts, etc.

Inteco is well optimized with SEO, Full Responsive and compatible with popular plugins like WPML and WooCommerce to create an online sale and purchase of products.

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Kalium – WordPress theme for architects

Kalium is a creative theme that can be used to display your architectural designs. The theme has multiple demo templates, one of which is ‘Architecture’.

Install the dummy data and you have a ready to use architectural design theme. With included wpBakery Page builder, you can create web pages with drag and drop options. With this theme, you have shortcodes for every element. To display your work and projects you have unlimited portfolio options. This theme is so easy to use that you won’t require any coding skill at all. You also have abundant theme options to customize the theme. Though Kalium is multipurpose, it has all the features like WordPress themes for architecture firms.

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Construction – A Click and Edit WordPress Theme

Construction, as the name suggests, is a theme typically designed to make a construction business’ website. Well, don’t see this as a limitation. This theme can be used for creating a website for any kind of business. It will help you create a website where you can put on all your business details like the kind of work you do, services you provide, the reviews of your customers, the profile of your employees, pricing/taxing policies, your future plans, contact form, etc.

Construction theme is for you if you want to create a business website. The main highlight of this theme is its front-end editing.

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Coca – Interior Design and Architecture WordPress Architecture

Coca is a clean, minimal design and modern responsive architecture WordPress theme. The theme is easy to use and comes with powerful shortcodes to build your website. Coca is compatible with the WPbakery page builder, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, Real 3D FlipBook, Image Map Pro, Google Maps, MailChimp and more.

Coca is easily customizable and supports video, google maps and have unique 40+ inner pages and designs. The theme comes with 18+ unique homepage designs and well optimized with SEO. Besides there are different portfolio designs for you to choose from. All these designs are neat and lets you display your work in an attractive fashion. You can easily create your own website as Child theme is included with this theme and well documented for developers.

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Soledad – The best premium WordPress theme

If you are creating a blog or news magazine website, Soledad is perfect.

Unlimited Possibilities” is what the theme promises! And so there are so many options and properties that you can use to create your dream website.

Soledad has more than 900 niche homepage designs you can choose from. For instance – Beauty, sports, architect, tech news and so on.

The theme is elegantly responsive so that your mobile users get their news right on their hand held devices.

Besides, there are amazing galleries, mega menus, WooCommerce compatibility and much more. Check out their sales page, now!

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Ambient – Modern Interior Design and Decoration Theme

Ambient is a modern and creative interior design WordPress theme designed for designers and architects. The theme has stunning interior design and layouts and moreover, it comes with 10+ Homepage demos and inner pages so you can easily customize your site as per your needs with no coding skills required. The theme is very much responsive and child theme included.

Ambient comes with large collections of theme styles and designs and you can choose your own design layouts for each portfolio pages, inner pages, single pages, and blog pages. You can customize your own header and footer layouts and Mega Menu section. The theme supports popular plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.

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Rayleigh – Responsive Architect Theme

Rayleigh theme is a responsive architecture WordPress themes. You can create a website that displays the architectural ventures. The theme has super awesome menu support.

Rayleigh features a fullscreen homepage slider that is optimized for touch. You can set an image or video for this slider. It is touch optimized too. Using JQuery the theme design is made beautiful and interactive. The theme styling can be managed easily using the shortcodes. The code of the theme is clean and well commented, should you ever need to tweak it. It is SEO Optimized and child theme ready.

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Apex – A beautiful responsive website for your construction company

Apex is a responsive construction WordPress theme which is best suited for any building or construction-related businesses. Use Apex to create a site for builders, architects, contractors, building companies and more. The theme is powered by Foundation, one of the best front-end frameworks available today.

The homepage of this easily adaptable construction WordPress theme is special because it allows for a lot of variety. The page is entirely widgetized so even larger elements like the slider can be moved around the page or deleted completely with simple drag n’ drop. Use Apex to showcase any building-related business online with style.

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Architecture – WordPress theme for Architects

Architecture, is one of the most amazing WordPress themes for architects for 2018. It’s easy to use and has lots of features as well as customization options.

This theme comes with a drag and drops page builder and a live color customizer. You can manage the slider with the drag and drop slider manager. Change the background and font with the available options or upload new. You also have pricing tables to display your pricing plans. With the options available in the admin panel you can change the theme behavior completely. Architecture is SEO optimized.

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Allston – Contemporary Theme for Interior Design and Architecture

Allston is a clean and contemporary WordPress theme designed for interior design and architecture use. The theme comes with multiple homepages and inner pages which can be imported in real time. It is well supported and compatible with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin. It comes with powerful admin panel layouts to control the site.

This architecture website theme is fully widgetized and customized with shortcodes, layouts and includes awesome fonts & icons. It is well optimized with SEO and translation ready and compatible with WPML.

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Arkitekt – Architecture WordPress Theme

This is a premium architecture – arkitekt WordPress theme. The theme is ideal for creating website for architectural firm or an architect’s personal website.

Arkitekt allows integration of the WPbakery page builder to create pages. So design your pages with drag and drop options. Arkitekt is SEO ready. It also comes with a child theme template included for advanced customizations. You can change the theme setting with the advanced admin options. Arkitekt can be customized as per your needs.

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Modernist – WordPress Themes for Architects

Modernist theme is designed for architects, engineers, interior/exterior designers and construction business owners. It has all the features to let you display your skills and explain your work to the people.

It has the Umbrella theme options, to manage the theme’s look and behavior. These options are intuitive and let you change the theme behavior and look very easily. You have purpose-oriented custom post types and custom widgets. For social sharing, the theme comes with custom social links ready.

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Avanter – Responsive Architect WP Themes

Avanter is an architecture engineer WordPress theme. With Avanter, you can create a website for an architect, or construction work business.

You can totally change the color scheme of your site. There are unlimited options for changing the color of the scheme. You can display your skills using the unlimited portfolio options. You can also create unlimited sidebars. The theme supports WooCommerce too.

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Arc – Responsive Architecture WP Themes

Arc is specially designed for architects to create their websites in 2018. But with the flexible options provided, you can use it for almost any purpose.

With Arc you have custom shortcodes and custom widgets to style your content. With the powerful Admin panel, you can customize and manage the theme very easily. You can choose from the available menu options. The theme also has options for creating portfolios. Arc also comes with and under construction page.

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Matisse – Creative & Elegant Theme

Matisse is a highly customizable architecture multi page wordpress theme. It is an elegantly designed theme. You can use this theme to display your architectural skills or designs. But that’s not the limitation. The theme has many other applications too.

Choose the menu styles as per your design. You also have 12 pre-designed page templates. Matisse offers unlimited customization options. Change the theme colors with the color selector. With the portfolio options, you can showcase your work creatively. You are provided 2 types of portfolio to choose from. The theme is SEO optimized and child theme ready.

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Archos – Architecture Company WP Template

Archos is a flexible and one of the best wordpress themes for architecture firms. You can use this theme to showcase your skills and ideas using a website in 2018.

Archos come with different layouts and presentation styles. Archos is SEO friendly too. The theme support different border layouts too. It has integrated google maps too. To change the styling, you can use custom css. For making interactive content you can use the Font Awesome icons. The theme also supports custom css to change the styling of the website.

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Hnk – Business and Architecture design Theme

Hnk is one of the wordpress themes for architect company. It is one of the interior/exterior design and architecture websites templates. It is feature rich and flexible. You can customize and use the theme to create any architecture business related website.

With Hnk there are multiple options for displaying projects on your website. You can create pages using the Visual Composer page builder. It comes with a few pre-designed project detail pages and you can change them as required. Hnk allows WooCommerce integration for e-commerce facilities in the theme. Hnk is SEO optimized too.

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Interior Design – Architecture & Design WP Theme

Interior design is a simple yet stylish theme. It gives you unlimited customization options. You can use this theme for interior designing website, architecture, furniture or design studios.

With Interior design, you can choose from the portfolio styles to display your content. Display your work using image galleries. Create pages with the drag and drop visual composer. You can also set animations to some of your content parts to make the pages more interactive. If you want to sell using your website, you can do that too using the WooCommerce plugin. There’s also the feature in the theme to introduce yourself and your team. Interior design is SEO optimized.

Aalto – Refined Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Aalto is a refined architecture and interior design theme which comes with 10+ homepage templates and multiple inner page design elements. The theme is easy to use and customizable. It supports popular plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider along with a large collection of custom shortcodes and layouts that you can design a creative website.

You have 12 different demo designed to choose from. All of them are specially designed to let you showcase your work. And you can easily do so using the inbuilt templates. The theme is fully widgetized and custom sidebar options are included and compatible with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and WPML plugin.

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Modernist Architecture WordPress Theme

Modern architecture WordPress theme is a beautiful and easy to use WordPress theme for architects and design firms. It has a clean design that focuses on your content, so you can highlight the facts of your business.

The theme is totally SEO optimized and mobile friendly. And you get a free video overview too. If you want to create a minimal website for your architecture or interior design firm, this theme is for you.


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Architect – Architecture Company WP Template

Architect is one of the best architecture wordpress themes. With Architect, you can create a one page or multipage website for any architecture related business.

Architect allows you to choose from the available demos. With the layout builder, you can design the layouts for your website. Moreover, there are plenty of options for the theme layout customization. The theme files come with a clean code and Css3 animations on page elements. Architect is child theme ready too.

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Industrial – Architecture Engineer WP Theme

Industrial is a theme for architects, work men, or any such industry. It allows you to create a comprehensive website with the flexible options and abundant shortcodes.

Industrial is WooCommerce compatible. The theme comes with a WYSIWYG content composer. So, you can create content very easily. With the theme customizer, you can customize the theme. You can style the content using the shortcodes. Industrial comes with a noticeably extended set of shortcodes.  With Industrial you also get a contact form builder. The theme is SEO ready.

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Void Architect Portfolio Theme

Void is a high quality WordPress portfolio theme that you can use for a number of purposes. If you are an architect/interior or exterior designer, you can create an online portfolio using this theme.

This responsive portfolio theme lets you twist the page designs with the visual composer drag and drop options. It is fully customized and comes with number of options to manage the look and feel of your WordPress website.

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Monolit WordPress Architecture Theme

Monolit is a beautiful WordPress Theme for architure. It has an attractive design with full screen image/video background as well as beautiful parallax sections. You can create a onepage or multipage website using this architecture website theme.

You can use the Visual composer page builder for drag and drop page building. Moreover, the Monolit WordPress theme for architecture supports WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your website.

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Remould | Construction & Building WordPress Theme

Remould is a flexible, responsive and clean WordPress Construction theme. With this theme you get unlimited customization options. It has features specially designed for a construction company website.

Remould has number of demos to choose from. To create pages you can use the drag and drop Visual composer. With remould you have unlimited color options. The theme has inbuilt feature to display your portfolio and introduce your staff. You have number of sidebars and headers to choose from. You get more than 100 theme options to set your theme. This theme is SEO optimized.

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Dogma – architecture multi page WP theme

Dogma is an elegantly designed theme. It is perfect for photography or architecture websites.

With Visual composer you can create unlimited page layouts. So design the required pages on your own. You can choose from the homepage and portfolio layout styles. The Redux options framework gives you unlimited opportunities to customize the theme. Moreover, the theme code is clean and easily extensible. User experience is enhanced by the smooth ajax transitions. Dogma is SEO optimized.

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Infinite – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Infinite is a Multipurpose WordPress theme with 21+ beautiful demos, 19 header layouts and more than 6 footer layouts. Even though the theme is designed for corporate business websites, it can be used for different purposes.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML. It allows Visual Composer page builder for easy drag and drop page building. Moreover, this Multipurpose WordPress theme is SEO friendly and RTL ready.

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Manufacto Factory & Industrial WordPress Theme

Manufacto is a WordPress theme for manufacturing industries,factories and plants. This Architectural WordPress theme comes with core features such as the news blog section, team news, testimonials, service pages, etc.

This WordPress theme is easy to customize and you can change it easily with the available options at the backend. Moreover, you can use the Visual Composer page builder to create pages for your website with easy drag and drop options.

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Insidect – Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme

Insidect is a WordPress theme for architects and interior designers. It has beautiful design and various page layouts to choose from. The clean, minimal and stylish design of this architecture theme is perfect for all sorts of architect and interior design studio websites.

You can use plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider to make your website even more attractive. The Insidect Architecture website theme is Translation ready and WPML compatible so you can build your site on your own native language.

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Kons – Construction and Building WordPress Theme

Kons is an elegantly designed WordPress theme for Construction and Building company websites. It comes with enough features and options to create your own unique design sites that you can use for your companies or corporate houses.

You can choose from the multiple homepage layouts to customize your WordPress website. Besides, you can use the powerful plugins like Visual Composer, Slider revolution, WPML, etc.

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Ratio – A Powerful Theme for Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design

Ratio is a powerful Architecture,Construction and Interior design WordPress theme. It comes with abundant page layouts and portfolio designs. This architecture website themes comes with more than 15+ homepage designs and 6 menus styles that you can choose from.

This multipurpose architecture theme is compatible with Visual Composer for easy page building, WPML for multilingual websites and many premium plugins. Ratio also supports eCommerce powered by the WooCommerce plugin.

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Maison – A Modern Theme for Architects and Interior Designers

Maison is a construction business WordPress template that comes with more than 10 homepage layouts. The Architecture theme comes with the classic blog layouts and portfolio designs to choose from.

This Architects and Interior Design theme are compatible with WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce features. Besides, you can use the Visual Composer page builder to create pages of your choice.

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Renovation – Home Maintenance, Repair Service Theme

As the name suggests, Renovation lets you create a website for the contractors or companies that offer the service . You can also create a perfect construction business website with it.

Renovation comes with 3 homepage layouts. With included Visual composer, you can create pages using the drag and drop options. With Renovation, you can display your projects on your website. Use the gallery options to display the project images. Renovation also supports RTL mode. There are unlimited customization options you get with this theme

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Oshine – Multipurpose Creative Theme

Oshine is a clean & modern, creative multipurpose WordPress theme designed for designers, photographers, freelancers, models and other. With the help of simple layouts and portfolio designs you can create simple e-commerce or multi-lingual websites without any coding required. The theme consists of multiple demos with one click demo import feature.

One of the key features of Oshine theme is that it is compatible with TATSU, an elegant live and powerful frontend page builder which comes with more than 50+ page modules and layouts that you can choose to easily build your website.

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Architecturer – Interior Design & Architecture WordPress

Architecturer is a popular elegant interior design & architecture WordPress theme designed for interior designers, architects, landscape design industry and many more. The theme has a unique design and multiple layouts for homepages, portfolio pages, single pages, and blog pages. The theme is clean and responsive.

The theme is compatible with popular Elementor page builder plugin to design own custom templates and layouts for your site and supports other plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WPML and many more.

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RepairMe – Renovation & WordPress Construction Industry Theme

RepairMe is a construction and renovation WordPress theme. The theme has four homepage layouts. RepairMe is not just responsive but also optimized for use in mobile devices. It can be used for architecture business website, architecture firm or as a theme for architecture based websites.

For creating interactive pages, you can use the Visual Composer page builder. The theme also has lots of shortcodes included. With the theme options panel, you can change the theme settings. It also has a media content manager for media items. RepairMe is SEO ready. The theme is compatible with PO composer and WPML for translation and multilingual support.

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Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

Grafik is a beautiful architecture and portfolio design wordpress theme. The theme is easy to use and consists of multiple homepages and inner pages templates and element designs. The theme has many innovative features with powerful admin panel, one click demo install, multiple header & footer layouts, mega menu options and many more.

Grafik comes with large collections of portfolio pages and layouts. The theme is well optimized with SEO and responsive. It is compatible with Visual Composer, WPML, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce. And the theme is child theme ready so you can create your own child theme for your site.

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Prague – Architecture WordPress Architecture

Prague is a clean minimal and responsive architecture WordPress theme designed for architects and interior designers. The architecture WordPress theme is well supported by Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin. Prague theme is well optimized with SEO and has unique designs and layouts.

There are powerful page options to let you manage the look and feel.  You can use this theme for creating a design studio website, architecture firm or websites for Interior Designers, Exterior Designers, renovation or construction website. The theme comes with more than 29 different homepage options and more than 40+ inner page layouts to choose from and easy to customize your own website with no coding skills required.

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Luxe – Architecture & Interior Design WordPress Theme

Luxe is a creative and advanced architecture & interior design WordPress theme designed for designers and architects. The theme is easy to use and comes with unique homepage and inner page designs and styles with more than 50+ page builder elements to create a beautiful creative website. The theme is easy to use and with one click demo content you can import all your page elements and demos on your site.

Luxe is well documented and supported with popular plugins like Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, WPML plugins and the WordPress theme for architects & designers is very much responsive and comes with child theme support. It is well optimzed and SEO friendly.

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Industrial – WordPress Themes for Engineers and Architects

Industrial is one of the engineering company WordPress theme for engineers or architects. The theme has it all to let them display their skills on the website. It has a clean and responsive design.

Not just beautiful, Industry feature packed too. Industrial is a speed optimized WordPress theme for architects. You can choose from the homepage layouts. For selling stuffs online, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. You can create the page layouts with drag & drop options, using the Visual composer plugin. It supports the integration of MailChimp, bbPress and BuddyPress. You can create a website in RTL language too using this theme.

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Addison – Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture

Addison is a creative design architecture WordPress theme which is fully responsive, easy to use and customizable. It comes with unique demo content which can be imported with one click demo install feature. The theme is well supported with WPML, WooCommerce, Cost Calculator and provides general features of default WordPress customizer options.

You can easily customize your site using popular drag & drop page builder like Bold Builder and with unique shortcode options for inner pages you can design multiple layouts and creative website. It has multiple page layouts and sidebar variations and you can design your own child theme for creating a website.

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Mega Architecture – Construction/Building WP Theme

Mega Architecture is a fully responsive theme for creating a construction website. It is one of the best WordPress themes for construction companies. The theme has purpose oriented design and features.

With the Visual composer, or the shortcode builder, you can create interactive page content. The theme is also compatible with WooCommerce, for ecommerce features. You can create and choose from unlimited sidebar. The WordPress theme for architects is RTL compatible. You can make changes in the theme using the Live customizer. The admin panel of the theme has all the options to make the website you desire.

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BuildPress – Multi-purpose Construction and Landscape WP Theme

BuildPress is one of the best-selling multipurpose construction and landscape niche WordPress theme designed for construction businesses. It is easy to use and customizable. With Visual Composer plugin, you can create your own unique page designs and templates. You can import the demo content with the one-click demo installer. The WordPress theme for architects is fully widgetized and unlimited sidebar options can be used.

BuildPress supports Essential Grid Gallery Plugin, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and many default WordPress plugins to make the site more dynamic and flexible. The theme is very much responsive and retina ready.

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Structure – Construction WordPress Theme

Structure is a popular responsive WordPress theme designed for construction, engineering and architecture company. The theme is clean and compatible with WooCommerce and popular drag & drop page builder like Visual Composer along with Contact Form 7, Templatera and Mailchimp for WordPress.It comes with 15 homepages and unique color schemes which can be imported with 1 click install.

Essential Grid and Slider Revolution plugin are another premium plugin included with this theme. You can design your own header and footer layouts, Live customizer, sticky header, unlimited color options and WPML ready are additional features included to create a beautiful constructive website.

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Constructioner – Modern Construction WordPress Theme

Constructioner is a modern Construction & WordPress theme for architects with clean design. It has all the features to let you create a website for construction or architect company.

You can choose from the two available homepage options. It is compatible with the Visual composer drag and drop page builder. The theme has the feature to let you design submission forms. To display your work and information you can use the portfolio and blog layouts. The theme has a clean code, so its easy to add or modify it. It also comes with a ready to use child theme.

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Vara: Theme for Architects and designers

You can create a simple yet very professional looking website with WordPress using the Vara theme. It is developed with a minimalistic, modern look and purpose. There are 9 homepage designs, and many other inner page pre-designed, that you can quickly include in your website.

To display your completed projects, you can choose one of the portfolio layouts. Since the header and footers are one of the most important parts of a website, there are easy design options for managing them too. With Vara, you can use the easy drag and drop Elementor page builder to create beautiful pages in no time. Vara comes with the premium Slider Revolution plugin included for free and you can also use WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your website.

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ArchiPress – Architecture & Interior Design Theme

ArchiPress is one of the simplest theme to create a professional looking business websites for architects and designers. There are 3 home page designs for you to choose from, header styles and typography options.

The SEO friendly theme has many distinct features like sticky menu, color options, transition effects, Google fonts, etc. It can be used by architects, interior as well as exterior designers or any similar business.

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Aarhus WordPress theme for architects

This is a modern WordPress theme that comes with a lot of pre-designed pages and features to help you create a beautiful WordPress websites in minutes. There are so many fancy demos to choose from. You can easily choose one of the demos that best fits your requirements and get started quick and easy. Choose from the available portfolio templates to display your designs.

The theme also supports WooCommerce for drag and drop page building. You can use it to create websites for architectural firms, design studios, etc. It is one of the feature packed architect WordPress themes that is specifically built for the purpose. It comes with all you need to create such a website. Using the available widgets, layouts and shortcode, you can achieve great web pages and implement your ideas easily.

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Stoni – Architecturer WordPress Theme

This is one of the modern architecture WordPress themes that comes with a lot of inbuilt features and designs. The Architect WordPress theme is easy to use and fully supports the Elementor page builder for page building and smooth editing experience. There are about 22 unique homepage designs for you to choose for your architect WordPress website.

Just like most of the best architecture WordPress themes in the list, it comes with different portfolio layouts. You can easily pick one and get started. Besides, there are different slider layouts for creating beautiful and attractive sliders. Included, are blog layouts, galleries, menus, etc. You can use the color, background and layout options to create a unique design for yourself.

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Konstructo WordPress Theme for Architecture Business

The Konstructo WordPress theme for Architecture firms comes wit a responsive and retina ready modern design to create feature packed websites. This theme can be used by architects and interior designers to create their online presence.

It comes with an inbuilt page builder to create beautiful pages with easy drag and drop options. The theme is SEO optimized to create websites that perform well. There are typography options, custom CSS, pre-designed page templates, etc. The architecture WordPress theme with a modern and functional design, with beautiful parallax effects. It is speed optimized for a better user experience. It also lets you create section with a full screen background slider, to make your website more appealing to your visitors.

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Quper WordPress Theme

Quper is construction and Architecture WordPress theme. Since it is highly customizable and flexible, you can use this theme to create almost any kind of website. It comes with over 24 different demo designs to choose from.

To let you create and manage the pages of your website, it supports the Elementor page builder. It comes with different blog layouts, portfolio options, galleries, etc. to let you beautifully represent your finished projects and span the communication gap with your viewers. The premium Revolution slider plugin to let you create great sliders is included for free. Moreover, you can use the theme settings and different options to manage your website built with the Quper theme. The theme comes integrated with WooCommerce for those who want to sell online.

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Togo Interior and Architecture WP Theme

Togo is one of the WordPress themes for architects and designers that you can easily customize and use to create beautiful websites in no time. It supports wpbakery Page builder plugin to let you use easy drag and drop options to create your web pages.

There are different one page as well as multipage demos of the theme. There are options for dark as well as light version. You can use the shortcode generator, easy options, and custom widgets to adjust how your theme looks and works. The theme is SEO optimized and well documented. You can use this theme for architectural firms, interior design studio, construction websites or for furniture design sites.

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Ono Architecture Theme

Ono is one of the niche & best WordPress themes for architects and interior or exterior designers. The theme comes with beautiful page designs and 12+ demos for you to get started quickly.

There are plenty of short codes and theme options that you can use to customize your website. You can use this theme to create website for architectural firms as well as any other similar business. Any agency can use the theme to create a strong web presence. There are pre-made portfolio pages that you can choose from and easily use to display your accomplished projects or sample designs. It comes with WooCommerce integration and is speed and performance optimized.

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Itenax WordPress Theme

You can use the fully responsive Itenax Theme for different purposes. It is one of the best architect WordPress themes that can be used to create different types of websites for architects and designers as well as architectural firms. There are different header versions, and integrated mailchimp as well as contact form 7.

The theme has a clean, minimal and stylish design with advanced typography options and a responsive & retina ready view. It is designed with attention to detail to include all the features that a website for architects or designers need. You can use Contact Form 7 for including contact forms on your website. It is Multilanguage and translation ready.

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Baroque – Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme

You can use this theme to create a website for architecture firm, interior designers, creative design studios, Online design portfolios, construction or any similar business. There are different home page versions to choose from. The theme comes with 16 pre-designed fully responsive demo versions.

There are light and dark versions of theme. It is optimized for speed and performance as well as SEO. It supports WPbakery page builder for easy drag and drop page building options. There are also pre-designed, beautiful portfolio pages. There are blog layouts, and you can use WooCommerce to sell online through your website. There are a lot of unlimited live editing options, and a lot of color options.

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How do I choose a perfect theme?

Since there are a lot of different themes in this list, chances are that you may get confused. The best way to make a list of all the features that you want your website to have.

This will also help you conclude all the features that your theme must have. Therefore, you can use the list of features you want to the features of the theme you like to see if it has all that you need, or at least supports the features you want through external plugins.


So these were the best WordPress themes for architects and designers. Which one did you like the best?

Al these themes can be used by the beginners as well as the experts to create brilliant, professional grade WordPress websites for architects, interior as well as exterior designers.

Feel free to share your insights or previous experiences with us. Use the comment section below to leave your opinion regarding the best WordPress themes for architecture interior designers or contractors.

30+ Best bed and breakfast WordPress Themes 2021

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Looking for a bed and breakfast WordPress theme? Here we have a list of the best WordPress theme for holiday houses, hotels, restaurants, condos, rental houses and apartments to Build a Bed and Breakfast Website.

Whether you are looking for a simple straightforward theme for showcasing your hotel’s details, or a complete booking system to get your website created, you’ll find something worth your time here. These Bed and Breakfast website templates here are easy to use and ensure that you will be able to create your own website without writing a line of code.

So here’s the collection of some of the best WordPress themes to create your bed and breakfast websites:

Aegan – Hotel and B&B WordPress theme

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Aegan resort is a stylish WordPress theme for your small hotel and BnB websites. It lets you display all the details about your accommodation facility using the inbuilt features.

Aegan resort comes with a pre-designed booking form that you can use to accept booking requests. It allows you to create pages with drag and drop page builders. The theme is speed and SEO optimized.

Bellevue – Hotel WordPress theme

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Bellevue is a complete WordPress theme for creating hotel website and can prove to be one of the best bed and breakfast website template. You can use WP Booking System along with this theme to integrate booking functionality into your website.

The theme allows WooCommerce integration for eCommerce features in your website. You can even use Event calendar to show the events on your website. Besides, it also has a complete booking system and availability calendar.

Splendor – A B&B/Small hotel Directory theme

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If you are looking to create a complete directory of all the bed and breakfasts in your city, you should look no further. Splendor is a hotel directory website template that you can use for any similar niche.

Splendor lets you create the post types like B&B, restaurants, Diners, or anything you want. This directory theme is easy to use and ideal if you want to create website for listing different hotels and B&bs based on location.

Magnolia – Hotel WordPress Template

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Magnolia is a well-designed and features rich WordPress theme. The theme comes with a ready to use booking form.

It allows Visual Composer integration for easy drag and drops page building. Magnolia is a simple theme. You can use this theme to create a website that represents your small hotel, or bed and breakfast.

Postcard – WordPress B n B Theme

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The postcard is a modern WordPress theme. The theme includes a fully functional reservation system.

This theme has much more to offer as a hotel WordPress theme. It allows you to create separate pages for rooms. You can set seasonal prices for the rooms. With the drag and drop page builder, you can manage how the pages appear.

Albert – Bed & Breakfast WordPress Theme

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Albert is one of the simpe but feature packed bed and breakfast WordPress themes is suitable for small hotels and comes with a working booking form.

To create pages, you can use the drag and drop page builder. With the available options, you can manage how your website behaves. Moreover, with the customizations options, you can manage the colors, fonts, header, etc. There are 7 pre-designed homepage designs to choose from.

