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Showcase digital products with our Publisher theme

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Last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting here at Templatic. It has become an unspoken norm within our team to create more and more niche themes specifically targeted at a particular group / community of users. Of course, our users have played a tremendous role in encouraging us doing so. You have liked our previous niche themes and here we are again, presenting a brand new theme for publishers, book authors and artists to sell digital products – Publisher theme for WordPress.

Here are some of the nice features of this theme:

  • Sell unlimited products: You can enlist as many digital products as you want and sell them online.
  • E-Junkie integration: We have seamlessly integrated E-Junkie digital download system along with secure native download. Users can easily select any of the two methods to manage sales.
  • Secured downloads: We’ve implemented all that’s necessary to secure your uploaded files. Users will be able to download them only after the payment is done.
  • PayPal support: Payments for your digital products are handled through PayPal gateway, so you know it’s safe.
  • 1 theme for all: Although we’re calling it ‘Publisher’, this theme can be used by individual book authors, small music companies, artists, etc. who wish to sell digital products online.

We have tried to streamline the product management in the back-end as much as possible. You can add new products, specify details using custom fields like Artist/Author’s name, profile link, price, publishing date, language, etc. As I mentioned, you can offer either native selling or off-site selling or both. Apparently, you can specify different prices and download links for each of them. Buyers can easily select the type they want and proceed with the payment process. You can list unlimited sites for off-site selling. E-Junkie digital download system has been seamlessly integrated within the Publisher theme to provide you maximum benefits.

A dedicated short-code [tabber] has been implemented for you to easily create different tabbed sections like ‘Description’, ‘Custom reviews’, ‘Author Info’, etc on product detail pages. Viewers can rate your product and leave feedback. Buyers are provided with their own buyer dashboard where they can view and download previous purchases and manage their account settings. Like most of our themes, there are many custom widgets packed into this theme and the homepage is entirely widgetized.

While it almost looks like one, Publisher is not an eCommerce theme. So you won’t find most of the features of our eCommerce themes. However, we hope that you like it and provide us your valuable feedback. Please check out the demo.

View Live demo and Buy this theme. Showcase your digital products now!

Share & Win

Like this theme? Want to have it? Help us spread the word about it and who knows, maybe you’ll be among 3 lucky winners who will get it. Unlike our past contests where all 3 winners won the theme by retweeting or liking the post on Facebook, this time you can also win the theme by being the fastest one to respond (with a correct answer) to our Twitter question. The question will be published on our Twitter feed sometime between today and September 25th. Just like before, there will be 3 winners overall, but now 2 will get there by retweeting or liking the post on Facebook and one will win the theme by answering our Twitter question.

Note (for Twitter users): In order to participate in the contest you must follow @templatic because winners will be notified via direct message.

Retweet: Win a copy of Publisher theme from @templatic // Retweet to Win

Or, Like it on Facebook

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our Publisher competition! First off we would like to thank all of you who participated and spread the word for this beautiful theme. Just like last time two lucky souls were selected at random and one person won the theme by being the quickest to answer to our question. So, the three winners are:

  • Oliver Dale. Oliver won the theme by being the fastest one to respond to our Twitter question. You can check out Oliver’s twitter feed by clicking here
  • Arun Balasubramanian. Arun won the theme by retweeting. You can check out his twitter feed by clicking here
  • The last winner is Kim Lyng Larsen. Kim won the theme by liking our Facebook post. Thanks!

Again, thanks everyone who participated!

30 thoughts on “Showcase digital products with our Publisher theme

  1. Mark says:

    Integrating themes with the industries leading software or sites, for that niche, is terrific.
    It’s far better than fighting the fact that the site owner will want to use them, in tandem with their own site.

    Templatic are learning & becoming the top niche template provider.

    We are sure that more is to come!

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      thank you mark. We try to focus on helping the site owner leverage the theme as best as possible. Third party integration though is not easy as it seems because of the upgrades happening everywhere.

