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Plumber website builder to create best plumbing websites with WordPress

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When it comes to static website building, we now have technologies and tools through which you can create and manage your site on your own.

It is not like the older days when custom website building was a domain of the field experts. You don’t need to hire a web design company to create your web presence. You can do it yourself, and use your creativity and ideas to build a site exactly how you want.

Moreover, it is much more affordable than it used to be. And more so for creating plumbing company websites which is easier than other kinds of websites.

  1. Why WordPress for your plumbing websites?
  2. Getting the domain name and hosting
  3. Installing the theme
  4. Customizing your website
  5. Maintaining the plumber website
  6. Promoting your plumbing business website

In this article, we have described the step-by-step procedure on how to create a plumbing business website with WordPress. We have also covered other aspects that you should know before you start creating your website.

Why WordPress for your plumbing websites?

Even though WordPress was designed as a blogging platform, it has evolved to be one of the easiest to use and most flexible CMS. WordPress now powers over 43% of the internet since it makes creating and managing websites so easier.

A regular website for your plumbing business will be a mostly-static custom website. It won’t be as complex as a directory website with front-end submission and so on. WordPress can handle online directories too, so a plumbing business website can be easily maintained on WordPress.

Moreover, WordPress makes it easy to change the website designs and add new features. You can choose from the available plumbing business templates and install them on your site. You will also be glad to know that the customization options are usually simple and intuitive for most the themes.

Another great reason to use WordPress is the flexibility and scalability of the platform. WordPress plugins are favored by most users as they add new and varied features to a WordPress website which makes it even more flexible.

These features and flexibility make WordPress the best platform to create any kind of website. This is especially the case if you need to build an informative business website for your plumbing company.

Getting the domain name and hosting space

The basic difference between a website builder and WordPress is how the sites are hosted. While DIY website builders like Wix or Squarespace are self-hosted and will allow you to directly start building your website, WordPress will require you to get the hosting space.

However, WordPress is totally free and the only monthly charge you have to pay is for hosting. Whereas Wix and other website builders will let you use their platform for a fixed price. Obviously, WordPress is much more affordable and flexible.

To use WordPress, you will just need to signup for reliable hosting to start creating your plumbing website. Along with that, you will also need a domain name that you can get from a domain name registrar like Bluehost or NameCheap.

We recommend using Bluehost for both – domain name as well as hosting. The plans at Bluehost are affordable and they have been known for the best uptimes. As well as this, Bluehost offers secure hosting as well as easy scalability and excellent support in case your website runs into server-side problems.

The process to set up the host and domain name for different companies is almost the same. That said, you will find there are minor variations between hosts. You can follow the instructions from the hosting company you choose to set up WordPress on your domain.

WordPress is super-easy to install but most of the hosts (including Bluehost) also offer one-click WordPress site install. This is where you can automatically download and install the latest version of WordPress and you’re ready to login to the domain’s WordPress back-end.

Choosing & Installing a plumber WordPress theme

Once you have WordPress installed, you will need a WordPress theme to create a plumbing website.

WordPress themes are more like ready-made websites, they come with beautiful page templates, sample images, sample posts, and section designs, which are all customizable.

All you have to do is choose a professionally designed WordPress template for plumbers and install it.

You can choose any theme you want, but there are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing a  WordPress theme:

  • The plumbing website design – it should have an eye-pleasing design
  • Prefer to use a niche theme instead of a general business theme. It’s easy to find a WordPress niche theme for any purpose, a WordPress theme for a grocery shop, a WordPress theme for a dentist, or a lawyer WordPress theme
  • Choose the theme in accordance with the flexibility you want. Go for a simpler theme without a page builder if you don’t want to customize it a lot, or a page builder based theme if you wish to get creative with your website
  • Make sure the theme comes with proper support and documentation to help you with website building
  • If there are any plugins, in particular, that you wish to use with your website – make sure that the WordPress theme offers compatibility with them

The basic theme installation process for your plumbing website

To install the WordPress theme, you will just have to

  1. Choose a WordPress theme
  2. Purchase and download the theme
  3. Sign in to your WordPress dashboard
  4. Upload the theme in the Installation section
  5. Press install
  6. Activate the theme

The process after the theme has been installed and activated for different themes may vary, but they are generally easy to install and use.

The WordPress themes can be used without tweaking a line of code. They are simply not just to install but also to customize.

Customizing The WordPress Theme

The process to customize the theme totally depends on the WordPress plumbing theme you choose.

Most of the professionally designed and premium WordPress themes come with an easy editing panel, theme options, and even a front-end customizer.

WordPress also has an inbuilt customizer with a live preview that can help you instantly preview the changes you make to your site’s appearance before saving them.

However, the technical steps are different. Here are the must-make customizations for your plumbing website.

