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Improve your real estate website with Real Estate 2

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This April has been all about real estate themes. Two weeks ago we released Realtr, a fresh new take on the real estate market with awesome looks and even better features. Today we’re releasing a big upgrade for Real Estate, our first real estate theme.

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Real Estate Theme for WordPress

Category listings with a twist

Category listing pages have a nifty little switcher that when pressed changes the listing view. The best part here is that it contains a Map view so your visitors can easily see where are those properties located. Real Estate 2 also comes with an all-new page template for showing your properties on a Google Map. There is a special section in theme options for managing this map. You can choose whether to show all listings or set a fixed scaling factor (zoom), among other things.

Custom fields | Custom search

With custom fields you’re given the tools to quickly and painlessly populate your property submission form with new input fields. What’s more, every custom field you create can be auto-magically included in the homepage search form. Existing fields inside the form are also listed in the back-end so you can disable or edit them at any time. To see how easy it is to change an existing field watch the overview video below.

Price packages

Unlike the original Real Estate theme that allowed you to create only two different payment plans now you can create as many as the heart desires. On top of that price packages enable you to create category-specific and even recurring payment options.

Other improvements/features inside Real Estate 2:

  • Custom post type for properties
  • Five unique skins
  • Bulk Upload and Export for both posts and properties
  • Sleek back-end with tons of new options
  • User profile fields
  • IDX/MLS compatibility using dsIDXpress plugin

Existing Real Estate users can get Real Estate 2 completely free! Just login to member area and download the theme

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Video Overview

Are you an existing Real Estate user, are these the things you wanted to see in this upgrade?

90 thoughts on “Improve your real estate website with Real Estate 2

  1. Anders says:

    Hi, i use version 1.5 today and try to find the process for easy upgrade?

    The Theme 2.0 looks fine..:-)

    1. Vedran says:

      Please create a thread in our forums. I’ll try to explain what you must do to upgrade the theme. Cheers

  2. Michael says:

    Can you post a detailed comparison chart for real estate theme 2 and realtr?

    1. Vedran says:

      There is no real need for that. Functionality is pretty much the same in both themes. Only real difference is the design. Unlike Realtr, Real Estate 2 is not responsive.

      1. Vincent says:

        I’m confused. Why do you offer 2 real estate themes if they have same functionality?
        would it not make it easier for you and users to just have one and offer different themes for it?

        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Vincent
          We wanted to upgrade the current Real Estate theme with some new functionality but still develop something fresh and exciting. Existing Real Estate users can get Real Estate 2 for free while new users can choose which one they like more. Functionality available in those two themes is likely the most advanced stuff on the current Real Estate WP market. It’s better to include everything in both themes than to disappoint people when the functionality they wanted wasn’t included in the theme they like better (design wise).

  3. Paramount Flats says:

    thanks to inform how to improve the website …

  4. Mark says:

    Has ‘Real Estate 2’ or ‘Realtr’ got the framework that offers ‘automatic updates’?
    (as new versions are brought out)

    Asking saves making the sites, in order to find out

    WordPress does, and it is a shame when themes don’t

    (as with Multi Language and Mobile Compatability)

    1. Vedran says:

      There are no automatic updates in Realtr or RealEstate 2. However, RealEstate 2 does come with an update query that can quickly change all your posts into properties (making the upgrade process easier).

      1. Anonymous says:


        You mentioned an update query to modify the properties. Where would I locate that?


        1. Vedran says:

          You’ll find it in Advanced Settings -> Bulk Upload. It’s just a small “click here” link.

  5. Alex says:

    Thanks for the update..

    1. Vedran says:

      Don’t mention it :)

  6. Joe says:

    Forgive my ignorance Vedran,

    what does it mean that Real Estate 2 is not “responsive”? On the other hand, what would be a “responsive” action be in Realtr?



    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Joe
      Responsive means that the theme will automatically adjust according to your screen size. A responsive theme will look great on both desktop and mobile browser.
      To test Realtr’s responsiveness view it using a mobile browser or just resize your browser window.