Regal – Hotel WordPress Theme

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Regal is a WordPress theme for creating hotel or Bed and Breakfast websites. The theme comes with many customization options. If you want to create a highly personalized website for your hotel, you should check the full details of this one.

The theme doesn’t provide the booking features. However, you can use the drag and drop Visual Composer page builder, to design pages on your own. You can use all the customization and editing options to make your website look exactly the way you want.

Volver – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

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Volver is a hotel WordPress theme that you can use for your bed and breakfast accommodation facility. It comes with a working booking system so that you can allow visitors to book their rooms right through your website.

It has all the features to allow you to manage booking and rooms. The theme also sends email notifications for the specific actions. You can manage the pages of your website through drag and drop builder. With a complete booking engine and payment processing features included, Volver is ideal for a do it all hotel website.

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Hemma – Holiday house WordPress Theme

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Hemma is a WordPress theme for bed and breakfast or holiday homes. It is a sleek and elegantly responsive theme.

The theme has all the features that you can use to promote your B&Bs. The SEO friendly theme ensures visibility of your website through a good SEO score. Also, display the addresses you want through Google Maps Integration.

Mojado – WordPress theme for holiday houses

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Mojado is a WordPress theme for Bed and breakfast websites. The performance optimized hotel WordPress theme allows customizations through live customizer.

It allows integration of Awebooking plugin for booking and reservation facilities. The theme is a simple hotel theme that you can use to create a website for your b&b with easy and intuitive options.

Morrison – WordPress theme for hotels and b&bs

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Morrison is a complete and fully functioning hotel booking website template. If you want to create a website for your bed and breakfast with booking feature, have a look at this one.

With the drag and drop page builder allows you to create pages really easily. The theme comes with PayPal integrated, and lets you set seasonal prices. You have 3 prebuilt demos to choose from.

Country Holiday – bed and breakfast WordPress theme

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Country holidays is a WordPress theme for creating simple yet elegant Bed and breakfast websites. You can use this theme to create a website for small hotels, B&Bs, resorts or similar places. Go for this theme if you want to create a basic website for your hotel, without booking feature.

You can use the Visual composer page builder to create all the pages you want. The theme’s features can be set using intuitive backend options. Moreover, there are enough customization options to make your site look the way you want.

Chateau – bed and breakfast booking theme

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Create an amazing website for your Bed and breakfasts accommodation using the Chateau WordPress theme. You can choose from the available homepage variations.

The theme is designed with ease of use in mind. It is customizable and SEO friendly. With the available page templates, you can create all the pages you want to display on your website. Moreover, you can set seasonal rates, comes with a customizable booking form and easy peasy payment processing options.

Other useful posts

Hotel Booking WordPress theme

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Looking for a simple but easy to use booking theme for a basic bed and breakfast WordPress site? The theme’s features are to the point, there are no options that could confuse you.

The design is simple and the admin panel options are intuitive. However, the booking features are complete with seasonal rates, coupons, booking availability checker, etc. Display your services through the available pages. Moreover, the theme is eCommerce ready as it supports WooCommerce integration.

5 star – WordPress theme for hotels and b&bs

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5 star Hotel Booking WordPress theme comes with a complete hotel booking WordPress engine. The theme comes with a complete booking system. It has all the features that you need for a hotel booking website.

The bed breakfast & hotel theme comes with PayPal integration, for accepting payment. Moreover, it allows WooCommerce compatibility for eCommerce features into your website. Create and manage your price packages using this theme.

Vacation Rental WordPress theme for rental properties

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You can use this theme to display the specifications of your Bed and breakfast or small hotel. The theme has a simple design and easy to use features.

The hotel theme comes with an online booking system without help of any external booking plugin. It has a booking calendar, seasonal pricing, discount coupons, etc. The theme allows WooCommerce compatibility for eCommerce features.

Hotel Leisure – Hotel WordPress Theme

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Hotel Leisure is perfect for any kind of hotel or bnb website, it has everything you need for such a website. With this theme you can create a website for hotels, spas, resorts, clubs or any kind of leisure.

Leisure comes with easy options to let you create website without ever touching the code. There are two demos for Leisure and you can go for the one you like. Leisure is optimized for speed. To show the weather of the location, you can integrate the simple weather plugin. It supports parallax and video background sections. The theme allows you to create pages with the Visual composer drag and drop page builder. You can allow booking and reservations with a modal form, and booking calendar. With the WP Customizer, it is fully customizable as per your preferences. It is SEO optimized.

Hotel & Hostel WordPress Theme – Hotel California

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Hotel California is a WordPress Booking Theme designed for hotel, hostel, private accommodation, bed and breakfast or resort websites. The theme is fully Responsive, Retina Ready and Easy to customize with the theme options panel as no additional coding is required. This booking theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin to create an online store and WPML for multilanguage translation.

You can use the Bold Page Builder to create page designs you want. It includes multiple Header layouts including sticky header and shortcodes tailored to showcase information on hotel, hostel, private accommodation, bed and breakfast or resort.

Magnolia – Hotel WordPress Template

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Magnolia is a well-designed and features rich WordPress theme. The theme comes with a ready to use booking form. This theme is for you if you want to create a beautiful website for your b&b or small hotel with a simple but fully functional booking system. You can easily use the inbuilt features to create a b&b website that offers prior booking facility.

It allows Visual Composer integration for easy drag and drops page building. Magnolia is a simple theme. You can use this theme to create a website that represents your small hotel, or bed and breakfast.

Pearl – Small hotel WordPress Theme

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Pearl is responsive hotel and restaurant website template that can also be used to create a bed and breakfast WordPress website. It comes with ready to use forms and maps. The bed and breakfast WordPress theme is elegant and comes with newsletter and booking table for your hotel. The design includes pre-designed pages with parallax sections, demos, etc.

If you are looking for a simple theme to create a website for your bed and breakfast or small hotel, this theme is ideal. It comes with a pre-designed and working table booking form, and contact form. You can pour in all the information about your hotel, restaurant or B&b that you want to let the people know.

Philoxenia Theme with Booking

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Philoxenia is an hotel booking WordPress theme from cssigniter. You can create any hospitality business related website using this theme and it can be also a great choice for bed and breakfast websites. Along with displaying the hotel features, you can also allow booking requests for rooms.

The theme comes with a pre designed booking request form. The homepage of Philoxenia is completely widgetized, so change it to create the layout of your choice. The theme has multiple custom widgets. There are custom post types for rooms, galleries, videos and sliders. With the available theme options, you can easily customize the theme. Philoxenia is optimized for speed and is SEO ready.

Nation Hotel – Responsive WordPress Theme

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National hotel is one of the best hotel booking WordPress themes. It has all the features you might require to create a booking website for hotel, spas, resorts, guest house, bed and breakfast, etc.

The theme comes with the built in booking system that makes it easy to manage online booking. It also includes a user friendly reservation form. With the booking system you can manage the booking requests and create booking calendars. PayPal is integrated for accepting payments. National hotel comes with pre designed page templates and custom widgets. You can choose from the color options the theme offers. It also supports google maps. The theme is SEO optimized and supports child theme.

Haven – WordPress hotel theme

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Haven is a hotel WordPress theme that you can use to create websites for hotels, resorts, b&bs or any such accommodation facility. There are 3 fully functional demos you can choose from – For Hotels, resort, and lodges.

There’s not a direct hotel booking facility in this theme or an included booking plugin. But if your bed and breakfast is already listed on top hotel websites like expedia.com, hotels.com, airbnb.com, etc. you can integrate the feature to book through those platforms into your website. Create pages you want with easy drag and drop options. Moreover, there are abundant customization options. Haven provides compatibility with WooCommerce and is an SEO friendly hotel WP theme. Plus you can even integrate BuddyPress and bbPress.


Did you find your best WordPress theme for hotels and B&Bs yet? The themes in this list are easy to use. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at coding ever, you can still use the themes to create your website on your own.

Let us know what you think about these bed and breakfast WordPress themes in the comments section below.

ListingPro Review: Is It Good Or Bad?

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Online directory websites are a flourishing business. And with the advent use of the internet, such websites are becoming more popular and useful as people constantly look for answers on the internet.

If you are too thinking of creating a directory website for yourself using the ListingPro directory theme, here is an in-depth ListingPro theme review.

Here, we have evaluated & explained its feature so that you can decide if it is fit for your business idea.

  1. Introduction
  2. ListingPro + WordPress for creating an online directory
  3. Is it Multipurpose?
  4. ListingPro theme demos
  5. Customization and page building
  6. ListingPro documentation
  7. Other ListingPro features
  8. ListingPro pricing
  9. How to make money through your listing directory
  10. How to set up your site using the ListingPro directory theme?

Introduction to the ListingPro top selling WordPress directory theme

listingpro theme

When creating a website on WordPress, you can choose from plenty of niche WP themes to get started. If you want to start an online store, there are plenty of eCommerce websites, if you want to go for a business website, there are abundant corporate business website themes, and the list goes on.

ListingPro is one of the best directory themes for WordPress. It is a premium directory theme from the developers at Cridio. Besides being beautiful and one of the best selling directory theme, there are many other features that makes it one of the best selling directory themes of all time.

ListingPro + WordPress for creating online directories

Over years, creating and maintaining online directories has emerged as one of the most successful form of online businesses.

Thanks to the Directory software and the various directory platforms that make creating and maintaining directory website so convenient.

While there are different website builders and platforms and software for building a directory website, we recommend using WordPress to create your online directory website.

You can skip this part if you are not new to WordPress and already know the advantages of using WordPress for your online directories. But if you are new to WordPress and wondering if WordPress + Listing plus directory theme is the right choice for creating online directories, then proceed without skipping.

There are many advantages of using WordPress for your directory website. Below listed are just a few of them:

  1. WordPress is really easy to use. You can start creating and managing your directory website on WordPress without any technical expertise. WordPress is for everyone, no programming or coding skill needed to use this CMS.
  2. There are plenty of ready to use WordPress directory theme you can choose from. So creating an online directory gets a lot easier with the pre-programmed, and professionally designed templates.
  3. WordPress is SEO friendly, which is one of the biggest advantages for your website in a long run.
  4. It is really easy to add more features to your WordPress website with the WordPress plugins.
  5. WordPress community is large and the theme providers offer technical support, and they can help you with your website setup and customization which is really essential for you if you want to start a new business.

Besides, WordPress is highly flexible, it is open source, it is free and there are innumerable reasons why it is best for creating an online directory website.

ListingPro Multipurpose Directory Theme

The ListingPro theme is a flexible and highly customizable directory theme that you can use to create online directory of any niche.

With the features and customization options, you can make this theme look and work as per your requirements. Moreover, there is custom field support, that we will discuss in detail later in this article. With custom fields, you can make your listing as informative as possible.

It can be used to create almost any kind of WordPress directory website, but you can browse for a multipurpose business theme here.

What kind of websites can you build with ListingPro directory theme?

You can use this theme to create a simple location-based directory, an automotive directory, a directory for events, review and rating directory, a restaurant directory, a real estate directory, a city guide website, etc.

Since the theme is translation ready, you can create localized online listing directory for your city. Such an online directory can be a platform for the businesses to advertise as well as for the people in the city, to search for businesses.

Moreover, when the website is in local language – it helps for local search. You can use this theme to set up fully functional business websites that can help generate passive income. Since it comes with Google maps integrated, it serves as a small information portal with navigation & directions for the end users.

You can create categories and let the business advertise on your city portal and accept online payments through the inbuilt payment systems.

Listing pro demo designs to get you started

Starting on a blank site can be really confusing, therefore, this feature-packed directory theme comes with demo data to get you started easily.

By importing the ListingPro demo data, your website will start looking exactly like the ListingPro demo. However, there are different variations of demo designs to choose for.

Importing the demo content will set all the design elements, widgets in widget areas, sample banners, and install some sample listings so you can understand your site better.

With the sample data installed, you will have your website looking like a professionally designed site with example data. All you are required to do now is to edit your site with the easy options and replace the example data with your actual content.

ListingPro Customization and Page Building

ListingPro WordPress theme comes with easy customization options to personalize your website as much as possible.

The dashboard of this theme comes with well organized and intuitive options to let you change the colors, fonts, and other things about your website.

ListingPro supports the page builder by WPBakery for drag and drop page building functionality.

The page builder by WPBakery is a premium WordPress page builder but comes included ListingPro for free. So you won’t have to buy it separately.

With the page building options, you can change the appearance of each and every element on your page just with the drag and drop options.

So you can totally change the appearance of your website with easy options without being a technical expert. It is really fun to be able to change the appearance of your site without being a designer.

Also, the options and settings are well-organized so that you don’t end up messing up the design of your site. Therefore, achieving a personalized and professional look for your online directory website is simple with the Directory WordPress Theme.

Is the Listing pro theme easy to set up and manage?

Yes, ListingPro WordPress theme is really easy to set up and manage, even at a beginners level. Mostly all of the premium WordPress themes are designed to make sure that they can be used by WordPress beginners as well as programming experts.

You will find the backend of this theme loaded with well organized and intuitive options so that you can easily personalize your website.

It is safe to say that everything in the ListingPro WordPress Directory theme can be managed without editing a line of code.

Listing pro documentation

Even if you are a WordPress expert, you will need the documentation of the theme as it explains the individual elements and the working of your theme.

ListingPro WordPress theme comes with documentation with more than 200 articles on different subjects. This knowledge base can help you find answers and to understand the functionalities of your theme.

Also, you can rely on the theme support if the documentation doesn’t help. The engineers at their help center will respond to your queries with a relevant and useful answer to your questions.

So if you have any doubts or confusions, the support will help you understand better. And above all, are the video tutorials and helps to make it easier for their users.

Therefore, as far as documentation and support are considered, ListingPro theme’s help channels are well up to the mark.

Multiple Monetization options

If you are building a commercial directory, then you would like a directory website template with multiple options to convert your visitors into paying customers.

However, the ListingPro WordPress theme comes with different options to help you make money through your website.

With the available options, you can easily integrate the best money making features and use it to make money through your website.

AdMonetize your ListingPro directory

The easiest way to earn through the ListinPro theme is by displaying advertisement banners on your directory website. Since Online directories are prone to have massive traffic, the advertisements can earn you good revenue at the earlier level.

The advertisements can be sponsored advertisements through banners, or you can use the advertisement network’s service like Google AdSense.

Since both types of advertisements are supported, you can choose one or implement both ways to earn through advertisements.

Paid front end listing submission

Paid Listing Submission

When creating a website using the ListingPro directory theme, you can also earn by allowing paid listing submissions.

Your directory will serve as an advertising platform as well as an information portal where the visitors can search for information.

Therefore, those businesses who want to be listed on your WordPress directory can be allowed to pay and submit their listing through the inbuilt submission form.

The submission form and the whole paid submission procedure comes pre-programmed and therefore all you have to do is create the pricing packages and start allowing paid submissions on your website to earn through it.

Listing claim feature

Do you already have businesses listed on your site? Then you can allow the business owners to claim their listings and have the ownership of the listing on your website.

The ownership claim feature of the ListingPro directory theme lets you set a price for the visitors to submit the ownership claim.

This technique works when you have a lot of businesses already listed on your website and want to allow them full access and ownership.

Online bookings

Add the book now feature to your website with this directory listing WordPress theme. With booking features, you can allow visitors to make bookings and pay online through your website’s payment processing feature.

This can be an appointment booking, room/service booking, or table booking. The booking system used is Timekit and resurva.

Featured Listings on the Homepage banner

Another way to make money through your online directory is through featured listings.

Sometimes, the listing owners may want to draw extra attention to their listing and have their business featured on your website.

And what better place than the homepage banner to have the listing featured?

With the listingPro directory theme, you can set the price of the featured place and duration for which the listing will be featured for the given price.

Listingpro features

Apart from the ones already discussed, there are several other features in the ListingPro directory theme that can help you build efficient directory websites.

Supports custom fields

The listing directory WordPress theme allows you to create custom fields for your directory listings. So if there are more fields that you want to appear on your listing page, you can easily add them.

Moreover, you can even edit, remove or update an existing field.

The custom fields can be set particular to listing categories. So you can have different fields for different categories.

This makes it possible for the ListingPro WordPress directory theme for different niches and have fully customized listings.

Homepage video banner

Create an attractive video banner for your directory website with the ListingPro Directory WordPress theme. The high-quality video banner will surely make your website look more interesting.

Besides video, the theme also supports a slideshow of images as the homepage banner.

With the easy customization options, you can change the banner image/video to suit the niche of your site.

Events management

Add events listings on your website and start maintaning events on your website. The ListingPro directory theme comes with an inbuilt events management system that lets you add event listings on your directory website.

Therefore, you can use this ListingPro WordPress directory theme for creating an events portal as well. You can easily monetize such an events portal.

On the other hand, you can use the events management feature of this directory theme to create an events listing type along with your commercial directory services.

Rating and Reviews

There are multiple ways you can make your directory useful and more meaningful for your users.

One of them is using the inbuilt rating and review system for rating the places/products listed on your website.

The start and emoji based rating system make your website more interesting for both: the reviewers and the readers.

Booking system

If your WordPress directory website is about booking and reservations, you can use the integrated booking system of the ListingPro WordPress theme.

This Listing directory theme uses resurva and timekit for allowing bookings through your website.

The theme comes with enough documentation and resources regarding this so that you can allow and manage bookings on your directory website created with the Listing Directory Theme.

Or you can use WooCommerce bookings as the theme supports the WooCommerce plugin.

Drag and drop page building

No size or design can fit all.

You certainly would want to change a few things about the template you use for your website.

The included page builder by WPBakery makes it possible to change how your theme looks and works using the drag and drop page building options.

So you can edit the existing one, or create new pages easily. Create sections and use page building elements to create the design of your own.

The premium page builder plugin is one of the best of it’s kind and is easy and fun to use.

Geo Locations and Near Me features

The location-based features on your listingPro WordPress theme are enabled by Google Places API. To restrict locations for specific country you can use the available shortcodes.

Moreover, there are geo-location features to detect the current location of your visitor and provide relevant results.

For further facilitation of your visitors, there’s the Near Me feature through which they can find the listings near them, on your directory portal.

Another interesting feature that further improves the usability of your online directory, is near by listings feature on the listing detail page.

Ad banner support

Earn by displaying advertisement banners on your WordPress website. You can display advertisements on multiple locations to earn and generate leads.

Earning through advertisements is the easiest way to make money through your website using the ListingPro directory theme.

Advanced filter and live search

The live search enables your visitors to instantly find their listing on your website using a keyword, category, etc.

Also, there are smart filter options to allow users to easily sort and search the listings and results on your directory website.

Front end submission with a preview

Allow your directory website visitors to submit a listing on your website with a front end submission feature. Create pricing plans, allow registered visitors to submit their business listing.

You can change and manage the custom fields for your submission form and you can customize what details a listing will show. Moreover, there is a preview option, that enables the visitors to preview how their listing will appear on the website before it is actually submitted.

Listing claims

There is an inbuilt mechanism to manage the listing claim feature and help you earn through it. The admin of the website has the full control over accepting or rejecting the claim.

One such theme with similar features is MyListing, read the full review here.

SEO optimized and plugin ready

The listing pro WordPress theme is SEO optimized to make sure that your directory website ranks well. Moreover, you can use the WordPress SEO plugins for further SEO optimization of your online directory.

This theme works great with the Yoast SEO plugin. You can even try integrating any other plugin like All-In-One SEO pack, etc.


There is an inbuilt mechanism for the vistors to bookmark the listings on your website.

The bookmarked listings will be visible to the registered users on their dashboard when logged in. This helps the visitors to save their favorite listings and find them easily in future when needed.

Social login + social sharing

Social login is one of the most desirable features in any website that allows registration and login. The ListingPro WordPress theme allows you to log in via your social media profiles.

Besides, your directory website created with the ListingPro directory theme is social media ready. Every listing page can have social media sharing options to allow the interested visitors to share the listing pages.

Social media sharing ready listings

This makes it easy for you to use social media to promote your website and directory listing. Therefore your website can have the advantages of social media to attract traffic.

Bulk import

If you want to add multiple listings at once, you can use the bulk import options of the WooCommerce. So you can easily add all the listing data in the CSV format.

Other features

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other features like spam protection and reCaptcha, menu card features for restaurants, an inbuilt invoice generation system to generate invoices, etc.

ListingPro Pricing

The ListingPro is one of the top selling WordPress themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. This product is available for download at a nominal price of $69 and is available to download from the ThemeForest.

listingpro pricing

The ListingPro theme is quality checked by the Envato studio and comes with free future updates, whenever they are released.

At $69, you get 6 months of free technical support. If you want additional support, you can pay an additional $21 and get support extended up to 12 months.

Translate your website

For online directory websites, you can expect great traffic based on how easy to browse and understand your website is. A translated website is even great to bring the best results in local search.

With this WordPress Listing theme, you can create a website in local language. This makes it even easier for the local users to understand the listing page. The listing theme lets you create a feature packed website that serves as a useful resource and helps you make money.

To translate your directory listing website, you can either use the .pot files available with the theme or rely on a service like Weglot to help you with automatic translations.

Monetization (Make Money with Your Website)

A listing directory website is generally difficult to use and manage. You can create a directory portal where people can pay and posts. And to support that, the Listing Pro WordPress theme comes with all the required features.

Advertisement Banners

This is the easiest ways to make money with your directory website (really any website, or business). With the widget integrated design this allows for ads almost anywhere on the page. You have the ability to use Google AdSense or have the users upload an image or video ad banner.

Price packaging

By allowing different types of packaging you can integrate certain categories to charge depending on what you would like. These can include different offers, price and time length. The user can choose which one they would like.

This is great for detailing a certain number of days that it will remain active, so you are not manually checking in and remembering how long each package is supposed to be running for. Also allows for a specific number of entries to limit the amount or can increase the price for more listings.

Category specific packages are another step into specifying prices. If you would like a particular category to have a price such as featuring to homepage or events page, you can add that detail.

Featured Listings

This is efficient for having listings on the homepage or right at the top. Most submission users will want to have their listing at the top. Charging for featured listings is a great way to gain more money.

Promoting your Directory website

There can be various different ways to promote your directory website based on your location, area of operation, competition, etc. Therefore, there cannot be a fixed plan for directory website promotions.

However, with the inbuilt features and the plugin support offered by the Listing Directory theme, you can easily promote your website.

This can include keeping any content such as blogs updated to keep traffic coming back to your website. This is great for certain niches, if you have a blog which maintains a steady knowledge base you can easily integrate affiliates and gain money through promotional products. The more traffic you have the better, for your listings and making money through your directory website.

How to set up your site using the ListingPro directory theme?

Creating an online directory is very easy with the ListingPro WordPress theme. These are four simple steps to create an online directory with the ListingPro WordPress Theme.

1.Register your domain and arrange for hosting space

The first thing that you will need for your WordPress website(or any other website built using any other platform) needs is the domain name.

For starting your directory website with the ListingPro WordPress theme, the first step is choosing a domain name.

A domain name is like the permanent address of your website on the internet, so take your time, apply your logic and conditions and come up with a few domain names.

I said a few names because you will need alternates if the domain name you choose is not available.

An ideal domain name is short, easy to remember, unique and relevant enough to represent your website.

The next step is procuring the hosting space where you will host your directory website.

A directory website stores a large amount of information and is prone to have a lot of traffic if successful.

So Choose a reliable and secure host that promises maximum uptime and efficient troubleshooting if anything goes wrong.

We recommend Bluehost for both: Domain name and hosting because it is fast, efficient and has some affordable pricing plans to fit your budget.

2. Install the theme and customize it

Once you have the host and domain registered you can proceed to buy the ListingPro theme.

Download the theme zip file and install the theme. The instructions for installing and setup will be included in the theme documentation.

Rest assured, the process is easy and you won’t have to go through a complicated process to install and activate the theme.

Also, the demo import will make your site almost ready to go.

Now what you have to do is to use the customization options and personalize your directory website as per your requirements.

The following are the customizations you would like to make at the initial level.

1. Changing the branding:

At primary stage, you can update your logo and change the branding of your ListingPro theme.

Next, you can try changing colors and set backgrounds, fonts, and font colors, etc. With the available options, changing the basic features of your website like the logo and the colors is very easy. You can even use the front end editor to see a live preview of what your site will look like with updated branding.

2. Change the images and text

If you are starting a niche directory like an automobile directory, or an online directory for education institutes, or an events directory for tech events, you will have to update the existing design with suitable stock images.

Change the text, change the images and banners, and the page names and everything you need to fit your requirements.

Ultimately, it should look like a niche directory, just by the look of it, with complementary images, color and text all in accordance with the subject of your website.

For free stock images try Pixabay or Unsplash. We also recommend using an efficient image optimizing plugin so that the large number of images don’t slow down your website.

3. Set the menu

Listing pro theme menu

Menu is the most important means of navigation on a website. Especially for an information rich website like an online directory, it is essential to provide the users with a way to smoothly browse through your website.

So always take your time, come up with a list of links of all the pages you want to display on the front page of your site. Classify the ones you want to be included into the menu and those you want to link through buttons or text in the other sections.

Design your menu smartly to cover all the important links of your website and use the instructions in your theme documentation to set the menu for your website.

4. Update the footer

Footer of your site is accessible from every page on your website, therefore, you can check the footer to make sure it contains all the necessary links and the copyright information for your website.

5. The contact page

Make sure you have all the contact information in a well designed contact page so that interested visitors can reach out and get in touch with your easily.

The contact page should be easy to use, especially for online directory websites, we recommend you to keep the fields limited.

Moreover, also make a habit to regularly check all the contact queries and respond to them regularly.

While the ones mentioned above are just a few important aspects, you can customize your website as much as you want.

3. Start your directory website

We are talking about online directories and to be honest, creating and maintaining them is not as easy as creating and maintaining ordinary business websites.

However, progressing step by step with your online directory will make it much easier.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to start a directory.

  1. Create categories and subcategories
  2. Make sure the categories are highlighted properly on the homepage
  3. Check the custom fields on the submission page to make sure it includes all the fields you require.
  4. Also, create and edit the custom fields as needed
  5. If allowing front end submission
  6. Create pricing packages
  7. Check that the submit button is accessible easily from the homepage
  8. Make sure that the submit listing button is on the homepage and easily accessible
  9. Add some listings using the backend to populate the categories initially
  10. Check submitted listings before publishing them

These were the basic directory functions that need to be checked and properly set at the initial stage of starting a directory.

However, you should keep in mind that you won’t start getting traffic and submitted listings instantly, only proper promotion and maintenance will get you there.

Read: How to start a directory: A complete and in-depth guide to launch WordPress directories and maintain them.

4. Promoting and Maintaining your online directory

The first struggle with your directory website is how to get the traffic. The technical part won’t take too long since most of the themes today are designed for the beginners and are quite easy to use.

Soon after starting directory, you will realize that you have to do something to gain visitors on your website.

There are different ways to promote your online directory and they are always different based on the niche and scope of your directory website.

The easiest way is paid advertising: decide on an advertisement channel that could work for you and pay to promote your website.

Next is optimizing your website for search engines.

ListingPro is an SEO friendly theme and so it has its advantage.

However, make sure that you pay attention to every small detail that affects the SEO of your website. For example URLs, page titles, proper keyword optimization, etc.

Besides, you can rely on the digital marketing services to help your directory website built with ListingPro WordPress theme, rank well.

Listing Pro Maintenance

A feature packed & high end directory website will definitely require proper maintenance. Only regular cleanup, updating, and maintenance can ensure the smooth functioning of your website.

We highly recommend keeping your website updated with the latest versions of all the software. Especially your Listing Pro theme. The theme updates can be regarding important security patches, new and modified features, design upgrades, etc. The same goes for WordPress and any other plugins you use.

Regular backups should also be a part of your maintenance routines. Some of the hosts like Bluehost provide with great backup facilities or you can use the backup services for the purpose.