      Yep, more is to come for sure :)

  2. Zach says:

    Fantastic! It looks beautiful and the implementation of the products/payment systems looks awesome. We’ve been looking for just such a tool and can’t wait for it’s release.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      This theme is released today and you can buy it from our store.

  3. Michael says:

    Can I charge users to post their e-books for sale?

    Will there be copyright issues? For example, if I’m a college student selling my “used” e-book after the semester is done, can I post and sell it online?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Nope. This theme is for site owner and will not let your site visitor submit a book.

      We are not experts when it comes to copyright. Maybe you should talk with some legal consultant? :)

  4. Tutspress says:

    Looks very nice Jal. I think Facebook connect is good for sing in page like Daily Deal theme.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Right. Lets see what other users say and if this is a popular demand, we will integrate this. However, most of the time I think the author leads the users to third party sites like amazon etc. where actual sale happens

  5. Alpz says:

    Great theme, its so simple and easy yet very useful. I would surely recommand. Nice to feature digital product listing on site.

  6. Live Movie says:

    Sober and dashing theme, I think it would prove fruitful for online store to sell e books, electronic gadgets etc. Featured style offers impressive look.

  7. Owid says:

    I like to have this theme’s features to sell my own e-products. But I want a remake on the design (feels/looks) of the theme design. How can it be possible? And how much will it cost? Thanks.

    1. Saqib   says:

      Customizing this theme is very easy through CSS and using the inbuilt design settings page. And we don’t do custom work but you can post your requirements on our Job board.

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    Is there any way to code the “buy now” button to link directly to the Amazon page where the buyer can actually purchase the book?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Yep of course. Whatever links you add into the “OFF SITE” links, it will be shown into the button. i.e. when you select Amazon, the button link automagically changed to Amazon affiliate link (or whatever link you add there)

  9. newssweb says:

    Hi Bjavesh

    One question: when is the new Geo Place coming? Can you give any hint as Im in quite in an urgency to build a local site.


    1. Vedran says:


      We don’t know yet when it’s coming, hopefully in the next 7-8 weeks. You can build a local site with GP v3 and then upgrade when v4 comes. The upgrade will be free of course.

  10. barron thomas says:

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thanks a lot!

  11. glen schaefer says:

    Is this theme 100% compatible with Gravity Forms 1.5 ?

    There are several forum posts saying there are problems with wp-admin area when adding a new form.

    PS: i just placed an order so I hope not.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Don’t worry. Any of our theme will be compatible with popular plugins like Gravity Forms. We have recently upgraded all our themes for gravity theme support. If you face any difficulty, feel free to create a ticket and we’d love to assist.

      1. glen schaefer says:

        All good Gravity Forms does work fine with the latest version of your Publisher theme (version 1.06) , just not some earlier versions.

        PS: Am happy to be a new templatic customer

        1. R.Bhavesh says:

          Yay! Good to have you at templatic :)

          Spread the good word.

  12. glen schaefer says:

    One quick question – how to move the admin login away from the nav bar ?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Glen,
      You can try using a plugin like this one ‘Global-admin-bar-hide-or-remove’

  13. glen schaefer says:

    many thanks Verdan, i will give it a try :)

  14. glen schaefer says:

    it’s the admin link built into the Publisher template in the nav bar area that i want to remove not the WordPress admin bar

  15. glen schaefer says:

    To remove the login area go to library/functions/custom_functions.php and and starting about line 463 remove the ul class=”member_login_links and all its content.

  16. michael says:

    My book pictures for slide keep getting chopped/cropped.

    How can this be fixed? It looks really bad.


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Michael. Go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Media and set your thumbnail size to 500×500. Please note that this will only affect your new products, old ones will stay the same.

  17. Steve says:

    I have a ebook that I am about to publish, will this theme work well for a single ebook or is it better for a collection of them?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Steve
      Publisher is more suited for selling multiple books/products. For showcasing a single book I recommend the eBook theme. It doesn’t have any payment gateways built in like Publisher but you can easily link the book to your Amazon page. Good luck!

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