  7. federico says:

    Hi, how can I access the user area? is there any kind of bulk upload for agents/dealers?

    1. Vedran says:

      What user area are you referring to? Do you mean the member area? Member area (where themes can be downloaded) is accessed from your user dashboard.

  8. federico says:

    no, I meant the user area (not admin area) of the Real Estate portal demo

    1. Vedran says:

      You can’t access the user dashboard in the demo (since registrations aren’t allowed) but you can create a test site on our server and access it there. Bulk uploading is available only in theme back-end – agents can’t bulk upload properties from the user dashboard.

  9. Phyllis says:

    Hi Vedran

    I really like the upgrade to the Real Estate Theme however, I am quite disappointed that it’s not responsive. Mobile responsiveness is becoming an essential element for a successful website. Would Templatic considering providing a discount to Real Estate theme purchasers who would prefer to upgrade to Realr due to it’s mobile responsiveness? I think a lot of us who purchased the Real Estate theme would like to upgrade to Realr instead. Please consider providing a discount for existing Real Estate Theme purchasers.

    1. Vedran says:

      A lot of work went into Real Estate 2 and we just could not commit to changing the whole design as well. At the moment there are no plans for offering discounts for existing Real Estate users. Sorry…

    2. Louise says:

      Good Morning Phyllis,
      I use a plug in called WPTouch. When a mobile user accesses my site it shows a mobile version. It is quite basic and it doesn’t show your logo but does show your company name. It also shows a list with photos of all the properties. I have found it works well and I believe it can be personalised more but I have not yet got around to doing this. At the bottom of the page there is also the option for the user to change to full site useage. I thought this might help you for now until you find a more permanant method. I am led to believe it also helps with rankings to have a mobile site.

      Kind reagrds

      1. phyllis says:

        Good Day Louise

        Thank you very much for this information.

  10. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, iPhone users etc, cannot search properly or see almost all the content, other than lines of blog paragraphs.

    It’s like going back in time!
    Visitors need turned into more, by a sites content

    Let alone what it does to SEO. To get most of them there, in the first place.

    To keep up with the future, hospitality/property sites need more than 1 language, able to connect to other ‘high profile’ sites (property portals) and to be ‘natively’ mobile friendly (responsive).

    If you are not to lose ‘some’ traffic, if not lots!

  11. Mark says:

    Unfortunately we cannot get UK Estate ASgent clients to use it, as it does not use feeds from the major players here!

    They won’t keep two systems updated with their stock and every agent uses at least one property portal.

    1. Vedran says:

      Yes, RE2 only works with the US real estate system. Users from other countries will be limited to using the built in property-management functionality. I’m afraid it’s going to stay like this for a while, we don’t have any plans for expanding the functionality.

  12. Phil says:

    Would you say adsense ads could be placed on the pages without the existing page design being “unbalanced.”

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Phil
      The theme doesn’t have this functionality built-in but I’m guessing you should be able to find a plugin that will enable adsense ads inside regular WordPress pages. If styled appropriately it’s shouldn’t stand out as far as design is concerned.

  13. Anthony says:

    I’m interested into buying this template for a customer.
    And I like the idea i can test before i buy.

    So, i have setup a demo site but i cannot figure out each new property i publish.
    Each time i click to see property details, i get a 404 even if URL looks fine.

    Do you know why?

    I have to make a demo next week and i would like it to work.

    And 2nd question : do you any website using this template in french plz?

    As i cannot see any source code on the demo platform, i cannot figure out if translation will be easy or not.

    Your prices are quite expensive, and i dont want to lose 100 or 200$ just because it looks great… but not pretty sure it is for real, regarding features that i cannot “test”. Just want to know if it’s working fine for the customer needs.

    Thank you for answers.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Anthony
      1. To fix that problem go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and set them to “Post Name”
      2. I’m afraid all our themes are in English. They all come with an included .po file so you can localize them. For more on translations check out the translation tutorial in our docs center.

      Have a great weekend!

  14. MQ says:

    Hey Vedran,

    I really like your RE 2 script and will buy it soon.