Besides, other maintenance routines include checking for the new listings, making sure that the website is constantly cleaned up by removing the unnecessary plugins and pages, and media files are optimized and page speed is managed.

More theme reviews from us:

Final Words: Listingpro review

The Listingpro WordPress directory theme is completely multipurpose and comes with a premium page builder included for free.

So it is possible to use this theme for almost any purpose. Moreover, the ListingPro theme allows custom fields, so your listings can be customized to contain all the fields you need. You can use your own ideas to optimize your directory listing website and to attract more traffic as well as make the most of the traction your website gets.

It is one of the most popular listing directory themes for WordPress and is totally multipurpose and flexible. Even if you don’t have a prior experience of building and maintaining online directory websites, you can easily create one for yourself using this theme.

The 6 months support guarantees that you can always ask for help regarding what you don’t feel sure about. ListingPro is therefore ideal for creating multipurpose or niche directory quickly and effortlessly.

Download the ListingPro Directory theme now

35+ Best WordPress Multilanguage, RTL & Arabic Themes For 2021

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Make a website that is conventional and convenience of your end users, by using these multi lingual RTL Arabic WordPress themes.

After all, user experience and usability of a website are the major factors of a website’s success.

If your website audience belongs to a certain linguistic group, then creating a website in your local language is definitely the best idea.

So here’s a list of the quality, multi purpose, and multilingual RTL Arabic WordPress themes, that you can use to create a multilingual website.

This article includes:

  • RTL support WordPress themes
  • WordPress themes for multilingual websites
  • Translatable WordPress themestechni

So, have a look at these amazing themes and choose the best one for yourself.

Directory – A multilingual theme with RTL Mode

View More Free theme install

Directory is a theme that is designed to do everything. Infinite possibilities!!

This WordPress theme helps you create, manage and monetize a directory site for literally any purpose so you can build an online business of showing listing ads for various businesses such as Car, Properties, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Destinations etc.

This theme is Tested with popular WPML plugin and .PO and .MO files are provided with this theme. Using WPML plugin on your site lets you showcase your website in multiple languages. It also supports RTL languages.

Also Read: How to multilingual create a directory website with WordPress?

Gecko – Multilingual eCommerce theme

View More Free theme install

Gecko is a multipurpose eCommerce theme, powered by ajax modules and eCommerce features supported by WooCommerce plugin.

You can use this it for organic shop, cosmetic store, fashion store, or any kind of online selling website. With the included Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, page building is breeze.

It has provisions for accommodating multiple product variations, color swatches for online store, etc. You can choose from the available demos. Translate your site into multiple languages using the WPML plugin.

Browse More eCommerce Themes

Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

View More Free theme install

A feature rich and modern multilingual and RTL Arabic WordPress theme. This theme is best if you want to create a local news magazine website.

This theme is a highly customizable theme and comes with the Valenti drag and drop page builder. You can also create pages with infinite scrolls.

If you want to start discussions on your website, you can use BuddyPress community plugin or bbPress forums.

And yes, this WordPress Arabic theme is SEO friendly too!!

Translation Plugins

Divi – A WordPress theme that does everything

View More Free theme install

Divi is multipurpose theme with unlimited flexibility. It has an eye-pleasing design and easy customization options to create your website effortlessly. (Read Full review here).

You can use the Flexible Divi theme to create anything: A corporate business website, an eCommerce site, a news or online magazine, professional or personal blog, online portfolios, etc. There are some elegant demos and page layout designs you can choose from.

The highlight of the theme is its inbuilt page builder – The Divi builder, that comes with smart page building elements to create designs of your choice easily. The Divi builder takes the ease of website building to a different level. Divi is Translation & Multi-language ready. Also, create flawless websites in RTL orientation with the RTL support.

Jarvis – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Here is a one page parallax theme with multiple demo that can be used for multiple purposes.

This multilingual theme is beautiful and customizable. You can use this WooCommerce arabic WordPress theme and start a local shop.

You can use the WPML for multi-language translations. It can be translated into single language and also RTL support. So, you can even create a website in Arabic or Hebrew language.

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Alhambra – Islamic Centre WP Theme

View More Free theme install

Alhambra is light, responsive and 100% cross-browser compatible multipurpose theme dedicated to Islamic center or Mosque, or any non-profit Islamic organization.

With one click install and easy to use this RTL support Arabic WordPress theme does not require any coding knowledge to create your website. The theme is compatible with Visual Composer so that you can create your pages with drag and drop options.

Sepia – WPML Ready WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Sepia, is a WordPress RTL theme for creating photography websites. It comes with drag drop Elementor Page builder to create beautiful pages on your own with this arabic theme.

You can choose from the light and dark version of the theme. There are different Album Styles, gallery styles, menus, footers and blog styles. This responsive WordPress theme has a clean design. You can create a website translated in multiple languages using the WPML plugin. Sepia can even be used to create websites with right to left orientation.

Zerif Pro – Multilingual RTL ready business themes

View More Free theme install

Zerif Pro is a multi-purpose business WordPress theme to create advanced websites without coding knowledge. It is flexible and allows you to create a website in any language you want.

It comes with 6 child themes with unique design variations. The theme supports SiteOrigin drag and drop page builder for creating pages. Customizing the Arabic theme becomes much easier with the Live customizer.

There’s a free version of this theme that you can try out before actually buying it. Zerif pro is optimized for speed and is SEO friendly. It allows translation as well as RTL mode.

You May Also Like

Hemma: Multilanguage ready holiday house theme

View More Free theme install

Hemma is a fully responsive theme with a clear concept. You can use this RTL theme to showcase your holiday house, rental villa, vacation rental apartment, hotel, B&B, or any such real estate.

The theme is lightweight, easy to setup and use. It comes with separate post types for Rooms, Events, Foods, Deals & guest posts. It can be translated into multiple languages through the WPML plugin. It comes with full RTL support. It supports different right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Oikia – A multilingual WordPress theme

View More Free theme install

Oikia is a real estate theme from cssigniter. It is a theme for creating a website for real businesses. It is a flexible and translatable theme.

The homepage of the theme can be set using the drag and drop options. Oikia allows real estates sites to be shown on the google maps.

With this theme you also have custom widgets. You have enough theme options to change the look and behavior of your website. You can choose from the multiple color schemes. Oikia is SEO optimized.

We recommend Weglot Translations

Want to turn your already existing website into a multi-lingual one? You can do so easily with the translation solution from Weglot.

Weglot is a multi-language translation plugin that helps you convert your website in one or more language. It supports both – automatic as well as manual translations.

Weglot is available as a WordPress plugin and you can easily integrate into your WordPress website and go multilingual.

Show me how

Lets Blog | Multilingual Blog WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Blogs are so popular nowadays. And if you want to blog in your local language, here’s the perfect beautiful & responsive theme.

Lets Blog has a Minimalist design with plenty customization options can help you set a clean and beautiful blogging platform, to create a fully responsive online blog.

Moreover, there are multiple demos with different design variations, plus shortcodes, plus icons integration, and a live customizer too.

The Arabic WordPress theme supports RTL mode so blogging in languages like Arabic, Hebrew, is possible. For the best multilingual blogging website, that tops the search in 2018, Lets blog is the answer.

Purpose – Multilingual WordPress business Theme

View More Free theme install

Purpose is a business theme that you can use to build a business website. The RTL ready theme has a beautiful and modern design.

It is a WooCommerce RTL ready, Arabic WordPress theme with all the eCommerce possibilities. To showcase your work you can use the portfolio templates.

For creating forms you can use the Gravity Forms plugin. Moreover, you have lots of shortcodes and custom widgets. The theme also allows showcasing the images using the slideshow templates. This WordPress theme has lots of customization options to change how the theme looks.

Dart – The Advanced WordPress Business Theme

View More Free theme install

Dart is a multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme. You can use this theme for multipage and single page website. Dart offers some basic demo versions to choose from.

The powerful admin panel has all the options to change the theme settings. You have abundant shortcodes to style your content.

With the WooCommerce compatibility you can sell online with Dart. The pages for your website can be created using drag and drop visual composer page builder. The theme is totally translation ready and supports WPML multilingual translations. It is also RTL ready.

The Dart WordPress theme is totally translation ready and supports WPML multilingual translations. It one of the RTL ready WordPress theme to create a business website in right to left orientation.

Sahifa – Multilingual news magazine WordPress theme

View More Free theme install

Sahifa is a retina ready WordPress news magazine theme. The Arabic theme is extremely customizable and best if you want to create a website in RTL language.

The admin panel is powerful and offers more than 400 customization options. You can integrate bbPress for forums and BuddyPress for creating social community on your website. It comes with an inbuilt drag and drop page builder to create pages.

It is compatible with WooCommerce too. The theme is speed and SEO optimized. For multi-language translations you can use the WPML plugin. The theme comes with custom widgets and abundant shortcodes to organize the content.

Magalla Magazine – Multilingual and RTL News and Business Blog

View More Free theme install

Magalla is a beautiful, retina ready, fully responsive WordPress Magazine theme. It has a clean design that focuses on the content.

Edit the layouts with the drag and drop editor. The theme is SEO ready. You can use the Magalla theme to create a website in RTL language.

With the WPML compatibility, you can create a website that supports multiple languages. The theme has a powerful back end panel and easy options to manage the website.

Billio – Multipurpose Company WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Billio is a powerful, fully responsive WordPress theme for a company or business. It has a thoughtful design and high end features that are required by a company website.

Billio supports uploading presentations and brochures. It comes with a recruitment page that can act as a functional job board.

With the advanced theme options you can easily customize the theme and make it work the way you want. Billio is translation ready and supports WPML for multi language translations. It also supports RTL mode. This arabic WordPress theme allows drag and drop page building with the Visual composer. It also included essential grids.

Travelista – RTL Multilingual Travel Blog Theme

View More Free theme install

Travelista is a theme multilingual or travel blogs. It is a minimal theme and comes with unlimited customization options.

With the advanced theme options, you can change the theme setting very easily. You can choose from the 8 available blog layouts. The theme comes with a well designed author page to let the readers know the author.

You can choose from unlimited color options for your website. The theme is translation ready and supports RTL languages. For minor css changes you can use the custom css editor.

Browse more travel themes

OMBRE – Model Agency Fashion WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Ombre is a fashion WordPress theme. It is one of the best WordPress themes for the purpose. It has an elegant design with eye pleasing page loading animations.

You can showcase your images using the gallery options. You can organize the page content with the SiteOrigin page builder and easily customize your site. This RTL ready theme comes with a one click demo option. with inbuilt features to create model portfolio. It is multilingual ready with WPML and is RTL language ready. With the custom widgets and shortcodes, you can organize your content. It is compatible with the

With the custom widgets and shortcodes, you can organize your content. It is compatible with the ECWID shopping cart.

Dubai – Attractive and Futuristic Animated WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Dubai is one of the Arabic WordPress themes for architecture and architects, or travel websites. Dubai is a modern and feature rich theme. It comes with amazing page animations and easy customization options.

The theme comes with Visual composer included. So, you can create pages with drag and drop options. To support RTL, the theme comes with a demo in Arabic language.

Dubai is multi-language ready. Dubai is SEO optimized. To style your content you can use the unique shortcodes. The translation ready WordPress theme has powerful options to let you easily setup your website and is SEO friendly.

Throne – Translation ready WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

Throne is one of the Arabic WordPress themes for news magazine or similar type of website. It is a best fit for personal blogs too. The theme is extremely convenient to use.

Throne is SEO ready and designed to load fast. With the intuitive and advanced theme options, you can change general settings for your website.

Throne has an inbuilt translator to let you translate your website with the options panel. It comes with social sharing feature integrated. Throne also supports RTL languages as well. With WPML you can create a website with multiple language options.

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

View More Free theme install

Avada is a multipurpose multi-featured and easy to use WordPress theme with multiple language support. The theme has an unparalleled flexibility and you can create a website of any language using it.

You get to choose from many demo options and it is very easy to customize your site with the available options. It comes with the Fusion builder tool to let you build pages for your site. Avada is a powerful theme & is speed optimized. It allows WooCommerce for ecommerce features in the theme.

With the events calendar plugin you can event manage events on your website. bbPress compatibility for starting forums on your website. It allows multi-language translations and is a WordPress theme with RTL support. You can use it to create almost any kind of website.

You May Also Like

UBlog – Responsive WordPress Theme for Bloggers

View More Free theme install

Ublog is an ultimate blog theme that you can use as a multipurpose magazine news template. The theme is translatable and RTL ready. So, you can create a blog website in any language using this theme.

The UBlog has a powerful admin panel to let you manage settings for your website. You can choose from the unlimited colors.

The theme comes with 8 blog layouts to choose from. You also have custom widgets to organize the content.

Gridlove – Creative Grid Style News & Magazine WordPress Theme

View More Free theme install

GridLove is a creative grid style RTL supported WordPress theme for creating news and magazine website. With RTL multilingual supported you can create a news magazine website in Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages.

This RTL ready template is easy to use and customize and it makes it one of the best Arabic WordPress Themes.

The Gridlove RTL ready theme is completely responsive. It supports WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your WordPress website.

MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme

View More Free theme install

MagPlus is a WordPress theme for Blog, Magazine, News and Review website. This RTL ready WordPress magazine theme is beautifully responsive, and supports Google adsense.

The Arabic WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready for eCommerce features in your website. It can be also used as a business or blog WordPress template for your websites with Right To Left orientation.


In this list, you will find some special purpose Mulitlingual as well as Arabic WordPress themes for 2020. You will probably find a WordPress theme that best fits your purpose from this list.

It’s best to create a website in the local language when your target audience belongs to a certain linguistic group. With very easy options you can provide your visitors with the information they need in the language they are most comfortable with. You can pick one of the multilingual WordPress themes from this collection of the best Arabic WordPress themes to create a localized website.

It not only helps with local search optimization, but also upgrades the user experience of your audience.

Special discount on hosting. Get for only $2.95/month.

Templatic Themes fans get a special low price when hosting with Bluehost. Signup and claim this deal.

ThemeForest – Top 20+ Most Popular WordPress Themes 2021

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If you are looking for high quality WordPress themes, Themeforest is one of the best place to look for. It is a WordPress theme marketplace, that allows different designers to submit their themes and sell them online.

There are so many beautiful and professionally designed themes at Themeforest, that you can use to setup your new website with WordPress.

All these themes are great for non-technical people to create their website on their own, without any professional support. They come with either a drag and drop page builder, or intuitive options, or both, to let you build niche websites effortlessly.

The high quality themes are affordable at a competitive price. And one of the best advantage of considering Themeforest for your WordPress website is the availability of  wide variety of themes under different categories. So you always have a lot of options to choose from.

Also check out other products from Themeforest:

Avada Theme – Best selling WP Themes

avada WordPress theme

View this theme Get Hosting

With more than 2,00,000 sales, Avada form Theme Fusion is the Bestselling Themes at Envato ThemeForest. Avada has an attractive look with a number of distinct features. The existing customers are in love with the theme and the number keeps growing every day.

Avada is one of the multipurpose themes and does almost everything. It brings with itself, unlimited opportunities to shape your ideas into reality, with minimal efforts. With Avada, you can set your design goals and achieve them without actually even touching the code. There are about 18 demos, each presenting Avada with a unique idea. The demos are about photography, church, non-profit, fashion, Cafe, and much more. These demos can be customized using the fusion builder tool. Have you ever purchased a theme without reading reviews or trying free version? Chances are it turned out to be bad. So, try the free version, read reviews and then go for the full version.

The options available at the back end are intuitive, simple, and plenty. No code changes are required. Moreover, it is Woo Commerce compatible and allows the integration of the most popular WordPress plugins available in the market. Read full Avada review.

You can also find related posts and more reviews on the updated and premium quality themes. Check our article here. ( Add Link)

X – A Creative Pick for Every Developer

View this theme Get Hosting

The X theme from THEMECO available at ThemeForest has sold more than 1,00,000 copies yet. This too is a multipurpose theme, using which you can create a website for your own concept, very easily.

X offers multiple designs over its framework. These are the main features and called the “Stacks“. Currently, there are four stacks available. IntegrityRenewIcon and Ethos. These stacks have a unique design of their own. It is highly customizable with available page templatesshortcodeslayout and navigation options to choose from. The main highlight of the X themes is the Cornerstone front end page builder. Moreover, you can go with the Visual composer too.

Talking about the coding and features, it has a clean code and is search engine optimized. The theme is feature-rich already and furthermore allows them to integrate over 20 free extensions from the Themeco and 3rd parties to extend the functionality of your website. It is translation ready as well as supports RTL.

The 7 Theme – Most customizable WordPress Theme

View this theme Get Hosting

The7 claims to be the most customizable WordPress theme. The7 is a product of Dream-Theme and is a responsive and one of the multipurpose themes with features that make it possible to develop a website of any subject with the theme.

The7 has 25 pre-built demo sites, the content of these demos can be inserted into your installation just by a click. The design of the website can be easily managed through the Design wizard. More than 630 setting options are provided with the themes so that you can change the design as per your requirements. The7 themes is constructed following the strict SEO standards and coding optimized for faster performance. This is why it is one of the best ThemeForest for WordPress.

Enfold Themes – Multiple Purpose WordPress Themes

View this theme Get Hosting

Enfold is another multipurpose theme with great features and extreme usability. The theme is said to have one of the best drag and drop editor to change the design of pages. The responsive themes are designed to let you develop a website that looks perfect on any device they are viewed on.

There are a number of demos, each designed on a specific subject. The Layout builder with ample easy to use elements allows creating almost any design without messing with the code files. It comes with Integrated form builder and 31 PSD files. The backend options are intuitive so that even a beginner in WordPress can develop a professional and functional website using the Enfold.

This theme provides compatibility with WP SuperCache, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings, Events Calendar, WPML, Gravity Forms, etc. It comes with 20 different language files and RTL support.

Be Theme – Best Premium Themes on Themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

The Be theme is again a general-purpose option. It has more than 210 pre-built demos. With one click, you can install the demo and start editing the content to create your own site. It is like the above two, bets, that to customize it, no coding skill will be required.

With muffin builder, you can create a site from scratch with simple drag and drop. If you’ve already used a visual composer and familiar with it, this type of themes allows integration of Visual composer too. The customization options available are simple, intuitive and do not require changes in the code.

Besides these, there are numerous design options like custom fonts up-loaderMap stylingMaintenance mode, and blank page facilitiesCustom CSS and Js, mega-menu, layout configurationone-page template, etc. So, ultimately it has it all to encourage your creativity and help you create an elegant and professional website without ever having to touch the code.

Impreza – Multipurpose WordPress Template

View this theme Get Hosting

Impreza is a multipurpose option and offers a few demos to get started. With 4.87 out of 5 stars, Up solution gained one of the highest buyer ratings for this theme on ThemeForest marketplace.

Impressive about Impreza is that it comes with a Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Ultimate Add-ons for Visual Composer in-bundled. With the Visual Composer, Editing the look is drag and drop item only. The simple and stylish design of the theme can be hence easily adjusted the way you desire. Other plus points for these themes are the 1300+ icons, easy to implement Header options and a very intuitive and powerful admin panel that hands all the control of tweaking it to the Admin or developer. Impreza supports child themes and the animation and visual effects make it a complete treat to the eye.

Bridge – Creative & Multipurpose WordPress Design Themes

View this theme Get Hosting

The Bridge is an all-purpose design, to let you create everything you can imagine. It has 156+ fully equipped demos.

The demo data can be loaded into your site so that you get something to start with. The bridge theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. It lets you set up a very elegant online shop in minutes. Choose from beautiful portfolio options to showcase your work. The Bridge offers lots of tools and choices for styling your website. Their refund policy is very simple and make sure you read the review online before you purchase themes. Choose from among 18 header styles, 24 unique layout options, and easily integrate the most popular WordPress plugins. As a developer before you purchase any theme on ThemeForest be sure to read all the reviews and refund policy.

It is very likely that you will find your concept from within the 156+ demos to get started with. Besides this, the Bridge is child theme ready, translation readymultilanguage and RTL support, and visual composer support.

Flatsome – WooCommerce Theme For WordPress

View this theme Get Hosting

At ThemeForest, this is #1 selling e-commerce design out of all the woocommerce themes. And for the right reason. If you are looking for a WooCommerce compatible look with elegant looks, and easy to use back-end, here’s the one for you. Flatsome from UX- Themes is an amazing theme that lets you create an online shop very conveniently. This is great for any developer in the marketplace.

Once you purchase the Flatsome, you get lifetime free updates. It is highly responsive ensuring that it is possible for your site to be available to everyone, everywhere. Flatsome integrates the WooCommerce plugin for the sales related functionality. Everything is made easier with the drag and drop page builder.

Sales support is great you can reach with an email address. A review online shows that the quality of support is great.

Choose from various available options to set how the various elements in your shop look. It is translation-ready as well as child theme ready and is compatible with WPML for multilanguage translation too.

Newspaper – News Magazine WP Themeforest Theme

View this theme Get Hosting

Newspaper theme forest, as the name suggests is the ultimate and one of the most popular news-blog themes for WordPress. The latest version is 7th and features an eye-catching design. This ThemeForest design is exclusively designed for creating a news website start a blog, an online magazine, publishing or a review website. Newspaper is SEO friendly and ensures that everything can be managed with easy options, without needing to change the coding.

The Newspaper theme allows choosing from 20 representational demos. For a publishing website, what can be more important than the stories? So the Newspaper by ThemeForest offers 14 different post templates so that you can choose the one that can present the news story in the best possible way.

It also has Video auto-play facilities, custom widgets, custom drag and drop gallery, visual composer, and Woo-commerce support. You can find some more news magazine WordPress themes here. Or read the full Newspaper theme review.

Jupiter Theme – A Multipurpose Option

View this theme Get Hosting

Jupiter is a multipurposeResponsive and lightweight WP ThemeForest theme. It claims to be the Fastest as well as the lightest WP theme. It is designed to give high performance, consistent and clear performance in devices with different resolutions. It has more than 72 demos, that can be used as a starting point.

Jupiter comes with its drag and drops customizer that allows the user to create or change the design with their own ideas. It offers 100+ elements and 230+ styles to choose from. If you want to use the Visual composer instead, that too is possible with the Visual composer compatible design and plugins.

Tough the Jupiter ThemeForest extremely features rich already, there are free add-ons available that can be integrated into the website to extend the functionality. Jupiter is Translation ready, supports RTL, WPML compatible for multi-language translation, Typekit integration. Being WooCommerce compatible, the website can start selling products within minutes. Just in case you need graphics designed for your Website, there are unlimited graphic designs services available that you can hire. It’s like your dedicated team of graphic designers.WPLMS Learning Management System. You can reach the support with an email address.

WPLMS WordPress Education Theme

View this theme Get Hosting

WPLMS is one of the best learning Management systems for WordPress. It can be used for online course management and an educational portal for the students and the instructors where they can sell the course online.

WPLMS has already had 6 demo designs to start with and supports child themes for more customization options. It has unique dashboards for the instructors as well as the Students. WPLMS course has the front end course design module. This ThemeForest theme has the course certification facility to award facility to the students who complete the online course. It also comes with the assignment facility that allows the tutors to assign assignments and then the users can complete it.

WPLMS has widgets and an Admin panel that makes it easier to manage the educational website. It is WooCommerce compatible, bbPress, and BuddyPress compatible.

Brooklyn – Creative Design for WordPress

View this theme Get Hosting

Brooklyn is one of the best web themes from United themes. The 16 demos make it easier to get started with website development. It has a very strong framed admin panel to empower the admin with all the possibility to make changes in the structure and design to make sure that everything is according to quality standards. This is why it is a favourite of developers.

Brooklyn is completely multipurpose and translation ready. Brooklyn offers a facility for pricing management and portfolio management. It can be easily tweaked and made to work the way you want. Brooklyn has the potential to get transformed into a website of any subject you want. An Ultimately multipurpose theme and has unlimited opportunities for you to transform your imagination into reality and right direction. If you’re a developer then you must try the free version with some plugins.

The theme is WPML compatible, and translation ready. It is a good looking design, with good features and very easy to use.

Sahifa – RTL Ready ThemeForest Themes

View this theme Get Hosting

Themeforest has this theme in top seller list for a long time. Sahifa is the Newspaper theme. Newspaper websites created using the Sahifa theme are responsive and translation-ready, making it one of the best themes for RTL language blogs and news websites.

Sahifa is WooCommerce compatible and lets you set a shop along with the newspaper site. The newspaper site can have a social counter widget to show the viewers how famous the article is. The theme is bbPress and BuddyPress compatible. To customize the Sahifa you can have the page builder that makes it possible to change the format according to requirements.

The page templates and widgets available allow to change the page and make more and more relevant. Besides these, there are many more theme options to choose layouts, menus, Sliders, and shortcodes to manage the theme functionality. You will find many good reviews from the developers and community in the marketplace about Sahifa.

Uplift – WordPress Creative Themes

View this theme Get Hosting

The Uplift by Envato market has more than 10 header styles, 42 pre-built pages, 14 portfolio styles, 10 blog styles,6 types of creative navigation and icons set to choose from. Combine different styles and create a new layout on the go.

The admin panel is very powerful and allows the users to control everything they see on the screen. The theme has all the features that make it worth a try. It is a WooCommerce compatible, multi-purpose, SEO optimized theme. The Uplift by ThemeForest also offers compatibility with bbPress and BuddyPress support, and also Yoast SEO plugin. The Uplift Multipurpose theme allows users to create a website for almost any topic. This ThemeForest design can be used for various purposes and is very easy to use with the visual composer.

TheFox – WordPress Creative Developers

View this theme Get Hosting

TheFox from tranmautritam, is yet another ThemeForest design for multiple purposes. It has many options to customize it the way you want.

TheFox has more than 250 settings, amazing customization options, and drag and drops page builder to let the users’ setup their own design for the page. TheFox has more than 30 home pages to set the design and setup the site very easily.

TheFox is best suited for one-pagers and has a set of shortcodes to assist the site setup. This is one of the premium and popular themes in the marketplace. The color, background, fonts, sidebars and animations and many other options lets you set the appearance according to the type of website. TheFox is WPML compatible, and WooCommerce compatible. TheFox is constructed according to the SEO standards.

Woffice Theme – WordPress theme for apps

View this theme Get Hosting

The Woffice ThemeForest for an intranet is multipurpose and responsive. The theme is constructed as a web application.

With the admin panel, there are numerous possibilities to tweak it. As it comes with an inbuilt page builder that makes it possible to change every element of it. The theme is RTL compatible and Translation ready. It is already available in 10 languages and allows more translations. WPML compatibility makes it possible to translate the themes into multiple languages.

If you desire to look into the coding files of the ThemeForest, the coding is clean and well-commented wherever necessary. The free extensions and plugins extend the functionality of the Woffice ThemeForest.

Themeforest really has a unique kind of themes to offer. Isn’t it.?

Jobify Theme – A Job Board ThemeForest WordPress theme

Jobify - WordPress Job Board Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Jobify is the theme from Astoundify, specifically designed for Job portal. With the Jobify theme, you can create a professional-looking job website. All the basic features required with the Jobs site, are available with the Jobify theme. It allows jobs as well as resume submission as the most basic facility.

Jobify has a number of pre-designed page templates to select from. The WP job manager plugin will help you manage the jobs related functionalities in your website.

Jobify comes with an XML sample content for ease in setting up the website. With this sample data, you can have the basic idea of how things work with the theme. The theme has compatibility with the WooCommerce paid listings, Resume Manager plugin, Gravity forms, and Ninja Forms. The best job theme at ThemeForest.

Also read: How to create a fully functional job board website with WordPress.

Electro – ThemeForest theme for electric shop

Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme at ThemeForest

View this theme Get Hosting

The electro theme is for online electronics shop. The theme is Visual composer ready.

The electro theme comes with 4 predefined headers, 9 predefined color schemes, and three homepage choices. There are 9 pre-built page layouts with the theme. The theme uses WooCommerce facilities to provide sales functions on the website.

