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The 7 Steps to build a classified ad website with WordPress

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WordPress is an ideal platform to create almost any kind of website. In this tutorial, we describe the steps you need to perform to build Classifieds website with WordPress.

We also have an in depth tutorial on how you can create a classifieds ads site like Craigslist, but in this article – we have tried to streamline the logical flow you can follow to create a classified site.

You cannot go wrong with your WordPress website building, when you have a proper understanding of the whole process.

When you choose WordPress for your classified ads website building, you can be certain that you will not have to learn coding or designing, to build or even to perform the regular maintenance of your classifieds website.

Infact, you will be able to manage your site with very intuitive dashboard options, without touching a line of code.

Even if you have never created a website before, you can use WordPress, and a classified ads theme to create an awesome, fully functional and money-making website on your own. The steps to create such a site will be:

  1. Selecting a WordPress Theme
  2. Domain name and hosting service
  3. Install the theme and import demo data
  4. Customizing your WordPress Classifieds theme
  5. Classifieds feature setup
  6. Promoting your classifieds website
  7. Classified website maintenance routines

Let’s learn about each step, in a bit more detail:

1) Selecting a WordPress Theme

The first step is to select a reliable WordPress theme to create your site. A perfect theme will make your website building process a lot easier.

Since a WordPress theme comes with the design as well as features built in, we can consider it as a complete template. You just have to install it and update it with actual data and your site is ready.

Moreover, the premium WordPress themes come with easy options to let you manage your site. Especially the page builder based themes will provide you a lot of flexibility when it comes to website designing.

For a classified website, you can search for the keywords “Classified WordPress theme” and you will find a number of interesting themes to use for your site.

The classified theme should come with a good design and all the required features to create such a site: paid and free classified ads submissions, classified categories, pricing and so on.

2) Domain name and hosting

Another important decision that you will have to take regarding your classified ads site will be choosing a reliable hosting service.

Always consider a secure host with a good bandwidth and up time because a Classified website is a directory style website. Therefore, the expected traffic is generally high. And speculating the number of visitors is also not possible.

Therefore, at peak times – your host should have good ability to handle the traffic. You can choose the hosting service based on your location and the expected traffic.

Moreover, you can start with the basic hosting package, which is affordable and upgrade as and when required. Generally, you host will offer you many different packages with different services.

Also, the domain name will represent your site and will be a part of your site’s URL and therefore, you should choose it with utmost considerations.

3) Installation & Setup

This step includes several mini steps:

1) Installing WordPress on your host

WordPress is one of the most popular website building tools. It powers over 35% of all the websites on the internet. It is easy to use and very flexible and that’s why chosen by both – professional developers as well as business owners without any technical know-how.

If you choose to build your classified ads website with WordPress, you will need to install WordPress on your host. But mostly all the hosts today provide you a one click option to install WordPress. All you have to do is to choose WordPress as your website building option and it will automatically download the latest version of the software and install it for you.

2) Connecting the host to your domain name

This process can be completely different based on the host you have chosen. However, The hosting providers understand that all the website owners are not technically skilled people and therefore the hosting control panels have clear, intuitive options.

And if you find it difficult, you can access the help documents or even contact the support to help you out.

3) Installing the WordPress theme


Installing WordPress theme and WordPress plugins is really easy. There’s an option to upload the theme file in the dashboard, and same for the plugins. Or you can simply follow the steps mentioned in your respective Classifieds theme guide and install them on your own.

The WordPress dashboard is quite easy to use. You can just upload the theme zip file downloaded from the theme store and upload them and press install button. Once installed you can activate the theme and then start editing it.

4) Installing subsidiary plugins (optional)

The same will be the process to install & activate the WordPress plugins. The options to control the theme and plugins are different, but the overall process to install a theme and plugin is always easy, and very straightforward.

4) Customizing your Classified website

This can be considered as the most fun part of your website building journey. Especially if you are eager to get creative and implement your own ideas for your site.

Personalization of your site

There can be as many customizations as you want in your site, or as many as your theme allows. You can start by simply changing the logo, the branding and the footer credits of your site.

Since WordPress themes come with pre-designed pages, you would want to update the design. And maybe change the color and backgrounds of your pages.

Upload the images

Images play a very important role – for the appearance of your site, for the user experience, and even for the SEO friendliness of your pages.

Always use optimized and good-quality, as well as meaningful images on your website. You can use an image optimizer to ensure that all the images that are uploaded to your Classified ads website (including those submitted from front end users) are automatically optimized.

Create menus

Menus on your classified ads site are the main form of navigation. Based on your Classified ads theme, or your requirement, you can have one or two menus on the homepage.

It is essential that the menus are thoughtfully created to make navigation smoother. Include all the important pages. Wherever required, try to create a hierarchical form that makes it easier for the visitors to browse through your site.

Homepage optimization

The homepage of your website will be one of the most visited pages. So try making it as intuitive as possible. As you can see in the image below – the homepage of our Classified theme is constructed to include all the important parts.

There is the category part right below the header, from where the visitors can directly choose the category and get the results they need. There are also some featured classified listings and even the sidebar widgets to connect to the important parts of the site.

Regardless of the theme you choose, you should always have a clear idea of all the content that you want to be displayed on the homepage of your classified ads website.

Other changes

You can even change the layouts of other pages. Sidebar of your web pages is also a very important part and can be used efficiently to cover all the important details.

As mentioned earlier, the customization of your classified ads website is totally up to you. You can use the inbuilt options of the theme and WordPress dashboard, to completely change the look and feel of your site. Or you can even choose to use the theme as it is just by replacing the example data with your original content.

5) Classifieds features setup

Once done with basic customization, you can move towards configuring your classified ads site with the features. The previous step was to setup the appearance of your site, in this step – you can setup the classified features.

Creating categories

Categories are very important, for two main reasons. Firstly, they help the visitors find the listings of relevance easily. Secondly, they help keep the listings on your website organized.

Most of the well known classified ad themes come with the option to create category specific pricing. This makes it possible for you to allow posting under some categories for free while charging different rates for different categories is also possible.

Setting up payment methods

You can now setup the payment methods on your site to be able to accept payments online. Your classified advertising theme will come with some payment methods included, while you can use plugins to include more payment processors.

This will be mostly based on your location and the preference of your target audience. These days, most of the successful classified websites have multiple payment options. That is the best way to go. Your visitors will appreciate your online classifieds site even more if they have choices, especially in terms of payment processing.

Creating payment packages

Even though the Classifieds WordPress themes come with all the features built in, you should create your own pricing plans.

For most of the Classifieds site themes, the process will be quite simple. You can create a new payment package for your online classified ad sites- setup a name, set the values for different options. For example: the number of listings allowed for the package, the number of days the advertisement will be live for, the categories you can post under and so on.

6)Promoting your classifieds website

Blogging for beginners: Promotions and advertising

With your online classifieds site configured with all the required features, you can now start promoting your website to get the traction.

You can use different means of promotions for attracting people towards your site. First of all, allowing free classified ads for the first few months of your Classified website will definitely work. It helps you build fresh useful content as well as to promote your classifieds site amongst the business.

While free classified ads offerings is a great way to get started, the best means for promotion may be completely dependent on your classified site’s niche, the target audience, the area of operation, etc.

Furthermore, you can rely on paid advertising, social media and other sources to promote your classifieds site. This indepth guide on Classified site promotion will help you further.

7) Classified website maintenance routines


Your classified website is a type of directory site which will require regular maintenance. Some of the maintenance routines associated with your classified ads website are:

  1. Checking the listings are submitted under the right categories
  2. Ensuring the credibility and truthfulness of the content submitted through free or paid front end listing
  3. Regulating users and transaction management, listing management
  4. Removing expired listings, if any
  5. Creating new content, updating the site with offers, discount, etc.

The one’s mentioned here are just a few examples of what your WordPress classified site may need, in terms of maintenance. There can be a lot more to that.


Classified Website building: Tips, Tricks & Ideas to learn before you start creating your site

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Classifieds is one of the most popular forms of online directories. It is a combination of online directory with some eCommerce features to allow the website visitors to advertise as well as buy products through your site.

You can too create a Classifieds website of your own, without any technical assistance. This will be website like craigslist that can help you earn online.

This tutorial on how to build a classifieds website like Craigslist will help you with the technical steps, but in this post, there are some actionable tips that should give you an even better idea of what is needed to actually create and maintain such a website.

How a classifieds website works?

Classified is often called ad posting portal. Depending on the capability of the classified site, any kind of advertisement listings can be posted under the available categories. A general purpose classified website like craigslist covers everything: From kitchen appliances, real estate, electronic devices, instruments, to cars, furniture, and much more.

A classifieds website serves as a center point for both the advertisers as well as buyers. And there can be multitude of categories on a online classified site. Therefore, such a website will obviously attract a lot of different advertisers.

They can use it to advertise either a new or a refurbished item, or a used or second hand item. As a classified websites owner, you can let the advertisers decided if their item is new or used. The visitor can browse through different categories and find the items of their interest and contact the seller through your website.

Choosing the right platform

Since there are so many different options to choose from, picking the best platform for building your classified websites can be a difficult choice.

Why choosing the right Classifieds platform matters?

Choosing a right platform to create your classifieds website is very important since it will directly impact the performance of your websites.

Ease of use

A good platform will ensure ease of use and come with all the standard features and facilities required to create an efficient website.

We recommend using WordPress to build classifieds websites. There are beautiful and fully functional classifieds themes available to help you build a website, faster and easier.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is good for so many reasons:

  • It is free, reliable and a widely used platform – powering over 35% of the total sites on internet
  • WordPress is good for non-technical people since the options are all intuitive
  • Availability of WordPress themes of different niche to create professional looking site in just minutes
  • WordPress plugins, can be added and removed as and when required to add new features
  • No coding knowledge, or designing skill required

Specifically to create a classified website, there are so many classifieds website themes available – that you can install in just minutes.

All these WordPress Classifieds themes comes with pre-designed pages and all the required features to create a classified site. Moreover, the design and the features can are all manageable with simple options to make your classified ads websites look and work exactly the way you want.


Another concern while choosing your Classified platform should be the flexibility it allows. Because over time, you would like to increase the scope of your site. We will learn more about flexibility in the next topic “Choosing a classifieds theme” where we talk about custom fields and custom post type.

And last but not the least, the manageability of your site. Because a classified ads website will require a lot of maintenance with a lot of active users and listings, and therefore all the options to manage the site should be easy.

Choosing a classified theme

Once you decide on platform for classifieds website building, you will have to choose a theme for creating a website like craigslist. Depending upon the platform, there will be different options for you to choose a template to create a classifieds website.


The design of your ads website matters because many things related to user experience are dependent on it. The look of your online classifieds software will determine how appealing your website will look to the users, people tend to prefer clutter free, and esthetically pleasing design. Moreover, the structure of your site will determine how easy to navigate your site it. How the important options appear. The responsiveness and mobile friendliness of your site will help you ensure the best user experience over different devices.

All in all, a good design with logically arranged screen elements, clean and modern looking – should be your preference while choosing a classified template.

Custom fields & Custom post type


Because your ads website will support a wide range of ad listings under different categories. Sometimes, you might find some categories that need some special fields, and that is where the option of custom field is required.

For those who don’t have any idea about custom field support; It is the feature in your classifieds software that enables you to create a new field for the submission form, that will ultimately be the part of your classifieds listing. The new field can be category specific.

So if over time, you realize that your classified ads posting website is widely used for car advertisement postings, you can create a category specific custom field, called “Car model Number” for only the advertisers who select the category called “car”.

Custom post type

Similarly, custom post type allows you to create an all new post type, or we can say listing type. So if you want to allow displaying real estate posts, or jobs on your site, all the fields required for such a listing will be different. So you can create custom fields for the job listings, and assign them to a new custom post type “Job listings”.

The ability to create and add custom fields and post type allows you to support almost any kind of listing on your ads website.

Proper branding of your classified site

Before you setup a classified website as your online business, you should carefully choose a name for your site. This is not essentially the domain name, but a name that rightly represents your site.

The domain name can be an acronym or a short form of your brand name, but branding your classified site is required. This will be the name that you can use to promote your site as well as trust building.

Because a classified website is just another form of an online directory business, you may even want to register the name of your business. Copyright protection can help you avoid other people from using your brand’s name.

Hosting that guarantees the best performance of the website

This only applies if you are using a platform that is not self-hosted. You don’t have to worry about hosting if you choose a classifieds website builder that is self-hosted. But if you choose a platform like WordPress to build a website, you get the freedom to choose a host as per your requirement.

And it is not at all difficult to get a reliable and affordable hosting service. Since there is so much competition among different hosting providers, they strive to provide the best services at the most affordable prices.

We recommend Bluehost but depending upon your location, the expected traffic, you can choose a reliable hosting service. A host that promises security, best up-time, pricing plans that fit your budget and some extras like backups, etc.

There are many hosting service providers that allow you to pick domain name for free, but the offers may change from time to time.

After sales support should also be one of your main considerations while choosing a host. Read reviews and go for a service where the support is best. Because a good responsive hosting support is essential when you find your site down, or a traffic spike, which can be some common issues during the life-cycle of your website.

Promote locally

One of the things that will usually work for almost any kind of directory website is local advertisement. A classifieds website will always be more relevant for the local people, because it will be a smoother process to deals.

And even for any other kind of directory websites, getting the attention of the local audience should always be your first priority. This applies in both respects, to attract the local advertisers as well as to promote your site among local people so that they can browse through your site when they need information/products online.

Start your promotions by promoting your site through local newspaper, or radio station or television advertisement. Depending upon what media is best to reach the local audience, you can choose the media for advertising.

Also, start by optimizing your website for local search. This will be easier and you can always change the ways when you expand. And it will be easier that way with a little more experience and knowledge of what works the best for your classifieds sites.

Your next step can be expanding your website’s scope and allowing inter-state or inter-city listings but starting small can be advantageous in many ways. You will have lesser competition and more chances in the local market.

Performance tracking & optimization

Understanding your traffic can always help you retain it. And there are many tools that you can use to track, evaluate and regulate the performance of your site.

Google Analytics

The best one is Google Analytics. This tool will help you get an overview about the traffic of your site. What is the total number of visitors, the new visitors, the re-visitors, the device they are using, the most popular pages, the least visited pages, the bounce rates, pages that bring most revenue, the time visitors spend on each page, etc.

All this data will help you take structured and logical decisions about your website. If you conclude that most of the visitors on your site come from mobile devices, you can start thinking of launching a mobile app for your classifieds website.

You can also monitor the highest ranking pages and use the traction by adding a CTA. You can ad optimize these pages to earn direct revenue. Moreover, you can start working on the list of the worst performing pages to improve their efficiency and user friendliness.

A classifieds website like craigslist will not only require good efforts, but the efforts in right direction will bring the best results.

Use the best tools

If you buy a premium classifieds theme, it will come with all the required features built in. It will come with a working front end submission system for free and paid listings, a system to let you implement your desired revenue models and payment gateways support, etc. to create feature packed classifieds websites.

But besides all those features, you can use different tools available online to enhance the performance of your site or to add more features to your Classified website. Some of the most common tools are:

Contact form:

Integrate the contact form plugins to let your visitors easily get in touch with you. So if your visitors are curious about anything, if they have a feedback, or complains, they can get in touch with you.

The contact form will essentially bridge the communication gap between you and your website users. Therefore make sure that your classifieds websites have simple yet efficient contact form.

Image optimizers:

The directory style websites is bound to have plenty of images. Especially, when you are not limiting the number of images a user can upload while classified ads posting.

Multiple images on the classifieds ads are good, but they may result into slowing down the page. For this purpose, having an image optimizer will automatically optimize the image for the page so that the performance is not affected.

Security plugins:

Nothing can be 100% secure on the internet. Especially with the advanced technology and the rising number of internet threats. In such condition, you should make all the efforts to make sure that your site’s content and user data is secure.

There are a number of security services and malware scanners that you can add to your websites to keep it secure.

Backup managers:

You should always have a safe copy of your website, in case you find a problem in the live site. There are a number of tools that will ensure that frequent, and timely backups of your website are secured automatically.

Using such a tool in your website should be your priority, as it keeps you prepared for the worst. If your website suffers in any ways, you will at least have all the data backed up!

While using these tools can certainly help, you should also make sure that all the unnecessary plugins are avoided and removed. Staking up too many plugins can cause performance or security issues.

Classified website maintenance

An online directory will definitely need a lot of efforts in terms of maintenance. Because different user listings will contribute to compose the content of the website.

However, with experience and over time, you will get more familiar with the routine tasks needed to follow for classified site management.

Below listed are some of the most common task associated with the website maintenance.

Ad listing management

On the ad posting software, you will have to continuously monitor the listings that are posted through online submission form. The easiest way to do so is by creating a checklist of what to check:

  • Quality of images upload
  • Whether the required fields are properly filled up
  • Confirming the contact details provided
  • Checking if the listing posted is of a valid product
  • Whether a proper category is selected

The advertisement listings are the most important part of your Classifieds website and therefore, they should be properly checked to ensure that they are completely error free.

You should always specify the guidelines and rules for posting on your website so that the ad listing posted require minimum correction.

Backing up

In order to ensure that the service of your website remains undisrupted even in odd situations, you need to secure proper backups.

Backups can act like live savers in situations like malware attack, or a DDOS attack or any other security issues. You can quickly replace the compromised version of your site with the latest secure backup.

The same is applicable if for some reason your website becomes unavailable, or starts misfunctioning. A good backup manager can help you with automatic backups of your site.

Performance & security management

The performance of your website is not only responsible for the good user experience but also for better visibility. And therefore, you should constantly monitor and optimize the performance of your classified site.

Performance management

There are several aspects of performance management, for example: It depends on speed, the browsing experience, the navigation and even the design of your site.

And different things can be done to optimize the performance of your site. For instance, you can use a page speed test tool like GTMetrix to measure the speed of your site. This tool will also provide you with an overview of all the steps that can be performed to optimize the performance of your site. Like minifying Java Script, optimizing image sizes, etc.


On the other hand, the security of your website should also be taken care of. You can use different security plugins to secure your site. There are different security tools that can be used for different purposes.


With the available tools and techniques, creating a classifies website like craigslist can be easy. You can use the Classified theme and launch your new website in just 20-30 minutes, without any technical assistance.

But there’s always much more to a website than just creating and launching it online. You will have to work to achieve the traffic, and then to maintain the traffic and efforts to convert the page visits into profitable conversions. Moreover, only properly maintained classifieds websites can retain the performance, and therefore it requires considerable maintenance efforts too.

Yet, Creating online classifieds website and setting it up as an online business and a tool to make money is one of the best online business ideas. It can be a side business, your classified ads website will earn additional income for you while you can stick to your profession/day job/business.