    What security features does RE2 offers? meaning safety from hackers and spammers and protecting backend and customers data.

    Thanks, MQ

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi there
      Theme options area is behind WordPress security. If they hack your WordPress installation they will be able to edit your theme options as well (however that will be the least of your problems if it comes to that).

  15. Anthony says:

    Hello Vedran,

    And thanks for previous answer. This template is definitely the best I have found for a RE website I am working on. I have been running a demo version to see features in more details, but I still have a few questions.

    1 – Do you intend to develop a “compare listings” tool for the next versions?
    2 – In the submit listing tool (ad monetizer), is it possible to easily add another type of payment option (ie VISA/Mastercard)? Are you working on it?
    3 – In the search module on homepage, there is no browsing criteria based on property types (house, apartment, land, warehouse, etc). It looks like a basic feature for any people searching a property (searching by type). Why? What I have to do to implement this in the search module?
    4 – How easy/difficult it is to replace the min/max price + square criterias from a range list to input areas ? (= infoseeker type the min/max himself).
    5 – About the Import Listings (property listings + features + photos), I have been trying the csv importer module but it seems not working (dont know where data are imported to)… In my case, i will not use the IDX/MLS protocol but a specific file structure. XML would be the best to automate between central listing service and local website. Or CSV if it’s to much complicate thru XML (ie decoding the code made by your team). Is the support (forum, etc) providing any help? Or would you charge an extra fee for that? Or is it something you are working on for the next versions?

    Thank you

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Anthony

      1. No, we don’t have any plans for including that functionality
      2. I’m afraid we’re not planning on adding new payment gateways at the moment.
      3. Property type in RE2 is “Rent” and “Sale”. You can add new ones (with a few tweaks). Apartments, houses, etc are normally categories – there is no category selection in the search bar. There are no plans for including this, you are of course free to implement it yourself. The customization will be rather difficult, you must modify both search files (one in theme root folder, one in /library/includes)
      4. Changing that won’t be trivial, it shouldn’t be too hard if you’re skilled with php
      5. Importing is only available using .csv files. There is a sample file provided with the theme, you can use it to structure your new file. Yes, we’ll provide support for this part in the forums.


      1. al says:

        Hi Vedran, we are seriously considering your Real Estate 2 theme. I am a little concerned about what I am reading in Point 3 above:

        It is important to us that each property listing can have the attribute of “Apartment, condo, detached house, semi-detached, townhouse, commercial etc” assigned to it.

        It is important to our customers and agents that they be able to search/filter results based on these classifications. (or categories as you call them)

        So exactly how difficult is this modification? e.g. how much developer time are we looking at? Or another benchmark, how much effort from your expert team’s resources would be required to build this functionality?

        We are trying to come up with a semi-accurate work and cost estimate.


        Toronto, Canada

        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Al
          If you hire an experienced freelancer it shouldn’t last long in my opinion. You basically just need to add another field inside the search form (search.php). That field will of course be a dropdown list of all your categories. However, the fact our developers didn’t include this as an option does make me doubt my answer a little :)

          I suggest you start contacting freelancers and see how much they are asking for something like that.
          Good luck!

  16. MQ says:

    Hey Vedran,

    I just purchased your rental 2 theme and when I logged into the member area could not find the link to download.

    Can you please assist on how to download and where can I download in the member area.


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi MQ
      Please create a ticket in our Helpdesk (login first) and explain the issue. We’ll try to assist you as soon as possible

      1. MQ says:

        Hi Vedran,

        The issues was resolved and could download from the member area immediately.


        1. Vedran says:

          Awesome, glad to hear that! Good luck with the site!

  17. AlikA says:

    I have heard a lot about the “IDX/MLS compatibility using dsIDXpress plugin”
    Please could you explain what “compatible” means?
    Do i have to purchase the plugin for $99 and pay $25 monthly to use it?

    many thanks

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Alika
      Compatible means you’ll be able to use the plugin to show MLS properties in your sidebar. You can see how this works in the theme’s Live Demo (first homepage sidebar widget). The plugin itself is free, but to use it you must pay the starting and the monthly fee.

