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Get even more out of Directory with add-ons

Directory is our brand new platform that encompasses a parent theme, various plugins and a wide selection of child themes. It is the most advanced system we’ve ever created with literally hundreds of custom features. Read this page to learn more about how you can extend that functionality even further.


Premium Directory Add-on Plugins

  • Purchase Classifieds add-on

    Jobs Plugin – A WordPress Job Board Plugin

    Add job listings with submission and power job search… Details »

  • Purchase Classifieds add-on

    Directory – PostTypeLinker

    Add job listings with submission and power job search… Details »

  • Purchase Classifieds add-on


    Designed to display different banners slider per location. Details »

  • Purchase Classifieds add-on


    With the Classifieds add-on you’ll be able to create and manage a classifieds directory website within your existing Directory theme. Details »

  • Purchase Real Estate add-on

    Real Estate

    Use this add-on to create a real estate portal with Directory. Manage properties and enable powerful searching and filtering options. Details »

  • The best WP directory listing theme


    Adds the “Event” post type to your directory and enables a whole set of awesome event-related features, including recurring events! Details »

  • Purchase Reviews Manager

    Reviews Manager

    Allow authors to manage reviews submitted for their listings. The feature integrates with price packages. Details »

  • The best WP directory listing theme

    WYSIWYG Submission

    Enable a totally new way of submitting listings. Instead of a submission form, visitors will edit dummy content on an actual detail page! Details »

  • List Filter

    Add real-time filters to category and search pages. Use your own custom fields as filters for the filter widget! Details »

  • Fields Monetization Directory add-on

    Fields Monetization

    Monetize custom fields and include them into price packages. Control image uploads and text entry. Works for all created post types. Details »

  • User filters for MailPoet

    User filters for MailPoet (FREE)

    This extensions integrates with the popular MailPoet newsletters plugin. It enables a number of new filters for better user targeting. Details »

  • Access Manager Directory add-on

    Access Manager

    Introduce membership features to your Directory website. Control what shows and what doesn’t by using custom fields. Details »

  • Paid Claims Directory add-on

    Paid Claims

    Monetize the claim ownership functionality. With this plugin enabled anyone who tries claiming a listing will first need to pay a fee. Details »

  • Multi Rating Directory add-on

    Multi Rating

    Builds upon regular reviews/comments by adding star ratings. Define multiple rating options for each post type and each category. Details »

  • Ad Manager Directory add-on

    Ad Manager

    Create image-based or code-based ads and place them in one of dozens locations throughout the site. Create category-specific ads. Details »

  • Tabs Manager

    Show specific custom fields as tabs on the detail page. Create new fields just for this, or use existing ones. Details »

  • The best WP directory listing theme

    Listing Vouchers

    Allow authors to upload vouchers (i.e. coupons) while submitting their listings. Submitted coupons will show inside a separate tab on listing detail pages. Details »

  • Category Icons

    Show categories alongside fancy icons in category lists. Icons will show in all areas designed to display categories. Details »

  • Global Location

    Strategically disable city filtering by adding a global city. Within the global city all your sites listings are available. Details »

  • Admin Dashboard Directory add-on

    Admin analytics

    Introduces new widgets for the WordPress dashboard. View transactions and keep track of site statistics. Details »

  • Purchase

    Listing Statistics

    Enable useful statistics for listing authors displayed within the user dashboard. The feature also integrates with price packages. Details »

  • Header Fields

    Show specific custom fields under the title on the detail page. Create new fields just for this, or use existing ones. Details »

  • Purchase Listing Badges

    Listing Badges

    Display a custom badge on newly added listings. Choose the title and color of every badge. Details »

  • Purchase Proximity Search

    Proximity Search

    Find listings around a zip code & show distance. Details »

  • Map Customizer Directory add-on

    Map Customizer

    Change the appearance of maps on your site. Set a new color, gamma, saturation, hue and much more for map elements such as roads, water, POI, etc. Details »

  • Duplicate Post Alert Directory add-on

    Duplicate Post Alert

    Provides feedback in both front-end and back-end while entering the post title; use the information and avoid creating duplicates. Details »

Directory plugins are a simple and quick way to add even more features to your Directory website

Free Templatic Plugins

Use the free plugins below with your Templatic theme. Install them like you would any other plugin, by going to Plugins the Add New and upload. You can get support for these by purchasing any Templatic product.

  • Templatic mega menu plugin

    Mega Menu

    Create menus with complex items that contain several columns on links. It’s also totally responsive.

  • WP shortcodes plugin


    Style your text in dozens of different ways. Use buttons, popovers, progress bars, messages boxes and loads more.

  • Bulk Import Extension

    Bulk Import/Export

    Use CSV files to upload or export large quantities of listings to your website. You can also use it to bulk upload cities.

  • Coupon Manager

    Coupon Manager

    Create and offer discounts for your price packages. They can be either fixed amounts or percentage based.

  • IP Blocker extension

    IP Blocker

    Use this extension to block specific IPs from your site. It also comes with SSL protection for the register and submission page.

Payment Gateway Add-on Plugins

The best WP directory listing theme


Enabling new payment processors will definitely expand your potential user base. To use them you will also need a merchant account. Some gateways offer payment processing directly on site while others (like PayPal) rely on secure remote websites.

These gateway add-ons integrate with Tevolution. Once purchased, you can use them with any other Tevolution-powered product; they are not limited to Directory.

Popular gateways include: Stripe, 2Checkout, PayPal Pro, Google Wallet,

List of all payment gateways »