How to promote a classifieds directory website?

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With the tools available online, it is easier to create a classifieds website on your own, but the real deal is – “How to promote a classifieds website?”.

There are website builders, and several other tools like WordPress and WordPress themes to create a fully-functional and feature-packed classified website.

The premium classified website builders are easy to use. And they come with specialized support that can help you with the website setup. But once your website is live – you will find yourself on your own.

And that is exactly where you will need to make the most efforts. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to promote your classifieds website.

Advertise on other platforms

Paid advertisement is one of the best ways to gain traffic on your website at an initial stage. And it will be the most important investment for your website.

However, the choice of your advertising platform always plays an important role. It will always depend on the niche of your classified website, your area of operation, the target audience, the competition and a lot of other factors.

You can always choose a reliable platform based on your location. If people in your city prefer to watch TV, or listen to radio a lot, you can choose it. Or if your target audience is students using a lot of internet, than you should rely on that.

However, after a bit of experience – you will be able to figure out what works best for you. Pay attention to the results of different advertising campaigns to find out the ideal platform.

SEO optimize your Classified website


Why there are more chances for your classified directory website to attract organic traffic?

A directory style website is information rich, and therefore, keyword rich. And since there’s a lot more on the website, unlike a business website where there are just a few pages, a classified website ensures proper engagement, which will also help with better SEO ranks.

Moreover, with all the different keywords involved, the different categories and different listings ensures diversity of content. And therefore there is a better scope for covering and ranking for diverse keywords.

Also, the traffic is two way. Since the Classified website will be used by both: the advertisers as well as the casual visitors looking for products on your site. Therefore, a classified or any other type of directory website will surely have an SEO advantage.

Keyword optimization

Since it is a directory style website, you will heavily rely on user generated content. Therefore, it may look like you won’t have a strong control over the content of your site.

But you can always insist your users to stick to certain conventions when posting on your website. For example: The name(title) of the Classifieds listing should not be too short and include important keywords, model details of the item, etc.

You can also setup a tutorial on how to create a classified listing that is most SEO friendly wherein you can include tips and tricks to make enough use of the main as well as subsidiary keywords.

SEO friendly platform and theme

The first and foremost important part is choosing a website builder as well as template/theme that is SEO friendly. An SEO friendly platform will always prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

You can create feature packed classified website with WordPress using a Theme like the classifieds theme and use different SEO plugins to create a website that scores well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platform is a powerful medium to reach people at large. It is a place where you can find different people with similar interest easily. The first thing you should do after creating a website is to create social media handles for different social networking site.

Use these social media accounts to share information about your classifieds website and to attract more people through social network. You can share different classifieds listings or blogs or just different posts telling people about the current offers, the advantages of sharing their listings on your website, etc.

Create useful content

Content is the king and it will always be.

Ofcourse other factors like the design of your website, the user experience, the performance, the website features, etc. play an important role. But what will attract the right target audience and keep them coming back is the content of your website.

With a Classified website, where different listing owners will post from the front end, volume of the content may not be problem after a certain duration. However, the quality should also be retained.

Always keep a check on the quality of content that is posted on your website. Moreover, you can add to the collection of useful content by using the blog section of your site.

The blogs on your website will give the visitors something interesting to stick to your site and spend time on. It will also help with the SEO of your website.

Moreover, by using the blog section, you can start with content marketing on your website to target the right keywords and generate content for better visibility and engagement.

Images & Multimedia

A directory website means a lot of content in form of text as well as multimedia. Actually, you should always encourage your users and listing owners to use high quality and abundant images in their listings. This will help the visitors to understand the listings better.

However, more images and multimedia files will also mean increased load on your site.

So you should always make sure the images are properly optimized and do not unnecessarily increase the load times of your page. We insist you use one of the image optimization plugins that will automatically optimize all the images that are loaded on your website.

Proper description

Description is the textual content on your classifieds listing. Insist your users to properly describe the classified item they are posting. This includes setting the right title, selecting the perfect category, writing the textual description and including of the right keywords when doing so.

Naturally written, useful and meaningful content will surely help the visitors understand your pages better, avoid the chances of misrepresentation and add to a satisfaction of the users. The result will be credibility and better user experience.

Proper Categorization

The point “proper categorization” looks like a misfit on a how to promote your website post. However, the structure of your website plays a very important role in helping you gain as well as retain your traffic.

Moreover, creating proper categories with relevant titles will also improve your site’s organic score. It will also add to the user experience when it comes to finding the listings easily. Therefore, take your time when creating categories for your Classifieds website. Be flexible, and add or merge categories whenever required.

Great Service

A good & honest service is always recognized. And by providing the best service, you can surely attract more customers than any advertisement campaign or SEO optimization ever can.

Increases the odds of people recommending your website through word-of-mouth. It also increases the chances of customers returning to your site.

Promoting your classifieds site, will surely get you more customers, but only good service can retain them and even help you attain more visitors in future through recommendations and good reviews.

You can also use the testimonials of your happy users on your website and it will surely help you build trust in your website.

Make sure to serve only authentic information

A good monitoring system to ensure that your Classified platform is not used by fraudulent and only useful, and only allows publishing the right listings. You can do so by personally checking all the information that is published on your website.

If you find even a slightly doubtful listing, or a complaint from one of your site users about misinformation or fraud, take strict actions and make sure that the repetition of the same is avoided in the future.

Strict policy on what advertisements can be posted

In order to retain the quality of content on your website, you will need to draft strict policy on what one can post on your site. A strict policy on what they can post will allow the visitors to know what they can advertise and what they cannot do on your website.

Besides that, constantly monitor your website to see that the visitors adhere to the policies. We recommend you use the option to let you save the submitted listings as drafts and not automatically publish it. This will enable you to ensure that all the content that goes live on your website passes through some kind of filter before it appears as published posts on your site.

Properly draft terms of use

When you run a classified website, you have some responsibility towards the users. You should do everything to protect the interest of your website’s users. Both, the sellers as well as buyers from your site should have a satisfactory experience.

However, your liability ends at one point, and therefore the extent of your responsibility should be clearly stated.

Take actions for grievance redressal

A classified website will have a lot of different exchanges among different people. And just like any other business, there are chances of people having an unpleasant or disappointing experience at your website.

Of course, as mentioned in the section above – the terms of use should clearly state the amount of responsibility of your website, and all the precautions the visitors should take in order to move forward. But still, if you receive a message from a disappointed user, you should always respond back.

First of all, make sure you are providing enough options for your users to lodge a complain or send you a mail regarding their bad experience with your website.

Be open to the complains and do your best to resolve it. This is how you can retain loyal customers. Take the complaints as a form of constructive criticism and try to improve the areas that might be causing problems.

Offer the visitors with bad experience some form of compensation and a good response on how you will ensure that the mistake is not repeated in the future.

Offer free service for a limited period

When you start a classified directory website, you will have to wait for a certain time for your website to garner the desired traffic. So before you can start charging people to post on your website, you should wait for them

Something like “First listing free” can always help. Let the visitors post one listing for free, to let them understand how things work on your site, how they can get offers from the relevant buyers, and how easy it makes for them to easily sell/promote their stuff.

Such an offer helps raise the user’s interest. It helps the visitors understand and know the advantages of using your platform and encourage them to try it again, even at price.

Run Offers and Discounts to attract customers

Discount offers and Saving deals always work for selling better. If you are providing the service on your classifieds websites for a fee, you should always run occasional discounts.

So instead of directly advertising your classified site, you can advertise your discount deal, or a giveaway, or an offer. For instance: “A super saver deal on the new year, to advertise 2 items on the classified directory website at the price of one, a limited period offer.”

You should wisely choose the places to advertise such a deal. If you use a service like Adwords, you will automatically get the traction as the advertisement will be shown to the right audience.

Also, make sure that the advertisement is shown right on the homepage of your website, or use a sticky header bar to tell your visitors about the offer.

Use AdWords or other similar services

One of the best ways to deliver your advertisement to the right audience is using a service like Google AdWords. It will use the user data like cookies stored in the browser, as well as the browsing history – to deliver the relevant advertisements to the customers.

It can be called one of the most relevant medium of advertising since your advertisement will reach the person who is most likely to take an action.

4 Different Ways To Create An Online Directory (CMS, Website Builder, Directory Software, Programming)

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Online Directories are not just for Business owners and entrepreneurs. With the available technologies, you can easily create an online directory and maintain it easily on your own.

These technologies make it possible to easily start with an online directory. Well, there are multiple ways to start an online directory. There are different technologies.

While some are website builders – allowing you to create a site without technical know-how, some are programming platforms for the professional programmers to create a custom website with their design and programming skills.

In this article, we have discussed the four different ways through which you can create an online directory website and it’s pros and cons. We intend to help you choose a platform that best fits your requirements, so read the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

The four ways different ways to create online directories:

CMS like WordPress

There are different CMSs that you can use to create an online directory website. These Content Management Systems are easy to use and are good for the beginners as well as the experts.

Your online directory website, will obviously have a lot of data. Therefore, a content management system can really help you. These systems are for websites for publishing content, search & retrieval management, etc. which is exactly what a directory website requires.

Content Management systems like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are very commonly used for different types of websites. They are best for blogs and news/magazine website because of their SEO friendliness, but they are equally great for other websites.

WordPress for online Directory websites

WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System. I find WordPress really easy to use, and organized. The back end options are intuitive and the complete process of installing and using WordPress is simple.

Even if you have never use WordPress before, you can download it for FREE, install it in your local/test environment, and try it for yourself. The process of using WordPress for building an online directory is simple:

  • Download & install WordPress
  • Download & install WordPress theme
  • Use the Customization options available in the WP Theme to personalize your site
  • Start adding listings

The first step is generally eliminated with the advanced hosting services available nowadays. A few years back, when I wanted to start my WordPress website, I could start easily with the inbuilt option “build with WordPress” available with the host.

With that option available with almost all the hosting providers, you can just skip the step to manually download and install WordPress.

Pros & Cons of WordPress for Directory

Advantages of WordPress for Directory website building 

  • Very easy to build, very easy to maintain
  • Hundreds of pre-designed, customizable templates to choose from
  • Freedom to choose the hosting of your choice and change it as and when required
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly templates for best user experience
  • Different plugins to include more features into your website
  • Very flexible, can even use advanced programming to include new features
  • SEO friendly platforms
  • There are page builder plugins for easy drag & drop page builders

Cons of WordPress for Directory website building 

  • Requirement to look for your hosting provider
  • A little learning curve to get familiar with the theme options for customization

Website builders

To create an online directory website, you can rely on the website builders too. The website builders, as the name suggests, are easy tools to create beautiful websites on your own.

These website builders can used by anyone to create websites on their own. No need to write a line of code for designing or programming. Do it all by yourself.

The website builders are generally self hosted. The popular website builders like wix, bigrock, godaddy can help you get started in just minutes.

All you need to do is register, pay a fixed fee and get started. There are tools and options, and design templates to choose from. So to create your site – you just register, choose a domain name, pick a template and than customize it using the intuitive options.

These were the typical steps to create your site with website builders. However, instead of relying on general purpose website builders, you can go for Directory software – specialized website builders for directory website, to create an effective directory website.

Directory Software for online directory websites

One of the quickest and easiest options to create a directory website, is by using the directory software available as SAAS. These Software as a service platforms like eDirectory, Brilliant Directory & Wild Apricot let you easily create beautiful directories without writing a line of code.

These software tools come with all the basic facilities inbuilt: Listings, custom fields, user registration, paid submission systems, mobile apps, multi site support, etc.

The directory software comes with all the options to let you easily manage it with inbuilt tools and features. Some of the directory software also lets you create mobile apps for your online directory.

This platform comes with option to add new features into your directory website. However, these features may come at a price, even though some basic addons are generally offered for free.

Pros and cons of directory software

Directory Software is best for those who want a quick start, and professional grade features without investing much time. Here are a few advantages as well as disadvantages of using directory software to create your online directory.

Pros of Directory Software

  • No setup, no installation, a quick and easy start
  • Pay and start with your website right away
  • No need to look for hosting services
  • These platforms are generally very easy to use and maintain
  • 24X7 expert support at your fingertips

Cons of Directory Software 

  • Expensive because of monthly subscription fee
  • Cannot pick a host of your choice
  • The features are limited to those offered by the software platform
  • You can integrate additional features but at a price


Even when this is the age of website builder and quick software that can be used by anyone, there are some

Today, CMS like WordPress powers 34% of the websites on the internet. Moreover, there are other tools and software that you can use to create websites very easily.

So, programming for creating directory websites is only used either by expert programmers, or by those who want to create tailor made website, with distinct set of features, not easily found on other platforms.

Pros and Cons having your directory built by Programmers

There are both – advantages as well as disadvantages of using programming languages to create websites. However, you can choose the relevant platform or programming depending on your requirement.

Pros of building websites with programming 

  • Custom made website of your choice
  • Expensive as compared to other platforms
  • You can extend features by further tweaks in program files
  • Design and features can be tailor made, exactly how you want

Cons of building website with Programming

  • Difficult to deploy and setup as compared to others
  • Not very convenient to manage for non-programmers
  • Is expensive to get created, maintain, etc
  • May need a lot of tweaking and professional every time you need a minor change in your directory
  • Hosting and domain name expenses

Wrapping Up

There are different options, and you must choose wisely, an option that best fits your requirements.

If you have a tight budget and want a lot of flexibility and options at one price, you can choose a WordPress theme. However, do your research before you settle on a platform. Check that it has to offer everything you want, check the platform’s features are extensible. If you have a feature plan for the future, you must make sure that the platform will let you add it easily, at little or except-able additional expense.

eDirectory vs Brilliant Directory Vs Templatic Directory Software: Which One Is Better?

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Online Directory websites are becoming one of the most popular forms of online businesses.

The prime reason for the popularity of Directory websites is that fact that Online Directories are websites with heavy traffic. As well as that, it comes with multiple forms of direct monetization features.

To create such directories you can either lean on independent platforms like WordPress. Or you can go for a Directory website building services competitors like Brilliant Directory and eDirectory.

In this article, we’ll see what each of these competitors services has to offer. But before we start, let’s have a brief overview of:

What are these directory building scripts and who should use them?

If you are looking for an online business to generate some passive revenue, a directory is one of the best options. Because Directory websites are a website with massive traffic.

If you put in some efforts to collect the best listings that can help people, a directory can help you make large profits.

eDirectory Vs Brilliant Directories example

Why should you own an online directory?

  • Because it is one of the online business with multiple ways to earn.
  • Online directories are of a great help for people at large. They help them find what they’re looking for easily. So, with little marketing efforts and direct advertising, you can attract good traffic.
  • Paid listing submission feature helps you in two ways. It provides you with valuable data that increases usability as well as helps you earn by allowing businesses to advertise on your portal.
  • Lets you display location-based listings. So you can launch a directory website for your city/town.
  • Directory website contains large amounts of data in form of listings from different users. This effortlessly helps your SEO.

Comparing eDirectory and Brilliant directory

Here we have brief eDirectory review compared with the Brilliant Directory review. Both of them are leading directory software that you can use to develop your directory website.

How can the directory building tools help you create an online directory?

Creating a Directory website takes in a lot of efforts and hard work. Because a Directory website is unlike ordinary static sites like business websites. Even maintaining a Directory website needs constant efforts.

With the themes and website building software available on the internet, creating online directories is easier than ever. However, the important part is maintaining Directory websites.

edirectory vs brilliant directories

What are the basic things an online directory is supposed to do?

  • Allow user registration
  • Allow frontend listing submission
  • Admin’s ability to create new categories
  • Admin’s ability to add and approve the listings
  • Features to manage the active listings

Mentioned here are some of the basic features that an online Directory website should provide. Besides them, there can be many advanced features to monetize, to attract more traffic, for lead generation, etc.

However, with Directory building software like eDirectory and Brilliant Directory, creating Directory websites is a matter of a few minutes. They provide you the complete infrastructure as well as built-in tools through which you can create your directory websites without touching a line of code.

This empowers any person, with little to no technical know-how to create and manage their own online Directory website. Even if you have never created a website before, you can use these online facilities and be an owner of an online Directory business.

Directory website maintenance with the Online Directory software

The next part is – Maintaining Directory websites. The active participation of business and visitors on your Directory website demand constant maintenance and enhancements.

You have to keep your online Directory software updated with the latest, correct information. Also, keeping track of the traffic of your Directory website using tools like Google Analytics as well as implementing new promotional techniques to attract more visitors can be considered one of the maintenance routines.

edirectory vs brilliant directories

The Directory platforms will not only help you create your directory website but also will let you manage it with inbuilt tools and features. They are designed to ease the task of creating and managing online directories.

So if you are too worried to start with online directories, be assured the Directory themes, or the online Directory software allows you to do so.

eDirectory Vs brilliant directories Vs Directory Software by Templatic: Paid Listings submissions

Paid listing submission is one of the most important features that lets you monetize with your online Directory. Paid listing submission helps your website in two ways.

  1. The submitted listings add to the useful content on your website and therefore improves the overall value and usability of your website.
  2. The paid submission listing feature is a way through which the businesses can advertise themselves online. So this feature can help you earn through it. Also, the interested business can choose to be featured on the homepage and the category page.

The paid submission listings feature is one of the most important features of an online directory. The listings can be of different types: Classifieds listings, Deals, and offers’ listings, events directory, etc.

eDirectory examples

eDirectory lets you create a classifieds deals or events directory, membership website, yellow pages, review and real estate websites easily. eDirectory paid listing submission feature lets you have the detailed listings with images, videos, maps, and text content in a multi-tab format. Using eDirectory you can easily create:

  • Business directory websites
  • Yellow pages directory websites
  • Ratings and review websites
  • Events directory websites
  • Classifieds directory websites
  • Article directory websites

Brilliant directory examples

The Brilliant directory also lets you choose the theme for your online directory from some pre-designed ones. It provides more than 15 directory themes for free.

  • All-in-one directory website theme
  • Real estate directory theme
  • Lead generation directory theme
  • Church directory theme
  • Deals and Coupons directory theme
  • Club directory themes
  • Local search directory theme
  • Classifieds ads directory theme
  • Events directory theme
  • Yellow pages directory theme
  • Online product catalog theme
  • Directory membership theme
  • Job board directory theme

What I found is both these Directory platforms provides you with enough flexibility to create any kind of directory website easily. Even though both these platforms do come with some ready to use setups for certain subjects, you can easily edit them and use their platform for your website.

The Templatic Directory software

Templatic has been the owner of one of the best WordPress Directory themes since years. This WordPress Directory Theme was developed with non-techies and busy business people in mind.