The Visual composer compatibility of the theme makes it possible for the theme user to drag and drop the components to create a design of their own. The theme can be used for an online electronic shop to display electric instruments and gadgets. Electro is derived by clean and easy to understand coding and therefore it is easy for the developers to extend the features of the theme by changing the code files.

XTRA – Multipurpose RTL WordPress Theme

XTRA - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

XTRA theme form Codevz is the Bestselling WordPress Theme at Envato ThemeForest. XTRA is beautiful with a number of great features. The customers are happy with the theme and the number of happy customers keeps growing every day.

XTRA is a multipurpose theme with distinct features. It brings with itself, unlimited options to shape your ideas into the actual site you want, with fewer efforts. With XTRA, you can fulfill your design goals and make them true without touching the coding. There are approx 50 demos for the theme, each representing XTRA with a different idea. The demos are about Corporate Business, Creative agency, fashion, Various professions, and much more.

The options available at the back end are intuitive, simple and plenty which provides full control on your website. No coding changes are required. Moreover, it is Woo Commerce and BuddyPress compatible and allows integration of the most popular WordPress plugins available in the market.

WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce ThemeForest

WoodMart - WooCommerce Theme, Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

WoodMart theme form xtemos Author is the Bestselling eCommerce Theme at Envato ThemeForest. WoodMart is optimized for WooCommerce online store with superfast interface for ultimate user experience which helps you start earning a passive revenue stream

WoodMart is designed to build supreme WooCommerce online store. It used AJAX tech to provide a faster and powerful user experience. No need for an extra plugin to add power it is smartly coded. WoodMart, if fully customizable and completely responsive with the highest possible pixel density. It comes with more than 35 demos to choose from. Each demo furniture, fashion, clothing, electronics, watches, glasses, sport, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and a lot of others. Our theme is also suitable for corporate and magazine websites and you can use it without WooCommerce.

Zeen Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Zeen the next-generation magazine theme is the Bestselling ThemeForest theme at Envato ThemeForest. Zeen is power to create a beautiful, highly unique blog, magazine, newspaper site. with a fully blown WooCommerce shop. The theme is impressively intuitive, flexible, and customisable.

Zeen’s flexibility, beautiful design, and small learning curve make it best suitable for sites of any size from the smallest to the Biggest. Zeen is the unique WordPress ThemeForest theme for any blog, magazine, newspaper, personal photo-stories, diary, full-blown WooCommerce shops, and affiliate sites. Don’t hesitate to buy this top-selling option. If you want to know more then place your comments under this post, we will do our best to leave a reply.

It comes with world exclusive tipi builder allows you to turn all your desired ideas into real layouts that can then be used on your homepage, tag pages, category pages, and on custom taxonomies pages.


The themes at Themeforest are reliable, because there are a lot of guidelines to be followed for a theme author to submit a theme on the marketplace. Additionally, due to the intense competition, and availability of multiple similar themes on the Themeforest marketplace, the price is affordable and you get a lot of options to choose from.

Along with the WordPress themes, you also get access to the documentation that can help you on how to download and install WordPress themes from Themeforest and how to customize them.

Therefore, Themeforest can be your one stop solution for finding the best WordPress theme for your new project!

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25+ Beautiful & Popular Themeforest WP Themes 2021

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At ThemeForest, there is a huge assortment of themes that you can use in building your website or your online shop. By default, they are not free, and usually, prices are in USD, up to around $60 per theme. But, it also comes with developer support and comprehensive documentation.

There are a lot of ThemeForest themes and website templates that are available on WordPress. While you can find these themes and templates on the official ThemeForest website, you can also check out the WordPress themes and website. Listed here are examples of great themes to complement your web hosting and site-building.

Heli Theme – Creative WordPress themes for WordPress

Heli themeforest theme

View this theme Get Hosting

The highlight of the Heli theme is the live customizer that will save you from the wait times every time you make the changes and try to see the effect. The Heli theme is a multipurpose theme that allows you to customize and use the theme for whatever purpose you have in your mind.

Special care has been taken to make the theme work in a way that reduces the loading time and makes your website speedier. Heli is easy to use and comes with free lifetime updates. This is an excellent theme by elements tuts Envato market. The customizer hands you the power to make vigilant changes in the theme structure and functions. The theme bundles some of the powerful paid plugins of the WordPress world to support the functionalities of the theme and saves you money.

Heli is responsive, supports multi-language translations, is WooCommerce compatible, and comes with an extensive customizer to make the theme look and work the way you want.

Porto Theme – Customizable, Minimalist theme

Porto - Responsive WordPress + WooCommerce Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Porto allows the admin to choose from the dark or light version of the theme, wide or boxed version, with just one click. When it comes to the flexibility of managing the appearance of the theme, Porto has unlimited options and combinations to choose from. A range of headers, homepage layouts, and layout variation options make it easy to change the vision of the website based on the content. Try the one-click demo import option and take the benefits from this.

Porto has the Visual Composer and the Master Slider plugin inbuilt. With the Visual Composer, editing the content of your theme is just a matter of drag and drop. The theme is developed on a powerful bootstrap base. Quick view facility of the theme allows a fantastic preview of the products included in the catalog. Porto offers you to choose from the CSS3 animations to apply to the content element of your website.

This theme too is WooCommerce compatible, SEO friendly, and highly responsive. The performance of the theme too is impressive. It makes it one of the best themes and website templates in the market.

KLEO Theme- WP Theme with Social Network

KLEO - Next level WordPress Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

KLEO is said to be the #1 BuddyPress theme. The theme has extremely modern and eye-pleasing looks and comes with a number of page demos that can be inserted with a single click.

KLEO suits any kind of business requirements and can be used to create almost any sort of website. The theme has an extremely powerful admin control panel which just not empowers the admin to create wonders with it but is also very intuitive and easy to use. The challenge of designing is further eased by the drag and drop frontend page builder.

The theme being associated with socializing concepts offers facebook login, Live notifications, and Buddy press profile and group covers. Being a BuddyPress theme, it allows the BuddyPress shortcodes to be used within the site. Integrating Sensei and K-elements is possible too. The theme is WooCommerce and RTL compatible.

This video maker elements tuts theme offers endless opportunities for creating a fast, efficient, beautiful, and multi-functional website with ease and support from the developers. It is considered to be one of the most versatile themes and templates due to its customization options.

StartIT Theme – Great for startups

Startit wordpress theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

The StartIT theme from the home of the Select WordPress themes is a multipurpose theme that lets you shape the website of your imagination into reality with easy customization options and modern looks.

StartIT by elements tuts Envato market comes with built-in Visual Composer and Layer Slider. Meaning the control is in the form of drag and drop. The theme is fully responsive to any device it is viewed on. StartIt comes with the .po and .mo files to allow the translation of the theme. Therefore, with StartIT you can make your website in your own preferred language easily.

StartIT is completely SEO friendly so that the website does not lag behind in SEO rankings. The theme is WooCommerce ready and can be used to set up an online sales portal very easily. You can also easily reach tuts Envato market help.

Soledad Theme – Great for Websites with Galleries

Soledad - theme forest theme

View this theme Get Hosting

Soledad is the biggest blog and magazine theme of all time. With 200+ slider and blog layout combinations, It’s not at all needed to explain how flexible the theme is.

If you are looking for an easy to manage blog and magazine theme, this one is worth a try. Not only for its attractive looks but for the multiple options it provides to change the look and features of the theme to fit the user’s imagination. The theme already has 250+ demo homepages with variations to select from and the team promises to launch new with the time. Minor details like pre-formatted 404 and Under construction pages are already provided with the theme. Even the mega menu has two different styles to choose from.

The theme is extremely easy to use and comes with the .po files to let you easily translate the theme into multiple languages. It also supports MailChimp and Contact form 7.

The Search and Go theme is WooCommerce and WPML compatible. The theme allows front-end submission for the website users.

Nanosoft – WP Theme for IT Solutions and Services Company

Nanosoft - Responsive IT solution & Service companyTheme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

This is a WordPress themese for Software companies and IT hubs. As the theme is specially designed for the niche, it makes creating websites for your IT company easier.

Nanosoft comes with the best plugin integrations including the WP bakery, Visual composer page builder for drag and drop page building, revolution slider and advanced Custom fields. You can choose from the available demos or create designs of your own using the available features.

Pixi – Creative Multi-Purpose Theme

Pixi - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Pixi is one of the efficient multipurpose WordPress themes at the best price. The theme comes with different homepage designs to choose from.

For easy page building, the pixi multipurpose theme comes with the WP Bakery Visual composer page builder. On the other hand, the theme comes with other vital features and theme options using which you can create a website of almost any kind.

Martfury – WooCommerce Marketplace Theme

Martfury - Responsive WooCommerce Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Matfury is a multipurpose eCommerce theme. This eCommerce theme from Themeforest supports creating multivendor online stores in minutes.

For being multivendor, the Matfury theme allows compatibility with the best plugins like Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, etc. The theme has multiple demo designs to choose from. It is also RTL ready. You can also use an audio code design maker, themes templates video audio code design to help with the website design.

Reco – Minimal Theme for Freebies

Reco - Responsive Minimal WordPress Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Reco is a theme for news magazines, or blogs or digital freebies, mockups, etc. The theme is super fast and lightweight.

With the inbuilt customization options, it is very easy to manage how your website built with the theme looks and works. This type of WordPress themese for freebies has a clean code and is SEO friendly.

Pofo – Creative Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

Pofo - Responsive Portfolio and Blog Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Pofo is a creative WordPress theme that you can use to create online portfolio website or blogs.

Create beautiful designs on your own using the Visual Compose page builder by WP Bakery. Also, you can choose from the multiple demos available. Compatibility with WooCommerce allows you to create eCommerce websites with this theme.

Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Themes

Grenada - Responsive portfolio, Showcase Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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Grenda is a very creative theme with a fresh concept. The slider can deliver the complete message of your site and therefore, this theme focuses on that area to help you create a powerful wesbite.

This theme is best for creatives and professionals to showcase their artsy. It is an easy to customize theme so the artists and professionals can save time while creating their site. The theme is speed optimized and comes with a page builder included.

Brook – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Brook - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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Brook is a multipurpose theme for creatives. It comes with more than 37 homepage designs to choose from. Moreover, there are different layout options, header/footer styles, etc.

This theme lets you choose from different blog elements like accordions, testimonials, team, pricing tables, gallery boxes, etc. Brook is SEO optimized and allows integration of WooCommerce for eCommerce facilities. This theme is really easy to use and can help you create a website while saving time and effort. You can easily add WordPress themes with video maker elements tuts. If you are not a designer you can watch web themes templates video or get templates video audio code online.

Shopkeeper – The ecommerce theme

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As the name suggests, shopkeeper is a blockbuster e-commerce theme for creating exclusive online selling websites. Shopkeeper comes from the getbowtied theme company and has a beautiful design with powerful functionalities.

The shopkeeper does everything “A shopkeeper” does. It offers all the features to manage products, construct thoughtful catalogs, manage price, tax, sales, and sell tangible and digital products online. For an online shop, displaying and describing the products properly ultimately counts for the sales. Therefore, the shopkeeper has a design that does that for you. Shopkeeper provides you with ample pre-designed page layouts, header styles, portfolio templates, and sliders. The theme has a responsive design so that the buyers can access your shop through any device. The theme is completely customizable to the requirements of your shop and all these customizations are easy to implement.

Listable Theme – WordPress City Directory Theme

LISTABLE - A Friendly Directory WordPress Themes at themeforest

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This is a Listable Directory theme from the Pixel Grade. The theme is designed to offer its owner the opportunity to create and manage a Directory website.

If you want to create a friendly local or global directory website and use it for making money online, the theme is for you. The theme has features through which you can charge your users for updating or accessing the data from your site. Listable comes with the most basic features inbuilt. For extra functionalities, you can install the available plugins. So, manage the website with only the features that you need and not bothering with the unnecessary features.

You can customize the theme as and when required to fit your necessity. The look of the theme can be controlled using the easy layout control tools. LISTABLE supports various page builders including the famous Visual composer to make it easier to build the site.

Photography – WordPress Themes for Photographers

ThemeForest - Photography Responsive Photography WordPress Theme - Just another WordPress site

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The Photography theme is designed specially to showcase your photo galleries, photo blogs and picture portfolios. The theme is a best choice for a photographer who desires to showcase his photos using a simple yet elegant website.

Allow your clients to create their own account, Login and post their own galleries to display on your website. This theme too comes with a drag and drop content builder that provides you a very easy way to shape your creativity into reality. The Live customizer will show you the changes made in the theme instantly without the wait times. The theme has 8 menu styles you can choose from, and much more similar options and choices to make your website look exactly like you want it to.

The theme is responsive, WooCommerce compatible and SEO friendly and is the best choice for the photographers with a passion for showcasing their photography traits in the best possible manner.

Education WordPress Themes

#1 Education WordPress Theme for 2016 at themeforest

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The Education theme is designed for educational institutes, online courses, schools, colleges and other academic institutes to have their websites. The theme has 9+ demos to select from and set a starting point with the dummy data.

The theme has a built-in LMS plugin. The plugin makes it very easy to create and manage an educational website. Drag & Drop Curriculum Manager allows you to manage various sections with drag and drop; with Drag & Drop course builder you can create and manage courses that you can offer online through the website.

It is one of the best Education WP themes that allows you to create a multi-lingual site with WPML compatibility and RTL support for creating sites in Arabic or Hebrew languages.

Real Homes Theme – Real Estate theme at ThemeForest

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme at ThemeForest

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Real estate is the number one Real Estate theme on ThemeForest by the Inspiry Themes. The theme is for you if you want to start a real estate dealing website and make money online.

The theme has a real estate search filter that allows the visitors of the site to key in their requirements based on which search is performed. This search panel is customizable, and the available options can be changed according to the requirements. The results are most relevant.The Real homes theme, being specifically designed for real estate website comes with design, features and functions related to the subject. The theme has the facility to show the property listed on the website to show on the maps with the map markers.

Real Homes contains all the features required for a real estate website. It allows front end submission of property and the property presentation in the clean, and modern way. The theme allows the insertion of the demo data with just one click so that you can get an idea based on how existing data is managed.

It is WooCommerce ready. Real Homes can be used to create a local property website using the localization options such as RTL and WMPL compatibility. If you would like to, here is a collection of some of the best real estate themes for WordPress.

Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Themes

Bimber - Responsive Viral Magazine Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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Bimber theme from bringthepixel is the Bestselling WordPress Theme at Envato ThemeForest. With 6500+ happy customers. This is most customizable viral theme on the market to create a magazine site you want.

The theme comes with 15+ demos and provides off-canvas customization funtionality. The Bimber provide total control over single post page or archive page, you can change settings globally or per single post! Cutomize template, Show/Hide element you want and reorder them.

Bimber is the highly customizable WordPress theme that allows you to modify various elements and customize every single site aspect so it looks and functions the way you want.

Moreover, it is Woo Commerce and BuddyPress compatible and allows integration of the most popular WordPress plugins available in the market.

Barberry – Modern WooCommerce Theme

Barberry- Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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The Barberry theme from temasj is the popular WordPress Themes at Envato ThemeForest.

The Barberry theme is suitable for all kind of shop like cloth, furniture, accessories, electronics, watches or any other.limitless options to create eCommerce site. The Barberry is modern WooCommerce theme with Full Ajax shop, Pagination, filter by size and color.

The attractive design comes with varioud product page option. Custom cart, checkout and My account. The Ajax search enabled you to find prouduct in search with fast Ajaz search.

Basel Theme – An Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Basel - Responsive eCommerce Theme at ThemeForest

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Basel lets you create an e-commerce website with Ajax responsive design. The drag and drop page builder lets the user create pages and layouts as per their imagination without much hassle and the need to touch the code.

The theme comes with WooCommerce integration for the e-commerce facilities. It has 10 demo layouts to start with. The WooCommerce is a well-accepted and famous e-commerce plugin trusted a lot by WordPress users. Integration of WooCommerce guarantees clear and smooth sales functionalities.

The theme demos are category-specific so that you can choose what you want to sell with the website and get started with the demo that suits you the best. The themes compatibility with Visual Composer ensures that your Basel shop can be created with utmost ease and comfort.

Zephyr Theme – The Business WordPress Themes

Zephyr - Material Design Theme at ThemeForest

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Zephyr is a multipurpose popular categories web themes and is completely responsive and comes with a built-in Visual composer to allow the ease of drag and drop editing.

The theme code is SEO optimized to suit the SEO standards. Zephyr has the Admin panel, that is easy to use and has the options to manage almost all the elements of the theme. The background of the theme is decorated with parallax effects. For the minor changes in the appearance of the theme, Zephyr comes with the Custom CSS editor to place your code that overwrites the code in the CSS files, without editing them individually. Moreover, the theme is WooCommerce ready to start selling commodities right away. If you are not a designer you can watch web themes templates video or get templates video audio code online. You can also use an audio code design maker, themes templates video audio code design to help with the website design.

Search & Go Theme – Locations WordPress Theme

Search & Go - Modern & Smart Directory Theme at ThemeForest

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Search and go is a Directory theme from Elated- Themes. The theme does not require any extra plugin and all the features and functions are inbuilt. Search and go also has inbuilt paypal service, so that you can start making money with your Directory right away.

The search and go theme has an advanced search facility that will deliver the site visitors instant and filtered results, increasing the site’s usability and enhancing the user experience. Search and go being a Directory theme comes with integrated google maps for displaying the listings. The theme has login and registration facilities to get the visitors registered. Search and go allows the directory owner the ease to manage the theme through the powerful back-end options.

Unicon Theme – An Elegant WordPress theme

UNICON Design-Driven WordPress Theme at themeforest

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Unicon comes with inbuilt drag and drop page builder to let the admin to manage the theme appearance. You can select from the wide or boxed layout of the theme—the intuitive icons and collection of colors, sidebar , backgrounds and header designs.

The theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create a website of your own choice. With the powerful admin panel, it is possible to change the overall look of the theme. The theme is WooCommerce compatible, to allow the users to set up an online shop with it. The theme has options for the blog and the portfolio page layouts to select from.

Unicon is WPML compatible, and comes with .po and .mo files for translation. With beautiful animations and 40+ pre-configured page layouts. Therefore, this theme is easy to use and extensible.

The Ark WordPress Theme made for Freelancers

The Ark - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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The Ark theme from FRESHFACE is the number 1 best-rated, top-selling WordPress Theme at Envato ThemeForest. This is one of the popular categories web themes. The theme can make any type of site design and saves time with many built-in tools.

The Ark has limitless options to create a site. This is the first-ever theme created for freelancers. It brings unlimited options to shape your ideas into the actual site you want, with less effort. It comes with 300+ pre-built pages which you can easily import and modify with one click installer. With The Ark, you can achieve your design goals and create without touching the code. You can work on your projects faster, unlimited photos options are also available.

Various designing options available to create unique and attractive designs., The theme is Clean, Simple, and beautiful, which provides full control on how you want to create the layout of your website. The Ark has achieved the best rated product of all time status on ThemeForest.

Kona – Modern & Clean eCommerce WordPress Theme

Kona - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

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Kona is a modern clean eCommerce WordPress theme from SpabRice is the best-selling WordPress Theme at Envato ThemeForest. It provides unique features and tools that make an eCommerce website more beautiful. Kona makes shopping for your client easy and smooth.

Kona built with smooth and excellent user experience. The options available to create your site with fewer efforts and to deliver better projects faster. No coding required to build a complete site.

The options are available at the back end to set up your website. No code changes are required. Moreover, it is Visual Composer compatible and allows you to make changes in layout with drag and drop page builder.


Once you’ve decided to go for WordPress to build your website, the next question is always going to be ‘which theme do I use for my new website?’.

And this question is rather confusing, isn’t it? Because there are around tens of thousands of WordPress themes and site templates that you can use for creating your WordPress website.

However, WordPress themes marketplaces like Themeforest can help you find the best WordPress theme. But the problem remains the same. “How to choose the best theme for your website?”.

The time you spend on choosing the best theme can be instead be used for the strategic part of your website. Right? So, to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the Most Popular themes from ThemeForest.

These themes are the best WordPress themes that you can use to create your website. You can just pick up the theme you like, customize it, and make it work exactly the way you want. You can also easily reach tuts Envato market help.

Also, check out this list of Best multipurpose WordPress themes

Top ThemeForest Shopify Templates: Shopify eCommerce Themes

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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there, and people around the globe are using it for their online stores. But, having an online shop isn’t much if you don’t know how to bring your products closer to customers and how to make their shopping experience an easy and interesting one.

That is when Themeforest comes to the rescue. Themeforest is a theme marketplace that offers you more than 1000 theme options for different platforms, including Shopify among others. You could choose a theme based on the type of products you sell or you could go for one of their multipurpose themes and adapt it to your needs.

This article will do a review on some of the best Shopify themes, including those made for specific categories of e-commerce and the ones that are multi-purpose and available for customization. So, see our suggestions, cut a lot of time browsing themes for your Shopify shop, and don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Rubix – Multipurpose Sections Shopify Theme

Shopify theme

Rubix is also one of the best multi-purpose themes you can find out there if you want to do sales on Shopify. It is supported by almost any major browsers, available for different screen sizes, it comes in high resolution with a responsive layout and with free 24-7 support. Their last full updated version was done in August 2020, so you know that you get the newest perks of Shopify themes. Plus, it’s designed by an elite author, so you know that you are getting the best.

I also have to emphasize the mega menu which gives you unlimited possibilities of the arrangement, based on what your e-shop is about. It includes a quick preview of products, a place for blog posts, product filters, trending, and best-selling pages, and all the rest. Plus, you can choose the layout that works best for you. The design is minimal and modern, so it fits perfectly for furniture Shopify or fashion Shopify stores.

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Antomi – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Another multi-purpose theme Shopify based with a highly customizable and updated design. This theme has a responsive layout, is compatible with bootstrap 4 Shopify, and is well documented. This fully responsive theme is mobile friendly and has demos of heather styles, product view styles, mega menu, and more than twenty home page versions.

Its primary use is set up for electronics, clothing, jewelry, furniture, auto parts, pet store, and more. You can personalize your about us page, product page, product preview, details and variables, blog page, sales page, cart, and wish list. But that’s not all… You could even set up a log-in page, 404, contact page, location, FAQ page, and few more features, whatever you need. The theme sections, Shopify oriented are surely wide and full of personalization.

Their updated plug-ins are also amazing. The comment section, Testimonial options, multi-currency option, Facebook comments, and so on.

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Manor – Clean, Minimal, Drag Drop Shopify

With more than 400 sales and a 4-star rating, this store theme is suitable for fashion and furniture sales. Its minimal multipurpose design works perfect on different browsers, is easy to install so you don’t have to be a Shopify expert, and if you get stuck on something you could contact their 24-7 support or watch some of their tuts Envato market help and get yourself familiar with Shopify theme installation.

The layout is responsive and updated regularly, and its minimal style is making it easy to be product and banner oriented, easy to see and browse. It’s fairly easy to find your way around it since it has a Drag&Drop organizer.

I highly recommend it because its 30+ demos make it one of the most in-depth sections Shopify theme, suitable for fashion, furniture, business, hair & beauty, and even megashop if you want to sell a variety of products in your shop.

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Payna – Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme

From all of the Shopify themes, this one has one of the best minimal product store designs. It is most suitable for fashion, clothing, and accessories, but it’s labeled minimal multipurpose, so you could easily adapt it even for auto parts, whole store sales, or building materials.

The updated shop layout comes with customization of product preview, columns, and sidebars. The inner pages are elegant and organized, so they look clean and on point with just the info your customers need. Plus, you can easily personalize it with their drag-drop Shopify sections. You can also personalize your header and footer parts, mega drop down menu, collection and category banner, logos, videos, pictures, and text areas. You can also connect it with your Facebook page or Instagram shop, and you could display your prices is multiple currencies. See all of its features on this link.

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Doppo – Furniture Multipurpose Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme multipurpose design is made by collecting hundreds of opinions about popular categories web themes need, so its developers dedicated some time and effort to make the best Shopify store out there. Its primary use could be in fashion or furniture sections Shopify sales, but it gives lots of opportunities for customization with only one click.

The first thing that comes in handy is its SEO optimization, Bootstrap 4 Shopify compatibility, structured coding, and built up with the latest technology of web development. The layout is fully responsive and updated regularly, so you always get the last trends. It’s mobile-optimized and with an easy drag-drop option for personalizations.

You can make your choice from 9 homepage layouts, 5 different pre-made headers and footers, variants about product display in your store, listing style, sidebars and drop menus, search, and suggestions. All in all, pretty simple, but effective, ready to get you out on the market. And did I mentioned it? If you are into communication with customers, on this ThemeForest Shopify theme you get excellent space about blog posts, updated comment section, multi-language and multi-currency options, as well as sale labels and countdown timers on offers.

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Vegano – Vegan Online Store Shopify Theme

This highly customizable theme was selected from a few food themes Shopify based. The reason for that is their pretty simple updated drag & drop options where you can play with colors, sections, organization, and layouts. And you don’t need to hire a Shopify expert or have deep coding or web developing experience since it’s bootstrap 4 Shopify compatible. you only need the basics to find your way around. And you can easily find those basics through elements tuts Envato market.

This section’s Shopify theme on ThemeForest offers a 5-star mega menu in the heather part, blog space, manufacturers section, search bar, wish list, and cart sections, as well as a footer area for your company’s info and an already made newsletter subscription form for your customers. Its developers have regular maintenance and make sure that their software version is updated. But, they are available for any questions you might have on working days only.

If you are into healthy food and want to build your store Shopify based, I highly recommend this theme, since it’s simple to use, but none the less doesn’t stay behind on options and makes sure that your vegan website sales. You can choose one of the three homepage versions and then use your creativity to personalize all of the rest with its visual drag-drop Shopify builder. Plus, the theme is mobile optimized so you can be sure that it looks good no matter what you see it on. 

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Pookal – Flower Shop and Florist Shopify Theme

If you plan on opening up a flower shop, bouquets, gardening tools, or essentials store on Shopify, this is the theme you need. Firstly, you can choose from two different types of drop menus and adapt the color, font, size on the slides, so you show of some of the most precious products and sell them with quick links.

Secondly, this ThemeForest Shopify theme is highly responsive, updated regularly, and full with personalization options. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need a Shopify expert and you can do sales on your own. Its admin panel is easy to customize and bring up a perfect shop, one that has an ajax shopping cart and search tab, product filters and wishlist, newsletter pop up for new sales, currency switcher, and tracking order option.

And let’s get technical – this section’s Shopify theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3; it has nearly 1000 google fonts you can choose from; with SEO optimization on-site and wonderful social network integration. For web development dummies, this means that its developers thought about making this Shopify theme full of options, easy to use, nice to look at, and effective. All you actually need for building a wonderful, updated online shop on Shopify. It’s not in high resolution, and that my friends, might be the only downside of this Shopify theme.

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LuckyDogs – Pet Care Shop Shopify Theme

Another great pick from Shopify themes is the LuckyDogs. Even though it is mainly made for a pet shop, you could adapt it and make it suitable for grooming saloons or homeless pet shelter which makes sales or raises charity for its needs. This ThemeForest template is responsive, updated regularly, and with unlimited documentation and professional support; it’s made with bootstrap 4 Shopify and in high definition.

You also get an easily customizable homepage with the existing sections Shopify needs and you can just drag-drop and reorder them. Their visual builder is easy to use and offers tons of different colors, fonts, and sizes, depending on what your creativity comes up with. Other than its multipurpose sections, a Shopify theme like this offers you social integration for marketing, SEO optimization, tons of Google fonts to choose from, gallery styles and video options, multiple currency options, an adaptable shopping cart, and a few other great gadgets.

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Torba Shopify Theme – Wholesale Website Design for Marketplace and Retail

Another bootstrap 4 Shopify compatible ThemeForest template, regularly updated, responsive, and nicely documented, but without high resolution. It compensates with its mega menu and easy, effective builder that makes the theme easy to use, even if you have a lot of products, in a lot of different categories. Also, they have 6 shop layouts for the homepage, 3 product sales pages, and 2 category pages you can pick. You could choose the ones that work best for you and then customize almost everything on them. And if you need help, with a few quick links you’ll get their web themes templates video tutorials.