  18. matt says:

    How do I add an MLS/IDX feed to the Real Estate 2 version 1.5 site and add back the Blog tab in the header?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Matt
      To show MLS listings you need the dsIDXpress plugin. To setup the navigation bar I recommend using custom menus. PS: To receive theme support please create a new ticket at help desk.


  19. MQ says:

    Hi Vedran,

    All images on my website have disappeared suddenly and it does not insert an image when I set a featured image as well.

    Can you please assist.


    1. Vedran says:

      Make sure you’re adding images using this technique

      PS: For theme support questions please submit a thread in our forums. Thanks!

  20. Gary says:

    Hi Vedran

    Awesome theme I must say.
    I was wondering, I need to have to have the rental prices showing as weekly prices rather than monthly, is it possible to change this and where would I need to change this from/how?


    1. Gary says:

      I forgot to mention I am on the old platform (though thinking about upgrading to RE2)

    2. Vedran says:

      Hi Gary
      This should be as easy as literally translating all “month” strings into “week”. If you’ll need help locating them submit a new support ticket at helpdesk – we’ll help you out in a jiffy.

  21. Apps K says:


    I have purchased this theme however later on cancelled my subscription. Now i am trying to setup this theme and needs documentation of the same. How can i get access to theme documentation when I am not a member of templatic at this time?

    Thank you

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi there
      I’m afraid there is no other way to access that contact without a valid license. This can be a single-theme license (valid for one year) or a club membership (extended every month). If you’re an ex club member it’s possible to extend the membership only by paying $9 (new membership price).

      To extend your membership login to our member area, click on the big “Add More Themes” button and in the dropdown select the last option (Club membership renewal).

  22. Fyfy says:

    Hi, i would like to purchase this theme but please kindly privide some answer for consideration as below:

  23. Fyfy says:

    Hi, i would like to purchase this theme but please kindly privide some answer for consideration as below:

    1. How can I modified the home front page ? especially, search bar item ? can add more search item or decrease some ? Can I customise search bar to be a verticle bar or put it on my way in other page ?

    2. I did try use the demo and wonna know I can modified the pin photo on Map or not or I need to use other plug in for this case such as comphehensive googlemap or so on.

    3. the leave a response page how can I have something like to put 1+ 4 by reading the text before submit to protect bot or spam.

    4. it seems there is no multi language support and responsive for tablet or iphone right ?

    5. if i try multi site to support 2 language then can the site point to the same database or need to duplicate even all the photo ?

    6. if i ask someone to make iphone app for me then how to get access to get all database property from the wordpress. in the support page will help me right ?

    ps: right now, im just a newbie on wordpress…. so.. sorry for some such question

    many thanks in advance

    1. Vedran says:

      1. New fields can be easily added using custom field functionality. Some existing fields can also be easily removed, some require you to edit the search file (nothing too complicated)
      2. Not sure I understand what you want to do? You want to change the pin icon? If yes, that can be done (by customizing the theme)
      3. You can install a plugin called WP-reCAPTCHA to add security to the comments form. However, I recommend you don’t add any captcha (people hate it), instead use Akismet (default WP plugin), it will remove most spam comments.
      4. Yes, that’s true. For a responsive real estate theme check out Realtr.
      5. The two sites will be separate, but there are likely ways to share the media library. I recommend you google the issue since this is not theme-specific.
      6. We do not provide support for complex customizations such as that. You will have to work alone with the app developer.


  24. Julian says:

    How can I change 9 or translate) the word “property” in permalinks with another one?

    Thank You!

    1. Vedran says:

      Sorry but we cannot provide theme support here on the blog. Please submit a ticket via the contact form at the top of our website.

  25. vicky says:

    Does can we add specific user for posting …?

  26. John F says:

    Hello, I am considering purchasing Real Estate 2, is it possible to have a purchase option that would allow the agent to pay a monthly fee to post as many properties as they like?

    Many thanks!

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi John
      No, that functionality is not available. Such functionality is only available in Nightlife

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am creating a website that is more like a travel guide and will have mostly 4 sections/category. Hotels, Restaurants, Point of Interest and Parks.