Templatic Directory Software

However, even though WordPress is quite easy to learn and deploy,  many users look for the platforms that make their work easier. Hence, this directory platform is designed with utmost ease of use in mind.

The directory software from Templatic lets you create the online directory websites of your choice in minutes. No struggling with installation and setup. Just log in and start creating your directory website on your own.

Brilliant directory VS eDirectory: Mobile Apps

Currently, we have mobile apps for almost everything. For instance – There are fitness apps that act as personal trainers. So, a mobile application for your Directory website is a real enhancement.

Apps make accessing your website through phones much easier. Even though the best and most popular web design available nowadays are mostly mobile friendly, creating an app for your site will surely make a difference.

With both eDirectory as well as Brilliant Directory you can create an app and provide it for download through the app store or play store. So regular users can just download the application and install it on their device so that they can access it anytime they want.

Especially when it’s a directory website. A directory app for the visitors will provide them an enhanced experience and easy to find data.

With your App installed on users’ mobile phone, they can get push notification regarding the latest news and listings on your website.

 Templatic Directory software mobile view

Responsiveness of a directory website is an important factor contributing to the user experience. Majority of your website users would like to search your website through their mobile devices.

Therefore, the Templatic directory software lets you create beautiful directory websites withat perform great on any device they are viewed on.

The viewers can get all the information on their fingertips using your directory website created with the Templatic Directory Software. The navigation works well and so the visitors can find the page of their choice easily even on mobile devices.

eDirectory Vs brilliant directories: Payment Processing

You’ll need safe and secure payment gateways to facilitate transactions on your website. Both of the eDirectory and brilliant directory platforms comes with some integrated payment gateways.

The eDirectory software comes with: PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Pagseguro, stripe, WorldPay, iTransact, etc. payment gateways included.

While the Brilliant Directory platform comes with: Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, eway, BluePay and 2Checkout included.

Both of the directory scripts take care that the transactions of their users are safe and don’t save the credit card details.

Directory Software by Templatic

When it comes to payment processing and payment gateway support, the directory software from Templatic with some really nice options. 

The Templatic directory software also provides utmost flexibility in terms of payment processing. It supports more than 18 payment gateways as well as an offline payment method to accept payments through your online web directory.  

eDirectory Vs Brilliant directories Vs Templatic Directory Software: Social media and marketing features

Directory listings are intended to promote the businesses and generate more leads. Therefore, the online directory script should provide you with the feature to generate more leads.

Email marketing

Both the directory building scripts come with ready to use email templates to be sent to the visitors at certain events. These email templates are totally customizable. The inbuilt system of online directories is configured to send emails at various events.

Also, Brilliant Directory takes it to another level with the inbuilt email marketing tools, custom email template designs, and scheduled email marketing campaigns.

Availability of Mobile apps for advanced visibility

Mobile applications make it easier for your visitors to access your website. It helps you boost the visibility of your website through the app stores. Even the push notification feature of an app helps send an important alert to the visitors right on their mobile device.

Both competitors Brilliant directory platform, as well as eDirectory, lets you create a mobile application for your website.

Social logins: Social logins are useful in two ways:

  1. They enable visitors to easily associate to your website using their facebook or google plus account.
  2. They keep your website socially active and connected.

While eDirectory provides this feature for free, you’ll have to buy an addon dedicated to this feature when you go to Brilliant Directory.

Lead generation forms

Lead generation is one of the important aspects of Online directories. With the customizable forms in eDirectory, you can easily gather the required information about your prospects. Also, you have the backend feature of tracking the statistics of how your lead generation campaign is performing.

On the other hand, Brilliant Directory also takes lead generation seriously. With the available forms, you can start generating leads instantly, and the intuitive management options at the backend let you manage them easily.

The marketing features of Templatic Directory Software
The Directory Software by Templatic is developed as an online business model. Now for any business, marketing and promotions play an important role.
Therefore the Templatic Directory Software comes with enough features to support marketing of your online Directory.

eDirectory Vs Brilliant Directories: Multisites

If you are totally into the online directory business and want to manage multiple directories, you’ll probably want a platform that supports multisite.

Multisite enables you to control multiple sites through a single dashboard and therefore helps you keep organized. You won’t have to log in and log out multiple times to manage your WordPress websites. Also, you can have a good look at how each of your sites is performing.

eDirectory lets you use the multisite feature to manage multiple business websites from one dashboard. Also, you can manage all your customers through a centralized database. You even have the ability to add more sites to your multisite network as your business grows. Brilliant directory too provides this feature.

eDirectory Vs Brilliant Directories: Banner advertisements

Besides the paid directory listings, advertising banners are the second best and one of the easiest way through which you can earn using a Directory website. The banner advertisements can be static advertisements requested by local companies or targeted advertisements through Google AdSense.

eDirectory’s basic plan will not let you monetize your website with advertisement banners. This is quite disappointing. Because for online directories, the ability to monetize through banners is must have.

While Brilliant Directory provides this feature as a part of their revenue generation feature and is totally free.

As far as revenue generation with your online Directory is concerned, Templatic directory software provides you all the features to earn through it. It contains ad banner spaces to accommodate advertisements into your directory website.

You can either go for banner advertisements or rely on advertising services like Google Adsense. The theme lets you ad monetize your directory website without extra charges.

eDirectory Vs brilliant directories: SEO review

SEO is responsible for the traffic and profitability of your website. And in the modern days, SEO is one of the

eDirectory lets you control the titles, URL, meta and keywords for your website. Also, it helps you generate an optimized sitemap that you can submit to google.

Also, the eDirectory script is coded with the best SEO practices in mind. Therefore, the directory website you create with the eDirectory software is going to be totally SEO friendly.

On the other hand, Brilliant Directory is also equally SEO friendly. Customize meta, URL, schema markup etc to optimize your website for search engines.

Moreover, you can always manage the content of your website to make it more SEO friendly and useful for the visitors of your website.

And the Templatic Directory Software is designed with SEO standards in mind. The code is therefore comes with optimized code to ensure your directory website is easily found in search results.

eDirectory Vs brilliant directories: Pricing compared

The basic plan for eDirectory starts at $99/month, extending up to $199/mo. eDirectory also provides its yearly subscription at 20% discount on the payable amount.

Brilliant Directory, the leading eDirectory alternative, has its pricing plans starting at $95 and extending up to $195. At the same time, the Brilliant directory provides you with an option of one-time payment – at $1450. Here, you won’t have to pay monthly. But of course, for the additional features, you will have to pay on monthly basis.

Comparing pricing, Brilliant Directory has much better to offer in terms of per month price as well as the lifetime offer.

The Templatic Directory software’s pricing is much more affordable. They let you get started with you basic directory at $80.
While there are other options with more features you can choose. Even the basic package supports important post types like job listings, real estate, classifieds listings, etc.
With the Templatic Directory Software, there’s no lifetime usage offer yet!

eDirectory Vs Brilliant Directories: Scalability & Add-ons

Both our Directory building scripts let you integrate additional services in for of add-ons.

Both competitors eDirectory and Brilliant directory let you create a directory website that you can expand as much as you want and add more features to enhance the usability of your website. You can let your users as many listings as you want.

eDirectory Add-ons

You can have a look at all the eDirectory add-ons at the eDirectory marketplace.

eDirectory lets you expand as and when required. You can choose a package based on your requirements and start your online directory. It’s easy to upgrade to a required package in future. Also, these Directory scripts don’t limit the number of listings you can have on your online Directory website.

Brilliant Directory Add-ons

All the brilliant Directory add-ons can be found at Brilliant Directory’s add-ons library.

Brilliant Directory too provides features with their Directory software in form of add-ons. These add-ons can be subscribed on monthly basis. You can subscribe the add-ons you want for the period you want. Visit the Brilliant Directory download addons center to choose your addon services.

eDirectory Vs brilliant directories Vs Directory Software by Templatic: Hosting and Support

Both eDirectory, as well as Brilliant Directory, are self-hosted. You won’t have to worry about finding a suitable host and then deciding on a proper hosting package for hosting your Directory website. The pricing of the Directory software is included in the package price.

eDirectory provides you an excellent support to set up your Directory website as well as help wherever and whenever need it. The best thing about the eDirectory support is that you get a 30 minutes one to one training session with each of their packages.

Besides, the following are the ways through which you can get in touch with the Directory support team at eDirectory.

  • email (ticket support)
  • Video tutorials
  • eDirectory support and documentation center
  • Forums

While Brilliant directory that is an eDirectory alternative too provides premium support with each of its packages. You get the help while following Brilliant Directory support options:

  • Email support (Support ticket system)
  • Community forums
  • Video tutorials
  • 1 on 1 training sessions on different subjects
  • Documented setup guide

You can use any of the above support mediums while setting up your Directory website with Brilliant Directory.

What do we conclude from both the competitors eDirectory and Brilliant Directory review?

Both the Brillant and the directory Directory software provide a platform for the non-technical people to create their website. However, they are different platforms and therefore has different features to offer.

Also, different directory business definitely has different requirements. You can choose your niche, decide your strategy for monetization. Based on that you can see what directory software has the best to offer for your business specific requirements.

To experience how your directory website will appear and function, you should try the directory demo as well as the Brilliant directory demo. That will surely help you decide better.

Try eDirectory demo or visit the Brilliant Directory website and click the Try Brilliant Directory demo button.

Alternately, you can spend a few minutes and create your own Directory website with the WordPress Directory software which is a Brilliant Directory alternative.

Optimizing GeoPlaces Directory In 7 Steps

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Creating a website is easy, with the different tools and techniques. But making sure it performs well for your users – no so easy!

A new website requires you to pay a lot of attention on different aspects, and perform certain tasks to make sure it performs well.

Especially when it is a location based directory website like GeoPlaces website.

While there can be a lot of small & big tasks associated with your directory website management and maintenance, here, we have shortlisted a few most important tasks that can help your website’s performance.

1. Speed Optimization

One of the most important website optimization tasks is its speed optimization. Because a slow website is an inefficient website.

A slow website is bad for both: SEO and user experience. Therefore, you must create a website that is fast and has a good page loading speed.

However, the speed of your website is not just dependent on one thing or two. There can be multiple factors that affect the speed of your directory website.

The following are some of the things you can take care of to see that your website performs well:

  • Choose a WordPress directory theme that isn’t slow
  • Get hosting from fast, reliable and secure hosting provider
  • Use CDN if necessary
  • Optimize the images on your directory website
  • Use caching plugins for faster performance
  • Clean-up your site to remove unnecessary junk
  • Remove plugins/data that you no longer need on your site

Besides, you can use the caching plugins, use CDN and other techniques to speed up your WordPress directory website made with Geoplaces.

2. Managing the Listings

When it comes to directory websites, listings on your website are the building blocks. The listings help make your website more useful.

And the listings on your directory website can be in large numbers, therefore – making your website more useful. But you have to be careful that the listings are properly managed on the site.

For managing listings on your WordPress based directory website – you can either choose to auto publish the front end submitted listings, or choose to hold them for moderation and till then a submitted listing is “saved as a draft”.

We recommend you always choose to moderate the listing before publishing it. So you can check if the details are correct, check & correct grammatical and spelling errors, make sure that proper categories are chosen, etc.

Besides, you should remove the expired/invalid listings on your website, create new categories as and when required. You can check images & optimize them to optimize the speed of single website.

3. User experience management

There’s no debate – User experience is supreme. Taking care of what your users actually want from your website, and whether they find it easily, can help you a lot.

Again, user experience is defined by a lot of different factors. And as a matter of fact, different factors work for different types of website. But listed below are a few of the simple things you can do to check the user experience.

Check the design of the theme

The design matters. The color combinations, the placement of the screen elements, the arrangement of menu items, everything matters.

With WordPress, when you use pre-designed themes like GeoPlaces to create your website, you can customize it to fit your requirements. It comes with enough options to personalize your websites and rearrange the elements to make it more effective.

Make sure that the advertisements and other banners don’t affect the UX

Mostly, as a directory owner – you would like to earn extra through placing advertisements on your WordPress website. And one of the most common ways to make money through your GeoPlaces website is by displaying advertisement banners on your website.

But when you do so, make sure that the advertisement banners don’t overshadow the content of your website. In Geoplaces theme, you can use the widget to place the advertisements on the page.

4. Blogs and Content Management

Content is the king! And good, properly planned content can help make your WordPress directory website more interesting.

When we talk about content – it includes everything. The content in form of static text, headings of the different sections, Call-to-action text & content, blog content, content as text, video, audio, etc.

Add new content

Consistently adding fresh, new and useful content in your website is good for both – SEO and user experience. This content can be new listings, new blogs, or a new page.

New content on your website increases the usability of your site and increases user engagement.

Check the validity of content

When it comes to city directory websites built with the Geo Places WordPress theme, mostly all the content is in the form of listings.

So one of your constant task will be to check the validity and usability of your content. Whether it is a listing or a blog. You must also remove unnecessary and old content, as and when required.

5. SEO Optimization

Working on the visibility and organic traffic of your website is an endless task. The SEO friendliness of your website directly impacts the success of your online venture.

To ensure that your website ranks well on the search engine, the basic points you can take care of are:

Always Use SEO friendly themes

The key is to use a theme that is crafted by following strict SEO standards. Such WordPress themes are easy to find as almost all the modern themes take care of SEO for you.

Geo Places is one of the SEO friendly WordPress theme to create online city directory website. It is flexible, easy to use and helps the SEO of your website.

Keyword optimizing your pages

When it comes to SEO, each and every page of your website counts. So you must work on each and every page so that they rank well.

For this you can use the SEO plugins for WordPress. Such plugins can be easily integrated into your WordPress website and work well with almost any theme.

Optimize images for better performance

Images on your WordPress website make it more meaningful and better to understand. Properly optimized images also helps the SEO.

And the listings on your city directory website will obviously have many images. So, it becomes mandatory to optimize the images on your directory website.

Well optimizing the images on your website is made easier with the image optimizer plugins. You can just integrate such plugins that will automatically optimize all the images uploaded on your website.


You can use the other SEO techniques like link building and maintain blogs updated with fresh, relevant content on your site. There are many other SEO techniques to help the visibility of your site.

6. Plugins and Add-ons

When it comes to using plugins on your WordPress website, there are a few rules you must follow:

Use plugins that enhance user experience

Even though the modern themes are designed with all the features and optimizations included & implemented, you might need plugins for further enhancements.

These plugins can be caching plugins to speed up your site and optimize the performance, the image optimizing plugins, SEO plugins, backup and restore plugins, etc.

However, whenever you add new plugins to your site there are a few things to take care of:

  • The plugins should be from reliable source & not a security threat for your website
  • Check for the compatibility of the plugin by test install in local/test environment
  • Make sure that the plugin doesn’t slow down your website and works well with the theme
  • Remove the unnecessary plugins that you no longer use
  • Insist on only adding the plugins into your website that you absolutely need

These plugins on your WordPress websites, when used thoughtfully can help your site a lot & make it perform better.

7. Google Analytics

What better tool than Google Analytics to find out about the traffic and demographics of your website. With the analytic data obtained from Google Analytics, you can find out the best and worst performing pages on your site and work on them accordingly.

You can optimize the pages with poor performance and utilize the pages with best performance for your advantage. Google Analytics helps us know the demographics, insights on quality of user engagement/session time, etc.

Wrap Up

The GeoPlaces WordPress City directory theme is one of  the easiest to use city directory theme. Since it comes with all the features included, you can just start using it out of the box, with a little personalization.

Maintaining online Geoplaces directories takes a lot of efforts. It’s natural for you to expect something in return from your Geoplaces directory. Here are the top ways to monetize your directory website. 

Pros and Cons of Directory Platforms

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There are many options for directory platforms, and a lot to compare. We breakdown the pros and cons for each

Let’s talk directory.

Which Platform for Your Directory?

There are many ways to go about creating a directory website. Directory scripts, Software with Hosting, and Ready- Made Themes and Plugins.

Scripts: These are useful pre-packaged directory websites that can be used on your own server.

Software or SaaS (Software as a Service): The all combined 1-stop shop for directory websites. This is a service in which you receive the hosting included in the package price.

The software is pre-programmed and are usually monthly subscriptions (most convenient option for beginners).

Ready-Made Themes and Plugins: Excellent ready-made themes that will include certain features, but you will be responsible for getting your own hosting. In addition, you will also need to get your own preferred plugins.




PHP Script

  • Can find PHP ready scripts
  • Design and function just the particular way you want
  • No relying on third-party software/services
  • Unaffected by changes made to platform or theme
  • Great professional help
  • Finding great outsourcing
  • Price of programmers
  • Miss out on Third-party enhancements
  • More effort and time
  • Prone to errors
  • Writing code for any type of update


  • User-friendliness
  • Easy to use
  • Software service
  • Self Hosted
  • Fast install
  • Pre-programmed
  • Fully functional features
  • Professional designs,
  • Customization
  • Monthly fees can become expensive
  • Additional charges for features


  • Customization
  • High-end features already integrated
  • Support and documentation
  • Easy to add new features
  • 1-time payment of theme
  • Can be pricey
  • Purchasing hosting
  • Plugins for customizing

Top 10 Best WordPress Events Directory Scripts

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Want to start an Events portal? This quick list of the best WordPress Events Directory Scripts for your next event directory website.

1. Eventum WordPress Theme

This Event directory theme is simple, easy to use and very flexible. It is a feature packed WordPress theme to create a location based event website where the organizers can post their event listing, and the visitors can search for the events of their choice by the categories.

What the event listing can show is totally in your control because of custom fields.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

2. EventBuilder

This WordPress Events Directory Theme with a beautiful design and flexible interface. Lets you sell ticket through ticket tailor. This is an event website with a detailed review system to let the visitors leave their reviews. You have the Page builder by WP Bakery for easy drag and drop page building.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

3. Eve WordPress Event Directory theme

Eve is an Event listing Directory theme for WordPress, with a flexible front end event submission system. It supports the SiteOrigin Page builder for easy drag and drop page building. This theme also comes with full WooCommerce support within your events portal and WooCommerce listing management features.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

4. My City

This is a WordPress directory theme that you can use to create your events portal. It comes with special post type – events to accept and manage event listings. The theme is packed with some brilliant and exciting customization features to help you make the most of your events directory.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

5. EventChamp

If you don’t need a front end submission system, but want to create a directory of events. The theme is best for the event organizers who want to advertise multiple events on their website. There are plenty of different customization options,and the theme also supports WooCommerce for eCommerce support.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

6. ivent

This is a multipurpose event WordPress theme to create a simple yet effective event website easily. It comes with ticket selling feature integrated to sell tickets online. It lets you choose from beautiful homepage demos, also supports WooCommerce.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

7. Event Guide

Event Guide WordPress Events Directory Script is a directory theme to create online Event portal. This theme with beautiful page building element, modern design and great features, also supports WooCommerce.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

8) Eventastic

This is a multipurpose WordPress Events Directory Scripts to create event listings and sell event tickets. There are some very useful event related features included like: Events Calendar, Event list/Grid, Event carousel, Events timeline, maps, etc.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

9) Eventica

Need an eCommerce website with events related feature, than eventica is for you. It is a simple yet very flexible WooCommerce based theme, with an Events calendar. There are different demos to choose from. It also supports Visual Composer for Page building.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

10) ListingPro WordPress Events Directory Scripts

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme with many simple as well as complex directory features. It is one of the best Directory themes out there. You can create a general purpose directory with event listings, or create a special event listing directory with this theme.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Choosing the Best Directory Platform for your Online Directory websites for you

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The first and one of the most important decision you will make before starting your website creation is choosing the platform. As nowadays, we have many directory platforms that you can use to create your online directory website.