This theme is suitable for tons of different niches, from fashion, jewelry, beauty, to auto parts, tools, computers, or electronics. Kids toys, pet clothes, food, any other kind of grocery or retail.

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Go Express – Shopify Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Getting back to those minimal multipurpose themes on ThemeForest Shopify. This is one of the most usable templates because of its simple, yet effective design. Its updated features and benefits are endless: mega menu, highly customizable fonts and banners, easy for management, multi-language options, every browser compatibility, great support team, SEO, fast loading, and what not. No wonder they’ve made a tutorial for their categories web themes templates.

On this Shopify theme multipurpose design, you can choose from 5 extended and updated product layouts, 3 different headers and footers, blog designs, category sections, Shopify product pages, and so on.

This particular multi-purpose Shopify theme has a high resolution, is compatible with most browsers, well documented, and with a responsive layout, so you know it looks great whatever device your clients have. Its benefits are profound and long, so browse through them yourself and see if this is the fit Shopify shop theme for your shop.

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Herokids – Drag & Drop Multilingual Children Kids Shopify Theme

If you need to explore popular categories, web-based themes for an online kid’s shop, don’t look any further. This Shopify theme has everything you need kids-related, no matter if it’s fashion or toys. You can use their drag & drop builder and make full changes to adapt based on the items sold on it. Made with Bootstrap 4 Shopify compatibility, in high resolution, responsive, and with full updated documentation, you can be sure that your online presence will increase with a sales shop.

They have a new, updated mega menu and homepage versions, with a built-in multilingual translator and newsletter pop up to draw customers in. Plus, you can enable a quick preview on products or adding items to the cart without leaving the current page, so you know that the shopping experience will be full 5 stars rated.

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Luxury – Furniture Shopify MultiPurpose Responsive Theme

Another bootstrap 4 Shopify compatible, responsive theme with lots of sections available for drag-drop customization. Mainly made for a furniture online store, this minimal multipurpose theme for the Shopify store can be adapted to your needs.

If you want your store, Shopify updated and with last technologies, this is the theme for you. They have different types of menus that change depending on the device they are looked from, with unlimited types of sections filters you can apply and enable customers to see exactly what they need. Furthermore, this furniture Shopify based template has 3 pre-designed layouts, different menus, navigation by tags, last trends in product switches, sections for banners and special offers, sections for count downs or special offers, and updated SEO, currency, fonts, logos, and multilevel navigation.

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Molla – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

With a 5 star rating, Molla is one of the most used Shopify themes out there. And there is a really good reason for that. First of all, it has more than 20 pre-made Demos. The theme is suitable for furniture, fashion clothing, electronics, shoes, sports or extreme sports, even bookstores, auto parts, and video-games store. Whatever you need, they have it, and they have it in at least two different versions.

You could choose a home page for your Shopify store from the 25 updated already available layouts, and you can base that choice on the niche of products you have. For the shopping pages, you could choose the size of pictures and their grid; and for a product review, you could center in left, middle, or right; with or without sidebar; extended description or gallery of pictures. And all that with drag-drop Shopify builder. Like I said, 5-star rating for everything you need, based on your products and what is the best way to advertise them.

Furthermore, the theme is suitable for different sizes of screens, updated for easy coding and customization, with accessible working contact options and tons of plug-ins you might need to connect your web presence.

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If you are interested in opening up an online store with full documentation and updated themes, ThemeForest has some of the 5 stars rated Shopify themes you can choose from. I hope that this article did a nice representation of some of the best Shopify themes and made it easier for you to make up your mind.

If you are still not sure that your new Shopify theme is right on this list, then, you should browse through the themes they have on their website. Your new ThemeForest Shopify theme is surely there.

Further Reading:

Themeforest For WordPress: How To Install & Activate A Theme

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ThemeForest was launched in 2008. Today it is the most famous marketplace for buying and getting themes WordPress forest. It has an unlimited download of the best themes for WordPress. From e-commerce in WordPress to themes templates video audio code design it has everything. Themeforest by Envato PTY ltd trademarks works by linking theme buyers with their developers.

The Market place became part of the Envato Market Family, which was combined in 2014. The Envato Market family also includes the popular CodeCanyon, a marketplace for WordPress plugins. It has become a really good place where WordPress themes and website developers can make money. All they have to do is develop and upload their theme to the site. The theme is then validated by quality control after which buyers can get them for a price. Theme development can get about 45-87.5% of their sales. Although it depends on the number of their sales and if they sell their themes only on ThemeForest.

Evanto doesn’t display its financial records publicly. However, the ones available revealed some outstanding facts. Sellers on Envato received a total of $250 million in 2014. According to the same financial details, 48 sellers on the site was responsible for $1 million worth of sales on Envato. The financial record of Envato in 2017 revealed that the technology giant made a net profit of $29.4 million.

ThemeForest is a market that contains more than 12,000 unlimited downloads of WordPress themes with a one-click demo. This means that buyers have a lot of options to choose from. You can explore popular categories of web themes at any time you want. Each theme usually costs about $60. Although since 2016, developers are free to set their own prices since brands are the property of their respective owners. So, if you’re looking for a multipurpose one-page photography portfolio you can click on one many many themes and try a one-click demo

How do I use WordPress ThemeForest?

There are several ways of using or installing WordPress themes from elements tuts Envato market. Before you can install your WordPress themes, you have to pick your ideal domain name. You then have to choose a quality web host. There are excellent web hosts like Bluehost to pick.

The various ways of installing and using themes from ThemeForest include

Installing through WordPress

Before you can install your theme, you need to buy and download it on ThemeForest. To begin, log into your account, then search for your theme of choice. Click the download button and pick the option which says “Installable WordPress file only.” After this, you should see the zip file of the theme downloading.

You have to ensure you click the option that says “Installable WordPress file only.” Selecting any other option might not get you the desired result. For instance, if you click on the option that says “All files & documentation” the zip file won’t install the way you want. If you click on this option, then you have to open the zip file and extract the file that you can install. After extraction, you can Save on the WordPress themes folder.

You can also watch categories web themes templates video to choose the best themes and website templates by maker elements tuts Envato.

2. Installing through FTP/SFTP

A number of people prefer installing WordPress themes using FTP/SFTP. This method of installing is simple, with just a few steps to follow.

The first step in this method is installing an FTP (file transfer protocol) solution. When you are done installing it open the app and link it up to your server.

After that log to your hosting account and fill the following data

Name: you can use a nickname you can always remember. This is essential if you intend to link to several websites.

Where: your sever need to have a location.

Protocol: Your host determines the options you get to link to your server. Access your hosting account and search for the FTP/SFTP settings. This might take some time as the location of your FTP/SFTP depends on your host. When you find it pick the right option offered by your host.

Sever: put in the name of your domain (the address of your server’s URL).

Password and username: In some cases, you might have two option for this. You might have to create new ones yourself, or your host will give you one in the FTP/SFTP settings.

Port: check if you are using the same port given by your host.

Save your server as soon as you are done with adding every necessary information. Then open it and search for your wp-content or themesfolder. After doing that, continue to download the theme for your WordPress. Follow the instruction in the first method above. Ensure that you pick the “Installable WordPress file only,” option.

In this second method, after downloading the zip file, open it and extract the file in it. Upload the theme file you extracted.

Log into the installation of your WordPress and go to appearance, then themes. Click to set up your theme.

If you are using this method of installation, Make sure that you are only uploading the file of the theme to your server.

If you upload the zip file, then it isn’t going to work. Ensure you extract the theme file from the zip file. When uploading, double-check the file so that you upload the right folder containing only the theme. Sometimes you could make the mistake of downloading some other files in addition to the theme.

You can also watch categories web

3. Using Envato Market plugin to install and update your WP Themes

The Envato Market plugin makes things easy when you have installed your theme like an Elementor page builder. The plugin is free, and it gives you access to everything you buy from CodeCanyon and ThemeForest. All you have to do is click on your WordPress dashboard.

With this, you can quickly install new WordPress themes And update old ones. This way, you can easily get new features and updates with any security patch.

To download the plugin, go to Github, and download the zip file. Then go to the installation of your WordPress and locate the Plugins and go to add new.


On your screen, you will see the “Upload Plugin” button at the top left area. Click on it and search for the Envato market zip file. Click on “Install Now,” and selected the “Activate Plugin” link.

The next step is to sync the plugin to your Envato account after installing. After syncing it, you will be able to go to everything you buy on WordPress through your dashboard.

To get it synced, click on the button that says “Generate A Personal Token” link. You will find the button on the Envato Market Plugin page. The link will direct you to the EnvatoAPI page. You can then proceed to generate your authorization token.

On your Envato account, check the terms and conditions box. Don’t uncheck other options as it could lead to malfunctioning of the Envato Market plugin. Click on the green “Create Token” button. W you see the success prompt for creating the token copy the code and return to the dashboard of your WordPress.


Paste the copied token code in the field provided for it on the page of the Envato Market plugin. In case you see any error prompt stating that “You do not have sufficient permissions to delete transients,” all you have to do is press the back button in your browser and attempt putting the token again.

You will be able to access everything you buy when you succeed in saving the token. At this point, you only need to click a button to install your theme. Anytime there is an update you will receive a notification saying so. Then you can always update it by clicking the update button.

In cases where you are not able to validate your token, it could be as a result of two things:

The code you entered is wrong. You need to make sure you entered the right code. The token you generate for the Envato Market plugin must be for the EnvantoAPI. If you get any number or code from your ThemeForest dashboard, then the plugin won’t work.

The Second reason for the token not working is that you probably failed to leave some API permissions checked. Unchecking any permission will create an unnecessary error because the plugin won’t gain the access it needs to work properly. If this happens, you have to generate a new code. Start from the beginning and make sure that all the permission boxes are checked.

Can you use ThemeForest themes on multiple websites?

Yes, it is possible to use one theme for multiple domains. To do so, download them you want and install in your local server. You have to modify the theme to some extent before uploading it to other domains.

What is the best theme for WordPress?

The following are some of the basic WordPress themes that you can find at Themeforest. There is a collection of hundreds of similar themes at Themeforest WordPress Theme Marketplace. You can choose a category or use tags to find a relevant theme for your website.

Admania – AD Optimized WordPress Theme

Adsense and affiliate WordPress theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Admania, is a WordPress theme for Adsense and affiliate users. It is an ad optimized theme that you can use to create a website with all the ad monetization features. This theme is for AdSense users and affiliate marketers who are trying to earn extra income through advertisements. The theme comes with multiple layouts and speed optimization features.

You can choose from multiple demos, homepage layouts. Besides, by using the abundant customization options, you can easily customize the site as per your needs. This responsive WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready. It has 2k sales last updated.

Look: A Fashion & Beauty WordPress Theme

 Beauty blog WordPress theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Look, is a theme for fashion and beauty lovers to create a relevant blog and news websites. It is a way for the beginners to start blogging easily. The theme comes with various pre-designed demos and page layouts you can choose from.

The Look fashion and beauty WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce for eCommerce features. It is responsive and can be used as fashion blogging template, online fashion magazine template, etc.

It has more than 1k sales last updated.

Listop – Listing Directory WordPress Theme

save on wordpress themes

View this theme Get Hosting

The Listop WordPress theme is one of the most amazing Listing Directory WordPress themes with multiple layouts and unique demo designs that you can choose from. Listop comes with amazing features that include one-click install, responsive layout, advance page builder like Visual Composer and Google Map display, etc.

The theme includes many custom features like changing the colors and customizing the site as per your requirements and advanced search filter. Listop is performance and speed optimized. It has less than 1k sales last updated. Watch audio code design maker video or check the one-click demo for a better experience.

Devicer – Electronics, Mobile & Tech Store WordPress Theme

MF multipurpose WordPress theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Devicer, is a theme for digital store and manufacturers. This WordPress theme can also be used to sell your tech-based products online on your site. You can integrate the WooCommerce plugin for online sales management features on your website.

With WooCommerce plugin activated you get all the features that are included within this plugin multiple product variations and exquisite animations like zoom effect and product compare that you can show on your product detail pages. It has less than 1k sales last updated.

Listify Theme – WordPress Directory Theme

Listify - WordPress Directory Theme at ThemeForest

View this theme Get Hosting

Listify is from the home of Astoundify. Listify is the WordPress Directory theme that will let you create a beautiful Directory website.

What sets Listify apart from other themes is its eye-pleasing design with the required functionality. The theme is very flexible and provides compatibility with a number of useful plugins that can be integrated to extend the functionality of the theme. Listify is a theme you can make money with your website. With features to add or view a listing, claim a listing, reservation and booking facilities, etc.

The theme has a very long list of compatible plugins, you could use the one that fits your purpose and develops a website that earns for you. The theme is SEO optimized, and with very easy options, lets you make a website of your own choice. The themes has more than 2k sales last updated.

Total – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Total theme is the ultimate responsive multipurpose theme from WPExplorer that lets you set up a website with drag and drop options. The theme has 80+ block builders to organize the content and 100+ options for styling the content. You can use it for multipurpose one-page photography, learning management system LMS online.

Use the unlimited combinations to create a website of your imagination. Total lets you select everything of your own choice, select the header style, the background color, the icons, colors, layouts, and everything. With Total, there are limitless opportunities to change the theme and make it look and work like your expectations.

The total has the clean code, so for the enthusiastic developers, the sky is the limit. Apart from the built-in options, the code can be tweaked to implement innovative ideas you may have.

KALLYAS – All in one WordPress theme

KALLYAS - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme at themeforest

View this themeGet Hosting

The KALLYAS theme from Hogash studio takes flexibility to the next level with its feature to adjust even spacing among the elements, for different devices.

KALLYAS has more than 100 built-in elements to choose from. You can imagine a feature, search through the elements using the search panel, find it and use it to realize your imagination. Everything can be controlled using the drag and drop editor. KALLYAS lets you save the page so that you can reuse it again when required so. Ultimately, you can build a perfect website using the visual builder, without changing a line of code by yourself.

Besides this, the theme takes care of the performance too, so that the visitors’ experience does not suffer and the performance is efficient. KALLYAS is an e-commerce multilanguage ready and SEO friendly. It supports WooCommerce and has many other features that make it worth a buy.

Kalium Theme – WordPress theme for Professional

Kalium - Creative Theme for Professionals at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Labrator brings to us the creative Kalium theme, very easy to install and use. The theme is a multipurpose and responsive and dynamic with special hover effects and Typekit font support to make it look more awesome.

Visual composer included Extreme customizations can be made into the theme to make it work the way you want. The theme is WooCommerce ready and has an Ajax mini cart to make the cart facility more interesting. No matter what subject you want to build a site on, Kalium makes it possible. For an e-commerce website, it supports WooCommerce. For showcasing your work, it offers numerous e commerce portfolio layouts, and if you don’t find them relevant, Kalium has the drag and drop builder too that makes it possible for you to create a layout of your own.

The theme has pre-built coming soon and Maintenance mode. Besides all these, there are other interesting features in this theme too that makes it the #1 creative theme.

Stockholm – Minimal Business WordPress Theme

Stockholm ecommerce theme forest theme

View this theme Get Hosting

Stockholm from select themes is a distinctively multipurpose theme for that has made its place in the Top 30 best selling themes of all time. Stockholm has more than 40 demos to choose from. These demos can be imported with just a click. With the demo data, you can have a really nice starting point.

Stockholm claims to be a genuinely multipurpose theme on the basis that it has paid attention to every aspect of a website. Even if the website you want to create is a simple blog site, Stockholm allows you to choose from eight available blog templates.  All of these are e-commerce support themes. The themes have wonderful ways to display your work to the site audience. Stockholm comes with 30+ shortcodes to get the features working. Along with all these amazing features, the theme offers flexibility to integrate plugins like WooCommerce to set an online shop, WPML for multi-language translations, child theme ready interface and is fully SEO optimized.

You Might Also Like:

Oshine Theme – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Oshine - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme at theme forest

View this theme Get Hosting

Oshine is marked as one of the best photography and portfolio based themes from the Brand Exponents. The theme offers 23 unique demos with astounding designs to choose from.

Oshine can be used to create a website of almost any kind. The inbuilt features and powerful admin control panel of the theme allow to create and compose a website you can imagine. Oshine also gives you the power to style your content with more than 50 shortcode modules.

The providers keep on improving and providing updates regularly. Create your own version of the design and demonstrate your creativity by using the visual page builder for e commerce. The theme aims to attract the attention of users with what they call the Hero sections – the slider areas. Oshine is WooCommerce compatible as well as supports multiple languages using the WPML plugin.

Ronneby Theme – Powerful WordPress Theme

Ronneby WordPress Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

The DF Development offers Ronneby with 40+ demos. The demo content can be installed with a click and you have a perfect running site that can be edited to place your own content.

Ronneby has an ultimate admin panel that allows managing all the content and functions very easily. Attention has been paid to see that the back-end does not create confusion for the user. Ronneby can integrate WooCommerce for a shopping website. The blogs, the portfolio, the website templates sale tags, one-click demo import, everything can be chosen from the available options and if the options don’t seem enough, create something new with the power options available. Talking of options, not to forget that the theme has 40+ shortcodes too. Compatibility of Ronneby with the visual composer and the add-ons make this theme a bliss.

The theme is translation ready and is already translated into two languages. The theme can, therefore, be used to create, Actually anything. If you have used elementor page builder

WP Residence Theme – Property WordPress Theme

WP Residence - Demo 5 Professional Real Estate WordPress Theme- video maker elements tuts

View this theme Get Hosting

WP residence theme is one of the best real estate themes on Themeforest video maker elements tuts. It comes with a Drag and drop page builder to build the page layouts and manage the content of the website.

The Admin panel available with the theme is so resourceful that it allows the visitors to control each and every element of the page and set it the way you want. WP residence theme has the facility that allows adding floor plans into the website. The Shortcodes lets you manage the theme further.

You can select from the box and full-width layout much like you do on the elementor page builder. The theme lets you choose the colors and headers. It is translation ready and WPML compatible. The theme is fully responsive and has a consistent view of all the devices. Besides these, are various options to earn money through the website.

Savoy – ecommerce theme for WordPress

Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme at themeforest

View this theme Get Hosting

Savoy is a ajax based WooCommerce theme, with a modern and eyecatching design. The theme is totally widgetized and the homepage is very easy to manage.

The theme is designed and the modules are configured to work in a way that the website performs fast. SEO optimized e-commerce theme helps achieve better rank from the search engines. The theme is highly responsive and renders the same view on any device it is viewed on. The product description is presented in such a way that the user understands everything. You can also save on WordPress themes by using those themes by

The theme is highly customizable. These are easier than Elementor page builder. The options available in the backend are simple and intuitive and lets the user make it possible to change the look and feel of the theme to make a website of their desire. Once you buy the theme, you can have free lifetime updates. Moreover, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, translation ready and comes with Typekit integration.

Construction – Construction website Template

Construction Theme at ThemeForest

View this theme Get Hosting

Construction is a theme from WPCharming that is specifically designed for the construction and building projects companies. It is a simple and beautiful business theme that comes with all the basic necessities inbuilt to start a perfect construction website.

The Construction theme comes with a free page builder that allows the admin to manage the website with drag and drop options. The advanced theme options allow changing the appearance and functionalities of the theme with easy and intuitive options. For your website from the construction theme, you can choose from available header options and the homepage designs.

Construction is SEO optimized and ready for translation. For offering your construction website in multiple languages, you can use the WPML plugin that is compatible with the theme. The theme is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a simple, un-complicated, and lightweight theme for your business website.

The Voux – Fashion Magazine WordPress Theme

The Voux - A Comprehensive Magazine Theme

View this theme Get Hosting

The Voux theme is an incredibly stylish theme for the magazine websites. The theme is very lightweight and has a fast performance.

This theme is for you if you are looking for a sleek, stylish and a magazine theme that is very efficient at the performance. Especially for a magazine website, the users won’t like to wait for till the page loads. Therefore, special efforts have been made to keep this theme lightweight and enhance the performance. The theme is extremely Customizable making it possible for the website owner to make all the changes he wishes to. The design, the functionality and the layouts can be easily managed from the admin panel.

With choices in headers and menu styles, set your magazine website to attract your targeted audience. The theme supports WooCommerce and this makes it possible to sell on your magazine websites. The Voux theme is compatible with the WPML and Visual composer too.

WordPress theme for consultants and consulting websites

Consulting - Business, Finance WordPress Theme at ThemeForest

View this theme Get Hosting

The thing that makes this theme interesting is its simplicity. Being specifically designed to suit the consulting and business websites, the theme has demos with differently organized blocks and modules to choose from.

The professional look of the theme can be very easily managed and controlled using the powerful backend options available. It supports the Visual composer plugin so that everything can be controlled with a drag and drop. You can design a learning management system LMS online with this theme.

A finance website needs representational tools like Pie Charts, Graphs, Progress bars, tables, etc. The theme lets you easily use them to express the various business situations. If you want to create a business website without employing professional IT personals to develop and maintain the website, this theme is for you. On the theme and manage everything on your site on your own. Take help from the support personals, Should you find anything difficult.

The theme is SEO friendly and has simple, easy options that will let you create a professional and maintainable business website on your own. Similar to Elementor page builder you can drag and drop options to design your website.

Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Best Premium WordPress Themes, themeforest

Houzez is worldwide popular WordPress theme for real estate agents and companies. With flexible, professional design and powerful features from the author’s favethemes. The theme is fully translated in 20 languages and GDPR compatible.

Houzez is a IDX compatible. Theme with distinct beautiful features and unlimited options to shape your ideas into actual site you have desired. With Houzez, you can create feature rich site without touching the code. It comes withx 16 pre-builded demos to get ideas on what you can do with the Houzez, each demo representing the best way to build your Real Estate website with a different idea.

Everything you need is at your fingertips with 30+ options tabs to control your site. The advance search provide the site visitors to find exact property by enabling them to make use of various settings to establish their own criteria. No code changes are required.


You can find unlimited downloads, one-click demo import, and explore popular categories of of web themes at the official Themeforest website. If you have used Elementor page builder web design then you’d love all these themes. Want to read more reviews, check the related posts on our website for complete reviews and buying guides.

Browse Themeforest or Go To Templatic Themes

ThemeForest Themes: How to Customize Your WordPress Blog with Gusto

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A lot of print media has become available on the Internet. With its ease of access and lots of options available, the Internet caters to a wide variety of users. Similarly, online writers post their work on blogging platforms that may or may not be outlandish. Each platform has, at least, a medium for writers to encode their creations and some styles for a decent finish. Meanwhile, there are some other platforms that offer a lot of customization options.

For example, WordPress, a popular blogging platform these days, has different themes for bloggers to choose from. Some can selectively pick this one theme for their article; others find a whole new suite for their entire platform. But it is not always a great idea to just pick a certain theme just because you liked how it looks. If the theme does not match your content, readers might get confused and forego from reading any further.

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is a popular WordPress theme marketplace which was launched in 2008. It is part of Envato, the same family that includes WordPress’ own plugin marketplace, CodeCanyon, At ThemeForest WordPress, there are a lot of professional themes created by developers for different buyers to peruse. Some WordPress developers earn handsomely by being ThemeForest contributors. They also have to ensure that their work passes quality control.

Envato market home page

The theme platform itself consists of a huge repository of around 12,000 well-crafted themes but they usually do not come for free. Furthermore, those themes also vary in pricing, but this article will not focus on the various themes and their features. This article will focus instead on how to choose a WordPress forest theme a befitting theme for your business or writing platform.

Getting Started: What Makes a Perfect Theme?

Finding the best website templates for your articles is like finding a needle in a haystack. You think you may have gotten yourself a great theme, but you might find that your content does not fit well. You think that a popular or an easy to maintain theme forest would be a more practical solution. But aside from compromising your creative skills in web designing, you risk watering down the look and feel. This can also turn readers away from your otherwise promising content. Here is a list of factors that help make a WordPress themes perfect for your needs.

avada WordPress theme

WordPress Theme is Simple

A great website does not have too much going on for it. The basic functionalities and content are enough to give its readers the idea of what the site or blog is about. Think of designing a website through WordPress themes and plugins like preparing and cooking food. Having too many ingredients in a dish is not a great culinary experience.

The same goes for websites. Too many features do not just ruin the viewing experience, but also the maintenance and enhancement opportunities. That is why picking minimalist themes are the best option. Minimalist WordPress themes have become quite appealing recently, as the layouts are simpler and other aesthetics are adjusted.

A simple theme may look lacking in animations, colour combinations, and trendy layouts. But a simple WordPress theme is also easy to install and sometimes comes with corresponding plugins. There is a lot of best selling, simple ThemeForest themes such as Awam and KetoFitt, and each of them caters to only one market niche. So, you can always select a WordPress theme from these multi purpose themes.

Simple themes are usually geared for websites that appeal to a certain group of people. Having simple and beautiful Visual composer themes on ThemeForest have everything you need. They also have the best Woocommerce theme which works best to display a specific company’s portfolio of products online. Since these WordPress themes are also more specialized, they also tend to have fewer color combinations overall.

Themeforest WordPress Theme Must Be Responsive

WordPress is no longer a web-only application. It also has a mobile app, which means that the app interface must adjust depending on screen size. The same goes for picking the right Wordtheme. The right theme must also be adjustable such that it is also optimized based on the screen you are viewing from. If a theme cannot adjust i.e. its settings are optimized only for PC, the viewing experience gets diminished. It also frustrates customers who seek a pleasant viewing experience.

Most ThemeForest themes are already optimized for both PC and mobile, however. You do not need to worry about picking an unoptimized theme, although you can test before you pick. The best way to make sure that a theme is responsive is by testing it on a PC and a mobile phone simultaneously.

Theme Must Be Compatible with Most Browsers

Even if you exclusively surf the Internet using Chrome, it still pays to pick a theme that can handle other browsers as well. For example, you want to set up your blog while traveling in a country where Chrome is not the default browser of choice. You can still set up your blog with other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Mozilla.

The reason as to why your desired theme needs to be browser-compatible is to prevent having a lesser experience due to broken features. Yes, those broken features such as unviewable images or thumbnails which are normally visible in another browser. Testing the theme with this setup is quite tedious on the PC alone, but you also need to ensure that it works perfectly on mobile too.

The More Supported Plugins, the Better

WordPress is all about one compatible plugin after another. It is also great if the WordPress theme you want for your website supports the most number of plugins out there, right? Well, yes and no. It still depends on whether your application requires a lot of customizations down the line.

But even if your chosen theme does not support all plugins out there, it is still better to have theme options that work well with the best plugins out there. Here is a list of five of the most useful plugins in WordPress. Make sure that your chosen WordPress theme can use all of these:

  • WPForms (for an easier contact form setup where it is easy to leave a reply or comment)
  • MonsterInsights (for better analytics)
  • Yoast SEO (for a better chance of being seen first in search engines)
  • Sucuri (for a more secure platform)
  • UpdraftPlus (for easy backup in case of data loss)

envato dashboard options


You can get everything with creative multi-purpose, easy to use, responsive Woocommerce ThemeForest WordPress themes. Find all the details in the related posts on our website. ( A

The theme has Room for Translations

You may be fluent in English and you are building a website that intends to have as many viewers in the future. Or you may not be fluent in English but you want to reach as many viewers as well with your content. Such websites can use the help of WordPress plugins that translate your website into other popular languages.

One great example of a plugin is WPML. For a small investment, WPML helps you gain views and possible transactions by making your site translatable to other languages.

The theme has GUI-like Page Builder

Customizations are best done using a drag-and-drop approach. Whether you may or may not have experience in Photoshop or other layout applications in the past, your site theme needs a great page builder. Every theme making it to the bestsellers has a great page builder.

Some popular page builders are great for custom and multipurpose features, but they can also be very technical. Not everyone who builds a website knows programming, which is why a drag-and-drop page builder is better. SeedProd is an excellent example. It consists of page layouts that can decorate an entire website, as well as individual page layouts. This page builder is also one of the fastest out there, which, combined with SEO optimization, helps make your site more searchable.