    I need to be able to create custom fields PER SECTION/CATEGORY.

    I have used “Geoplaces” for a similar project, but I believe it will not work for my current due to the fact that it is a worldwide guide and it is not practical to show a full world map on the home page. For this reason, I think that a real estate site will work better because the maps are mostly displayed in detailed listing pages or on a search page where usually a user search in a particular city/state/region.

    Having said that, I cannot make up my mind which template to choose. I am looking at Realtr and Real Estate 2.

    I need some help in deciding which one is better for me.

    Also, I would like to understand the difference between the two themes.

    1. Vedran says:

      Real Estate 2 and Realtr are pretty much identical when it comes to functionality – the only major difference is the design.
      1. Realtr is mobile-friendly (responsive), RE2 isn’t
      2. RE2 comes with preset skins, Realtr comes with a back-end for changing the design
      3. Realtr has a completely widgetized homepage (including the slider), RE2 doesn’t
      4. RE2 has a “Schedule a showing” contact form on property detail pages, Realtr doesn’t.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your reply!

    From what you wrote, I feel that Realtr will work better since the hompage can be changed with widgetized which is important for us. Also, RE2 has a “Schedule a showing” which we don’t need since it is not going to be a site selling real estate, just a travel guide.

    Realtr is also mobile friendly (Responsive), which is important these days when a lot of site visits use mobile devices.

    One more question… Does Realty allow user submit properties on your site like RE2?

    1. Vedran says:

      Yes, it does. The submission form isn’t much different from the one you see in Real Estate.

  29. Diego says:

    Hello Vedran!
    I’m really interested on RE2, but I have few questions:

    1. Is it possible to change permalink structure? I’ve created a test website with templatic and all properties came with “?property=PROPERTY-TITLE”. I would like to change property name to a new one, knowing that property is in english, and my website will not be in english. I would like to use that old structure style from RE1, permalink with ID, like: “?p=ID”.

    2. I really liked RE2 template, but is it possible to use other? I mean, is it complicated to create a new one using RE2 system, only changing its layout?

    3. How do I disable BLOG category? I tried to delete all posts, but it showed “no category” at Website Menu.

    4. How do I change gallery style? I would like to use something like Fancybox or maybe modify the actual with a word above each picture, saying: [HD], to let people see original picture, with its original resolution (which was uploaded).

    5. Is it possible to add 360º picture system? Or maybe, Panorama system?

    6. Is it possible to disable “Schedule a Showing”? I’d like to use Custom Forms there. If so, how do I proceed?

    RE2 is kinda expensive, so… I´d like to have all questions cleared up before paying 100$, and having it as a waste.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Diego

      1. It’s possible to change the permalink structure (in Settings -> Permalinks) but there is no way to have the structure as in RE1. RE2 uses a custom post type to handle properties so the slug can’t be avoided

      2. Any layout changes will have to be done manually. So, it all depends on how skilled you are with theming. Customizing RE2 won’t be much different than customizing other WordPress themes

      3. No need to disable anything. Just create a new menu in Appearance -> Menus and assign it to the area.

      4. There is no easy way to do that, it would require customizing the theme

      5. Only by customizing the theme or by installing a plugin. Otherwise no.

      6. Yes, it’s fairly easy to remove it. It still requires you to edit a theme file, but we can help with stuff like that. We can provide such instructions only after the purchase.

      PS: If you’ll have more questions such as this contact us via the contact form at the top of our website.


  30. Arsh Kapoor says:

    In submit property page the option Property Photo Upload it not working out for me. All other things are working perfectly fine just the agent is unable to upload his property photo

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Are you talking about our demo site or you have issues on your own site? If it’s the latter please submit a ticket at helpdesk and provide more info. We’ll help you out there.


  31. Seppe says:

    Is Real Estate 2 compatible with WordPress Multisite?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Yey it is, all Templatic themes are.