All these platforms come with their own benefits and limitations. And the right platform for you can only be decided based on what kind of directory website you want to create

Even though switching the platform at a later stage is possible, it turns out to be risky and a little complicated. So the smart idea is, to take your time and decide the directory platform only after a thoughtful consideration.

In this article. we will discuss the three most common alternatives to create a directory website. This comparison will help you decide the best platform to create a directory website. We will discuss the three main platforms that you can go for to create your online directory.

Using Programming language

If you are a programmer and want to create a directory website of your own, you can obviously use your programming skills to get your website created.

If you possess the necessary designing and programming skills, you can create a website on your own. However, a directory website is different than a business or blog website and obviously demand more efforts, accuracy and time.


Design and functions just the way you want

The best thing about creating a website through programming, you can create your website just like you want it.

However, it becomes a little difficult when you are outsourcing this. If you are hiring programmers to get your website created than the first challenge is to find the professional help. Next challenge is to explain your needs to the programmers, agreeing on the price.

And then it’s a long tiring process for you explaining your requirements to the programmers and then checking if what the programmer gives you is what you wanted.

However, when you get your website created by programming, you can have your website designed and created just the way you want.

No relying on third-party software/services

One of the positive traits of creating programmed or PHP directory listings is that you won’t have to rely on a third party software or service. You get to design and program your own site, plan and integrate features as per your requirements.

So your website remains unaffected by the changes made in a directory platform or a theme. Software providers usually update their software to fix some errors or to upgrade the features. Even though the software updates are generally in form of enhancement, you might not like the changes every time.

But that won’t happen since the only one to be able to update the software is you.


More efforts to program and maintain

Creating websites through programming is already need more efforts than using software or templates. And directory websites are different from ordinary business or blog websites. They are the websites with massive features and takes more time and efforts to be developed.

When you create a directory in PHP or any other programming language, you can either start coding from the scratch or go to the ready to use Php directory listing script.

If you start coding from scratch, it might take days for designing, and then create all the programming modules for the different features of a directory website. Therefore,
You can download scripts from the internet but can’t be sure on how safe they are. Assuring security and detecting loopholes in ready to use scripts is also time taking and tiring.

Creating a website through programming is obviously time taking. When you create a website through programming, there are two phases, the designing, and the programming phase.

Both of these phases take time as there are different levels of coding, testing, correction, etc. Therefore creating a website through programming takes more time.

Prone to programming and coding errors

Even the greatest programmers can sometimes make errors. Suppose you fail to forget the programming syntax, or type the wrong variable name, or write two code snippets on two different modules that conflict each other.

Also, you have to watch out for minor details because they might cause major problems. Sometimes, even a missing colon can prevent the successful execution of your code.

The mistake can be minor and the fix might take just a few seconds, but spotting the mistake may sometimes take lots of time and efforts.

Also, there are chances that a wonderfully written piece of code misfunctions. For instance: A code to calculate a complex math misfunctions and shows up with wrong answers.

Sometimes, even the debugging tools and techniques fail to find the problem. And that’s when you are required to go through endless code lines to find the fault.

Limits the addition of new features, makes it time-consuming

Adding new feature in your website developed with programming means writing more code!

Sometimes you might need to go through all your existing code to make sure you follow the same syntax or just to find out the name of a function or variable. Obviously, there are tools like FireBug that can make it easier.

And again, integrating new features into your WordPress website through coding is time taking. Also doing that every time when you need a new feature on your website is exhausting. Because you might to revisit some of your code modules and then adjust them according to your new module.

Therefore, adding new features to your website can, therefore, be a long and tiresome process.

Hiring programmer to develop a website for you

Today when we have so many different technologies and software to get our website created, anyone can create and manage their own website.

It is a far better option than hiring a programmer and designer to get your website created. The following are the few of many arguments to support this:

  • Website development through programming takes time. You can’t expect your website to be live in a few hours or minutes.
  • You will definitely miss website updates/upgrades. When you go for a software/platform, they are constantly working to make their system better and most of them promise regular updates.
  • It’s difficult to explain all your requirements to the developers and get them to make a website just like you want.
  • You’ll always have to rely on the programmers for minor site maintenance.
  • If you need a new feature added, it might take time and you again, have to rely on programmers to do that for you.

SaaS services like Brilliant Directory or eDirectory

There are multiple ways through which you can create your directory website. Because programming is not everyone’s cup of tea. And so we have all these new technologies and innovative ways through which you can create your directory website.

One of the ways through which you can create your directory website is by using the SAAS solution. Here the platform to create your online directory is provided as a service. All you need to do is to pay monthly subscription fees and get your site online.

All the features are pre-programmed. And this platform comes with intuitive backend options to let you control how your website looks and behaves.


Easy to use compared to other directory platforms

The directory platforms available as a software service. It is designed for the convenience of the users.

Such directory software platforms are crafted with user-friendliness in mind. Also, they can be used by anyone, even a person with little to no technical knowledge can use this platform to create a website on their own.

So the directory platforms are really easy to use. You can create your own directory portal in minutes without writing or changing a line of code.

Get started in just minutes

Where creating a website using PHP scripts can take days (if not weeks) to get your directory website online. But with the SAAS directory platform, you can create it in just minutes.

Going for a SAAS platform to create your directory website is time-saving because of two reasons:

  1. It is a self-hosted, no need to spend time on researching the hosting services and evaluating them
  2. Also, you won’t have to spend time installing the software and theme, just sign up and get started in minutes.

Besides, one of the main reasons you should go for the self-hosted directory building platforms is because they are pre-programmed. You can re-configure your website as per your requirements but you won’t need to write codes and develop modules for each feature you want on your website.

Best features and support for your online directory website

A SAAS directory platform is specifically designed for creating directory websites. It is mainly designed for the nontechnical people to be able to create their directory website on their own.

Therefore, they come with all the required features preloaded. All these features can be managed with easy options available at the user dashboard.

So even a person with no technical knowledge can create a fully functional professional looking website with the directory software.

When you go for a premium and reliable directory software, they promise support as one of their after-sales services. These services let you create your website with some of the easiest options available.

However, if you ever need help building your directory website, you can ask for support. Different directory platforms provide support through different mediums. And they can be of assistance whenever you need.

Self-hosted platform for creating online directories

self hosted directory platform

As discussed earlier, this type of directory solution is self-hosted. So you won’t have to worry about choosing the best hosting company.You might not always end up with the best host around even after all the search. Sometimes the services you choose end up disappointing.

With the self-hosted directory platform, you won’t even have to pay more for the hosting services or get confused with their various schemes. All you need to do is to choose the directory software package and get started with your directory website.

Professional design + Customizability

The directory software is specialized platforms for creating directory website. They are designed professionally and include all the features and options you need to create and manage an online directory website.

Such directory platforms are designed for people at large to let them create their directory website effortlessly.

Also, they come with abundant options to make your website look and feel the way you want. For instance: If you want to create a real estate directory, there are enough options to create it within the platform.

Besides, you can change the colors, customize the fonts, re-organize the pages of your website, with the options available in the backend.


Monthly fees can prove to be expensive

The directory portal software generally charges you on a monthly subscription basis. You can subscribe for a period and use the platform to create the directory website.

These platforms come with all the features and options required to create a directory website. They also provide additional features in form of add-ons.

However, the monthly fees include the managed platform as well as the hosting (as you don’t have to pay for the host separately).

Moreover, these platforms are managed, your efforts are reduced to minimal. So if you don’t mind paying a little more for an easier website making experience, you should surely opt for the directory software. Additionally, there are better deals when you choose a long-term subscription.

Adding new features

When you want to add a new feature into your directory software, you can choose from the available add-ons.

The addons for directory software are pluggable software modules that you can integrate into your website. These software modules are mostly provided for a monthly subscription.

Generally, the directory software comes with all the basic features inbuilt. Only the additional, high-end, and extra features are available as add-ons. So you will only need to integrate additional add-ons when you want extra enhancements in your website.

WordPress Directory themes

CMS like WordPress has revolutionalized the whole website building experience. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS among all of them because it is free, opensource and easy to use.

Moreover, with the intense competition in the market, there are abundant directory WordPress themes available.


High customizability

True that WordPress themes are pre-designed and pre-programmed. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be customized as per your requirements. Most of the premium WordPress directory software is highly customizable.

And the highlight is the ease of customization. With intuitive options, you can customize your online directory and make it look and work, exactly the way you want.

High-end features integrated

WordPress themes are pre-equipped with all the required features for the specific niche. For instance: If there’s a WordPress theme for e-learning, it comes with all the required features that an online e-learning system requires. Similarly, a directory WordPress theme comes with all the required features inbuilt.

While it takes weeks of coding, testing and rectifying when developing features through programming, with the Directory website builders or templates, you get them ready to use. These features are not just ready to perform, but also come with enough customization options to let you manage your directory website easily.

No recurring(Monthly) fees

Mostly all of the self-hosted directory platforms charges on monthly basis. And therefore, if you go for a directory platform, you’ll have to subscribe on a recurring basis to get your website going.

However, WordPress directory templates are generally sold as independent software programs. You can complete the payment process and download the template. You don’t have to pay for renewing them every month.

On account of heavy competition in the market, there are abundant directory scripts you can choose from, at an affordable price.

Support and documents

Most of the premium WordPress themes come with documented guides that provide you with step by step information on how you can install and use the theme.

It contains all the information on how to setup your website with WordPress. So you can use these documented instructions to setup your website and get started instantly.

Adding new features is really easy

WordPress plugins are reusable code snippets that you can use to integrate new features into your website.

For example: If you want to add the booking feature in your normal WordPress website, there are multiple WordPress booking plugins available. You can download the one with the features you like and install into your website in just a click.

Mostly, the premium WordPress plugins are easy to use, compatible with most of the plugins and themes and available at a fair price. They are pre-programmed and are the best way to integrate new features into your website in just minutes.

You can convert your WordPress site into an eCommerce portal if your theme supports the WooCommerce plugin.


Purchasing the theme/template or program

Online directory WordPress templates can be bit pricey. But purchasing a directory WordPress themes is still affordable as compared to the directory software.

As mentioned earlier, the directory software is generally priced on a monthly subscription basis, while buying the themes or template is a one time cost. You won’t have to pay monthly for your themes or templates

If you go for a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, you can choose from among hundreds of templates on different subjects with varying designs and

Considering it’s the only price you pay for a detailed, multi-featured directory website, it’s not a big problem.

The bottom line:

There are many directory software available in the market and you can choose the best for you based on your requirements.

choosing the directory platform is one of the most important decisions. And it has to be a long-term one because even though switching platforms is possible, it’s a difficult and long process.
Therefore, before you decide upon the directory platform, review and research your alternatives. You can search the internet, read reviews of different software, themes, and systems and settle for the one that best fits your requirements.
If you need any help regarding this, you can get in touch with our customer support executive and explain them your requirements. They will be happy to suggest you a platform that can help you with easy and quick website building

Directory Websites-Everything You Need to Know

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We are the WordPress directory theme Originals, The Masters, if you will. We know how directory websites work, what doesn’t work, and what should be working (we have quite the experience).

Sharing all the tips, tricks and secrets to help you with your directory or listings website is what we do best. From small to large, city to multi-city, to real estate to unique and new directories; We are here to help. 

So let’s talk directory.

Starting with the 3Ws and 1H Questions of Directory Websites.

4 Questions of Directory Websites:

  • What
  • Why
  • Where 
  • How 

WHAT is a Directory website?

Directories are website listings that are gathered into one platform. Directory owners allow other businesses to present or advertise their website on this specific platform.

Many have been reviewed and only allow certain websites to be presented. This gives an easy way to gather quick information all in one website. Directories can bring results for specified areas and searches depending on the topic, niche, or filter.

This can be a lucrative business if managed correctly, because businesses and companies will strive to be placed on your website.

Directories are also known as:

  • Web Directory
  • Search Directories
  • Listings
  • Link Directory

WHY a Directory Website?

Directories are a great way to make money.

As mentioned before, this can be a lucrative and passive way to make more income. Directories come with many ways to enhance monetization for your website, there are many ways to help with that (which we explain in detail)

People always need to find something.

Basically, and people use the internet to do just that. Finding and searching through blogs and suggestions aren’t the most efficient (unless you’re looking through our blogs)

Directories make looking for a certain topic easy, you can narrow down searches with filters and advanced searches

Directories target large groups of keywords.

Users utilize search engines to look for large group of keywords they are more likely to find your directory. This is due to the high volume of number of specific keywords given for the industry. As long as the links are kept updated and lead to respectable websites, Google will not penalize directory websites.

Many ready-made themes and templates (get to that later) have SEO optimized features already included, so you don’t have to worry about personally researching what that even means.

Directories will always be needed for old or new industries.

Whether you are wanting to start a directory with popular types of listings such as:

  • Real Estate Directories
  • Events and Festival Directories
  • Multi-City Directories
  • Job Directories
  • Restaurant/Food Directories
  • Hotel/Short Term Rental Directories

Or starting a unique or new type of directory, listing websites will always be needed.

WHERE Do I Set Up my Directory Website?

There are many options as to where.

The ways to go when choosing a platform or website builder can be vast. You can choose to outsource, or do it yourself. If you plan to do it yourself then there are options such as: Php scripts, Directory Softwares, and WordPress. Here is a quick Pros and Cons List to help you decide on which platform is right for you.

WordPress is highly suggested for directories because of the many capabilities with themes and plugins available for those who are not familiar with coding. (They also come coder friendly)

But many ask why WordPress?

  1. Most popular (With a Huge Community)
  2. Open sourced which means more options
  3. High customization
  4. Can handle powerful and complex databases
  5. Great for planning ahead

More information on Why WordPress.

If you have made it this far and are leaning towards the WordPress option (good choice) then the next question leads us to our H:

HOW Do I Set Up My Directory Website with WordPress?

3 Steps:

1. Pick a Domain Name

2. Purchase Domain 

3. Purchase Hosting


1 Step :

1. Purchase Hosting through BlueHost

I know what type of directory website I want, what next?

Next on the to-dos are deciding between a directory theme or directory plugin (both are pretty great) Which one (in our unbiased opinion) is completely up to what you find fits your needs more precisely.t

Themes are great for:

  • Beginners
  • Massive web directories
  • Specific niches and come already catered to that industry
  • Easy to Use and can handle becoming robust

Plugins are great for:

  • Integration into current WordPress website
  • Simple directory features
  • Keeping design and content as is
  • If directory website isn’t the main framework for your website.

We know how it is to try to find the best plugin for your needs so we have a must have checklist to evaluate each plugin or theme you are deciding. Make sure each one includes these features.

Must Have Checklist for Any Directory Plugin or Theme

(1) Front-end submissions: 

This allows businesses to submit their listings to your online directory . You’re also going to want an admin options that allows management of those submissions. Directories are based on this method, people can submit their company, product, service etc. but you need to be able to sort through, delete, add, and even charge submissions (great way to make money).

(2) Google Map Integration: 

Google Maps dominates many industries. It is important, especially for directories, to have the ability to integrate Google Map features for directions, distance, and a visual enhancement for the users. Many directories will come with full page map option and instant search results that show up on the homepage. Excellent for rapid user experience, and modern design.

(3) Administrator Custom Fields: 

This allows for customization of fields on listings, categories, locations and more. Without this the possibilities of your directory go out the window. Adding and removing of custom fields should be a top priority.

(4) Flexible Price Packages:

Packages are an easy way to charge for certain entries to your directory, and choosing how much for certain groups of packages is a great way to keep certain submissions in check. Another way to make money. See details.

(5) Google Analytics Compatible:

Compatibility for this plugin is crucial for reports and understanding your users. Features include real-time number of visitors, trends and statistics, bounce rates and more.

(6) Filter Searches for Users:

The main purpose for directory websites is to find the necessary company, service etc., for the users needs. Using a search system that is advanced and can filter out certain unwanted links is a top benefit of any directory website.

(7) Gallery Options:

Enhancing the experience of the user is given, and most directories include slide show galleries of the products or services. This is a highly recommended feature and can include many variations.

(8) Mobile responsive:

The most beneficial feature of any website now-a-days is being mobile responsive, not just mobile friendly. There are more devices out there than just mobile and desktops so allowing your directory to be completely optimized for any device is key. 

More information on mobile responsive and mobile friendly.

(9) Multilingual Capable:

Oh the possibilities of reach with a multilingual site.Multilingual is another must-have feature and many directory website make it a top priority for their business. Especially if this is a global website with a niche in different countries. More reach = more traffic for your website.

(10) Other Monetization Options:

Other options for making money through your directory website can include, ad banners, charging for specific categories and charging for a featured homepage ad. Many options should be made available in any respectable directory theme or plugin option.

We put the best plugins against out checklist and see how they do, we also make it easier for you to narrow down the options.

Create Wedding Directory Website With The Wedding Directory WordPress Script

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When starting a wedding directory website, there are so many things you should consider.

Afterall, a wedding directory website is a massive website with lots of data to be managed and maintained. Also, a directory website needs more time and efforts for development and designing.

However, with the Location Directory software, you can create wedding directory with WordPress in just minutes. You can follow the steps described below to achieve this:

  1. Aquire domain name and hosting
  2. Download and install the Locations wedding directory theme
  3. Styling your WordPress wedding directory website
  4. Paid listing submissions on your wedding directory website
  5. Promoting and maintaining your directory

Prerequisite for your Wedding directory Website

Before we start with the website building, we need to register the domain name as well as the hosting space.

Register the domain name for your wedding directory websites

A domain is the address of your website. Before you can create and set up a website, you will need a domain name.

It is not something physical thing that you can see or touch. it is a string of characters that give your website an identity. a name, like human and businesses, have their unique name

To have your own registered website name, you will need to register your domain with a domain registrar.