WordPress Theme has Best Support

Consider it a worthy investment to buy a ThemeForest theme on WordPress. This way you would be assured of consistent developer support. At least one of the best themes there may cost quite a lot of money, but it comes with documentations too. Add in at least one year of support and you’re golden.

WordPress also has free themes, but you are not guaranteed of developer support once you run into some problems. Unless you are a seasoned programmer and you know how to fix it, you would be better off paying for a premium theme. The only financial downside is the upfront cost, and should you have problems down the line, resolutions are an email away. Although, try communicating with the developer directly as a last resort; those documentations have you covered already.

Must be SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

A well-written website with subpar SEO optimization is still a subpar website. Therefore, pick a theme that has been signed off by its developers as SEO-optimized. Whether they used Yoast or another SEO tool, what matters is that your theme helps your site become more visible.

These SEO optimization tools can also be customized per site, such that the SEO grading for one might differ with another. When creating or modifying an article, bear in mind some important terms such as focus keywords and slugs. If your theme’s SEO tool does not have both of these, your readers would have a hard time Googling your blog.

Nine: Theme Must have Great Feedback

A website with a creative theme is sure to attract potential viewers and customers. Users who built their platform on a specific, well-received design are more likely to rate the theme highly. At ThemeForest, you can easily see how the theme performs in terms of star ratings, comments, and a number of sales.

Check both the number of star ratings and comments. If the comments match the high ratings i.e. customers left generally positive feedback, then the theme is recommendable.

When Not to Use ThemeForest Themes

ThemeForest may seem to be overwhelmingly positive for every website builder out there, but it still has some downsides. Some of them are highlighted here.

When Your Desired Themes are Bloated

There is always the problem of the website content being inconsistent with your desired themes on Themeforest. However, it is still important to adjust them to become as matched as possible. Otherwise, you might be better off trying simpler themes.

Going simple often yields a high-performance website. You get fewer features but your overall experience would be more user friendly. A bloated theme is not a simple theme by any means. There are too many distractions from those cool features which you think would help boost your online presence. Furthermore, if you are more technical, you can explore the intricate code by the developers which may compromise the theme’s performance.

In order for you to avoid getting a bloated theme for your website, list down your essential features. Then, add in a bonus feature or two. Keep in mind that your multipurpose theme must be as responsive as possible. A bloated theme is not a good responsive theme. Furthermore, you might run the risk of your theme being not completely compatible with other browsers.

When You Need to Test Run First

Unfortunately, WordPress themes through ThemeForest are released on a pay-first-use-later basis. They do not give you the option to build a dummy version of your website through your chosen theme. They have a preview, though, which allows you to see what your new website might look like with those features.

It would be nice if ThemeForest has a sandbox where web design can be tested with your chosen themes. However, that is not the case here. The best workaround is to anticipate what features you want your website to have.

Also, with these pre-built themes come the additional plugins that you may not need at all. Still, if you already listed your potential features and possible plugins needed, you could browse through the catalogue. Even if it seems tedious, you would know exactly which theme is the best for your online shop or blog.

When Your Desired Theme has Unreadable Text

Maybe you can zoom in to read your content if your chosen theme has very small and fixed fonts. However, think about this: readers would rather move on to another site than zoom in every time to read your work. Sometimes, the font size is decent, but the color combinations are not. Or, your font could be too script. So, it is important that you look for a multi-purpose theme.

To avoid getting a theme that compromises your content’s readability, pick a theme that has simple and contrasting colors. Make sure also that the text colors contrast their corresponding backgrounds. Furthermore, you can invest in a theme where the fonts are readable and not too stylish. Choose a theme where there are no script fonts in it as much as possible.

When You Can DIY

A multi-purpose theme on ThemeForest usually comes as a pre-built setup, complete with features and plugins to get you started with a visual composer website. But if you have excellent programming skills or if you can work with other skilled programmers, you might want to skip.

Going the DIY route helps you appreciate the website that you will create without relying on an external theme. If you can conceptualize its design, its features, and its plugins from the ground up, you have full control. You would not need another developer telling you about not modifying the existing code lest the entire theme becomes unusable. Also, by seeing the project through from wireframes to production, you know exactly how to troubleshoot or enhance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is a marketplace for premium themes for WordPress and other blogging platforms. It is part of the Envato Market family which also includes CodeCanyon, WordPress’ plugin marketplace.

How much can I make on ThemeForest?

It depends on whether you are (a) a new developer wanting to pitch a new theme online, or (b) a business builder looking to use an existing theme.

These days, it is not uncommon to hear that any top WordPress theme on ThemeForest are raking in at least $10,000 a month. Yet, it also takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to even get your planned theme approved by WordPress. In addition to that, as ThemeForest is owned by Envato Market, the parent company gets 30% of sales earned. That leaves you, the author, with 70% of earnings bagged for every successful sale.

If, however, you decided to buy a premium theme from ThemeForest, you would first incur more expenses. These include the cost of the theme, the hosting rights, and other necessary costs. To offset those expenses, you need to then know how to monetize your website. But that would be perfect for a different topic altogether.

How do I get themes from ThemeForest for free?

From time to time, ThemeForest lists some themes that were previously premium. While the themes are not constant from time to time, you can avail of any available ThemeForest theme right here.

This is a good option if you do not want to fork out as much as $60 per theme, but you would still pay extra for developer support. Also, it only stays free for a specific timeframe. Once that date has passed, you would need to pay the premium for the same theme.

We have reviewed 50 plus ThemeForest WordPress themes from Envato market. Check our related articles.


To sum it all up, ThemeForest or Envato Market is a great platform to get pre-built themes with excellent support and documentation. It is a great way for bloggers and business page owners to establish their presence online. It is great for people who can’t web design their page or Woocommerce sales page, but it can also be ignored by designers who prefer the DIY route.

Publishing your work online via ThemeForest can also be a lucrative business, whether you are a developer or a blogger. As a developer, it is by knowing what potential customers want, and as a blogger, it is by balancing various themes design and knowing exactly what you want. That way you potentially maximize your earnings on ThemeForest. It may not seem easy at first, but as long as you persevere, then your investment will be worth it.

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12+ Best WordPress Plugins to Run Giveaways & Contests

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If you want to create an ecommerce business that grows every quarter, you need to start with the basics. Create and test a landing page that converts well, set up an ad campaign, attract email subscribers, and set up an email marketing campaign.

When that’s done, there’s one thing that you can do to attract more people to your business and increase sales. You can do it on your website, on your Instagram account, on your Facebook business page, or pretty much anywhere. It’s relatively cheap and has the potential for going viral.

This marketing method is the giveaway. “The premise is extremely simple. Offer your target audience a huge prize for subscribing, buying something, or doing anything else, and plenty of people will be compelled to do just that.” says a marketing specialist from do my essay service.

Why do you need to do this? Here are a couple of compelling reasons.

Why do I need a WordPress plugin for giveaways?

Running a giveaway is a great and inexpensive way to bring in new clients. Unlike with an ad campaign, you don’t need to pay for every click, conversion, or impression. You set the price of this promotion yourself by choosing what your gifts are.

Once you account for the gift you’re giving away, the estimated shipping, and add costs of distributing the information about your giveaway online, you’re left with the full price of this giveaway.

If the giveaway is enticing enough, it will spread and grant you more followers and leads than a conventional ad campaign can, especially for that kind of price.

Contests and giveaways mostly work on the basis of word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful marketing of all. Make it a requirement for the contest to share it on social media, and it will catch on.

Does this sound interesting? Here are 11 best WordPress plugins to run a giveaway, updated for 2020.


Source: RafflePress

RafflePress is built by the team behind OptinMonster, and it receives timely updates and good support. This WordPress plugin for giveaways features a drag and drop builder for contests and a handful of simple but elegant themes and templates. You can create unlimited giveaways with the free version, but you’re capped at one site only.

If you want to get access to more design options, multiple websites, email integration, social media log in, and more, you’ll have to update. The company has multiple tiers priced from $39 to $159 per year. The mid-tier lacks two essential features, though, social media login and a dedicated button for sharing the contest with a friend.

The lifetime tier is a bit too pricy at $359, but given it’s the last payment you make to the company, it can be a good option. Provided you’re familiar with the software and like it more than their competitors.

Overall, RafflePost is quite good. The design options look great, you can set up a giveaway really fast, and it’s optimized for mobile. The biggest drawback is that if you want to get really good features, you can’t be using the free version.

Total Contest Lite

Total Contest Lite

Total Contest doesn’t have the biggest subscriber base just yet, but this doesn’t mean it’s one of those plugins that will disappear in a year. It has the Total Suite team behind it, and this company has created half a dozen plugins that have proven to be a success on WordPress.

This WordPress plugin for giveaways has a standard set of features that you may expect from it. It has a drag and drop builder that lets you create a good-looking contest, and allows even more customisation via WordPress REST API.

The downside is that the only thing you’ll be able to host with a free version is a photo contest. To access other forms of entry, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. It only has one tier and comes at $29 per 6 months or $38 per year.


It is a platform that will provide simple and transparent Giveaways. It offers a WordPress plugin with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The feature of the tool is that it is able to cope with a variety of marketing tasks (although for quizzes, there are more specialized tools available). Allows you to ensure effective work in the following areas:

Therefore, if you need a comprehensive solution, it’s time to consider this service. It will allow you to keep all the digital marketing of your company in one place. Excellent compatibility with other plugins will help to create powerful advertising campaigns and get more results. There are several packages from which the user can choose the best one.

Simple Giveaways

Source: Simple Giveaways

Simple Giveaways is just what it markets itself to be. A simple WordPress plugin for giveaways. It features a small number of templates that look okay but don’t have a premium look to them. You can integrate a timer into the giveaway, add lots of ways to enter, and all major sharing buttons.

The premium tier for a single website only costs $49 per year, which is quite a bargain. For that price, you’re going to get more action options and better-looking templates.

That said, the functionality of this plugin can’t compete with the pricier options. It also hasn’t received a major update for 2 months now, but hopefully, this will change soon.

Responsive Poll

Source: Responsive Poll

A WordPress plugin designed to create polls and contests. A modern interface will make use of simple and enjoyable. The tool is compatible with many useful plugins and the latest version of WordPress.

Responsive Poll offers the user to choose the option of designing charts that display the results of the polls. There are 7 of them, which allows you to find the one you like. There is a function of creating multiple surveys on one page.

With flexible settings, you can conduct effective sweepstakes, while spending a little time on it. This plugin can be used absolutely free. However, the functionality will be limited. Subscription plans start from $ 15.


A powerful tool for creating forms. You can use it not only for practical jokes but also for any other task. Allows you to create forms and fully customize them for your site. With this plugin, you can segment your users well and achieve impressive results. Use ready-made templates or create designs from 0. After all, everything is possible with this tool. It is supplemented with analytics that make it possible to track the performance of campaigns. Typeform integrates seamlessly with popular tools. Therefore, you can:

  • Continue working with clients by adding them to CRM or various marketing services such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Connect Slack and other communication tools to send replies and set up a seamless experience.
  • Integration with Dropbox for easy file sharing.

It is one of the most popular plugins, and it has great features. Therefore, if you want to get a really powerful tool that has established itself in the market, pay attention to it. The tool is paid and the plans start at $35 / month. It is chosen by companies for its ease of use and great flexibility.

Source: Typeform

Contest Gallery

Source: Contest Gallery

This WordPress plugin won’t cut it for most people. However, if you only need to hold photo contests, this is the right one for you. Contest Gallery is a free plugin that helps you create and manage photography contests. The features include automated feedback when the contestant uploads an image, easy voting and a commenting system, plenty of photo display options.

On the negative side, it doesn’t seem to have a dedicated share button, which can be a disaster for a giveaway. If you’re going to use it, make sure you encourage users to share it online. Having the option to vote for a contestant with a Facebook like button sure helps with that.

 Contests by Rewards Fuel

Source: Contests by Reward Fuel

Contests by Reward Fuel does not have that many active uploads on WordPress just now, but it sure does have a stellar team behind it. This WordPress plugin for giveaways has one of the best collections of entry options that include supporting you on Patreon, entering a secret code word, or streaming your music on Spotify.

The drag and drop builder is very easy to work with and it allows for a great deal of customization. The contest itself can be customized to an extent. For instance, you can only allow people from certain countries to enter, which is handy if you own a physical location.

Reward Fuel gives most of these features for free. More features can be accessed if you upgrade to a paid membership that starts at $16 per month.


Source: ContestsWP

ContestsWP is a barebones tool developed and maintained by a single developer. Despite this, the reviews indicate the plugin receives decent support and has a small following of people who don’t need much from their contest plugin.

It features a simple builder that lets you create a customer-facing form with custom forms of entry, allows showing specific messages to winners, and an admin area. This is a basic tool, but with the right skills, it can become a moneymaker.

The pro version that comes at $49 annually will only give you CAPTCHA, Mailchimp integration, and personal support of the developer.

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift

Source: WooCommerce

If you’re using WooCommerce on  your WordPress website, you may need this plugin to run giveaways. It’s a flexible tool that allows you to run gift giveaways exactly as you want them.

You can award gifts when checking out particular products, do buy one get one free promotions, or tie the gift to a specific sum spent or number of items in the cart. With the pro version, you can create even more rules for your gift giveaways and make them as complex as you want. You can do it at the price of $49 per year.


Source: Woobox

Woobox has great templates and some great features to add to their offer. On top of creating a giveaway page, you can make website pop-ups to promote your contest to new users. The entry options cover Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Twitch.

The problem is, the free version doesn’t have any giveaway options. You need to upgrade to the $37 per month tier to start creating contests. While there are no more unique entry options, you can add a lot with webhooks and JavaScript customization that’s available at $99 per month.


Source: Woorise

Woorise is hands down one of the best apps for contests and giveaways. It has a collection of well-crafted templates that you can customize to fit your vision. Add conditional actions for entry, and don’t forget to attach the viral share button that will make your giveaway attract hundreds of new leads. Unlike many other platforms, Woorise adds this button to the free software pack, so you’ll be covered with essentials even if you don’t pay a dime.

If you do decide to upgrade to the $23 a month plan, you’ll get access to four times the participant entries, country restriction feature, and instant win giveaways. The best deal Woorise can get you costs $79 a month and will provide advanced analytics and integrations as well as CSS customization to make your giveaways truly unique.

What WordPress plugin for giveaways should I choose?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question since all business owners have their own preferences. If you only need the bare essentials, you may give Simple Giveaways or Rafflecopter a try. If the only thing you need is the photo contest, Contest Gallery is one of the best plugins for that job.

Need a good all-around giveaway software with ample room to grow? Try Woorise, it’s got the best value for the price on this list.

Don’t postpone the decision, the sooner you start growing your audience with contests, the better. Gather some ideas for giveaways, get a free version, and start experimenting!


25+ Excellent WordPress Job Board Themes for 2021

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Thanks to the power of WordPress and thousands of third-party WordPress themes and plugins, it’s easier than ever to create a job board website. Job boards, directory listings, or career portals used to be complex web applications that take a lot of time and money to get off the ground. Now, you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. If you want to create a job listing website, a job board WordPress plugin might be the perfect solution.

However, you still need to browse through thousands of options to find the top job board manager themes. To make matters worse, there are many factors to consider when choosing a job board plugin, such as:

  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Additional plugin or add-on requirements
  • Features
  • Monetization options
  • Ease of use and customization

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place!

In this list, we’ve put together 25+ of the best WordPress job board plugins in 2020. All you have to do is to choose the most suitable WordPress theme for you from these top candidates. Alternatively, you can use this job board directory software to create your job board website effortlessly.

We’ve included a lot of variety in this list in terms of style, functionality, and they type of job listing plugins. For example, there are both traditional job boards or directory listings as well as freelancers or micro job marketplaces. So, no matter what your needs are, there will a whole bunch of awesome WordPress themes waiting for you.

What are Applicant Tracking Plugins? Why is WordPress Good for It?

Let’s start with plugins. Plugins are like add-ons that you can buy or get for free and add to your WordPress website. They usually contain functionality or features that you can use on your website. There are many different WordPress themes or plugins for different types of websites, like blogs, business websites, online stores, etc.

Applicant tracking plugins are specifically for websites like job boards or portals. Its most important features are that it allows employers to post job listings and potential candidates to apply for them. The best WordPress job board software might come with many extra features:

  • Creating online resumes
  • Submitting resumes online
  • Search and filtering tools to find jobs/candidates
  • Personal account dashboards for employers/employees
  • Private workspaces to collaborate on a work project
  • Management tools for recruiters to manage applications and employees
  • Escrow and other financial tools to allow for monetization or for employers to pay employees

What makes WordPress the ideal platform to build job portals is that it’s a no-code website builder and content management system. Even with no website building experience, you can create and manage a website using a simple and familiar visual interface. Most job board manager themes and plugins support drag-and-drop page builders to easily build out professional pages.

WordPress can also support hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins (free and paid) that you can use to add extra styles or capabilities to your website. You don’t have to be a creative genius or pro developer to have a professional look and feel.

For example, most of the WordPress job board plugins in this list can be installed with just a few clicks. In a matter of moments, you’ll have an applicant tracking website and you only need to adjust some settings and add your own content to have a fully-fledged job portal.

How WordPress Can Help Track Resumes from Applicants?

The good news is that you don’t have to do any complicated setup or coding to implement job application tracking capabilities.

Most of these WordPress job board plugins come with these tools built-in. That means you only have to install and activate the plugin for it to work. However, many of the themes on this list rely on the premium WP Job Manager plugin for most of its features and only provide the styling or look and feel for the job board website.

Others have some added extensions on top of WP Job Manager’s built-in functionality. We reviewed themes based on this criteria, but you should also carefully look at the exact feature set to know what’s included and whether it’s suitable for your website.

The most basic themes allow prospective candidates to upload their resume to their user profile. They can then submit their resume to employers through job postings. Employers can also find candidate profiles and see their resumes from there.

More advanced themes come with tracking capabilities that let recruiters collect multiple resumes in their dashboard. Recruiters can then add, remove, favorite, and manage resumes until they find the ideal candidate for the job. They can also hold on to resumes or favorite candidates to keep them in mind for future jobs.

How WP Job Board Plugins Can Help Streamline the Hiring Process?

As mentioned, the main features that WordPress applicant tracking plugins have in common are the ability to connect employers with candidates and help them communicate. However, depending on the type of WordPress job board plugins you want, you can also expect many other tools to make hiring easier.

Firstly, by publicly posting job openings as well as being able to search for candidates, employers can pick and choose from a much larger pool of talent. Candidates that might never have heard of your company or project can easily find you and the other way around.

Companies can provide a lot of detailed information about their job openings. Candidates can also create an online resume and portfolio to further highlight their skills and talents. With all this information, both parties can quickly decide whether it’s a suitable opportunity. Both hirers and applicants can also post their contact details to easily be reached. These are pretty much the bare necessities of a job listings plugin.

Freelancer marketplace and micro job sites are a specific type of job board platform. Most job boards are aimed at companies or recruitment agencies looking to make long term hires. Freelancer sites and micro job sites are often for one-off projects or contracts.

These sites have special functionality to allow freelancers and employers to directly communicate and work together through a shared workspace. Most also have built-in Escrow services to facilitate payment between the two parties as well as to help resolve any disputes.

How Someone Can Make Money From Running a Job Site on WordPress?

Yes! Most WordPress job board plugins come with a number of built-in monetization options for job portal owners. It’s possible to make money charging employers, candidates, and freelancers for your services. Most job board plugins also support a number of different payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, and more.

The types of monetization models that are common are:

  • Subscription-based packages
  • A credit system to purchase paid listings/applications
  • A fee imposed on each payment for a job on your job board
  • Paid advertising
  • Custom packages

By using one of the best WordPress job board plugins on this list, you’ll be well on your way to start your own online job board business.

The 25+ Best WordPress Job Board Themes for 2020

Job Board – The Ultimate Job Board WordPress Theme

Aptly named, Job Board’s one-click installer, as well as a massive list of features, makes it one of the easiest options to build your job board platform. You can have a job board up and running within minutes, without compromising on functionality.

The design is also straightforward and familiar, making it easy to use and customize for both candidates and employers. Employment seekers can filter open positions based on the title, location as well as an advanced job search tool. Both employers and job seekers can also create accounts and have their own dashboards and private area. There is also a resume upload option to help applicants secure their dream jobs.

View More  Free theme install

StaffScout – Modern, Beautiful, and Capable Job Board Theme

StaffScout is a modern and sleek job board theme, packed with beautifully designed templates, tons of elements, and flexible layout options. Features like a mega menu as well as the customizable footer and header layouts are both useful and functional. StaffScout also does a great job of presenting job candidates with top candidate features and stunning online resume pages.

A one-click demo importer, extensive admin panel, a comprehensive set of predesigned elements, and widgets make it easy to create your job board website. It also comes with built-in support for WPML, Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, WoCommerce, Yoast SEO, and other popular extensions.

View More  Free theme install

Job Monster – Multipurpose WordPress Job Theme

Job Monster is a flexible WordPress job board theme with a cheerful look and feel. However, it also means serious business with a complete set of features. You can take advantage of advanced job board tools, like filtered job search, front-end job submissions, admin review, pricing plans, email notifications, and more.

Job Monster makes building a complete job board website easy with a one-click demo importer, homepage variations, and translation-ready support. You can also build your pages using Visual Composer or the built-in Customizer. This WordPress job board plugin also comes with unique features, like the Slider Revolution plugin, private messaging, and job bookmarks. With a selection of homepage designs to choose from, Job Monster can be whatever you want it to be.

View More  Free theme install

InJob – A Sleek and Modern WP Job Board Plugin

InJob multipurpose job WordPress theme

InJob’s polished and professional appearance makes it the perfect choice for recruitment agencies and job consultancies. This job listings plugin comes with tons of exciting features, such as candidate and employer-specific dashboards, a number of integrated payment methods, and job or candidate suggestions. In-depth candidate profile creation, as well as intelligent job search tools, make it easier to find the perfect candidate-employer match.

With 7 homepage layouts, unlimited theme colors, and powerful theme options, you have plenty of control over the look and feel of your WordPress site. Or, build it with Visual Composer or WooCommerce.On top of social app login, employment seekers can also apply through their LinkedIn profile with seamless integration. As a bonus, you’ll get over 20 bonus add-on features.

View More  Free theme install

WorkScout – Create an Engaging Online Job Listings Platform

WorkScout takes the pain out of using a job board to find opportunities (or, to let it find you). It’s an exceptionally modern and attractive theme, with superb graphical elements like counters and scrolling effects. User dashboards are also more advanced and easier to navigate for both applicants and employers. Based WP Job Manager, you can extend its features further with add-ons. And, it integrates with free map services if you don’t want to pay for Google Maps.

It also provides candidates with the ability to create a professional and organized resume page, complete with a graphical timeline. Its shop-like search filtering tools as well as handy similar job post suggestions greatly improve the job scouting experience. This is one of the best WordPress job board themes for pure browsing pleasure.

View More  Free theme install

Jobify – The Go-to Job Listings Application Plugin

Jobify has the perfect balance between a professional look and a welcoming design. The simple job board with good-looking layouts mean it will be easy to transform it into your vision for a WP job board. You can probably get up and running within a matter of minutes. Jobify also supports the most popular plugins, like WP Job Manager, Contact Form 7, Apply with Facebook, and works best with the Elementor page builder.

Jobify’s main strength is its simple, yet effective, built-in tools. However, you can extend the default feature set with a huge variety of other plugins and add-ons. It’s one of the easiest job listing themes to get started with but gives you ample room to grow.

View More  Free theme install

Jobseek – Take Your WP Job Manager Website to the Next Level

On the surface, Jobseek appears to be a very straightforward  WordPress job board plugin. However, it comes with everything you need to run a successful online job listing site and more. It’s recommended to use the theme with the WP Job Manager add-on to unlock the best of both worlds. Its main focus is on front-end resume submission.

It’s bundled with the FacetWP filters plugin so that you can set up an advanced faceted search for users. You can also integrate Jobseek seamlessly with WooCommerce or the WPBakery page builder on your WordPress website. The two home demos allow you to choose between a more basic and user-friendly or a more sophisticated design.

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JobCareer – Mobile-Friendly Job Board WordPress Theme

Unlike many other themes on this list, most of JobCareer’s features are built-in and don’t require the WP Job Manager plugin. Job alerts, resume manager, Indeed integration, Apply with Facebook, and many other features come standard. This one-stop WordPress theme is great for saving costs as well as to simplify creating your job board website.

With over 15 demos to choose from as well as a number of job listing page variations, it also has one of the widest selections of pre-designed styles and layouts. With technical support, a one-click demo importer, and detailed documentation will help you while building out your site.

View More  Free theme install

JobsDojo – A Standout WordPress Job Board Plugin

JobsDojo is built to use the WP Jobs Manager plugin but has its own unique style that sets it apart from most other job board plugins. The look-and-feel is sleek and minimalist with a mix of modern and elegant fonts. Candidate listings prominently display their profile photo as well as an hourly rate to allow employers to quickly find a suitable candidate.

It’s very suitable for a recruitment agency or career consultancy firm website as well as a job listing directory. Either way, you’ll have all the most important features, such as front-end resume submission, advanced filters, customizable maps, and monetization capabilities.

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WPJobus – Detailed WordPress Job Listings Over 100+ Unique Fields

One of the great things about WPJobus is that new features are constantly being developed and added to the theme. Its current feature list is already impressive with employer and candidate accounts, “add to favorites”, and compatibility with premium form plugins.

One of this job listings plugin’s outstanding features is the detailed job offer page with 100+ fields and complete with graphics to highlight skills and requirements. The same goes for the resume page, candidate, and company profile pages. The overall design is colorful and engaging, but still uncomplicated enough to be easy to use and customize.

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JobsDirectory – The No-fuss WordPress Job Board Plugin

JobsDirectory is geared mostly towards large-scale job board directories where both employers and agencies can advertise open positions. It’s a no-nonsense WordPress theme that allows its owner to set up a platform that acts as a middleman between employers and potential candidates. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find this theme especially exciting thanks to its possibilities for monetization. For example, you can set up subscription packages that allow employers to post a certain number of jobs.

With built-in WPML support as well as the ability to switch between left-to-right or right-to-left, you can launch your job portal anywhere globally. You can also rely on comprehensive documentation with 75+ tutorials to help you put together your WordPress job board.

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Jobera is one of the most customizable job board themes for WordPress websites in 2019. This theme has so many customization options to offer.

The theme is compatible with the WP Job manager and resume manager. It allows front-end job and resumes submission. Jobera is compatible with a wide range of Job board plugins. It has all the features required for a perfect job board. Besides, it is flexible and very easy to use.

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JobBoard – A Mobile-Friendly Job Board Theme for All

Just like its name, this job board plugin for WordPress gets straight to the point. It’s modern and timeless design will help you create a top-notch job portal website, in 2020 and beyond. The standard home page layout allows visitors to immediately go to the employer or employee area of the website. Searching for a job is just as easy with user-friendly, yet advanced, search tools.

All the typical tools you expect are also there, like job alerts, bookmarking, monetization capabilities. The fully mobile-friendly version of the website is built using a Twitter bootstrap. A resume management dashboard will also make life easier for hiring managers and agencies.

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HireBee – Launch a Freelancer Job Listing Marketplace

HireBee is slightly different than most other job board plugins on this list because it consists of a freelance marketplace platform. Employers post jobs and freelancers bid against each other in hopes of landing the opportunity. The theme also comes with various monetization opportunities, such as charging freelancers for job application credits and other subscription packages.

To help you build a freelance platform that’s legal and trustworthy, it comes with built-in Escrow capabilities. It also facilitates online collaboration with employer-freelancer workspaces, separate or shared roles, and terms negotiation tools. HireBee has uniquely designed job listings with a lot of useful information. The entire theme is built on the responsive, high-performance, and customizable Foundation framework.

