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A Translated WordPress Directory For The Chinese In Edmonton

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Good intentions, innovative ideas, hard work and determination surely leads to success. Approving this, is this story, where one of our clients with moderate knowledge of WordPress, developed a translated WordPress Directory website for the people.

The story is of the website – www.chineseinedmonton.com. A community information guide for the Chinese people in Edmonton. The website is running successfully and is assisting a number of Chinese immigrants in Edmonton to easily find their interests in the city.

What is chineseinedmonton.com about?

“Chinese in Edmonton” is an information guide for the Chinese immigrants and students in Edmonton, Canada. The basic purpose of the website is to provide a guide for Edmonton city in the native Chinese language.

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This is how this site helps the Chinese people in Edmonton to adapt to all the aspects of Canadian life and the new environment as soon as possible.

Mr. William aims to let the new immigrants in Edmonton to have a good start to a new life.

For this, the website needs to provide information, and facility for mutual interaction among its audience. So, he lets various groups, organizations and individuals to publish their business on the site.

The clear intention is to help the people of Chinese origin in the city of Edmonton by providing them a local directory in their own language.

About the owner

The owner of the site is Mr. William. He had this wonderful idea – To create a local Directory for the Chinese in Edmonton. He wanted to realize his idea by giving it a try, and that’s when he found the Directory theme from Templatic.


The idea itself was the inspiration. Mr. William wanted to build a nice community website for the people. A website that is easy to use and is insightful.  And this is what drove him towards the development of the wonderful website.

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Nothing worth having comes easy..

..and so there were challenges for Mr. William too. To make the local guide for Chinese people in Edmonton, the website had to be translated into the Chinese language. This way it would be very convenient for the Chinese people, new to the city. Also, to fulfill the requirements of a website with such a vast base, several customizations were required.

Marketing the website was a challenge too. The targeted audience ought to know that there’s  this website, they can rely on. The immigrants and the students of Chinese origin should be aware that there’s something like chineseinedmonton.com, that’s there to help them.

These were the challenges while developing the website. But once the site was ready and on the internet, managing and updating the advertisements seems to be a bigger challenge. It is to be managed on day-to-day basis. Verifying each listing before publishing it and updating the website with new data and managing the services is also something that needs to be looked out everyday.

But the challenges are there to overcome

In-spite of the difficulties, the development of the website kept progressing.

Tevolution and Tevolution Realestate were perfect for my site. They are easy to use. With the help from the customer support, I was able to create most of the features and information rich website. The Directory theme and its plugins provided him powerful tools to create a professional website. It was really easy to design and charge rates for different customers.

Designing the website

The design of the theme was sufficing the needs for the chineseinedmonton.com. So, only few changes were made in the design of the website. These included, putting couple of sliders showing the website’s different categories and content and building a news page.

Chinese in Edmonton

Making money through the website

The website provides a lot of free tools and resources to the viewers. There are different categories for different business and listing owner’s needs. There are different information areas to match the categories’ type. The users are charged if they want their listings to be featured on the website. Also, they are charged more if they want additional facilities like adding more pictures, add new menus, coupons, etc.

The result of all this hard-work and consistency is the beautiful www.chineseinedmonton.com site. With abundant listings and easy navigation, this website has it all to attract the users and help them find what they’re looking for.

Many thanks to Mr. William, form Team Templatic for co-operating with us and contributing his time to answer our questions. We wish you great success! The insightful story will surely inspire others.

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