How domain registration Step-by-step process

  1. Think of a good name you want for your wedding Directory.
  2. A domain needs to be unique. Prepare a few variation just in case the domain name is taken by others.
  3. Make a search on one of the registrar’s websites (ie. Godaddy.com)
  4. If your selected domain name is not taken yet you can purchase it instantly.
  5. Pay registration fees. You are now done with the domain registration process.
  6. Now you will need to point your domain name to your web hosting by changing its DNS records.

Register the hosting service for your Wedding WordPress website

Get Hosting

Signup now to get our discount – only $2.95/month.

Templatic Themes fans get a special low price when hosting with Bluehost. Signup and claim this deal.

I recommend Bluehost for your hosting requirements because it is affordable, reliable and has some really nice plans for any kind of website. Moreover, they offer WordPress optimizing hosting for better performance.

  1. Visit Bluehost.
  2. Select a hosting plan that suits your wedding directory need.
  3. After choosing the hosting plan now choose if you have a pre-registered domain or not. If you already have one, you will be required to enter the domain name if you don’t have a registered domain name as I have mentioned previously which you want to link to your hosting.
  4. The next stage is the order summary and sign in to your account and make a payment.
  5. Now you can start building your wedding directory portal.

Proceeding with our WordPress Wedding Directory website

Once your domain is done with propagation process, The time is to install the WordPress framework on your site.

Follow the steps below to install WordPress on your website using Bluehost.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel which you have purchased.
  2. Find the Website section & select Install WordPress.
  3. Click on the Install button.
  4. Choose the domain name on which you want to install WordPress.
  5. If necessary, you can edit your email address, username & password for your new WordPress installation.

Now to create a wedding directory website, you can either choose a web directory builder solution or use a CMS. In this tutorial, I’m going to use a WordPress directory template to create an attractive and feature rich online wedding directory.

Download and install the Locations Directory WordPress Theme

Now is the time to start with the actual website making. We will use the Location Directory Template to create our Wedding Directory.

Trying to design it by yourself can take days or weeks (or months!). But thankfully, we have the pre-designed and fully function WordPress templates to choose from.

To create wedding directory, I’ve chosen the Location Directory software. Alternately, you can check out all the design variations for your WordPress Directory software here.

Once you download the theme you can install it by uploading it to your WordPress Dashboard. (The steps to install the directory software will be available in the theme guide provided with the Locations Directory WordPress template)

After installation is complete, you can verify your copy of the WordPress Directory software by entering your Licence key.

Also, right after your theme is active and verified, you must install the sample data. The sample data makes your website look exactly like our location directory demo.

Style your Wedding WordPress website

80% of your task is done once you have done with the installed process of the theme on your website.But then, no shoe fits all. So now we’ll customize our Wedding Directory.

Replace the site title, logo and footer credits

We’ll use the Location directory software as a Wedding Directory WordPress theme. It allows you to change the branding (logo), Site identity and color of the Wedding directory as per your need. 

The default theme color is pretty much suitable for the wedding directory. But if you want your own specific color and background of the site you can change it from customizer, very easily.

Re-organizing the homepage of your Wedding directory website

Users who visit your website have 3 fundamental questions when they arrive at your website.

  • Am I at the right place?
  • Will I find my required data here?
  • What do I do nowhere?

So, One of your key tasks is to make sure that you do a good job at answering all these questions of your site visitors on each page of your website. The best thing about the Location template is it is capable of satisfying all the needs mentioned above.

The main attraction to make your users stay on your site is your site’s Homepage

This means that you have to make it more attractive and according to the users need. Things to remember while creating your wedding directory homepage are as follows.

  • Assure visitors that they’re in the right place add the relevant images and contents
  • Make it convenient for your directory visitors to find what they’re looking for (clear navigation, search etc on the home page).
  • Make sure visitors know what options are available. (links like ‘View More Listings’, ‘Related products’, ‘Featured Listings’).
  • Put everything on the homepage which becomes the mirror of your whole directory to decide the visitors their action.

Beautiful Menu orientation

Next, you can update the menu of your website by logging in to your WordPress dashboard. You can add posts, listing category, custom links and pages to a  menu using drag and drop functionality. Design your menu wisely, so the user can get to the specific category within few clicks.

Create Wedding directory Categories

The best feature of the directory is where we can access verity of information on one site. To provide the variations and grouping the specific details makes it more meaningful. We need to bind the information in a specific category.

The Locations directory has a widget to display the category with category-specific icons. as shown in the following screenshot. Where all the wedding-specific categories listed. So anyone can find a particular category-specific business listing by clicking on the main category The icons can change to make it more meaningful, It will display on the map as a pinpoint to locate the address of that category on the map

Listing Detail Page for listing specific information

So the detail page is the page where the service provider showcases his business/services information.  The client can check the service detail and make contact with the provider. Even they can share with their contacts, Send inquiry for further detail to the service provider or take a print out of the detail if they need.

The Map on the listing detail page added advantage to find the direction of the listing owner on the same page. The listing detail page of the location Directory software is designed to

Offering Paid Listing submission on your Wedding website template

The directory is a platform that connects the business owners and clients on one platform. The businesses can advertise and promote their service through your website and the visitors can find all the required services listed at one place.

To make money through your Wedding directory you can start providing the paid listing submission. So if your wedding directory website has good traffic, the business owners (caterers, wedding planners, decorators, etc) can pay and have their business listed on your site.

So when a visitor comes to your wedding directory to look for a service, they find them. The business listings can have the contact details that can make it easier for your visitors to reach a business.

Create pricing packages on your wedding directory website

The Location template for the wedding directory has a feature to create all the pricing packages with different rates and conditions. You can specify the number of listings allowed under the package, the validity of each listing, the category under which the listing can be posted, etc.

The guide has an in-depth explanation of how you can create the pricing package for your online directory website.

The pricing packages you create will be displayed on the front end when the visitors try to submit their listing. they can choose their package, and then submit their listing on your website.

Other ways to monetize your Wedding WordPress website

The Site owner can also make money by adding a monetization option to the Wedding WP directory as follows

Featured listing for homepage and category page

The site owner can make money by providing features to add the business listing on the front page as a featured. As well as on category page as a featured for a limited period of time.

Ad banners on your WordPress wedding directory

The site owner can also make money from the affiliate as well as google ad sense. By advertising and promoting the product/services on the directory site.

Claim listings

The listing owner can claim the ownership of their listing on the site. They can submit their claim by clicking on a button in the specific listing detail page. then this claim will be shown to the site administrator in the transactions. The site administrator can decide if he wants to grant the claim or not. After verifying the identity and the authenticity of the claim.

Promoting and maintaining your Wedding WP website

The following are the routines that you must follow for regular maintenance of your WordPress wedding directory.

  1. Managing the comments (replying, marking spam, deleting)
  2. Backup of site
  3. Uptime monitoring

Promoting your website built with Locations Wedding WordPress template

Free  WordPress plugins below can make it easier to promote online WP Directory.
  1. MailChimp. Building a mailing list is a great way to build engagement with visitors and business owners
  2. Use the Google Analytics tool to track your traffic
  3. Use the SEO tools like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO pack
Additionally, The Locations WordPress template comes with a few inbuilt let your visitors share the pages/listings on your websiteSo if a visitor wants to share a listing on the social media, they can do with a button click.

Advertising on local channels

Another way to advertise is using the local channels and resources to make people aware of your directory website. Also, you can tell your business listing owner to promote their pages, share on their social media, etc.

Besides, you can use digital channels like television, or email marketing to promote your website.

Maintaining blogs and keeping people updated on your website.

Check the submitted listings

Check for the recently submitted listings. which will be by default in the draft, verify the listings and publish them

Removing outdated data from your website

  • Delete the outdated listings.
  • Check for dead-links
  • Check for errors on your pages and correct them

Besides, there are many other things that you can do to create your Wedding WordPress directory website. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems, isn’t it?


With the steps mentioned above, you can create amazing wedding Directory website in just minutes. Here, all the visitors can find all the information at one stop.

Your wedding directory website is a portal where the visitors can find the services they are looking for. While the related business gets a platform for advertising your website.

Web directories are massive directories with massive traffic. Even simple ad monetization can work well with it. And once you start your directory website, the opportunities will be unlimited. So are you ready to start your own wedding directory yet?

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10 must have real estate website features to create excellent online property portals

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The evolution of newer technologies and techniques has made it possible for the real estate agents and the brokers to create a website of their own.

Creating real estate websites have become easier than ever and you’ll observe that there are many real estate directories that you will have to compete with. To stand apart from the crowd, you must create a website that is feature rich and convenient to use.

real estate wordpress theme

The Must Have Real Estate Directory Theme

Crafted professionally, by consulting real estate agents, brokers and realtors, the HomeQuest theme is all you need for you real estate website.

Easy to install & use, you have the full control over your site. Get this theme in a fraction of price. Save More, Get More!!

Learn more

Here is a list of all the best real estate website features that you can integrate into your website to impress your users and make your mark. Following are the features that your website should have:

Front end listing submission

Front end listing submission on a real estate website is not a compulsory feature, but it is one of the most popular as well as beneficial. It is one of the best ways to make money through your directory website.

Enabling your front end visitors to post their property listings improves the usability of your website for them. Besides this is one of the features of a real estate website through which you can make money.

Once your website starts gaining enough traffic, you can start allowing front end property submissions. People would want to post their properties on a popular website where their listings will get the deserved attention. And when people want to advertise their property on your website, you can charge the revenue to do so.

Get Hosting

Signup now to get our discount – only $2.95/month.

Templatic Themes fans get a special low price when hosting with Bluehost. Signup and claim this deal.

Another great advantage of using the front end listing submission is that it increases the amount of useful content on your website. Moreover, with more properties, there’s a greater chance for the visitors to find the result they’ve been looking for.

With front end submission enabled, your website becomes useful for the ones who are looking for a platform to advertise their listings too. And then, your audience is not just the one’s who want to search for property, but also the one’s who want to promote their listings and looking for a platform to do so. Here are a few tips on how you can get a potential customer to list on your directory website.

Proper images for each real estate listing

Images speak louder than words. They’re pleasant to eyes, and easy to understand. Adding relevant, optimized and high quality images is always going to benefit you.

Obviously, associated with every property listing, there’s going to be an image of that property. However, you can use multiple images for the same property. How nice it is to show the picture of the property from different dimensions. It helps make your listing more interesting and beautiful.

A good design

Content is undoubtedly the king, but design too is important. An eye catching design helps you gain more visitors and persuades them to stay and explore the options.

It is always nice to have some decorative design for your website, at the same time, it is vital that your website is not over-adorned. The design elements should not over shadow the actual content of your website.

Again, the design of your website must complement the content and the central idea of your website. If you are creating website with CMS like WordPress, you can choose from plenty of themes and go with a design that appeals you the most.

The design of your website should not undermine the most important functionalities of your site. For instance – Always go for a design that focuses on CTA, a design that highlights the buttons, important links and an attractive, efficient menu.

Besides design, there are a few other features that can help you make a killer real estate website.

An easy to search website

All your visitors will come to your website for one clear intent. To search the properties on your website. But when yours is a massive real estate directory website with thousands of different listings on it, finding the relevant property for a user becomes difficult.

The ultimate intention of your website is met when the visitors find what they want. And so we need a system that is easy to  search through. An online property portal should be capable of providing quick, filtered and relevant results based on the user’s search query. For enabling this, you can create a filtered search feature like the one shown in the image below.

The ultimate goal of your website should be that the visitors find relevant results effortlessly. No one likes to waste their time on a website, especially when there are tons of other websites providing you the same service efficiently. So let your website be quick to respond to the user request and efficient to find out the type of results to show to the visitors based on their searches.

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  3. 30+ Best WordPress Directory Themes

Flawless navigation

Navigation includes all the links dispersed over the web-page, CTAs as well as the menu.  For any kind of website, a proper navigation is important. The navigation system of your website should ensure that the visitors are smoothly redirected to the pages of their interest, without having to click different links.

An efficient navigation system includes a beautiful and interactive menu. The menu needs to be very well-organized with the links classified as the main menu titles and the sub-menus. The main menu titles should be carefully picked because they ought to reflect what kind of sub-menus are under them.

Also, when your site is live and you are making changes into your pages, keep a check that all the linked pages redirect properly. We never want to send a valuable user to a “Page not found” page. Also make the best use of the Call to Action section. Use the most efficient text label, attractive colors and screen elements so as to encourage your users to take the action.

Contact the listing owner

A real estate listings directory is all about the properties. The visitors coming to your website will be the people on property hunt. So when they find any property that they are interested in, there should be a way for them to communicate with the owner. For this purpose, we need a contact the listing owner form on the listing page.

This form can be placed in the sidebar region or near the footer, below the listing description. So any person who wants to get in touch with the owner of a property can immediately key in their message and send an inquiry message to the listing owner.

Also, don’t forget to include a solid contact form, with one of these contact form plugins, to make it easy for any visitor to contact the site admin, whatever their concern may be.

Idx listings

Integrating MLS listings into your website using IDX makes your website more feature rich. You can show your visitors a large range of MLS properties on your website using IDX.

With IDX facility, you can show a part of the MLS listing on your website. With the MLS listings on your website, the amount of searchable and usable content increases. It increases the probability of a visitor to find the home.

Also read: What is MLX/IDX for real estate websites?

Listing locations based on Maps

Most of the real estate directories on the internet are now location aware and map based. Maps make it easy for the users to identify the location. Also a map will help them find all the properties of a certain area at once.

There are maps that can help the visitors with navigation and directions. Maps are useful and they make your website look prettier too. Moreover, maps are a convenient way to display address on a website. So using maps for your real estate directory is always a good idea.

Detailed listing

The listings on a real estate website are the main pages through which the visitors can know the details about a property they are interested in. Also, a property owner wishing to sell his property would like to provide more and more detail about it when advertising it.

So you must always ensure that the design you choose for your real estate website allows you to display a very detailed listing.

For instance, below is the screen capture of the listing detail page and it shows all the important details about the property “Level 6 Shredding”. It describes the rent, the area, the address, maps, floor style, etc.

Owner’s info

A complete, useful and verified information about the owner of the listing can be provided to the visitors, in case they want to know. Some visitors are just curious to know about, why the others would like to use the provided information and contact the broker/owner. So, the owner’s information about a listing is important too.

Even though the owner’s information is not as important field as a property image or a property description, but it surely adds value to a property listings.

If you don’t wish to highlight owner’s information, you can keep the prominent areas on your page for important elements and place the owner’s information near footer.


All of the features we’ve talked above are not compulsory, but if you pay attention to them, they can be very beneficial for your website.

Besides them, many other factors like the quality of content you publish on your website, the scope or the area the listings cover, the SEO, the competition, etc play their role in the success of your online real estate dealing website.

Additionally, there are various WordPress plugins that can help you improve the overall performance of your WordPress based website.

Creating and managing such website takes in lot of hardwork, dedication and persistence. With the changing time and situations, you might need to change the things. Experience tells better!! And you can make changes and modifications as your website keeps performing better!

PS: The screenshots are from our real estate directory theme – Homequest!

How To Create An Events Website like Eventbrite?

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If you are thinking to create an events portal, but confused what to do and when to start, this is the perfect place to begin with.

Creating an events portal, or a website like EventBrite is a good idea because your website will act as a two ways event directory platform.

The visitors can browse for the events on your site, buy tickets/register, while the event organizers can submit their events on your site. And therefore, your events directory website acts as a central application for both the event organizers as well as event goers.

In this article, we have listed step by step procedure to create an events portal like EventBrite, where you can sell the tickets as well as let the front end visitors register and submit their events by paying a fee.

Even if you don’t want to follow the exact procedure, or don’t want to use the tools mentioned in this guide, you can still get a lot of information about how to get a quick start on your events website.

So lets get started right away:

What is Eventbrite? How does Eventbrite work?

Eventbrite is one of the most popular events website, that allows visitors to browse as well as submit events, buy as well as sell events tickets.

It is an events portal, or an events directory website, where people can search for events, and events organizers can promote events and sell tickets.

The platform, therefore, works two ways:

As events directory for the visitors looking for local events

And as a promotional platform for event owners, who can attract the audience looking for events.

This website works exactly like online directories. The listings are in form of Events. Organizers and Event management companies register and publish a listing for their event on Eventbrite. They can post their events under different categories like musical events, entertainment, educational events, business events, etc.

The visitors looking for local events will look under the categories of their interest to find the events. They can register for the event, and buy the tickets if available online.

The event organizers, in turn can share the event listing page on their social media, with friends who want to know the details of the events. Each event listing page therefore serves as an individual website for the event that displays all the important information about the event.

How can a website like EventBrite be a form of online business?

Eventbrite is one of the most popular directories among the event organizers to promote their events and sell event tickets.

You can too create a local version of such an event portal using the Eventum WordPress theme. This website can help you make money by being the middle ground between event organizers and even goers.

There are several ways you can make money through an event website:

  • By allowing paid event listing submissions to the event organizers
  • You can even create a membership environment where exclusive information is protected for paid access.
  • By allowing the sale of event tickets and through commissions on ticket sales.
  • Create an eCommerce store for the event goers as well as organizers for related products. For example: event props, merchandise shop, banners & posters, etc.
  • Or use the simplest way to make money through a website, by displaying Advertisement banners.
  • Use an advertisement network like Google Adsense to display targeted advertisements and make money based on the click through.

You can even use the traffic of your website to run exclusive offers, promote new business or services, or for sharing your content through blogs. Ultimately there can be a number of different ways through which you can use your event website.

Initially, your events portal may not get the desired number of listing submissions. You can use different features then to populate your website with event listings. Tools like import Facebook events and allowing free listing submission cam help you set your website with content.

Eventually, with proper promotions, when your website starts gaining enough traffic you can stay crafting packages for paid submission and even stay using other methods to make money through your events website.

Here an important point to know is that any kind of website, whether it is on an event portal, a directory website, an eCommerce website, a business website or a personal or professional blog site, takes time to bring the best results. Consistency is the key. When it comes to website building there’s no miraculous results. Only persistent efforts can help you achieve your objective with your website.

Another fact is that your website even needs constant maintenance for keeping up the good results. The Internet is the best place for a business setup because it eradicates the local boundaries and opens up doors for many opportunities that you won’t find locally. But this also means that the competition will be intense. I’d you don’t keep up with the current trends, there are going to be a lot of competitors to take you down.

Essential features top create a website like EventBrite:

User Registration:

The users here are generally event manners and organizers who are looking for a platform to promote their events. So your website will need a user registration and management system through which these event owners can easily register and use their account to make event listing submission on your website.

Event submission form:

You will need a complete and fully functional even submission form where the event owners can fill in the event details and submit their events. The form shown here is what you get with the Eventum WordPress theme. It is customizable so you are free to add or remove the details as and when required.