  • Setting up the logo and the site title, and favicon for your site
  • Changing the footer credits
  • Editing the menus (more on this later)
  • Changing the colors & backgrounds to fit your branding
  • Updating your site with fresh and relevant images
  • Getting good and catchy content uploaded to your site
  • Make sure the pages are properly linked
  • Checking that the sidebars are populated with widgets to make the optimal user attention
  • Creating and publishing the contact form

There can be many other customization requirements for your website. And you can make them as and when required.

The above-mentioned customizations are great to start for your site. These are basic personalization steps through which you can turn a generic WordPress plumbing theme into your own website, with a unique appearance and customization.

Pages & Menus

You can create a one-page website, a landing page, or a multi-page site for your plumbing website depending on your requirements.


The homepage should be designed to reflect and represent the content of your entire website. It sets the first impression for your whole site and may help drive new leads. It should reflect the essence of your site and highlight all the important areas.

Contact Us

The contact form, along with other contact information, like a map to display location, address, working hours. phone number, email address. This should be a reliable resource for the clients to get in touch with you.

About Us

As the name suggests, the page on your plumbing business website that tells the clients about your business. It can be used for general personal information when you started, your values, your team, your customer’s responses, etc.

Service Pages

The pages through which you can describe the plumbing services you provide. This can be classified into two types of service pages. A page that lists all the services you provide, and then a series of other pages, dedicated to describing each of those plumbing services in detail.


Let your work testify your expertise. You can use this section of your plumbing website to showcase the previously completed projects with original photos, videos, and clients’ testimonials.

The essential elements for the homepage of your site

  1. The banner area is optimally used
  2. There is a prominent link to the contact form
  3. The menus make your site easy to navigate
  4. Upload attractive images on your homepage
  5. Contains all the important links
  6. Should also contain proper keywords and buttons to link to the pages of your plumbing website
  7. Make sure no space is wasted on outdated or unnecessary content

Steps to build the inner pages of your site

  1. Make a list of all the pages that you want to publish on your plumbing website
  2. Choose a template for each (if applicable)
  3. Making the necessary design customizations
  4. Writing content related to the plumbing industry
  5. Make sure the page is linked and brought to the website visitors’ attention with proper keywords
  6. SEO optimize your page

Menus on your website

The primary navigation on your plumbing companies website is the menu, your website visitors will extensively use it to find different information on your site. And this is why menus on your site should be carefully designed.

The menus will directly impact the effectiveness of your plumbing business’ online presence. So they should be designed carefully.

You can start by making a list of all the pages and useful links that you want on your menu. Decide on a very intuitive name for each of them. And then arrange them logically into a hierarchy of menus and sub-menus.

Project Gallery

With your plumber website template, you have all the chances to display the projects that you have already accomplished along with quotes from the client.

A website for your business can be a lot more advantageous for marketing your work. You can use creative ways to showcase your projects with text, gallery of images, and other graphics, and explain to your prospective clients your ways, the different phases, the design, and so on.

This section of your site will not just help your visitors get more confident about your expertise, but will also be a way through which you can document your different projects.

The Plumber WordPress theme comes with a project page design, and a project detail page template that you can use to showcase and save the details of the project, with exact location, beautiful images and an attractive template design.

Plumbing Business Website Maintenance

The beauty of WordPress is its ease of use and that reflects in the way you can effortlessly manage your website.

Since everything about your plumbing company website can be managed through the dashboard options. This is possible without touching any code. Using the dashboard makes it easy to add, edit or remove any content.

you can use the theme options and WordPress settings to maintain your site. For a plumbing website, the typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Managing content (Removing outdated content, adding new, updating when required)
  • Checking the contact form and replying to queries
  • SEO audit of your site to find and fix the errors that might harm the visibility of your site
  • Updating the service pages and showcasing as and when required

There can be various different maintenance routines, but thankfully, it gets easier with the right platform like WordPress.

Promoting your plumber service website

Once your website is live and all prepared for the visitors, you will have to start thinking about how you can deliver it to the audience.

Because more traffic equals more leads

There are several ways to do get more traffic:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Also known as search engine visibility, includes SEO optimizing your website for the right audience and right keywords so that it appears in the search engine when the relevant keywords are searched for. The term usually covers a variety of topics like keyword research, competition analysis, site rank & authority, content optimization & marketing, digital marketing, and so on.

You can learn the SEO basics or hire an SEO expert to make sure that your plumber’s website follows all the SEO standards and has it all to rank well among the competitions.

Direct Advertisements

Sponsored advertisement banners can be posted promoting your site using different mediums;

  • on relevant websites
  • advertisements on local business websites
  • visiting cards
  • local media

You can choose different ways to promote your plumber website based on the availability of platforms, target audience, and preferences.

Wrapping Up

Creating a website is easy with all the abundant options you have. WordPress has proven to be one of the best solutions to build a professional-looking and purposeful business website. WordPress websites are also easy to maintain.

Moreover, the WordPress platform is cost-effective and very flexible, if you want to scale your business once you start getting enough traction.

Considering how simple and easy it is to create and manage a plumbing business website with WordPress, you don’t have to look any further and start creating your plumbing website right away.

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