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Taskerr – Create a Micro Job Site in No Time

Taskerr is meant for micro job board websites where individuals post a single job they are willing to pay for someone else to complete. Now, you can also get in on the gig economy in no time as Taskerr comes with all the needed functionality built-in. Taskerr is also built on the powerful Foundation framework and ships with monetization, flexible pricing, and advanced user dashboards.

Tasker comes with 15+ beautiful designed email templates that you can use for job alerts and other communications. Job posters can include all important information, like delivery time, price, and even sub-categorize jobs to make it easy for suitable candidates to apply.

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Project Bidding – A One-Stop Job Board WordPress Theme for Freelancers

This is another freelancer marketplace theme for creating a job listings website. Project Bidding comes with all the features and tools you need built-in – no extra plugins or addons required. This includes monetization, multiple payment gateways, location-based search, freelancer rating system, and private messaging.

It even features a credit system where users buy credits to spend on job posts or applications as well as an Escrow system to facilitate payment. Once you’ve built your website, you can even publish it as a native app for Android and Apple devices! Project Bidding can integrate with the flexible Avada or Divi theme to change the look to exactly what you want.

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FreelanceEngine – An Advanced Freelancer Job Listings Plugin

FreelanceEngine is one of the best-looking job board plugins you’ll find anywhere. The design is modern, sleek, and minimalist all at once and will definitely create a positive impression with employers and freelancers alike. Freelancers can find job posts using a decent filter set and search tools. However, employers can also search for freelancers and consider their resume and portfolio before approaching them with an offer.

The mobile responsive design is nearly flawless and will lead to a great experience on desktop or mobile. All the most crucial features are included, such as fully-fledged Escrow capability, multiple payment gateways, and private workspaces. One of FreelanceEngine’s more unique features is the useful insights and analytics tools with graphs and statistics.

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Micro Jobs – Putting the Gig Economy at Your Fingertips

The gig economy is bigger than ever, and Micro Jobs will help you capitalize on it by launching your own job board WordPress website in no time. Not only does Micro Jobs look great out-of-the-box, but it also makes your job easier building and designing a website. One of the features you will appreciate the most is the 100+ design blocks. This allows you to put together engaging and organized website pages simply by adding the elements you want. You also get 20+ fully designed website templates, to begin with.

You can track the performance of your job listing site with built-in analytics. All the fundamental features of a micro job site are included. To top it off, Micro Jobs has unique features, like add-ons for jobs for highly customized services and advanced membership tools. Micro Jobs is also one of the job board plugins with the best support – available 24/7.

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JobPress – Launching a WordPress Job Board Doesn’t Get Any Easier

JobPress may look simple on the surface, however, that’s one of its top advantages. This no-fuss theme will help you get your job board up and running in no time. JobPress has all the core functionality of a board plugin – front-end resume submission, custom job listings, etc.

The color-coded job listing tags make it easy to spot suitable opportunities for job seekers. The straightforward layout also makes navigating the website a breeze. JobPress is undeniably one of the best options if you want to launch a basic job board site quickly and easily without any unnecessary baggage.

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JobRoller – A Multichannel Job Board Plugin for WordPress

JobRoller is a job board WordPress plugin that comes with everything you need to put together a job directory in no time. Employers can create a custom job type and publish them with color-coded tags for flexibility and effectiveness. On the other hand, candidates can put together online resume pages to hopefully catch the eye of employers.

JobRoller even helps you find applicants outside of the job board from Google with enriched search results and Indeed integration. On top of the typical roles, there is also a special “Recruiter” role specifically for recruitment agents. Bookkeeping is also made easy thanks to PayPal transactions on your site being logged in the WordPress dashboard.

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JobEngine – The Job Board Plugin That Gets the Job Done

Simple and effective – these two words perfectly describe the JobEngine WordPress job board plugin. Designing a website is also made easy thanks to simple adaptive color selectors, built-in responsiveness, and user-friendly theme customization and settings. Payments are also made simple with a number of supported payment gateways and different monetization options.

The theme has also been optimized for top performance on multiple fronts, such as SEO, translation (WPML), and page loading times. Recruiter’s jobs are also made easier with actionable front-end resume management controls to accept/reject pending resumes and applications.

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JobHunt – Create a Job Board with Stunning Looks

JobHunt will make the job hunting experience pleasant for both prospective candidates and employers. The first thing you will notice is the modern and attractive design with well-designed visual elements, animations, hover states, and more. Job posts are especially well thought out with organized layouts and a handy job summary card.

Combined with the Elementor builder, you can refine the look and feel of your site even more. JobHunt is best used with the WP Job Manager extension for advanced job board features. Its focus is on style, customizability, and ease of use. That’s why you get 5 home page, header, and footer layouts to choose from.

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Premium Press – Ultra Professional WordPress Job Portal Plugin

Premium Press’ Job Board theme for WordPress is an exceptionally professional-looking template perfect for creating any blog portal. You get to pick from a number of different styles with various layouts but a similar look and feel. The theme also helps you monetize your site with a number of options for displaying job advertisement lists. You’ll definitely find the perfect look for your site.

You also won’t be disappointed in the features with job customization, hiring management tools, featured jobs, and job application wizards. Furthermore, Premium Press goes out of its way to deliver support with video tutorials, documentation, and live one-on-one support.

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Cariera – A Complete WordPress Job Board at Your Fingertips

job board wordpress themes

Cariera is truly an all-in-one WordPress job board plugin that takes care of everything for you. Bookmarks, job alerts, search tools, and application management tools are all included. From a design perspective, the theme comes with a huge variety of home, listing, and individual job pages for you to pick and choose from. And, if you do want to make building your website even easier, it supports both the Elementor and WPBakery page builders as well as WooCommerce.

Cariera blends seamlessly with useful WordPress tools like Slider Revolution, MailChimp, and WPML for universal translation. There are also powerful back-end management tools for user and company profiles as well as activity tracking and analytics.

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Job Portal by TemplateMonster – A Simple and Effective Job Board Solution

Job Portal is another straight to the point type of job board plugin for WordPress. The design is simple and effective which makes it easy to customize as well as to use for visitors. The default theme is made for a one-page website that’s easy to navigate and manage.

One of its recognizable features is the large background images and videos with parallax animations. Candidates can create a simple and structured resume page with a timeline of their experience and education. The theme has also been optimized for SEO and translation.

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Careerfy – The Ideal WordPress Application Tracking Plugin for Recruiters

Wordpress job board themes

Careerfy tries to make it easier for recruiters to manage applications and resumes. For example, you can add required fields to easily qualify suitable resumes. Employers and candidates can also chat with each other live via the website or app. Application deadlines, Indeed integration, and social media logins are all handy features.

Careerfy even lets recruiters export resumes as either PDF or Excel documents, depending on what they prefer. Careerfy is also a chameleon with 20+ complete demos that have unique styles and layouts. In terms of support, you can expect one-on-one support via Skype and email as well as video tutorials and documentation.

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Craftory – WordPress Jobs Board Plugin for Handymen and Clients

job board wp theme

As the name suggests, Craftory is a job directory and listing theme perfect for handyman, craftsmen, or home renovation services. However, it can also be customized for any micro job or gig economy type of services. Craftory will suggest jobs to candidates and allow clients to get various quotes until they find a suitable offer.

Clients can get a quick glance at handymen with excellent profile cards that include a photo, some information, and a rating. Craftory supports multiple payment methods, Google fonts, RTL layouts, and more so that it can easily be used by anyone who wants to build a job portal.

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Now is the Perfect Time to Choose a Top Job Board Theme

There have never been more opportunities in the online freelancer or gig economy space. With these job board themes, you can have a fully-fledged online job portal with a minimal investment of time and money. This exciting opportunity is open to anyone with WordPress and some spare time. And, thanks to this list of the best WordPress job board plugins, you won’t have to sift through thousands of themes and plugins to find a quality solution.

You also don’t need any coding expertise to customize your site just the way you want or implement advanced features. Most WordPress job board plugins come with easy to use customization options, theme options, and complete feature sets. It’s basically an all-in-one package.

Your most important task will be to promote your job portal and brand. You should also think about how you want to monetize your site. In no time, you’ll have employers post job opportunities, and hopefully, candidates apply for them on your site.

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Avada Theme Review: Is It Good Or Bad?Live Examples & More

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If you have been researching for a suitable WordPress theme, you might have come across the Avada theme. It is already the best selling WordPress theme on Themeforest.

Wondering what makes Avada so popular?

And if Avada Theme is suitable for your project or not?

This Avada Review will help you discover the pros and cons and much more about this multi-faceted theme and what it has to offer.


Avada Theme: An Introduction

Avada Theme

Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to create WordPress websites of any niche. It comes with multiple demo options to let you choose the niche.

The Avada WordPress theme is a full package of design and premium features to create a modern and efficient website. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

To use Avada to set up your new website, you won’t need to hire experts or learn coding skills. All you need to do is install the theme and start creating your website.

Avada comes with a partner plugin called the “Fusion Builder”. This plugin just makes Avada, one of the most powerful & popular WordPress themes. It comes with powerful modules like portfolio management, shortcodes, etc.

Avada is a multipurpose theme!

Often called the swiss army knife, it can be used for any kind of websites, one page website, a law business site or a corporate business website, a blog site or an online eCommerce enterprise, an IT website, a hosting company site, or a wedding website.

The base of Avada theme is the Fusion builder, that makes Avada as good as any other website builder available on the internet. The Fusion builder is what allows you to redesign or design elements, and provides you with best customer support, and design brilliant online presence on your own.

Avada Demos

And fortunately, this theme comes with a specially designed fast demo versions for each of the niche mentioned above, plus many many more. The demos are professionally designed for different industries like healthcare, Cafe, Agency, Travel, Photography, etc. Avada is one of the WordPress themes with different demo versions, which makes it truly multi-purpose.

Avada Theme demos

Currently, there are over 45 pre-designed demos, with one click install, including the Avada Classic, Avada Law, Avada Sports, Avada University, Avada Creative, a 5 star hotel, etc.

Each of the demos comes with a different arrangement of page elements & widgets, colors, and other suitable settings. These demos are great for you to kickstart your new website without having to spend a lot of time planning and restructuring your multipurpose theme.

And what more, the even the demo import in the Avada is fast & flexible. You can either import the full demo, or partial demo for your site. Also, if you want to totally remove the design, you can even uninstall the demo with a single click.

For those who want to use the Avada with external plugins like WooCommerce or bbPress, the Avada demo options also include products import, bbPress content imports, Events Calendar content imports, etc.

All these demos and pre-built templates are simply there to make your life easier and website building faster. Just install the theme, import the demo and start adding your content to your site.

Avada theme demos 

Customization options in Avada Theme

Avada is one of the most popular multipurpose themes, and it is because of its flexibility, the front end editing options, and customizability to let you build websites of different designs and niche using it.

Customizable Avada Theme

Well, This WordPress template has it all. With all the available customization options, you can make endless changes in your site’s interface and make it look and work exactly the way you want.

Moreover, all these changes can be made without touching a line of code. The guidance on how to use the options is available in the documentation. However, most of them are self explanatory.

Ultimately, using the combination of the theme options and fusion builder, it is possible to change the theme into exactly what you want.

Choose from the built-in page templates and edit them as you go

First of all, you can choose from the available page templates to choose as a base design for your page. Or if you have imported a demo website, you can totally edit the existing design.

The page templates can be used directly or customized as per your requirements. Avada allows you to customize all your pages/posts through global theme options or individual page settings.

If you want to create portfolios on your site, you are allowed to choose the template with up to 6 columns. The Advanced page/post options make it very easy to control how each page of your site looks!

Unlimited customizability through the dashboard options

The search option available in your dashboard makes it easy for you to find the option you are looking for. These options will let you manage both: the design as well as functions.

All these options help you design your own website without actually understanding/modifying the code. There is also a search feature, that you can use to find the relevant option on your dashboard. It saves time, and makes editing more convenient at the admin’s end.

Never created a website before? Then the Avada, a flexible as well as popular WordPress template is for you.

To use it, you need no technical skills or professional help. All the dashboard options are intuitive and help you use the custom features and manage the content of your website.

Page builder by Fusion builder

Avada page builder

This is definitely the age of the easy and convenient page building. Avada comes with this modern age drag and drop page builder called the Fusion builder to manage different web elements. This page builder includes different components like the header builder/footer builder, to create meaningful page & post designs without any deigning skills.

The front end editing interface provides you with intuitive page building options so that you can design your own pages. It also includes a shortcode generator to make editing and content building easier with the inbuilt page builder. Both, content editing as well as content building becomes easier using different page building elements.

You can design creative layouts by simple options or by using the short-codes. Some of the design elements of the Fusion page builder even allow preview.

With the Fusion page, you can create pages and customize them easily, without even accessing theme options. Similar page builder like options are available with the header builder and footer builder module, so that you can easily create attractive pages, without writing a line of code.

With the front end editor, it is possible for you to make visual changes as and when needed, without much hassle. Avada works as a website builder, with endless possibilities to create professional looking websites, without actually learning the professional web building skills, or hiring the programmers to build one for you.

Unlimited design possibilities

There’s no limit when it comes to the flexibility of your Avada WordPress theme. You have multiple header options, slider settings, fonts, color, icons, etc. to customize your pages. So it is easy to build custom page designs with Avada.

Besides you can add to the usability and relevance of the page by adding custom widgets, sidebars, and custom CSS3 animation effects on page elements. Also, you can use the site width options, mega menus, custom backgrounds, etc.

Avada: Documentation & Support

If you are a beginner trying to create your website with WordPress, Avada multipurpose theme is ideal. You can choose a design from the available templates, or start to design a page from scratch using the methods, and explanation given in the documentation.

With the Avada purchase, you get access to the documentation.  Even if you are a WordPress expert, you might want some help regarding the setup while it’s still new.

So you get a detailed guide that explains how to use custom options to make the it look and behave the way you want. Also, it is consistently updated with new theme updates and features to help you create your site easily.

Moreover, you also get access to their first class support. So if you ever need professional help setting up your site with Avada, you can reach out to the theme support desk to seek your answer.

Know more about Avada

More Avada multipurpose features

This Theme has more features than we can actually talk about in a single article. Because it has the flexibility of turning itself into a website of any sort, it comes with diverse features.

Advanced Search Options

With Avada you have advanced search options with which you can choose to show the search icon right in the menu that pops up when it is clicked. You can also use the dedicated search page for searching and displaying the search results . Besides there various theme options to customize search results, layouts, images, excerpts, etc.

This makes it easy for the users as well as admin to search for a certain option easier. The search features are essential for better user experience and ultimately, for the overall effectiveness and performance.

WooCommerce & Events Calendar support

It’s the age of online shopping. And if you want to take your business online, Avada can help you in every way. You can create advanced, feature rich website by adding premium plugins to your site.

The Avada WordPress theme allows you to integrate eCommerce features using the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is free, efficient and really easy to use eCommerce plugin. It lets you set up an eCommerce store with WordPress, and you can sell physical as well as downloadable products with your Avada eCommerce ready theme.

It also lets you create an events portal through the Events Calendar integration. Moreover, it also integrates with bbPress for creating online forums and various contact form plugins like Contact form 7, Gravity forms, etc. are compatible with Avada. Besides, there are a number of plugins that you can integrate to enhance the features of your Avada theme. You can even use the slider plugins like Slider Revolution , Layer Slider, NextGen Gallery, etc. to make your site visually attractive.

avada theme integrations & features

Multi-language and RTL ready Avada

The Avada WP theme is fully translatable. This makes it easy for you to create a local website. While you can also create a multilingual website that translates into different languages.

The possibilities are boundless when using the Multi-language ready theme. This Popular WordPress theme allows integration of the WPML plugin to create a multilingual web presence.

There are innumerable benefits of creating a translated/multi-lingual sites. This will add to the user experience and its performance in the local SEO search results.

Moreover, you can even use the RTL orientation with the Avada WP theme.

Avada is SEO friendly

Avada is a modern and frequently updated theme. It is crafted carefully by following all the required SEO rules. So you can be assured that the website created with the Avada Multipurpose theme will be completely SEO friendly.

Moreover, it allows integration of the best SEO plugins like the Yoast SEO, All In One SEO pack, etc. These custom plugins can help you keep a check on the SEO friendly of your individual pages & posts.

Total Cache that helps make your website more efficient & fast by delivering instant results and hence helping its performance and SEO. It also improves the user experience of the end users, since their requested pages load quickly.

Avada Theme: A simple tutorial

I hope this article helped you learn a lot about the Avada Responsive Theme. But are you still confused on How to make a WordPress website with it?

well, it’s quite simple..

Since Avada is designed for every person who may or may not be technically skilled, creating a website with Avada is quite easy, it can be easily installed with one click and come with intuitive and user friendly dashboard options.

While every step to install and use it is documented neatly in the Avada documentation, that you get access to with the purchase, here are the steps you will need to follow to use Avada Multipurpose theme to create your website:

Buy Avada

First of all, you need to acquire the zip file for installation. You can download it from here. Just register with your name, email address and


Prepare the host & domain name

Download the theme by filling in the required details, providing a valid name, email address, and making the payment.

Next, the most important things while creating a website: Hosting & Domain name.

Think about the domain name and register it using one of the most popular domain name providers like Godaddy or Bluehost. Or if you already have a domain name, you can use it by linking it with your hosting space.

Now for hosting your website built with Avada, we suggest you rely on a reputable host. Since the theme is feature rich, at times, it may require more resources.

Your site made with Avada will be different from an ordinary blog or simple business, alright? And this is the reason you must go for a host that can handle your feature packed and dynamic website well.

We recommend Bluehost for your hosting. It is reliable, has maximum uptime, has a WordPress optimized hosting environment and many other reasons to recommend it.

Also, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you on the host. So you can directly move on to the next step to install your theme.

How to install Avada?

Once you have your WordPress installed, you can proceed with the next step that is installing the theme.

This theme can be installed just like any other WordPress theme. Moreover, the documentation can help you install and modify your theme to create the site you need.

Install the Sample data

When using the theme, you need not worry about installing the sample data. You can import the Avada website templates with just a single click.

Once the demo data is imported, you can start editing it to make it look and work the way you want using the customization options. The demo data will come with some example data, a few posts, different image/banner sections, widgets and other elements arranged in a professional fashion, and you can start editing those to replace it with your actual content.

You can start by exploring the options, try creating a new post, uploading a new image, or by importing a full template and then editing it.

The documentation can help you with all the basic as well as sophisticated settings.

Update it with original content

Now that Avada is installed, Avada demo is imported, you can proceed with your site customizations.

Use the ample customization options, or the theme builder to create your site and web pages. With the available options, you can easily convert your imagination to reality, simply through the click of your mouse.

You can create different versions of your page or post. There are also many page templates and post styles for you to choose from, so you can just pick one of them and start with a new page or post right away.

Pricing: Is it worth it?

With so many features, you may expect the theme at an extra rate. But guess what, all the amazing features, beautiful Avada demos, and flexibility is just for $60. Plus you get a 6 months’ support from ThemeFusion. You can download Avada from ThemeForest marketplace.

If you feel you will need more support, you can get an additional 6 months support for an additional 12 months time by paying $18.

Considering the number of ready to use demos, the included Fusion builder and all the magnificent capabilities, the price is totally worth it for the popular WordPress Avada theme!

Who Should buy, who shouldn’t

Still confused??

Avada is one of the best WordPress themes can be used by anyone without any coding knowledge and gives you full control over how your website looks and feels. However, there are some factors that you should consider before buying it.

Avada is for…

Avada is the theme for you if you are looking for a do it all WordPress theme that provides you many options and flexibility. Especially if you are creative and love to play with different options and fond of trying new options and looks, and a flawless performance.

If you are a technical expert, you will surely love all the possibilities and flexibility it offers with custom CSS and code editing.

On the other hand, if you are a non-technical person, with no technical skills, this theme will make you happy too. You can control almost everything with the available theme options and design elements without actually having to access the code files.

Avada is for all the creative business owner, agencies, web designers who need to get their new websites live easily, in no time.

Get the Avada now

And look for some other theme if…

Simplicity is what you are looking for!

Since Avada is a multipurpose theme and can be used by almost anyone, it is recommended for everyone. However, it is one of the themes with lots of premium features to add to its quality.

So if you are planning on creating a simple website, with limited features, you should think twice before you buy. Because if a simple online blog is what you want, you can instead opt for a simple news magazine themes.

Moreover, there are so many niche premium WordPress themes available with simple features or those made for a specific niche.

A job board website, a multiway auction, an online reservation and booking engine, etc. you can try to find a theme specifically designed for your niche.

For instance, for an online blog, you can rely on content based templates that come with full support to create different types of a post. Here, you do not need the extra options and design settings, when all you need is the ability to publish a new blog post.

More theme reviews from us:


10+ Best Examples of Avada: Live In Action

Here are some of the best example of live sites that use the Avada theme. All these businesses have used the this theme to create beautiful websites, each with unique purpose and appearance.

1.Church website using the Avada

Avada Theme church website

Bay Area Church website is an example of a WordPress Church website using Avada theme. It is a proper church website that shows church details, ministries, locations, events and has a donation option too. You can also use a dedicated church WordPress theme to create such a website.

2. Snack Nation

Avada theme examples

Snack Nation is a delicious business that delivers snacks to office or home. This website built with the Avada allows joining the programme for snack delivery.

3. Russel Brand’s official website with Avada

Russellbrand avada theme examples

Russell Brand is a British actor, comedian, and writer. His official website, russellbrand.com is built with the Avada theme. This website serves as his portfolio as well as blog.

4. IT/Creative Agency website

Avada theme for IT and consultancies

Purple custard is a web design agency that excels in designing and programming, as well as digital marketing. This creative firm has used Avada to create their online presence.

5. Avada for Education website

education site with Avada theme example

The University of Hawaii Maui College uses a highly customized version of the Avada Multipurpose theme. The design customizations are applied using a special child theme. It is a simple yet straightforward website that shows all the details that it should.

Also Browse: Best WordPress Education Themes

6. Professional portfolio

Portfolio websites with Avada

Jake Whitehall is the professional portfolio website of the English presenter/standup comedian. This site uses the Avada WP theme with the sidebar menu without any advanced customizations.

7. Florist/Business website with Avada

Business website with Avada example

Heavenly blossom is a website for a florist boutique using Avada. It is an example of how you can tweak the theme and create a website for almost any business using Avada. This site is a treat to your eye, and speaks business!

8. An eCommerce website

Avada eCommerce example

Littlebigbikes is an online bicycle store built with this WordPress template. This website sells convertible bikes that won’t go useless with your child’s growning age. It is a simple avada website, with an innovative product and online shopping cart features.

9. Personal blog with Avada Theme

facily-sencillo blog avada example

Facily Sencillo is a translated art and resources blog created with this theme. The design is minimal and along with the blog posts, there’s a shop section and the site also sells courses.

10. Photography and creative website

photography websites, avada theme examples

This is the website of the Photographer Gabrielle Vermeij. The site is highly customized with the photographer’s own artwork and beautiful images. It is one of the most beautiful online portfolio that use this WP theme.

If you too own a website created with this multipurpose theme or know any inspirational site created with the Avada theme, don’t forget to comment below.

Concluding the Avada Review

Avada is the best selling theme of all time, for a reason. It is user-friendly, full of premium features and highly customizable. Using this theme, you can build beautiful sites in no time. You can even read the Avada theme reviews at on Avada Themeforest page.

Avada is great for anyone who wants to try WordPress website building or to get creative with their site. Moreover, with so many features, this theme won’t disappoint you. It is one of the best multipurpose themes.

You can start building your website now and get it live in the next 60 minutes. You can build a site that not just looks good, but serves it’s purpose well enough.

The Avada also makes managing things really easy, with all the available dashboard options. So at a later stage in your business, if you ever get busy, your site management won’t be an additional burden.

Overall, we love the theme and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a creative, flexible and multipurpose WordPress theme.

Get Avada

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22+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress themes to rank well in 2021

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The first step in creating an SEO friendly website is to choose one of the best SEO friendly WordPress themes.

The intense competition compels you to maintain a good position on the Search Engine results page. Your website needs to be noticed by the search engine.

Here are a few multi-purpose WordPress themes and coded with strict SEO standards. They also provide compatibility with third-party SEO plugins to let you create a totally SEO friendly website.

So, grab the theme you like the most and create a website that scores well among the competition.

SEO friendly themes for easy website building.

Looking for niche specific WordPress themes? Have a look at this collection of our best premium WP themes that are feature packed as well as easy to use.

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Elegant Themes Review 2021 – Is It Good or Bad?

Updated on By

This is an unbiased review of Elegant themes to help you choose the best WordPress themes and plugins for your project. It is a brief overview of what kind of products Elegant theme provides, pricing, support policies, etc. 

Elegant themes, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular WordPress theme providers. The Elegant theme is a store of 88 beautiful themes and 4 proficient plugins.

Now if you are looking for WordPress themes, you will most certainly come across one of the Elegant theme products. They have different niche themes with sleek design and user-friendly features to create your site.

Elegant Themes: 87 Themes @ Price Of 1 + 20% off

Get the best of Elegant Themes. Simply click the following link and you will get 20% discount

Their themes and plugins can be used by anyone, regardless of the level of their technical skills. So whether you are new to WordPress and trying to create your site on your own, or a WordPress expert looking for a feature packed theme for your project, the themes from Elegant themes are ideal for you.

Let’s dive in to know more about the Elegant theme, its services and how good it is to create your site.

Elegant themes Review: An overview

The Elegant themes have established itself as one of the best WordPress theme & plugin providers. They stand out because of the quality, flexibility, and affordability of their products.

Elegant themes were started by Nick Roach, in his college apartment as an individual project. Now it is a team of more than 70 WordPress enthusiasts working from different countries.


They have been in the WordPress world for about 10 years, delivering quality WordPress themes and plugins. The themes by Elegant themes power over 500,000 WordPress websites.

87 Elegant WordPress Themes

The Elegant theme has been around for a decade now, and it surely has established itself as one of the best WordPress theme providers.

The elegant themes gallery of WordPress themes has 87 niche as well as multipurpose WordPress themes. All these WordPress themes are responsive and professionally designed. They come with easy dashboard options to control how your site looks and works.

Therefore, the Elegant WordPress themes can be used by anyone. Even if you have never created a website before, the themes by Elegant themes can help you easily create a site on your own.

Also, these themes are crafted with SEO friendly code, so that with SEO optimized content, your website can rank well. All these themes are under different categories and can be used for a varied niche.

One of the very best is the Elegant themes Divi Multipurpose theme. Besides, there are eCommerce themes, Magazine themes, portfolio themes, Business and multimedia themes at the Elegant theme store.

If you are looking for a niche theme, you will most likely find a theme that perfectly suits your subject at the Elegant themes WordPress theme store.

WordPress plugins by Elegant theme

Elegant themes review: plugins

Besides feature packed and beautiful WordPress themes, Elegant themes also has 4 premium plugins for your WordPress website.

Divi The drag & drop page builder

Elegant themes review: Drag and drop site building

A drag and drop page builder that makes page building with WordPress a breeze. With 46 dynamic page building modules, you can create pages with different styles and content. Divi builder works with almost any WordPress theme. Divi builder is amongst one of the best and most used page builders.

With the Divi builder, you can get as creative as you want. It is easy to use even at the beginners level. It also allows you to save your templates so that you can reuse it later. Also, the ready to use templates and demo are great to get started with.

Bloom: An E-mail opt-in Plugin by Elegant themes

This plugin from Elegant themes is the marketing tool you need for your WordPress website. It intends to help generate leads through e-mail opt-in features. So if you want to convert your site visitors and want them to stay tuned with the help of email newsletter, bloom helps you with the prompt to pursue them.

The Elegant theme’s Bloom plugin lets you choose from the 6 different styles for the opt-ins. Also, it allows integration of 16 popular email marketing tools like Aweber, MailPoet, MailChimp, etc.

Monarch social sharing plugin by Elegant themes

Monarch by Elegant Themes: Social Media Sharing plugin

So this plugin will help you promote your pages and posts through social media. Even if it is a simple plugin that enables easy sharing of your WordPress blogs, it is one of the most important. Because social media marketing is hands down the best and the easiest way to reach large groups of people with similar interests.