Account management:

For flexibility, the basic feature you need is to allow the event authors the freedom to update their event listings anytime they want. For example: the Eventum WordPress theme allows the registered users top log in to their account and check their submitted listings and edit them.

Event tickets:

A complete event portal will generally allow the sales of event tickets too. Sip three event owners can not just prompt their events but also sell their tickets to the interested event goers. And the visitors looking for the events can not just find the events they might be interested in but also RSVP and buy the tickets.

Payment processing:

A safe, secure and widely popular payment processing system helps the visitors easily pay for the event tickets and the organizers can easily pay for the event submission or the membership package.

Cancellation and refund:

Along with proper payment processing systems, make sure your event website also ensures proper cancellation and refunds processing. Also, all the rules and conditions for the cancellation and refund should be clearly stated to avoid any dispute at a later stage.

Contact form:

A contract form can play a central role in helping youth find and fix the issues that may hinder the popularity and growth of your website. Listen to what the contract form messages bring to you.

Proper categorization and filters:

This feature helps the visits on your website find the events of their choice easily. Categorization even helps you keep your listing organized. Also search and filter facilities make sure that the visors are served with the results that are most meaningful to them.

How to create an events website with WordPress?

In previous section we discussed how WordPress is ideal for creating an events website, now we will see how you can create such a website with WordPress.

With a WordPress theme, you can easily create, manage, maintain and update your website whenever required, without technical assistance.

WordPress themes for Events website – which will serve you as the most important tool to quickly build your website, are available in different designs and with different features.

In this tutorial, I will use the WordPress Eventum theme, to create an events directory (or you can call it an events portal).

The following are the simple steps to build your events website:

Get a Domain and Hosting

To start with any website, you need a domain name as well as a host. Of Course there are website builders, that lets you build a website without looking for hosting. You can use such website builders if you are looking for quick solution for creating your events website and don’t care about the extensible and flexibility.

Choosing a reliable host on your own isn’t that difficult. We recommend using Bluehost for your WordPress events websites. Bluehost is reliable, has a great pricing structure and gives you the best up time.

Here is a complete guide on how to choose a domain name and a host for your WordPress website.

Choose a WordPress events theme

Eventum WordPress Theme

As mentioned earlier, there are a lots of WordPress events themes you can choose from. Here is a list of WordPress Events themes to choose from.

The themes for creating events website in WordPress come with different designs and features. While some are basic themes with an event calendar to display events, some are events directory themes to create an event listing website like EventBrite.

To choose an ideal theme for your WordPress, you have to consider the following

  • Type of design you want (dark, modern, minimal, etc.)
  • The features you need in your site
  • Customization of the theme and the customization flexibility you need

While some themes are simple, and come with very basic features to display events on your WordPress website, there are complex themes too. You can choose a theme that has all the features you need, and the flexibility you are looking for.

If you are looking for a simpler alternative, you can settle for a basic WordPress events theme instead.

Get started with the setup

When you buy a premium WordPress theme, it should come with good documentation on how you can use the theme to create a website of your imagination.

The theme guide typically covers everything starting from the theme installation and setup, to how to use the theme features, customize it and use it with the available settings and options.

However, here are a few steps you should follow to get started with your WordPress website:

Installing WordPress & Events theme/plugins

With hosting already acquired, and the theme zip file downloaded, you are now ready to go. Most of the hosting companies (Bluehost included) come with an option to choose the technology you want to use to build your website.

WordPress being one of the most popular website building tools, is available with almost every hosting company. So all you have to do here, is choose WordPress to build your website, and it will be automatically installed for you.

Another way, is by accessing the control panel, and manually uploading the WordPress package, and theme files to get started. But you won’t have to do that with Bluehost as well as The Eventum Theme for Events website.

Just choose to install WordPress at your hosting panel, and then navigate to Appearance ⇒ Theme, and choose to upload a new theme. This is where you can upload the theme zip file you downloaded from the provider.

The Eventum theme comes with an easy install package – so you don’t have to care about installing individual components of your website.

With just a single upload and install, your WordPress will be configured with the theme & required plugins installed and activated.

The sample data

WordPress is website making made easier. Almost every premium event theme, will come with sample data to populate your website with temporary content.

This sample data is nothing but a package of example data – event listings with location & timings, images, widgets in widget areas, sample categories & blogs, etc.

When you finish installing your theme, you will be asked if you want to install the sample data. At this stage, your website won’t look like the theme demo yet. With the sample data installed, it will.

With the sample data installed, your website will start looking like a fully functional events website. Now all you need to do is to replace the example content with your original data and re-configuring it a bit.

Customize & Setup

A WordPress theme is pre designed and pre configured to perform in a specific way. But they are also crafted in a way to make sure that this does not limit your scope to create a website you imagine to have.

The WordPress themes are customizable. While the free and basic themes have a limited customization options, there are a few themes that come with so many customization options.

The Eventum theme also has many customization options to let you make your website look and behave the way you want.

The customization options and method to customize is different for each theme. However, your respective theme guides can help you with the customization of your website.

Eventum theme comes with easy customization options, a theme documentation with clear instructions on how to customize the theme, and supports the page builder by WP bakery for drag and drop page building if you want to create pages with drag and drop options.

What to customize?

  • Branding: Updating the logo, favicon, site title
  • Header: grabs most of the user attention, customize it for your offers, services, etc.
  • Website colors & fonts
  • Creating and setting up menus
  • Set background
  • Create all the pages you want, and make sure that they are linked through your menu, buttons, or links
  • Homepage management to make sure that it reflects the content of your site
  • Manage the footer with important link and company information

All the above mentioned customization suggestions are optional. You can customize your website based on your requirements as well as depending on the customization possibilities allowed by your theme.

Starting with Events on your website

You can customize your site, and manage the pages to create a website you want. Now is the time to start with event listings on your website.

Create events categories

creating events categories

The events on your website will be divided among different categories and locations. While you will be able to add the locations for your events for individual listings, or use the location management settings (with the eventum WordPress theme), you will need to add event categories before you start.

The event categories can be created in a hierarchical format by creating main event category and sub-categories. The events categories can be: educational events, tech events, science events, entertainment events, music events, dance parties, etc.

So before submitting the events, the visitors can choose the categories they want to make the submission to. The Eventum theme lets you create different fields for different event categories, and also allows you to put different prices for different event categories.

You can also create Events tags that will make your events easier to find.

Customize the events form (optional)

If your theme supports front end events submission, your website will have an event submission form, to let the visitors submit events on your website.

This events submission form will come with all the event fields that will be displayed on the event listing page.

Eventum theme lets you customize these fields using the custom fields settings. You can even set different fields based on the events categories.

So you can easily create a custom field for your events, or for an event category. For example: You want a new field that is a radio button for a field called “dress code”. The answer can be yes or no.

Therefore, you have the full flexibility of choosing what event information is to be shown on your events portal.

Set the location widget on the homepage

Adding events calendar to your events website

One more important customization is setting up the homepage. Your homepage should be configured to show all the snippets of information contained on your website.

The homepage can be customized by

Set the pricing for event submission

If you are running an events portal or an EventBrite clone website, and allow front end submission of events, you will need to create pricing packages.

You can create different packages for submitting events. In each package, the main criterion you can specify is the number of events, the price, the validity of event listing, etc.

The package can also be configured to be shown only for specific events categories. For example: If you allow free submission of upto 1 event on any category except for music events, you can create a submission package, that won’t allow you to submit for music events.

Creating and managing submission packages with Eventum theme is really easy. You just have to fill up the form and make it work the way you want.

The pricing package you create will be shown to those trying to submit events on your site. They can choose the package as per their requirements and proceed to submit the events by filling up the event submission form.

The Eventum theme even comes with inbuilt payment collection options to let you accept payments through your website.

Events website management & maintenance

The  one’s we discussed in previous sections are the main tasks for setting up your events website. However, there can be less or more depending on what kind of website you are trying to build.

With a WordPress theme for Events like the Eventum theme, you get the best features running out of the box. The thing you need to do is to reconfigure them as per your requirements. And the theme documentation has the information on how to set your site up.

Besides the tasks mentioned in this post about WordPress website maintenance, you need to make sure that your website is always updated with the latest content and old content is removed.

Are you ready to start with your events website?

With the available tools and technologies, creating your own events website is not difficult. Even if you have never created a website before, you can use the platforms like WordPress to create and maintain an events portal of your own.

No need to hire programmers or experts to take care of your site. Be the manager and controller of your own site and make it work exactly how you want it to.

Know more about Eventum WordPress Theme

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Best Directory Software with 20 Top Features Chart

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One of the important factors for a successful directory website is knowing the best features to manage and maintain the website, properly.

If you are looking into WordPress, it’s another research battle to find out what exactly you’re paying for.

Many companies display truthful information technically, but fail to mention the transparency of those features (will you receive them for a higher price or is that a baseline feature)

That’s where we come into play. We have narrowed down all the information you will need to know to decide on top directory platform.

This includes what you should look for in a respectable directory software,  with a comparative graph of the top contenders (so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting)

First things first, for those that don’t know:

What is a directory website?

Directory sites are a database of other websites and categorized links for a specific industry to be searched. They can also be referred to as listing websites or search directories.

Some of the most famous directories include Yelp, AirBnB, Craiglist and more. Chances are you have used a directory website in some way (if you have used the internet at all)

These can be used for a variety of specific needs from finding a lawyer, real estate searches, finding a retail store for your favorite product to finding a pet to adopt.

Directory websites can be a great way to get money, especially if they are managed correctly and meet the users needs.

Which Platform for Your Directory?

There are many ways to go about creating a directory website. Directory scripts, Software with Hosting, and Ready- Made Themes and Plugins.

Scripts: These are useful pre-packaged directory websites that can be used on your own server.

Software or SaaS (Software as a Service): The all combined 1-stop shop for directory websites. This is a service in which you receive the hosting included in the package price.

The software is pre-programmed and are usually monthly subscriptions (most convenient option for beginners).

Ready-Made Themes and Plugins: Excellent ready-made themes that will include certain features, but you will be responsible for getting your own hosting. You will also need to get your own preferred plugins.

(which is great if you want to completely customize and rather have a specific hosting platform)

For more information on the different types and finding which one is right for you, you can check out Choosing the Best Directory Platform

We are going to go over the Best Directory Software in this article with a comparative feature chart

A Few Things to Look for in a Great Directory Platform:

  • Customization on listings
  • Location based searches
  • SEO optimization
  • Monetization options
  • Social media integration
  • Payments (1-time, recurring, reports)

Questions to Keep in Mind on Your Search:

  • Will you need an app?
  • Are you wanting to record analytics?
  • How much support will you need?
  • Do you need blogging and other content integration?

The Top Directory Software:

Templatic Directory Software:

The Directory Software by Templatic is one of the best in the game right now, even though it is one of the less known.

All the features included in the software are designed to make your life easier, and to make it customization to your niche, including SEO optimizing, Google Maps, and email templates.

One of the most embraced feature is the multilingual capabilities, which can easily convert into a RTL language, showing dedication to ensuring the reach of multiple people.

Other platforms only have this as a manual change or an add-on, which shows the high priority of diversity Templatic has for your website (slight brag)

Templatic's Directory Software
Directory Software by Templatic


eDirectory has one of the most versatile platforms, this includes email notifications, and apps for mobile phones, with great support.

With the dedicated support, they also offer php script.

You can generate revenue other ways with banner ads. eDirectory is ‘SEO awesome’ with multi-site and member management.

They provide extensive detail into the features on their website which give off a complete transparency to what is provided.

eDirectory Homepage

Brilliant Directories:

One of the most popular ‘turn-key’ platforms claimed to be easy to customize and have fully integrated add-ons.

This includes email notifications, publishing content, professional design, and top-rating for Google. Of course they have themes for specific fields, and includes different listing websites.

This also includes hosting with the Brilliant Directories cloud hosting with troubleshooting, and security integrated standards

Brilliant Directories
Brilliant Directories

360 Directories:

360 Directories is a complete stand-alone directory software for specific industries, including media directories, local, and membership websites.

A few of the community websites it is suggested for is community centers, chambers, bureaus, and city websites.

360 also includes social media integration, buying ads online, community event calendars and billing reports.

The only thing is requesting for prices, and with a start rate that’s on the higher-end it may not be worth the trouble.

360 Directories

Now for the most important part (drum roll please)

Top Directory Software Features-Comparative Chart:

Feature Templatic Directory Software eDirectory Brilliant Directories 360 Directories
Hosting Yes Yes through eDirectory Yes through Brilliant Directories Yes
User Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coupon Options Yes Yes No With Business/Members
Business Listings Yes Yes Yes With Consumers
SEO Optimized Yes Yes Yes With Business/Members
Email Templates Yes Yes Yes With Consumers
App Builder Yes With

Enterprise Plan

Yes No
Recurring Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Manager Yes Yes Yes With Business/Members
Listing Statistics Yes Yes Yes With Business/Members
Events Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-In Blog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Responsive Yes Yes Yes With Consumers
Speed Optimized Yes Yes Yes No
RTL Compatible Yes Manually No No
Multilingual Yes Manually No No
Facebook Events Importer With Gold Plan No No No
SSL Certificate Yes With Enterprise Plan No No
Transaction Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Maps Yes Yes Yes No
Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $79/Month: Silver Plan $99/Month: Professional $145/Month: Monthly Plan $150/Month: Licenses Start
$179/Month: Gold Plan $199/Month: Enterprise $950/Year: Yearly Plan Business / Members: Available Upon Request
$299/Month: Platinum Plan $1,499 One-Time: Enterprise Source License

$1450 One-Time: 


Consumers: Available Upon Request

This chart shows the Top Features suggested to look for in a Directory Software, and is listed by cheapest to most expensive according to the base line plan.

(Answers concluded with no add-ons or further purchases of features. Based on the information gathered from the companies website.)

Pricing Compared



eDirectory Pricing

Brilliant Directories

360 Directories: Request Information


Final Thoughts:

Continue to research the best option for you. Directory website can be a beneficial way to make a little extra cash, and managing it is crucial.

These are a few of the top directory software, but there are other ways to get the website you are looking for. Remember to always check to be sure you know what you’re getting. It will save you time and money.

Further Reading:

How To Create A City Directory Website With GeoPlaces WordPress Theme?

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Thanks to the modern technologies that we can affirm that creating a directory website isn’t a difficult deal.

There are different platforms and website builders that you can use to create your city directory. Multitude of tools make building and managing city directory websites easier and effortless for even people with zero technological knowledge.

One of the easiest way to create your city directory website is by using WordPress. Even though it is a CMS, WordPress is free, opensource and best for beginners as it is easy to use.

And the best thing about WordPress is the availability of hundreds of beautiful, feature rich themes to create your website. Even for a city directory WordPress website, there are different themes you can choose from.

In this article, we will see step by step procedure on how to create a city directory website with WordPress.

The Simple steps to Create a City Directory

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create websites. It can be used to create different types of website very easily.

  1. Obtain the theme
  2. Get the domain and hosting
  3. Setup your website with WordPress
  4. Setting up menus
  5. Creating categories
  6. Creating & updating pages
  7. Updating images & customize website
  8. Create pricing packages
  9. Setup payment processing
  10. Check user registration, add & manage user roles
  11. Make sure that the Front end submission is working properly

Obtain the theme

If we are using WordPress for creating a city directory website, you will need a WordPress theme. The city directory WordPress GeoPlaces theme has all the features to create a city directory website.

Actually, it can work in single city as well as multi-city modes, so you can use it to create a city directory for multiple cities at once.

The GeoPlaces WordPress theme is elegantly designed, clutter-free with thoughtful placement of screen elements for maximum visitor attention.

It supports Google Maps – to let you create a location based WordPress city directory website easily.

This WordPress theme comes with inbuilt listing types – Places for different categories of places in the city like Museums, hospitals, Hotels, Amusement Parks, Auditoriums, etc. and Events, for event listings.

Also included, is a front end listing submission form, with a fully functional front end submission system with payment processing to accept sponsored listings on your website.

With the available options, you can easily create payment packages to display before the submission form. So the visitors can choose the pricing option that fits them the best and pay & post their business listing on your website.

There are many other beautiful features the theme comes with.

View Full features of GeoPlaces5

Get the domain and hosting

The WordPress theme is almost like a ready to use website design that you can use right away. But you will need a domain name and host to publish your website.

The domain name represents the name/address of your website. It is infact your website’s permanent identity on the internet. Whereas the hosting space is the server space, you have to rent, to get your website online. The hosting space is where the components of your website are uploaded.

Now, getting a domain name and hosting isn’t difficult at all. You just sign up, choose the domain name and hosting package and choose to buy them by making the payment. Just like you do on eCommerce websites.

However, you choosing the best domain name/hosting package for your website, does need some considerations.

This article will help you choose the best domain name and hosting for your website.

Setup your website with WordPress

The theme comes pre-configured with features and a design that can be customized. You can

Getting Started with WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that can be used by technical experts as well as totally non-technical people. It is easy to install and use.

Most of the hosting providers nowadays offer easy WordPress start. You just have to sign up and choose the option to create a website with WordPress.

So with those services, you won’t even need to install and setup WordPress and get started in just minutes.

Installing the WordPress Theme

Once you have your platform(WordPress) ready, you can get started with the WordPress theme install. A WordPress theme is much like a ready to use website, with lot of example data.

All you are supposed to do is to edit the example data and personalize it as per your requirements. 

Setting up menus

Menu is one of the most important parts of your directory website. Since online directories generally have multiple pages and important links where a user might want to go, there should be a swift way of navigating there.

Setting up menus is simple with WordPress and the City directory theme. The theme documentation comes with step by step description on how you can setup the menu.

Well, the technical part is not difficult, but the question is – what to put on your menu, and deciding the menu hierarchy.

For that, I recommend the old traditional way. Take a notepad and pen, and jot down all the important pages that you want your menu to display. Make sure it includes every single page so as not to leave an unlinked, orphan page.

Once you have the list of what your menu should consist, you can break it down in top and subsidiary links. For your reference, you can have a look at the other directory websites and see what you can learn from them.

Creating effective menus help your visitors easily jump to the page they need and reduce the exit rates on homepage.

Creating categories

A directory website can be a lot confusing with hundreds of listings on it. The categories are what makes them organized.

The categories of listings can be any, based on the subject of your city directory. The GeoPlaces directory theme allows you to create categories in hierarchical form. There can be a parent category, and it’s child.

For example – In your website you have a category called “Restaurants”, and the subcategories can be “Vegetarian restaurants”, “Non-vegetarian diners”, “Indian restaurants”, “Italian restaurants”, etc.