  32. rtibbs4 says:

    Hi, I have a few questions about the theme. do you have the option to show listings in grid format on th ehome page like realtr? Can you customize Home information? i need to add some specific details other than acres, square footage etc? Can you add additional sections/headings to the listing like Description and Additional Features if you need sections of information?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi there
      1. No, there is no option for Grid view like in Realtr, you’re stuck with the list.
      2. Adding custom fields is available, but those appear in the “Custom information” section. The only way to edit home information is by tweaking the code (which isn’t very hard in this case)
      3. Yes, you can. But again, only inside the code. Doing it from the back-end isn’t possible.

      If you’ll have more questions about RE2 don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

  33. Andi says:

    hello, is it possible, as in real estate 2 to get an “Schedule a showing” contact form installed for realtr?
    so that each agent gets a request? sorry for my english…

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi Andi
      No, that’s not possible (at least not without customizing the code). In Realtr, visitors will have to open the agents profile and contact him/her from there.

  34. Jamil says:

    I am unable to upload images while adding lisitng

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Contact our support Jamil, we’ll help you out.

      1. jimena says:

        Hi Verdan, Im looking to start a web page for vacation homes listings (rent/sale), in which the owner may subscribe to the my page and pay for listing a property for “x” time, then they can fill all the information about their property and upload pictures and the clients may contact the owner for more information. I have been looking for a template that suits my requirements and i found this one but i want to make sure that this will work with what I’m looking for. So I will only be the manager of the page and the owners of properties can manager their listing by themselves, just by subscribing and paying a fee for the listing.
        I’m from Mexico so i wish to know also if the language and currency can be modify

        1. Vedran Fak says:

          Hi! Yes, property owners will be able to submit and manage (edit) their properties. However, Real Estate comes with only one payment type – per post. In other words, owners will have to pay for each property they post. There is no way to establish a subscription with an X number of allowed property submissions. That feature is only available in our Tevolution-powered themes.

  35. Moses Olwal otieno says:

    seen the Real estate 2 template, looks awesomely good, my question: does it have a mobile version of it?

    1. R. Bhavesh says:

      Not yet. But we introduced Realtr theme then after realtr

      Same concept with different design and responsive.

  36. shiv sagar says:

    i wish to know the templates are shown in this website are with coding or only design…??

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      All the themes you see on our site are fully-featured themes. Every feature mentioned inside the sales page is enabled either by the theme itself or by a bundled plugin (provided for free). In case of RE2, all functionality is provided with the theme.

  37. Henry says:

    Hi Veteran,
    I would like to know if I purchase the RE2 @$79, do I need to pay any monthly subscription? If yes , How much per month?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      No, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription for a single theme. The $79 is a one-time payment. After purchasing you can use the theme forever. When it comes to updates and support, those are provided for 1 year. After the year expires you can renew with a 70% discount (for an additional year). If you want to know more about how all this works, feel free to email us at any time.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply. Huge relieve to know that.

  38. Henry says:

    I love the features and layout of automobile but can we have it with vehicle submission by public but admin will have the final say to publish.

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Sorry Henry, Automobile doesn’t have that feature. However, front-end submission form is available inside our other vehicle-related theme, Automotive.

  39. Henry says:

    Automotive layout is not appealing so can we have a vehicle submission as plugin if we buy Automobile theme? Or can you do it for us for fee? And how much will it cost?

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      The Automobile theme won’t work with the Tevolution plugin (that’s powering Automotive). You’d probably have more luck with ACF. However, that’s just a suggestion, we haven’t tested the theme with that plugin.

  40. Tiago says:

    My client purchase the theme and recieving a LOT of SPAMS in property inquire form. I’d have instaled wpRecaptcha and Askimet but dont work, and I can’t solve this. Any solution to help me out?


    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hi Tiago

      Akismet won’t help you here since the bots aren’t submitting comments, they are sending emails using the contact form. WP-reCAPTCHA should have helped… it’s possible you haven’t configured it correctly. No anti-spam solution is foolproof, but properly setup captcha should deflect most spam attempts. Please create a ticket inside our Helpdesk and provide your website URL and wp-admin info. We’ll check what’s going on.

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