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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Directory RTL compatible?

    Yes, it is. After enabling the rtl.css option (in the back-end) you’ll be able to use Directory with languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

  • Is Directory child-theme ready?

    Yes, it is. List of Directory themes to see the list of themes available at the moment.

  • Creating a webshop

    Along with selling tickets, you can use WooCommerce to sell other stuff as well. Create your product categories, setup shipping, tax and you’re ready to go!

  • Can I translate Directory in my language?

    Yes, you can. We’ve provided a language .po file for translating the theme.

  • Do you provide hosting for Directory?

    No, we don’t. We recommend Pressable if you’re looking for great WordPress hosting.

  • Are there any hosting companies to avoid?

    We recommend avoid using the Directory theme on GoDaddy servers. This is especially true for their shared hosting packages since they are severely under-powered for large/complex sites. They might work ok in the beginning, but as visitors start coming to your site and more content is added, your site’s performance will decrease.

  • What are minimum server requirements to run Directory? You’ll need:
    1. 1. WordPress 6.0 or newer
    2. 2. PHP 7 or newer
    3. 3. MySQL 8.0 or newer
    4. 4. cURL library support with SSL (compiled into to PHP)
    5. 5. GD 2 library support
    6. 6. Support for session variables*

    * – the most notable WordPress host that doesn’t support session variables is WPEngine. On WPEngine servers you won’t be able to use the multi-city functionality.

  • Can I get someone to install this for me?

    Yup, you can hire us!

  • Are the optional add-ons free or premium?

    Some are free, but most are premium. You can read more about each on the Extend page

  • Can you customize the theme for me?

    NO, but we can recommend a company for you that know our themes well. Please feel free to ask our support team to refer you to the company we always recommend for customizations.

  • Can I use it to manage just one city?

    Yes, you can. Achieve this either by adding just one city within the Manage Locations screen or by deactivating the included Location Manager plugin.

  • Can I create a multi-language site?

    Yes, you can. Directory theme is completely WPML compatible.

  • Which payment gateways are available?

    Directory comes with PayPal and PreBank (offline) method pre-installed. You can add more gateways by installing add-ons.

  • Can I display all listings on a map (regardless of city)?

    Yes, you can. We’ve included a map shortcode for generating custom maps.

  • Is marker clustering available in maps?

    Yes, it is. It’s turned on by default, but you can disable it.

  • Can I import content from GeoPlaces into Directory?

    Yes, you can. You can use the bulk export/import free plugin. You can find this plugin in your Templatic account’s downloads area.

  • I’ve already purchased GeoPlaces and/or Nightlife, do I get a discount?

    Yup, you can get a 40% discount on Directory.

  • Does it have automatic updates?

    Yes, it does. Each element (theme / plugin) can be updated automatically from within the WordPress dashboard.

  • Can I rename the default post types?

    Yes, you can. However, the slugs cannot be changed.

  • Do I have to charge for submissions?

    Nope, you don’t. Create free price packages and submissions will also be free.

  • Does Directory support third-party plugins?

    As a rule, yes. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with most plugins. To see which ones we support visit the documentation guide.

  • After purchasing, how long do I need to wait to download Directory?

    Assuming everything goes well with the payment and our Welcome email doesn’t end up in your spam folder… you’ll be downloading the theme within minutes of purchasing.

  • Can I remove the footer credit?

    Yes, you are allowed to do that.

  • Do I need to pay anything to Google for using the maps?

    Yes. Google Maps do require a payment so they display on your website. You need to purchase a Map key directly from Google Maps.

  • How are city URLs handled (SEO-wise)?

    Once a post has been submitted, the URL will have the following structure: /city/city-name/post-type/post-name. Example: //

    The “Permalink Settings” section inside Directory allows you to change or completely remove both the “city” and the “listing” slug.

  • Are YouTube embeds allowed?

    Yes, they are. You can embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into virtually any piece of content displayed by Directory.

  • Can I see some examples of other people using this theme?

    Yes, you can. Check out our Showcase

  • Can I set the theme to look exactly like your demo?

    Yes, you can. First install and activate the theme, then press the “Install Sample Data” button.