These categories will help you keep the listings managed and help visitors find the listings of their interest effortlessly. The only requirement is – creating the categories and subcategories very carefully.

The Geoplaces city directory WordPress theme comes with pre designed categories pages. These pages will only show the listing pertaining to the selected categories. Which facilitates browsing the directory for the visitors.

You can create as many categories as you want and a ready to go category page will be directly created for you with the Geoplaces directory. To make your directory website more effective, you can create textual or graphical links for the important categories and display them on the homepage of your city directory.

Creating & updating pages

You can create as many pages with your WordPress website as you wish. The GeoPlaces comes with some pre-designed, ready to go pages with customization possibilities.

One of the advantages of using the professionally designed themes like GeoPlaces is that you get the main pages ready. And the main pages on your city directory theme are – homepage, Listing category page, listing detail page, etc.

Homepage- Should be intuitive, well-designed with great navigation and graphics

Listing Category page – A Page where all the listings of the said categories are displayed.

Listing detail page – The main element of your city directory. A page to represent a business on your directory website.

However, there are other pages like contact page, about page, etc, that come predesigned. And the ones that you want to create on your own, you can create using the WordPress page options.

Also make sure that the pages have proper titles, designs and are optimized for SEO. Using SEO tools like Yoast SEO lets you easily know the basics of on-page SEO and even manage it beautifully.

Updating images & customize website

Images add more meaning to your content. People will not always find time to read your meaningful and useful content, but they will certainly find it interesting to peek at the images on your pages.

Also, images can deliver a lot. For example: You can use a custom graphic to depict how the directory submissions work. It makes it easier for the visitors to understand the processes.

You must also insist your listing owners submitting their listings from the front end to make sure that they use optimized, high quality & useful images into the listing.

We do recommend using many images on your website. But you should also see that it doesn’t slow down your site. To optimize the images on your website, you can use one of the image optimizers. Because too many images on your website can dangerously slow it down and adversely impact the speed and performance of your directory.

Create pricing packages

City directories are a great tool for making money online. However, you can make the most of it by properly phrasing the pricing packages.

With the GeoPlaces WordPress theme for creating online city directory websites, you can easily create pricing packages of your choice. There is a simple form with pricing fields you can set value for.

You can name the package, set it’s duration, set the number of listings allowed under the package, and many other details. Create as many packages as you want. You can even create category specific packages, and also set different prices for different categories. 4

This way you can charge more for popular categories and offer some categories at a lower price.

The theme gives you a total flexibility in creating different and unique pricing packages. It is upto you to utilize it properly and create profitable packages that also look not just affordable, but appealing to your visitors.

Check user registration, add & manage user roles

A directory website is a user based website. On your city directory, you will need registration facility for the visitors who would want to submit their listings.

You don’t have to worry about the process for registration, because GeoPlaces theme comes with a functional registration form. With a simple setting option, you can even decide the default role for a newly registered user.

As an admin, you can even add users and manage them easily through the user options of WordPress. You can add a new user, or remove the already existing user, update the user details, or change the role easily.

What you have to ensure here is that the registration button is not missing on the homepage, if you make major design changes to the existing template of the Geoplaces theme.

Make sure that the Front end submission is working properly

Geoplaces city directory theme comes with a flawless front end submission function. But you can manage it on your own.

Below listed are a few tasks related to the front end submission system on your website:

  • The “submit listing” or the “add new listing” button is displayed clearly on the homepage
  • User registration before submission works properly
  • The submission orm is customized as per your requirements
  • Set the default status of the submitted listings
  • Keep checking or the new listing submitted using the front end submission form
  • See that the expired listings are removed
  • Check that proper listing categories are selected

If necessary, you can also create a video, or a text document/page to explain the whole process of front end submission or the new users. This typically consists of registration, choosing the payment package, submitting the listing, etc.

Such documentation/video will help the people who want to submit the listing on your website but are a little confused about the process.

Wrapping up

Creating and maintaining directory websites is a combination o many small and big tasks that add up to a beautiful city directory site. It will take a series of articles on how you can create and manage the directory site, which we are planning on launching soon.

However, in this article – I have tried to cover the most important tasks o your directory website. The points mentioned in this article are not just important but are the building blocks consisting o the main features of your site.

Further reading:

Beginners’ Guide To SEO Optimize Your City Directory Built With GeoPlaces.

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Even though this guide is especially written to SEO Optimize Your City Directory built with GeoPlaces or any other WordPress themes, these are the beginners tips for optimizing almost any kind of WordPress websites.

You want to start your website, but you are not yet ready to invest for SEO, or don’t have enough time to learn it. Than here are some of the basic things, you can do – to make your site better.

Note that, this guide is for absolute beginners. To help them know what can actually make a difference in their SEO rankings.  You can browse the internet and follow the SEO experts for advanced SEO optimization of your website. In this article, I have mentioned the very basic facts that can help make your directory website SEO frienly.

Optimize the images on your website

Images make your website beautiful, but they also add extra load to your site. If you use optimized images on your website, it can make your site much slower.

Optimized images make your website much better. Because to remove/reduce images on your website is never a good idea. Images add meaning to your content, are easy to process by the visitors, etc. Therefore, you must use – multiple, meaningful and optimized images on your website.

Thankfully, there are many WordPress plugins that can help you with this. If you already have a website with lot of unoptimized images – you can still use one of these plugins to auto-optimize the existing images on your directory website.

Browse the Image optimization plugins for WordPress 

Keyword optimize your listings (pages)

SEO optimization should be done at page level. You should make sure that each page on your site follows the SEO rules so that it ranks well.

On your directory website, you will have a lot of content in form of the listings, and than you will also have the static pages – service description pages, about page, contact page or any other page you create on your site.

Besides, if you are maintaining blogs – each blog needs to follow the SEO copywriting rules for a better results. Well, how can you optimize each page of your site.

Simple – use one of the WordPress SEO plugins. These SEO plugins operate at page level and helps you with onpage SEO. These plugins can be used by anyone, an author a web designer, etc. , anyone – who is not an SEO expert.

Browse all the WordPress SEO plugins

We use the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin & recommend you to use it for optimizing your pages & listings on your directory website.

Speed optimize

A website is better when it is faster. The pages that the visitors want to access on your website should load quickly. This helps the user experience and ultimately, Google ranks.

The speed of your website can be affected by many different factors and a slow website is the easiest & quickest way to disappoint your visitors.

Any visitor – would love your website even more if he reaches the listing of his interest without having to wait, quick and easy. Therefore, specially pay attention to your page load times. Google Page speed insights can help you detect speed problems on your site.

Work on user experience

At the end of the day, what matters the most is the user experience!

If the users on your website find your site interesting to browse, informative and beautiful enough – they will spend more time on your site and even come back again.

And the search engine will detect the user experience based on many factors – lower exit rates, reduced bounce rates, speed of your site, etc.

Now, the user experience does not just depend on a single factor. Therefore – it is a combined result of many qualities like a smooth navigation, strategic placement of the content elements, search and filter options, quick access buttons, etc.

Link building

When different websites recommend you, (or one of your site pages/blog) Google considers it as a positive sign to rank you better. This is why link building is such an important part of any SEO campaign.

However, while building links for your website, keep in mind that Google considers “value of the link”, rather than the “quantity” of the links. Which clearly means, more is not better when it comes to backlinks.

There are many ways to build link. It a deep and wide subject to discuss. For now, it’s important for you to know that some backlinks from good websites can help you a lot to improve your search engine positions.

At initial stage, you can reach out some websites with good SEO and ask them if they are willing to link back to your site. Or there are many other ways – Guest posting, email outreach, etc.

Here is a very useful guide on Link-building you should follow.

Responsive & mobile friendly

Do you like a website that won’t look good and perform well in mobile devices?

No one does. Google, especially, likes websites that are responsive and has a good mobile view.

Modern websites must be designed for modern audience that like to use the internet through mobile devices in their busy lifestyles. Therefore, you must take care of the responsiveness of your directory website.

Also, websites that don’t look great on mobile devices, means increased bounce & exit rates. This will make a bad impression on Google and risk your ranks.

Use blogs for content marketing

Blogs on your directory websites are more important than they seem to you. There are multiple advantages of maintaining blogs on your website.

They are also a source of fresh, new & relevant content on your website, which surely helps the ranks of your site. Besides, it is a wonderful way to keep your visitors engaged. Through blogs you can write about different subjects concerning your directory niche, can promote a brand, can convey a message to the readers, etc.

Using the blogs you can also run content marketing campaigns to target a specific market with relevant keywords. This is one of the easiest way to build the authority of your website in your domain area..

Google Analytics

There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to analyse and optimize your website for SEO. Google Analytics is one such tool from Google itself, that helps you track the numbers associated with your website.

It provides you with actual statistics on the total number of visitors on a given day, or specified period, the performance of individual pages of your website, reports on the location of your visitors, conversions on your website, etc.

These details can help you frame your future strategies. The insights provided by Google Analytics are not only precise but a lot helpful for finding out the source of your traffic, the performance of different pages on your website, the demographics, location and age group of the visitors, etc.

When used all these details properly, you can work on the weaker areas and get an idea on what works the best for you.

Here is a complete article on how to use Google Analytics for your WordPress website. 

Wrap Up

The tips on this page are for the beginners. They are for those directory owners with a new directory website, absolutely busy with website setup and management, having no idea on what to do for SEO.

These basic tips are more like a way to construct your site – so that it’s SEO friendly. And the good thing is – you don’t have to be an SEO expert to follow them.

Just start where you are. You can employ SEO campaigns with advanced optimization techniques in the future, but to start with – these tips will surely help you a lot.

Airbnb WordPress clone template to start online directory in 45 minutes

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Online Directories are a great way of generating passive income. Especially, have a look at the Airbnb website and you’ll be inspired to build an online directory of your own.

Airbnb helps you search for vacation rentals, hotels, etc. The visitors can just search for the available accommodation for their vacation using their search facility.

The good news is: You can create such website on your own using this Airbnb WordPress Clone template. Without paying huge fees to designers and programmers to get your website created.

In this article, I’ll show you the exact steps that you can follow to create a Web-based Directory like Airbnb. Let’s get started right away

  1. Decide the niche for your web directory
  2. Domain and hosting
  3. Download and install the Airbnb WordPress Clone script
  4. Customize your website as per your requirements
  5. Start offering listing submissions
  6. Other ways to monetize your Airbnb clone website
  7. Promote and maintain

Decide the subject of your Directory site

Even though Airbnb is limited to vacation homes, rental properties and locations, you directory website can be multipurpose.

The first thing you have to be sure about before you start to build a Directory Website is the niche you want to proceed with. There can be many subjects for your Directory website.

It’s important to decide the subject of your website before getting started. Because that will help you decide many things about your website at a later stage.

For instance – It can help you decide the ideal hosting package. As well as this, it is also essential to know your niche so that you can choose a niche theme, that can make your work easier.

Therefore, take some time out, and reflect on the purpose of your Directory website. Choose the concept of your website and make the rest of the decisions based on it.

Get Domain name and hosting service

A directory website is different for normal websites like business or online portfolio websites. Airbnb style Directory websites are a large website with large data submitted by various users.

Also, the domain name and the hosting are long-term decisions. You can definitely move your WordPress site to a new domain or host, but that’s a little complicated. The better idea is to think about the domain name and hosting thoroughly in the first place.

Register the domain name for your online Directory website

register domain for your airbnb clone

To register the domain, you can rely on popular domain registrars like GoDaddy or BlueHost. Domain name typically represents your website’s permanent address on the internet. So choose it carefully.

When you are decided with the domain name, use the search bars provided by the domain name registrars, and see if they are available.

If the domain name you want is not available, you must try a new one with little variation and try it. When the desired domain name is available, you can check out for it. The details about your domain name will be sent to you by email.

Register the hosting service for your Airbnb style WordPress website

Now that we have our domain name register, let’s hunt for server space.

Thanks to the competition in the field, that secure and efficient hosting is now so affordable. Moreover, we have the  WordPress optimized hosting, that makes things easier.

Generally, I prefer BlueHost for all my hosting requirement. Because it has some great packages for hosting as and they are affordable as well as secure.

Get Hosting

Signup now to get our discount – only $2.95/month.

Templatic Themes fans get a special low price when hosting with Bluehost. Signup and claim this deal.

Installing the Spotfinder Airbnb WordPress Clone template

To create Airbnb Clone WordPress website, we will use the SpotFinder Airbnb Clone Directory software. This WordPress Airbnb theme is designed to let you create amazing Directory websites in minutes.

Using this Airbnb clone Web Directory Script, you can create an all in one directory like Airbnb, or even a niche directory website like a church directory, an events directory website, etc.

The SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress theme comes with all the features that you’ll wish to have on your Directory website.

Customize your Airbnb clone Web Directory Software

airbnb wordpress clone

Now that we’ve chosen the SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template to create our online Directory, it’s time to get started.

To do so, you will have to log in to your hosting account to access your server space. You can log in using the username and password provided by the hosting company.

If you’ve subscribed to WordPress optimized hosting, then you won’t have to install WordPress. And Even if you’ve not subscribed to WP hosting, there are rarely any host that need you to install WordPress manually. Almost every host nowadays, lets you choose WordPress website building with just one click.

So moving on to our next step, we’ll install the SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone script. The procedure is simple. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance and themes.

Here, you can upload the theme and install it. Once the theme is installed, you must enter the activation key that you get on the SpotFinder Directory software download.

Installing the sample data with the SpotFinder Web Directory Script

I highly recommend installing the sample data that you get with the SpotFinder Directory template because it will make your work a lot easier.

Installing the sample data will make your Airbnb clone WordPress website look like the Spotfinder Demo. With this, you have a ready-made website, populated with example listings, categories, and posts.

All you need to do then, is to replace this sample data with original images, posts, and categories.

Replace the logo and site title and footer credits

Once you have your website ready, it’s time now to re-brand it for your business. So, we’ll change the logo, that represents your brand name.

The SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template, lets you upload your desired logo image or enter the text for your brand name. Also, you can choose if you want to display the site’s tagline.

You can also change the footer credits in minutes. While some software charge extra for the footer credit removal, with SpotFinder, you can do so without paying extra.

Changing colors and background

SpotFinder Directory template allows you to set any color or background to your Airbnb WordPress clone website. You can even choose to set an image as the background.

To change the color, you can use the options available at the backend of your website. Therefore, you can make your website look and feel the way you want.

You won’t have to settle for the design and color provided by the SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template.

Re-organizing the homepage of your Airbnb style website as you like

When you are creating your own online business Directory website, everything should be according to you. That’s why SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress Clone template allows you to adjust the appearance of its pages with the widgets and page settings.

Moreover, you can even change the positions of various elements on your screen. Especially for the homepage, you would want to manage the sections and change their order on the page.

Thankfully, the homepage of the SpotFinder Airbnb clone Directory script is fully widgetized. So changing the positions of the elements on your webpage is just a matter of drag and drop.

Also, you can navigate to the page settings section and decide what you want to show on a particular page. For instance- Whether you want to show a map on the category page or not?

Ultimately, you can manage the overall look and feel of your website.

Offering Listing submission on your Airbnb website template

Coming to one of the most important subjects, here we’ll see how you can make money through your Airbnb style Directory website through paid submission feature.

What is the paid submission feature for online directory and how it works?

The paid listing submission is the main feature of a directory website that helps it in two ways:

  1. To increase the number of listings and usable/searchable content on your website
  2. To earn direct income through your online directory

When your website starts gaining enough traction, businesses would want to be listed on your website. That is when you can offer the listing submission.

To offer this, you must first create categories for your listing:

Create all the categories that you want

The SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress Clone directory template lets you create hierarchical categories for your web directory.

You can create as many categories as you want. The Spotfinder Airbnb WordPress clone script also allows you to create category specific pricing packages as well as set the specific price for submitting a listing under the specific category.

Create pricing packages with Airbnb Website Template

The SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template comes with PayPal readily integrated. So you already have a method to accept the payments, now all you need to do is to define payment packages.

To let the visitors submit their listings on your website, you can create all the pricing packages you want. To create price package you should choose a name for it and then specify the price, validity, recurrence, etc.

In short, you can create the price package with all the clauses you want, and show them to your visitors on the listing submission page. The visitor can then choose the type of package they want and proceed with listing submission.

Allow paid/free submission

It depends on you whether you want to offer free submission on your Directory web software. The free submission is useful when your website is new and you are just looking for the business to contribute to the content of your website.

Once there are enough listings, and the traffic and organic visibility of your website are sufficient you can start charging for submission on your website. You can even define the duration for which a listing will be shown for a given price.

Other ways to monetize your Airbnb clone website

Besides the paid listing submissions, there are many ways through which you can monetize your Airbnb WordPress clone website.

Space for Ad banners on your Airbnb wp theme

One of the easiest ways to monetize your WordPress website is by displaying advertisement banners on your website.

Not only for the massive web directories, this tactic even works for simple business websites. You can charge a different amount for advertisement banners on different sections of your website.

You can even use the Google Adsense service to generate some passive income by displaying Google ads on your website.

Adding advertisement banners on your Airbnb WordPress clone website is really easy using the available widget options. All you are supposed to do is to paste the advertisement

Claim listings

Another technique through which you can earn with your Airbnb WordPress clone web directory is through paid claim ownership.

This can happen when a business is already listed on your web directory and the owner of the business wants to claim the ownership of the listing on your website.

The visitor can pay and claim the ownership of the listing, get the admin access to it and add more details about their business.

Website Directory Tool for membership

You can turn your web Directory into a membership website and earn by providing paid access.

Non-members can be allowed access to only a part of your website’s data, and to access more sensitive data, the visitors have to become a paid member.

However, to create such a web directory, your site should have exclusive and very useful data. Then only would the visitors would want to subscribe to the membership plans on your website.

Tell me more about monetization through access management & membership

Promoting and maintaining your Airbnb style WP website

Creating a website is easier, maintaining it is harder…

Once your website is ready and running, you have to make sure that it gets the deserved attention on the internet. For this, you have to use various mediums to promote your website and make it reach more and more people.

Also, to maintain your visitors, and enhance the quality of user experience on your Airbnb Clone WordPress website, you need to make sure that it is updated and errorfree.

First, lets see what you can do to promote your Airbnb style WordPress directory website.

Promoting your website built with SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress template

The SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template comes with a few inbuilt options to let your visitors easily share the pages/listings on your website.

Therefore, if a visitor wants to share a listing with their friends on their social media, they can do so with just a button click.

Advertising on local channels

Another way to advertise is using the local channels and resources to make people aware of your directory website.

For instance, if you have created an Airbnb style directory for your state, then you can use the local newspaper to advertise about it.

Besides, you can use digital channels like television, or email marketing to promote your website.