With Monarch plugin from Elegant themes, you can choose from over 35 community networks sites, including all of the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You have the options to set their location, behavior, etc. In short, this plugin from Elegant themes is a complete social media package for your website.

As you must have noticed, all the plugins by Elegant themes are in fact for the most important features in your WordPress websites. These plugins can help any kind of website, or any subject to generate lead and traffic, or build beautiful pages.

The plugins are not sold separately. You can get the access to these plugins as a part of the full package of all the Elegant themes WordPress plugins & themes, at a nominal price.

Elegant themes Divi

Elegant themes divi

Divi is the flagship product of Elegant themes. Launched back in 2013, the theme is one of the most versatile WordPress themes.

Divi was first introduced as a multipurpose WordPress theme with a drag and drop page builder. The highlight of the Elegant theme Divi WordPress theme is its flexible page builder. Its flexibility made the theme completely multipurpose & very easy to use.

Besides, there are different features like elegant theme gallery module and different content modules that you can use to create persuasive and informative pages for your users.

Now the Divi builder is available as a stand-alone plugin so that you can use the powerful page building option with any theme you want.

Read full Divi Review

Elegant themes Pricing

What makes the Elegant theme stand apart from the rest of the theme providers is its package pricing. You get all the themes and plugins by Elegant themes at a single price by subscribing to the club membership package.

Elegant themes review: pricing package

Get access to all their themes and plugins for $89 annually. Also, you can use each of the themes on multiple websites as there is no restriction on the number of sites you can use the themes for.

So instead of one theme, you get access to 87 brilliant themes (including elegant themes Divi WordPress theme)and utility focused plugins at the price of just a single theme. Good deal, isn’t it?

On the other hand, there’s also the Lifetime access plan if you want to use their themes and plugins for more than a year. You can pay the one time fee of $249 and use the Elegant theme products forever.

This is the best deal for you if you want to create multiple websites or use the same theme on different sites. Especially for agencies and individual looking for multiple themes should benefit from this deal where you pay for one theme and get access to a package of 87 beautiful themes.

Also, you can cancel your membership, or change the plan anytime you want!

Elegant Themes: 87 Themes @ Price of 1 + Get 20% off

Get the best of Elegant Themes. Simply click the following link and you will get 20% discount Get Elegant themes at a Discount and save money.

Elegant themes support & updates

The team behind Elegant themes is always there to help you. The Elegant themes support service is known for its prompt support and handing the queries professionally to help the Elegant theme users.

To help you set your website on your own, they provide you access to the theme documentation with the step by step mention of how to use the theme’s different options.

Moreover, you can also submit your question as a support ticket using the contact form and get a prompt reply from one of their support engineers.

Their themes are regularly updated & improvised. Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, their themes are quickly checked and updated to maintain the compatibility.

Elegant Themes Review: Final Word

The Elegant theme is one of the leading WordPress theme companies and is constantly evolving by launching fine & innovative every now & then.

The possibilities are unlimited when you use the Elegant themes product. They are beautiful, feature packed, affordable and easy to use.

You can earn through your website made with any of the elegant themes WordPress templates by placing ad banners anywhere you want. You can use Google AdSense, or similar services, or place a simple image or video to display advertisement on your website.

Moreover, the themes by Elegant themes come with a professional and flexible design. They are crafted with an SEO optimized code, come with contact forms and are performance optimized. 

So with the affordable elegant themes pricing, you get 87 professionally designed themes (including the marvelous Divi theme & the Divi builder) at the price of just one, with expert support is the best deal you will find today.

Visit Elegant themes

ThemeForest – 40+ Best WordPress Themes For Awesome Websites

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Once you’ve decided to go for WordPress to build your website, the next question is always going to be ‘which theme do I use for my new website?’.

And this question is rather confusing, isn’t it?

Because there are around tens of thousands of WordPress Multipurpose themes and site templates that you can use for creating your WordPress website.

However, WordPress themes marketplaces like Themeforest can help you find the best WordPress theme.

But the problem remains the same. “How to choose the best theme for your website?”.

The time you spend on choosing the best theme can be instead be used for the strategic part of your website. Right?

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The Top 5 Forex WordPress Themes in 2021

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Nowadays, forex trading is gaining more popularity and becoming a source of income for several people. Forex has provided an opportunity for people to earn money right at the comfort of their home. With minimal investment, you can begin increasing your wealth through this means. Forex is one of the largest platforms that can earn you money with minimal effort.

After knowing how to earn through forex and making online investments, people are making a website. WordPress is very popular with internet websites powering over 35.7 percent of all available sites. This article looks at the top WordPress themes used in forex trading for beginners.


Financity is a financial and business WordPress theme. The layout of this powerful responsive theme is ideal for highlighting your essential services. This will help in fostering a reliable and professional reputation. Financity is user-friendly and relatively easy to customize to fit your needs. For the page builder wrapper, you can come up with bespoke skin color. For instance, if there are three wrapper sections on a page, create and use the skin in every part.

Demo importer can be wholly customized where you could opt to import some contents or even all of them. The Finacity theme presents a whole other level of the admin panel. It has a fantastic look and is classified in vertical panel subsections. There are also horizontal tab divisions for the main sections.

The theme can be edited in various ways, including changing the color, site’s layout and style of the header. You can also develop custom skin and export the template for your page builder. Financity has a built-in maintenance mode which can be activated while in the development mode.

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Meto is well known for being one of the most professional financial themes around. It is well suited for economists, investors and traders with a wide range of financial elements. This WordPress theme works flawlessly with AdSense and Affiliate Optimized AD. It allows you to go over your income history and analyze your portfolio in the form of stocks you have accumulated.

What this does is place you in high regard with others since they can easily recognize your prowess and skill when it comes to stock trading and investment exploits. The Donate Coffee Place is available for, and fans have a way to offer you donations, allowing you the opportunity to improve your blog. You also get SEO guidelines with fast loading times for your site. Other features you get with Meto include sliders, over thirty ad placements, optimizing Ads among many others.

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WealthCo is a highly versatile WordPress theme that fits investment consulting, financial & business advising, tax assistance, modern business and private firms. It is suitable for freelancers, financial advisers, business coaches, investment and financial consulting agencies. Wealthco theme has pre-made demos on various economic subjects. If you prefer to develop a customized template, header, and footer, you can do so using a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder.

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Excitor works best for agencies that provide tax assistance to individuals and companies. The WordPress theme also fits finance advisors, individual tax, investment and business consultancy firms, law and financial companies. The multipurpose WordPress website theme is advanced, highly responsive, stylish, user-friendly, attractive, intuitive, and seamless. It has built-in alternatives for boxed and windscreen layouts to match the nature of your content. Excitor has ample styling abilities for the footer and header, including multicolumn capabilities and many footer layouts.

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This theme is among the most responsive WordPress themes and is tailored to fit several categories. These include Investment, Business, Financial Advisor, Law Firm, Accountant as well as corporate sites. It has a handy page builder that is optimized to help you develop a personalized website through a drag and drop mechanism.

Among the different features, it has included provisions such as testimonial, a blog, personnel, portfolio, among others. Through the page builder, you could also include a parallax division. It is also designed to work well with one of the most highly reputed e-commerce components as well as WPML.

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This theme is among the best for most forex trading sites today. Numerous demos aim to tackle important financial aspects and can be implemented without a lot of technical know-how. The Table Press feature is quite useful as it can help you make charts and tables on the site.

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20+ Best WordPress Elementor Based Themes

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Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders ever, and what makes it best is its ease of use. With an Elementor based WordPress theme, you can create professional looking WordPress website with enough flexibility to design or redesign your sections.

In this list are all the WordPress themes that support WordPress elementor page builder, for easy drag and drop page building.

Karma business Theme

This is a multipurpose business WordPress theme that you can use to create different websites with different motives. This WordPress theme supports Elementor page builder for easy drag and drop page building.

Moreover, there are so many different page templates to choose from. All these designs look professional and are customizable so that you can use them for the purpose of your choice. There are options to choose the typography, color, button styles, header and footer layouts. You also have ready to use service page designs, so you can pick one that best describes your product/service. You also get many other inner page layouts pre-designed. For best optimization, there are mobile options to enhance your user experience better for mobile devices.

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Jupiter Multipurpose Theme

Jupiter offers you more than 300 pre-designed and ready to use website designs so you can use this Elementor based WordPress theme for any purpose of your choice.

There are specially designed pages and templates for eCommerce websites so you can easily use the Jupiter theme to setup your online store. For further flexibility, the theme comes with beautiful block designs that you can insert into your pages with just a clicks. There are header and footer designs to choose from. The theme is ideal for creating business websites, or online portfolios, or eCommerce websites, or simple blog/magazine websites without any technical knowledge.

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BIM Architecture & Interior Design Theme

This Elementor theme can be used by Interior designers, Architects, Exterior designers or any other design engineers to create a website for their design studio. There are about 12 homepage designs and even different page layouts.

You can even sell through your website with this WooCommerce ready WordPress theme. Optimize your website with the header and the footer builder. You can even use the font awesome icons as well as Google fonts with this Elementor WordPress theme.

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Lorada eCommerce Theme

Lorada is a feature packed WordPress theme for creating fully functional eCommerce websites with wooCommerce. It supports Elementor page builder so creating websites and unique page layouts is easy.

There are different demo designs to choose from. All the designs are built on different eCommerce concepts like fashion store, food store, electronics, furniture, etc. Lorada eCommerce theme is optimized for mobile viewing as it shows a mobile bottom toolbar for mobile devices. If you want to create a multi-vendor eCommerce website, you can integrate your favorite multivendor plugin into Lorada. The various Ajax effects promise the best user experience on your eCommerce website.

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Exline WordPress Agency theme

The Exline WP theme supports both, the WP Bakery page builder as well as the Elementor page builder. It is a WordPress theme that is ideal for creative agencies, offices, business startups, etc.

The installer wizard will help you quickly install and get started with your website. You can build a mega menu using the inbuilt feature. It comes with custom blocks that can be customized and used for creating unique layouts. You can even integrate WooCommerce and start selling online. Exline is speed as well as SEO optimized.

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Theratio WordPress theme

This is a WordPress theme for Architect and interior or exterior designers to create their website. You can create a professional looking website and even advertise your completed projects with the inbuilt features of this Elementor based WordPress theme.

There are about 6 homepage demos to choose from. For showcasing your completed projects, you can use the portfolio layout specially designed to let you upload high quality images to talk about the great features of your work. Besides, there are blog layouts, and pre-designed section blocks and other layouts so that you can quickly design new pages.

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Skole theme for kindergarten & Schools

Skole Elementor based WP theme

This is a sweet looking WordPress theme for creating websites for schools, pre-school, day care, baby sitters, or nursery or art schools. It has a pleasant look and feel that is best suited for such websites.

This theme supports Elementor front end page building and editing and therefore can be used even by people with zero programming knowledge and experience. You can even integrate WooCommerce for eCommerce website building. The theme is SEO ready and speed optimized for better performance.

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The Forester – Portfolio WP Theme

Agency theme with Elementor support

The Forester is a WordPress theme for online portfolios. You can use this theme for any creative purpose of your choice and build a portfolio website without touching a line of code. It supports the Elementor page builder as well as the WPBakery page builder too.

The multipurpose portfolio theme is ideal for creating business websites, websites for design studios and creative agencies, etc. The theme is SEO and performance optimized. Using the custom blocks, you can create all the layouts you want. The theme also supports WooCommerce for creating online stores.

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Phlox WordPress Theme

Plox pro WordPress theme

This Elementor WordPress theme is for you to create online marketplace websites. You can pick from more than 100 pre-designed demos. Moreover, there are about 80 ready to use page templates for a quick and easy start.

Included with the theme, are 160+ premium elementor elements that can make your website more appealing. Also included, is a live editor. Moreover, there are many header and footer layouts you can pick from. There are also titlebar layouts, since it is one of the most prominent area of your website. It comes with 9 premium plugins inbundled, including, Visual Composer, Elements pack, Master slider, and others.

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Kera WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Elementor based eCommerce store template

It comes with all the important pages of your website pre designed and ready to use. There are many important features that are included as a part of the theme that might play a very important role in optimizing the sales on your eCommerce website. For example: the flash sale module, picture support in reviews and comments, related products, live search, etc.

For better user experience, this WordPress theme supports Ajax product search and quick view features. The Kera WooCommerce theme can also be used to create a website in RTL orientation for the languages that need it. You can also use Font Awesome icons, as well as turn on the catalog mode when required.

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Besa Marketplace WP Theme

Elementor WP Theme for Marketplace

Besa is a WordPress theme for creating online marketplaces. It works with the popular multi vendor plugins like Dokan, WCFM Marketplace, wcmp, and WC Vendor.

It also features a Theme builder where you can also build the header and Footer of your choice. You can choose from 3 homepage variations and mobile friendly layouts. It also features a Ajax live search feature to enable easy searching through the website as well as social logins. Moreover, you can create mega menus, and product filtering. For the products, the customers can leave reviews with images and ratings. The theme is SEO, speed and performance optimized.

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Honshi Creative Multipurpose theme

Honshi is a creative portfolio WordPress theme to create professional looking websites. The theme can be used for a multitude of purposes: like creative agency, online portfolio websites, photography or resume based websites, corporate or business websites.

This elementor based creative multipurpose theme is easy to install and use. You can even use this theme with the WP Bakery page builder. The theme is speed and SEO optimized, and supports all the useful plugins like Rev Slider as well as WPML for multi-lingual translations.

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Onum SEO & Marketing Theme

Onum is a WordPress theme that you can use to create a website for your SEO agency or digital marketing agency. Moreover, it can be used to create website for any similar business.

It comes with some professionally designed demo designs for you to choose from. Since they are specially designed for the niche, it saves you a lot of customization efforts. Anyways, the elementor theme is still very customizable and flexible. Moreover, there are specific section designs that you can directly use on your pages. The theme is speed and performance optimized. If you want to sell digital or physical products with this theme, you can use the WooCommerce plugin with it.

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Neotech – Magazine Theme For WordPress

Neotech is a tech magazine WordPress theme to create beautiful WordPress websites. You can easily modify the layout and use it for blogging for other purposes. However, the best use will always be to create a news and blog website dedicated to technology and science.

The Elementor page builder as well as the live customizer makes it really easy to change the look and feel of your website built with Neotech theme as per your taste. Moreover, there are blog and page layouts for you to choose from which gives you the freedom when it comes to presenting the content on your website. There are 3 homepage layouts to start with. The Neotech WordPress theme is optimized for speed and performance.

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Zoa Minimal WordPress Theme

Zoa is a clean and minimalistic WooCommerce WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose eCommerce theme that you can use to create an online store of any niche.

The theme is really easy to use so you can customize it as per your requirements. It comes with 11 pre-designed homepage versions so that you can start with your site very easily. Zoa supports a variety of plugins, infinite scroll, unlimited colors and styles, advanced widgets, etc. You also have header and footer variations to choose from. The theme is SEO and speed optimized too. It comes with some premium plugins included like revolution slider, contact form 7, etc. Zoa is multi language and translation ready.

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Dopi – Multipurpose Elementor Theme

Dopi is a WordPress theme for creating beautiful portfolio websites with utmost ease. You get 20+ pre-built demos with this theme. Included, is the header and footer designer to create impactful website.

To create a website with Dopi, all you need to do is to update the pre-designed templates and upload your content because the pages are mostly all pre-designed. To personalize the pre-designed templates, you can use the inbuilt customization options that are really intuitive, Moreover, it is WooCommerce ready, so that you can create flexible eCommerce stores with WordPress.

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Olema Creative Agency Theme

creative agency theme with Elementor support

Olema is a multipurpose and creative WordPress theme that you can use to create websites with a sophisticated look. The theme comes with many pre-designed templates for you to choose from.

It supports pagination types, portfolios, infinite scroll, pricing table, and parallax sections to create beautiful websites. There are about 13 pre-designed homepage designs to start with and other inner page templates. It also supports different icon sets to let you make your website more exciting.

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Amartha WooCommerce Theme

If you want to create an eCommerce website with professional and minimal looks, with the ease of a front end page builder, you can use the Amartha WordPress theme. It has a clean, sophisticated look and can be used to create an eCommerce website of any purpose in just minutes.

The inbuilt template library will help you with some pre-designed and ready to use page templates for a quick start. Moreover, there is a header builder to make sure that the design of the most important part of your website is totally under your control. You can create unique structure and layouts using the custom elements for Elementor page builder. Included is revolution slider, portfolio options, and pages with parallax effects. There are many other exciting features included with this theme.

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MagPlus WordPress theme

Elementor magazine theme for WordPress

This is a WordPress theme for creating online review, news magazine, or blog websites. The theme lets you create content with the Gutenberg editor. It is speed and performance optimized. There are header layouts so that you can make that prominent area of your website stand out.

MagPlus will let you choose from over 40 demos. With the available options, you can create unlimited number of layouts. The Elementor based news magazine theme comes with 6 premium plugins included like Visual composer, viral quiz, etc. The theme options are intuitive and so simple that you can manage your website without any professional assistance. Also included is a live customizer, typography options, template builder, mega menus, and advertisement sections for placing advertisements on your website.

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30+ Best WordPress Website Templates

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Creating a website for different purposes is easy, but what is difficult is choosing the right template, or theme for it.

WordPress is one of the greatest platform for creating beautiful websites easily. It can be used by anyone to build amazing websites without any technical expertise or website building experience.

However, the difficult part is always picking up the best themes for your website. Choosing a WordPress theme determines the flexibility of your website. The user experience, the ease of use and the fulfillment of your website’s purpose depends on the type of website template you choose.

For that, you should have a fixed set of requirements in your mind so that you can look for a theme that comes with all those features, or at least lets you integrate them in form of plugins.

Ombrello Creative Agency website template

Ombrello is a truly multipurpose WordPress theme for businesses and agencies. The theme is very flexible and easy to use so that the business owners can easily establish their own website in no time.

To create pages on your WordPress business website template, you can use the elementor page builder. The quick drag and drop page builder comes integrate and is great for you to try your hand at creativity and let you design your own layouts and content. With this theme, you can even use WooCommerce for eCommerce facilities. There are options to showcase your work with the online portfolio options, as well as a beautiful blog section to let your share your business ideas, interact and engage your visitors.

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Consulting Business Theme

SEO friendly Business WP theme

The consulting theme is for you if you want a simple business website to represent your business online and don’t want to a complex system to do so. The theme comes with all the options that you will require to customize your website, while limiting the unnecessary details that may confuse you.

The theme is based on the Elementor page builder for quick and efficient page building with WordPress. This website template is ideal for any kind of business, corporate agencies, law or tax firms, finance offices, creative businesses, etc. There are portfolio and blog options included so you can showcase your work, tell your prospect clients about the type of services you offer.

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WordPress eCommerce theme

This theme powered by the popular WooCommerce plugin can be used to create to create multipurpose eCommerce websites in just minutes. Different sections of the theme are designed so as to improve the user experience, as well as to optimize sales.

It comes with Elementor page builder and all of it’s homepages are based on Elementor, so if you want to redesign them, you can open them with the page builder and use the drag and drop options to create unique layouts. Moreover there are inner page designs to help you maintain the consistency of design.

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Shopkeeper WordPress website template

Shopkeeper is a dedicated e-commerce theme from get bow tied. The theme has perfect graphics, functions and operations that are completely aimed at providing you the ease to setup an online shop of any niche.

Shopkeeper too uses the WooCommerce plugin to provide the sales related functions. You can sell the downloadable as well as shippable goods, manage the stock, add shipping and taxes and collect payment very easily through it.

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Flatsome Template for WordPress

Flatsome WooCommerce template is ideal for creating beautiful eCommerce website with WordPress. This theme comes with different demo options to choose from. You can simply select one from the available options and start selling online right away.

There are so many beautiful features like product, image zoom, wish list, live search to make your website more interesting. The inbuilt page builder comes with different customizable page building elements that you can use to create the page layouts of your choice. Included is a drag and drop header builder, and slider/banner and image gallery builder.

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Calla WordPress Theme

Calla is an elegant woocommerce theme tailored for an online store for multiple purposes. This e-commerce theme is easy to use and does not require any coding experience to use it. With Powerful admin panel, you can install the theme with one click and can view multiple inner pages and homepages. The theme is responsive. It allows easy drag and drop page building with Visual Composer. It also supports the Slider Revolution plugin.

The theme comes with 50+ shortcodes, multiple variations of product detail pages and header and footer layouts that you can choose from. Also, the pages are widgetized so you can create a website as per your needs.

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The Retailer WordPress Theme

The theme comes with the header options, customizable footer as well as sidebar options, etc. The retailer theme comes with WP Bakery page builder included, but you can even integrate the Elementor page builder, if you wish so. The theme also allows you to create beautiful content with the Gutenberg block editor.

This WordPress theme is powered by the free and easy to use WordPress plugin for creating fully functional eCommerce websites. There are so many customization options to let you easily re-design your website and make and work it the way you want.

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Atelier – Elegant Ecommerce WordPress Theme

ecommerce themes

Atelier is another beautiful theme for creating eCommerce website. Coming with 12 pre-built demos, the theme has stunning looks, eye-pleasing transitions, and easy to use back-end options.

Even though Atelier comes with an inbuilt page builder, the theme supports the Visual Composer plugin for drag and drop page building options. The theme has plenty of options for selecting the icons, colors, fonts, etc. Atelier is compatible with the WPML for multi-language translation too.

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Uncode – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Uncode is a powerful multipurpose theme that can be used for eCommerce purposes too. With WooCommerce you can create a full-fledged online shop with Uncode. The theme has a creative and pixel perfect design.

You get to choose from over 30 concepts of the theme demo. Create unlimited pages on your website using the Visual Composer page builder tailored with the theme. The page elements are made attractive with the beautiful and smooth css3 animations. The theme has advanced options panel using which you can change the settings for your website. With Uncode, you can easily create a website in RTL mode too.

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Hugo eCommerce website template

Hugo from cssignitor is one of the powerful ecommerce theme based on WooCoomerce. It is simple and easy to use. The theme lets you create an online shop that sells any kind of products.

Hugo comes with a beautiful design. The homepage of Hugo is totally widgetized. So you can create the homepage of your desire with drag and drop. You can choose the color scheme for your website very easily. The theme is SEO optimized. With the advanced theme options, you’ll never need to touch the code. The theme is optimized for speed.

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Bronx WordPress WooCommerce template

Bronx is a responsive and easy to use WooCommerce theme. You can control everything in the theme using the drag and drop options.

The theme comes with custom product pages that lets you describe the product in depth. You can also create your own pages with the Visual Composer page builder. You can choose from the available homepage layouts. Choose from the available options for your demo slider. Set the navigation and header as per your needs. The theme also supports multiple currencies. Bronx is SEO optimized and RTL language ready.

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Furniture store template

eCommerce website

This is a comparatively simpler theme from Templatic theme store but is ideal for anyone interested in using the tempalte without advanced customization options. The theme is widget based and you can surely change the look and feel of your website but there is no page builder.

The theme is therefore best for those business owners who want to start selling their products online quick and easy. You can use the furniture website template for selling variety of products including the physical products that need to be shipped as well as the downloadable products that can be downloaded through the website.

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Karma website template

Karma is a multi-purpose theme to build your corporate website with simple options. The theme comes with a the Visual composer inbuilt and the Karma page builder. Both these tools help you build the page that you can imagine.

There are custom widgets that can be used in these sidebars or any other widget area. There is also a contact form builder, to let you create customized forms and an inbuilt pricing table creator to display your pricing schemes.

Karma is responsive. The theme design do not suffer in any device. Karma is SEO friendly and is translatable. It is already translated in 13 languages. If you wish to create a website in RTL language, that too is possible with Karma. If you wish to sell something, install WooCommerce. This can help you have the sales functionality in your website.

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Total WordPress website template

Total is best business WordPress theme. Basically, it is multi-purpose, but you can use the theme to create your business website very efficiently.The theme allows you to use Visual composer to build pages. With this plugin, you can build the pages from the front end as well as the back-end. It comes with 80+ block builders to organize the content and 100+ options for styling.

The theme is flexible and manageable. You can disable the features that you don’t need. It is SEO ready. It also lets you integrate the famous WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to manage the SEO of your content. The theme has a modern design, parallax backgrounds support the good looks. Use the unlimited combinations to create a website of your imagination. Select the header style,  background color, fonts, icons, colors, and layouts. You can change the theme and make it look as well as work as you desire.

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Dynamix WordPress business template

DynamiX is a simple, elegant and flexible WordPress business theme. You can use the theme as a business theme, to create an online sales website, or a corporate business website. The theme is optimized to perform fast.

DynamiX has brilliant and abundant theme options. All the changes you want to make can be done from here. With this theme, you do not need to have coding knowledge to make changes. It also has all the options to showcase your work to your potential customers. For example, to show the work using images you can use DynamiX gallery.

The theme includes Visual Composer to let you control things with drag and drop. DynamiX also has a live customizer that reflects the basic changes. There are numerous custom widgets that can be used as and when needed. The theme is SEO optimized to ensure good SEO rankings. It can also be translated into multiple languages using the WPML plugin.

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Himmelen WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Himmelen is a multipurpose theme that you can use as a magazine or blogging WordPress theme. If you want to express your stories through your blogs, you can use this theme.

This WordPress website template is Gutenberg compatible and comes with many homepage designs for you to choose from. You can choose the one that best fits your blogging concept and launch your blog easily. The theme comes with many options for blogging. So if you want a theme with multiple features rather than a simple theme, you can choose Himmelen. Play around and choose the best option for creating the design of your choice. Moreover, the website template is SEO optimized, lets you create awesome galleries, supports Google Fonts, and WooCommerce for eCommerce features.

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Social blogger – Blogging WordPress theme

This is a theme with a  unique combination of Blogging as well as social networking. The theme has a simple yet beautiful design. And every member of the social network of your site can have his/her own blog.

The WordPress website template is ideal for you if you want to create a beautiful WordPress blog with clean look, and also engage a community of readers for discussion and socializing.

It comes with many useful features that can make your blog website more interesting. It is SEO friendly and comes with all the options to let you easily customize your website. Also, has a feature of displaying live notification alerts.

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Kalium WordPress Theme

WordPress portfolio theme

Kalium is one of the clean and minimal WordPress themes ideal for both blogging as well as business websites. It is highly customizable so you can easily make it look and work the way you want.. It comes with clean and beautiful design with impressive hover and transition animations. The theme has multiple styles for portfolios as well as blogs.

Kalium comes with <strong>multiple demos</strong> to choose from. Create your pages with the Visual Composer page builder. You can even create a landing page website with this theme. The theme encourages your creativity. You can try different combinations and see how the website looks. As everything can be handled by easy options, it is easy to do this.

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Oshine Multipurpose Theme

Oshine is a creative yet simple WordPress themes. It has advanced features and abundant options for customization, but it is still very easy to use.

Oshine has about  25 demos  to choose from. The theme can be used for creating a <strong>clean photography portfolio website or a blog site. Onshine comes with awesome portfolio options. Pages can be created with the inbuilt powerful drag and drop page builder. Customization is possible with the intuitive options. For ecommerce features in your website, you can use the WooCommerce plugin.

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Brixton Blogging website template

Brixton has a clear and innovative design. It is a theme designed for blogging. You can use this theme for creating any kind of blog, informational or corporate website. A multipurpose theme like Brixton, is specially designed for creating amazing, professional looking blog website. This theme can be used to create almost any kind of blog website.

Brixton’s code is speed optimized so your website will load fast. There are enough customization options available in the theme. The theme is SEO optimized. With Brixton you can create a wonderful blog website.

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Wrapping Up

All the themes in this list are flexible and highly customizable, so you can easily choose a template and personalize it as per your requirements. Moreover, they can be used even by absolute beginners to create their websites with WordPress, without any prior expertise or without any help from the experts.

They are all the premium themes so you also get the theme documentation (guide) so to do it yourself.

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