Why & How To Add FaceBook Events To Your Events Website

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Wondering if there are actual advantages of adding Facebook events to your website. Here are few of the many benefits of why you should..


Modern websites are multi-functional and feature packed. There are a lot of exciting features to make the website more interesting for the visitors.

If you are displaying events on your website, you can import the events from Facebook to make it more informative.

Here are some of the advantages of adding Facebook into your WordPress website.

More Content and More SEO advantages

When you add Facebook events to your website, you are in fact adding more content to your website.

More content means more engagement, less exit times, more keywords covered, and an interesting website.

Facebook events also helps you easily populate your WordPress website with fresh, useful content. With the reduced exit rates, increased engagement, and more content, you have more SEO advantages too.

Gives your visitors more options to browse from

If you already have events on your website, importing more events on your website will add more value.

A visitor coming to your website, will have more options. As mentioned earlier, this will definitely help you with user engagement.

Suppose your website is a city directory with different event listings. Therefore, importing events from Facebook will help you provide more relevant data to your visitors.

Good to populate your website with events at an initial stage

When you start a website, the initial stage comprises of a lot of struggle. This is when you won’t easily find organizers to list their events on their website.

However, to populate your site with events at this stage, you can import it from Facebook. You can easily import the events from Facebook to start with.

Transferring the Facebook event data to website

There are already many events on Facebook. It is totally illogical to again to spend time and energy to create those same events on your website by filling up the details.

Therefore, by importing events from Facebook will help you easily transfer the event data from Facebook event page to your website

Wrapping Up

Besides the ones mentioned in this list, there are many small and big advantages of adding Facebook events from your website.

And considering it is really easy to import the events from Facebook with the help of the available tools and techniques, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider adding Facebook Events on your Event Website.

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