Optimize your website with SEO

Thankfully, the SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress Clone template is designed to strict SEO standards. So the theme files are SEO friendly and won’t disturb the visibility of your site on the search engine.

Moreover, you can use the SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO pack, etc to enhance the visibility of your website. These plugins will help you with the optimization of the content and pages you add from your side.

Besides, there are a number of articles on the internet for SEO optimizing your website by yourself, or you can use one of these SEO plugins.

Maintenance routines for your airBnb Clone

To maintain your website and make it more useful for your users, you must follow the following maintenance routines:

  • Check the submitted listings and publish them
  • Remove outdated data from your website
  • Delete the outdated listings
  • Check for dead-links
  • Check for errors on your pages and correct them
  • Maintaining blogs and keeping people updated on your website

Besides, there can be many things that you can do to keep your website up-to-date and ensure efficient performance. As you proceed to work on your website, you’ll naturally keep learning about how things work.

There are also a bunch of website maintenance routines for the operational maintenance and optimization of your Airbnb clone websites.

Ready to try this Online Directory Template?

With these steps and the SpotFinder Airbnb WordPress clone template, you can Build Your Own Directory
of your own and start earning passive income.

With the options available at the backend of this WordPress Directory template lets you manage your website with easy options.

Creating Airbnb Clone WordPress website with this directory software can be your next DIY project. No need to involve professional developers and designers. And no need to hire staff to manage your online business.

With the available options, all the control is in your hands. So what are you waiting for? Check out how your Airbnb clone website will look with the SpotFinder Directory template. 

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Creating an Online Contact directory With this Contact Directory Software

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Online Directories are becoming more popular than ever. Because they are easy to maintain websites that can turn out to be very profitable with very little efforts. In this article, we will see how you can create a contact directory software with WordPress.

The Contact directory websites are in the form of an online telephone directory or a staff directory. These directories are similar to the general locations or a business listing websites. The only difference is the fields of the listings.

Generally, it’s difficult to find a niche contact directory template, however, any directory theme based on listings can be used to create a contact directory.

In this article, we will see how you can tweak an ordinary directory template to create a contact directory website.

What is a Contact directory or a people directory?

A contact directory or a people directory is a type of online directory where different contacts are posted. The fields on your people listing can be as per your choice. For example, You can choose if you want a field pertaining to address, a field for fax, etc.

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With flexible directory software, you can choose whatever fields you like for your contact listings. Here are a few examples of general contact directories you can create with WordPress:

Telephone directory:

An online telephone directory is one of the most common types of contact directory software. It typically contains very basic contact details for people of certain social group, or community, people of a city.

Business contact directory:

Similar to a contact directory website but with business people listings. The contacts in a business contact directory are businesses under different categories.

Human resource/Staff directory:

Staff directory typically belongs to a company or an institution. It lists the contacts and other personal details of the employees. It can contain any information that a firm collects from an employee. In fact, such a directory in itself can serve as an employee database.

Besides the ones mentioned here, there can be a number of types of contact directories that you can create. The only pre-requisite for this is to choose a theme that is thoroughly customizable. So that makes it easy for you to add all the fields you want and create a listing of your choice.

Installing and getting started with your contact directory website

The very first choice you’ll need to make while creating a website is to choose a platform to develop your website. We’ll go for a people directory WordPress theme to create our online contact directory. The following are the reasons for preferring WordPress:

  1. Free, open source and very easy to use
  2. Availability of pre-designed and fully functional people directory wp themes
  3. Availability of plugins and add-ons to extend the features of your website.

Therefore, we’ll go for WordPress to create online contact directory software. And we will use the Directory WordPress template as our people directory script to create an online contact directory website.

Create a contact directory software

Next, we need to acquire a domain name and hosting. To subscribe to a domain name (and hosting), you can rely on any of the popular companies. But make sure you conduct enough research before you decide on a service provider. Because even when it is possible to move WordPress site from a domain and host, it is best to avoid it.

Customizing and re-designing your Contact Directory Software

Even though the main customization part is creating the new custom post type and setting up the submission form, here will talk about the basic customizations of our people directory theme.

Because this people template comes with many customization options to create a website of your choice without tweaking a line of code. This people website template can be used by anyone to create a website on their own without technical assistance.

update contact directory software

The following are a few things that you would like to customize on your people directory software website builder

  • Uploading the logo, changing the footer credits
  • Changing the colors and background of your website
  • Designing and organizing the menus on your contact directory website
  • Updating the images and titles of your people directory software

This people directory software is customizable and it provides you with all the options to make your website look and behave the way you want.

Creating categories for contacts/people on your people website script

You’ll not always need categories on your contact directory website. But certain contact directories might need categories for the people listings.

For example – An employee directory website where you list all the employees of an institute or a company. So different department can act as different categories. And the contact of each department can be managed under the specific category in a people script.

Designing the submission form for the contact directory template

Now that we have completed the customization part, we’ll come to the main part of creating an online contact directory software. Here, we will create a custom post type for people listings. This will serve as the post type fo people profiles on your Contact Directory Software.

The Directory WordPress software comes with the feature to let you create custom post types with the fields of your choice easily. So you can create a directory of almost any niche using this theme.

contact directory software

First of all, we will create a custom post type called “Contact” for the contact listing on your online contact directory. Again, the theme guide has an in-depth description of how you can create and use a custom post type.

Create contact post type on your contact directory

Now is the time to design the submission form. first of all, you must decide the fields that you want to be included in your contact listing. I’ll take the fields name, address, blood group, phone number, email address, etc.

Once you are decided with the custom fields to be included, you can use the available options with the theme to create the custom fields. The theme comes with a theme use guide that has detailed steps explained on how you can create custom fields. This makes your task easier.

people listing software

When you save the custom post type and assign it the fields, it will start appearing as one of the post types on your website. You can now create categories for this post types and add content to it from the backend.

Enabling front-end submissions on your contact directory software

Front-end listing submission is generally not required for a contact directory. But just in case you need it, you can easily do so using the Directory software.

The first requirement for creating a contact directory website with a front end submission system is the contact submission form.

Contact directory with front end submission

Allowing front end submission

With the WordPress Directory software, you won’t have to worry about designing your front end submission system.

You can easily generate the listing submission form using the shortcode. All you need to do is to create a new page, name it as you want it, and past the shortcode with the name of your contact listing custom post type.

Contact submission form - Contact directory

Paste the shortcode and preview it to see how your contact submission form will look like. Once the submission form is ready, you can start showing the link to the submission page on your homepage or include it into the menu where it can be found easily.

You can even control how you want your front end submission to be managed. You can choose to directly publish it, or you can choose to hold the front end listings in moderation until you manually verify the submitted details.

Managing your contact directory website

A contact directory is relatively easier to manage as compared to other types of directories.

Removing outdated content/unnecessary plugins

In order to let your website run smoothly and efficiently, you need to get rid of unnecessary elements on your site. These can be in form of extra plugins, or unused pages, etc. Anything that is not contributing to the functioning of your website or providing value to your users can be removed. Because

  • It frees the space on your website’s server
  • Makes space for new useful content
  • It makes your website faster
  • So that your users don’t stumble upon an unnecessary or incorrect page while browsing your website

Updating the contacts as and when required

A contact directory is all about contacts, so you need to keep it updated. There’s absolutely no sense in having a contact directory website with obsolete data. So one of your recurring tasks is to update your contact directory website as and when required.

Fixing bugs and broken links in your contact directory software

Another important maintenance routines include fixing malfunctioning module or part of the website. It is important to resolve the issues before it affects the user experience on your website.

Also, you need to keep a watch on the security aspect of your website. If any suspicious activity is detected, you should take the necessary actions.
Besides, there can be many small and large maintenance tasks like fixing broken links, deleting outdated content, etc.

So are you ready to create your own contact directory?

With these simple steps, your contact directory can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. No need to bother about finding technical experts to get your online contact directory software ready and running.

Also, we’d love to hear from you. If you have suggestions or want to share your opinions regarding contact directories.

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What is Geolocation? – How to Use Location Based Directory Websites

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What is Geolocation:

In short, geolocation is the location of a device, this can be a mobile phone, laptop etc., that is connected to the internet. This is usually dependent on cellular data, and IP address. 

Geolocation allows for the user of the device to reference where they are located in relation to what they are trying to find. You may use this if  allowed Google to use your location. When you open a map or are searching for a restaurant near you it will locate and show you as a pin.

Geolocated features are used a lot more than we think. It is a modern implication that is involved with our day to day lives. Here’s how:

Why Geolocation is Useful

Many reasons for geolocation as mentioned above: finding a restaurant, planning directions to a store, finding location history to see where that Costco you last went to, are all part of our everyday lives. It’s great for tagging on social media to keep users up-to-date, find an adoption center near you, or to find what is going on with the weather.

Other uses include interacting with users/followers online, giving demographic information, track exercise routes, and goal setting apps. It is also used to find elevations, recommendations, video notifications and checkpoints.

Geolocation for Localization

This means you can change content to fit and relate to the users within a certain area. Localization will enhance the experience by enabling relatable content. You can also use it to gain better geographical information for you marketing, and advertising. Being more relatable means more interactions.

Google Maps: Used to enable map-based features to show the user location.

Why is Geolocation a Necessity for Directory Websites

Contemporary directory websites need geolocation for prompt functionality and practical application. Without it, users are forced to manually find there location which makes for getting directions to be a drag. Any modern website enables geolocation for people to find and search near them. Location-based directories are the way to go.

  • Find a nearby ice cream shop
  • Get the exact distance to a house for rent
  • Find specials going on around the concert you just left
  • Determine the best bike routes near the short-term rental you just booked
  • Locate a dog park near you
  • Find the closest hospital 

This is great for multiple cities. You can plan ahead to find events near the hotel you will be staying at. Use geolocation to find the hotel, then find events near that location.

Having a map within your directory website is essential, but take it a step further with geolocated features.

How To Promote Directory Websites?

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Starting with a new Directory website. Then here are a few tips to promote your Directory websites, and make them

Promoting your directory website is necessary because attaining traffic is important. You need both – advertisers willing to submit a listing on your website, as well as directory users that will use your website and interact with it.

Now, we all know that without promoting your website, it’s impossible to get the desired traction. So how will you promote your online directory?

The following are the very basic, and actionable techniques through which you can promote your directory websites:

  1. Paying attention to SEO for organic traffic
  2. Leverage the power of social media for Marketing your WordPress website – SMM
  3. Multimedia advertisements on various platforms
  4. Backlinks and referral traffic
  5. Useful images and relevant content
  6. Email marketing

Whether you are trying to promote your newly built website or trying to garner more traffic for your existing one, the following are the methods that work. Let’s study each of them in detail.

1) SEO and Organic ranking

Nothing better than being ranked as one of the top results for the organic search for your relevant keywords, isn’t it?

For instance, if a visitor is looking for “best b&b in Doncaster” and your web directory appears as one of the top results, means you are already ahead in the competition.


To survive the competition on the Internet which keeps getting tougher each day, you need an SEO optimized website. A good SEO score can be obtained by the combination of various factors. Some of the few are listed below

Always go for an SEO friendly WordPress theme

When looking for a perfect theme for your directory website, we are so busy looking for features and design that sometimes we ignore to check if it is SEO friendly.

You can obviously take care of the SEO of the content you add to your site, but what about the theme files? what if they are not SEO friendly and negatively affect the visibility of your directory website.

Therefore, choosing an SEO friendly theme is as important as choosing the right design(or more so). Here are a few important things about SEO that you must know.


Firstly, SEO is important, in fact, most important as it is directly responsible for the visibility of your site. And secondly, it is the first thing you need to pay attention to while creating your online directory.

SEO is not something you can take care of once the site is ready. So for your WordPress directory websites, you need to make sure that theme you are using is SEO friendly.

Check out our collection of SEO friendly themes.

Integrate the best SEO tools

To make your website more SEO friendly, you have to make sure that the content you add,  the images, and other media are SEO optimized. For this,  you can use the WordPress SEO tools on your site. Thankfully, the availability of WordPress plugins helps you optimize the content as well as other aspects of your site. The following are the most popular WordPress plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress website to help its visibility.

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is available as a free plugin and for advanced SEO service, you can upgrade to the premium version.  The tool guides you with the optimization of the on-stage content on your website. Broken link checker

Broken link checker: As the name suggests this plugin checks all the broken links on your page. It detects the damaged links so that you can fix them.

W3total cache: This plugin intends to make your site faster.  Ultimately, it improves the page speed and enhancing the user experience.

Google keyword planner: This helps you decide the keywords you want to target for your page.  It helps you find out the keyword that has more scope, and the one that can prove to be beneficial for your website.

2) Social Media Marketing

There’s absolutely no need to explain how social media can play an important role in promoting your website. It is the easiest way to reach people at large. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to reach more people without your direct involvement.

Creating shareable articles

Allow the visitors of your website to share the pages of your site with their social circles. The visitors who become your fans and appreciate the content, and consider it share-worthy, can just click a button to share them on their social media.


The ability of social media sharing allows your best article more exposure, and the ability to reach more people. There are a number of social media marketing tools that let you do this. And some advanced theme even comes with such features inbuilt.

Social media pages representing your business

Creating social media profiles for your business website is a way you get on social media. All your visitors/users follow your social media pages to get the latest updates on what’s happening.

However, you have to make sure that you keep it updated with the latest news so that your audience is informed.

Social media marketing tools

You can even use the social media marketing tools to boost the social presence of your website. The following are the best Social Media marketing tools for WordPress.

All in one auto social marketing – Helps to manage and control the social media updates automatically.

WP to Twitter – Name says it all, lets you send tweets from WordPress

OnlyWire – Content posting, social media campaigns, and more.

3) Direct advertising

To convey your message directly to the people, advertising is one of the best ways. Advertising can be in form of written text, image or videos. Paid advertising is a part of promotions that needs some investments.

Advertising on relevant websites

Direct advertisements include advertising on a relevant website. Now, what are the relevant sites, you may wonder.

Relevant sites are the sites directly or indirectly related to your business. For instance: There are so many community forums for fish keeping where you can post your questions. Different fishkeepers, newbies as well as experienced ones, visit such forums to answer the question or search for an answer.

The forums are the best place for the fish-food industries, air pump makers, as well as fish tank manufacturers to advertise their product.

Similarly, a directory website for holiday locations is the best place for the hotels and restaurants to advertise themselves.

Therefore, the ideal sites or platforms for advertising differs from business to business. You can select your advertising platform based on your business domain.

This has to be a thoughtful decision. To decide your advertising platform, you have to know your target audience. And then think about the kind of websites or platforms the target audience prefers.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to make such decisions. Once you start with your website and start exploring your options thoughtfully, you can conclude things wisely.

Advertising on other medias

In the last paragraph, we talked about advertising on the internet, because it is one of the easiest ways to reach more and more people. But, when the scope of your business is limited to a certain geographical area, local media works best too.

For instance- Your website is a city directory for Portsmouth, then the best medium for advertising is local media. This way you can directly target the people of the city and make them aware of your website.

The local media you can use is the newspaper, local billboards or local tv channels. If you know the scope of your business is limited, the kind of audience you want to target, then choosing the advertisement platform becomes much easier.

4) Backlinks and referral traffic

Backlinks are a way through which the search engines realize that your page/website is useful because others are recommending it.

The concept of backlinking is quite simple. When other websites recommend your site, by providing a link to your page on their site, that is how the search engine knows the legitimacy and usefulness of your web page.

However, the value of backlinks depends on the value of domain referring it. Backlinks from the valuable websites are clearly more valuable. Here is a useful document from Moz regarding Linkbuilding.

The other way round, you can just work on the quality of your site. When your visitors become your fan, they won’t hesitate to tell their friends about your amazing content.

You are a winner when your visitors begin to recommend your site on their own, just because they like it!

5)Useful Images and content

Your content is the thing that interests your visitors. There are many ways through which you can bring visitors on your website, but only relevant, fresh and useful content can make them stay there. It is the same for directory websites.

Content is actually the king, and it plays an important role in SEO and usability of your site.

Readable and relevant of the content

When you generate content, that is sober looking, easy to read, and useful, your visitors will naturally love your site.

Regular blogging is one of the ways to keep your site updated with new and useful content. Content marketing is a very interesting subject, that helps you gain more traffic (and ultimately sales) by keeping your website updated with relevant information and blogs.

For Content, what means most is how useful it is, how it is presented, and that it is not copied or erroneous. however, you can keyword optimize the content and make it more relevant for your targetted keyword.

Keyword Optimization

We know the importance of useful and authentic content. Keyword optimization is a technique to include the related keywords, synonyms to drive organic traffic to your site.

You can use various tools can help the keyword optimization of your copy on your WordPress website. One of the best is Yoast SEO. It helps you to improve the readability of your site, determines the keyword density and helps you

Image Optimization

You can use online tools like Kraken.io or SEO optimized images the images on your WordPress website. Optimizing images helps decrease the page load times which ultimately helps the user experience.

Also, high quality and optimized images with proper alt tags can be really helpful for the SEO of your website. Here are a few points that you shouldn’t miss about image optimization.

  • Lossless compression of images so that they load faster
  • Clear and precise images related to the text
  • Alt tag that describes the image
  • Proper image name

Images also add to the readability of your pages. They’ve always proved to be more expressive than the words. It’s always a good practice to add relevant and sufficient images to your WordPress pages. That makes your article/blog/page more readable and easily understandable.

Also, when using images on your site, ensure that they are original and not stolen. We really don’t want to get into copyright issues, right? And also see that the images are of high-quality, and not blurry or confusing.

6) Email/newsletter marketing

Email marketing is where you target your visitors and provide them with the news and best offers. The technique is simple –  gather all the emails you can, and even ask your visitors to leave theirs at your online web directory.


Email marketing includes sending direct promotional emails to your visitors. The emails are specially crafted with a call to action text and links that the viewers are tempted to click. However, this doesn’t mean that the information can be misleading. When using Email marketing, make sure that the content of your emails is legit and not deceptive.

Also, be very careful when you are forward for email marketing for your promotions. Because, everyone, including me and you, hate spam equally. However opt-in emails are okay. Those are the marketing emails that provides the visitors an option to click a button and stop receiving further emails from you.


However, there are many ways you can inform people about your new directory website.

Traffic, for any kind of website, is the most desirable factor. And not just traffic, other vital things are conversion, low bounce rate, etc. Website building and maintenance need constant efforts. Even though with the modern technologies, you don’t have to learn the technical details and can create and manage your own website.

I hope this article helps you with the tactics that can help you attain more traffic on your directory website. Besides, always keep in mind that great quality and original content on your website is what you should always strive for. When you provide useful, and fresh content to your visitors, they are automatically going to like your site with a few little Marketing efforts.