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Download WordPress Website templates Free

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WordPress is a platform that stands out from the crowd for several reasons. Besides being the most used at the moment, its customization capability without the user is an expert in web design or CSS code, establishes it as the best option to use when you start your own website or want a blog with specific content. Of course, if you already want to create your own design, it would be best to contact a professional before you dive into the template designs.

WordPress has more than 2,600 templates and 31,000 plugins at no cost that you can use to provide high-quality content to your audience. Furthermore, they work in the website owner’s favor to guarantee advertisement of content and purchasing of products. Most users of WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. This fact already shows the true power of this platform offers starter sites.

  • WordPress Free Website Templates
  • Web Design With WordPress
  • Things to consider before you choose a theme
  • Additional Plugins

There are thousands of templates you can use to customize a website. Templates allow website owners to create the design they want for their website or blog without any major problems. This option is ideal as they can always change the appearance so that it is closer to a photography theme or a portfolio in which they desire to not be the main feature.

WordPress themes

One of the best websites to get a WordPress template is Themeforest, a space where they even collect the latest styles of WordPress so that a designer or website owner can scroll through and pick the template that best fits their content.

Some templates are focused on writing content, others on the presentation of images while some focus on the reproduction of videos without leaving the text. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

The appeal with templates is that a business or person can change the colors, upload a logo or change the background to create slides and other elements that can give the blog or website a special look. Customizer support can be contacted when problems arise during website designing, for example, if the image header fails to get set up.

Best free modern website templates

A multipurpose theme should provide many layout options and design options. The theme customizer allows websites to pick the grid layout, color options, landing page outlook, responsive design style, where images will be portrayed, post formats, and the header and footer location.

The header and footer should be designed with a unique style to show the professionalism of the blog.

Theme authors design modern web templates that pass the regulations of WordPress. This ensures any WordPress blog gets the best options.

Shapely Free Website Template

A highly versatile WordPress site with a page that has a very functional design. Shapely is a very advanced theme as it has various customization options. This theme comes with various homepage widgets that can be used to add a portfolio, testimonials, parallax sessions, product information, call to action, and many more customization options.
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Medzone WordPress Free Theme

MedZone offers styling for any WordPress widget; that means you can add a different design to your search areas, calendars, buttons, and much more. Each widget has a personalized style to ensure that the item is perfect for your site.
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Ocean wp Website Theme Free

A favorite of many to offer a large number of items for free. Another essential for online business and in a few years it has become one of the best themes for WordPress. It works perfectly with famous site builders like Elementor and with e-commerce plugins like Woocommerce.

Because of its free option and compatibility with Woocommerce, a website owner has the essentials to start an online shop and get sales in a short time.

It is e-commerce friendly, responsive for both desktop and mobile, enables fast loading of website, is designed with SEO in mind, and facilitates support for multiple languages ​​to finish your dream website.
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Hello theme Website builder

This theme has been created by the famous drag and drop page builder plugin Elementor so that it puts the least load on the server and website owners can reduce the time it takes to load our website. In other words, apart from the WordPress themes discussed above, Hello Theme is a dedicated theme exclusively for this builder.

Its reason for being created is to be a blank sheet for Elementor to assemble and create a site without creating the HTML code. Although it can not be compared with other themes like Astra or OceanWp, it is a perfect theme if a business has decided that all the pages of the website will be built with Elementor. That is, the blank sheet for some features is perfect for the Hello theme. If one uses Elementor to build a website without any custom requirements of WordPress pages and posts, this modern website template will allow you to create this website from scratch.

Although it logically takes more work, some businesses may prefer to make their own custom website.
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Hestia WordPress Site Template

It is another great multipurpose theme and despite not having the lightness (in operation and functionality) of some mentioned so far, it has its perks because of its great flexibility and because it is a responsive theme for any type of website.

This WordPress theme comes with a tutorial that will help a website designer in the first steps to build the website and get almost ready to start production after testing out the demo content. With the use of the tutorial, layout options can be sieved through to pick the perfect blog layout. It also has plugins that add highly requested options like services or testimonials which usually generate a lot of leads on the site.

It also comes in very handy with site builders like Divi (the paid Elementor colleague and what is also recommended but perhaps more burdening) and Elementor. Apart from offering the possibility to add sections with drag and drop, it also has compatibility with Woocommmerce, the fashionable plugin to set up an online store and which has everything you need for the cart, generation of orders (for the online business), invoices, mail delivery and much more.
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Bento WordPress Website Template

If website owners are looking for a free WordPress theme that focuses on company pages, then theme Bento is the one for you. It has gained enough popularity to be one of the most popular website templates, although it is far from being mentioned at the top with WordPress websites templates like Astra or OceanWP.

It is a multi-purpose theme, so one can use it for the online store or perhaps a curious landing page that serves as the website’s sales tunnel which gets leads after a good campaign on Facebook or Google ads.

It is a free theme that comes with customization options, so a website owner can create a well-configured website.

The free theme also has something for people who know how to code. There are CSS menus, sidebar back and CSS circular menus for professional website designers to test out every different code.
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Go WordPress blog website template

With Go, a website owner creates minimalism by focusing on the blog. A business or person that is looking to create a website to have a blog in which articles are periodically published will find this responsive WordPress theme ideal.

It has additional features; a welcome message for when readers visit the website and a call to action (which is as important as the buttons that get leads) in the header of the site.

It emphasizes the typography with a very clean outlook and that brings that touch of readability (very important in a blog). A variety of google fonts are availed to increase the appeal and attract more readers.

Furthermore, it handles images of publications or posts very well, so be aware of this detail when choosing a suitable free theme for WordPress.
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Magbook Web Templates WordPress

Magbook is precisely designed for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, Blog, or review websites. It is a clean and super flexible WordPress theme. Moreover, it has fully responsive designs, amazing new features, complete website demos ( Magbook is equipped with demo content with one click demo import plugin), and endless free updates. Magbook design is compatible with any website.
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Elegant magazine Free Theme

A minimalist yet elegant WordPress theme, which is exclusively designed for website news portals and magazines with great research on everyday online newspapers. WordPress website owners can use customizer options and widgets to redesign layouts as a trending news journal, modern fashion magazine, travel blogging & magazine, clean and minimal news sites, blogging site, and even more.
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Hueman Website Template

The Hueman magazine theme has a versatile design. This causes it to be used in blogs, magazines, small businesses, schools, churches, or personal websites.

Hueman is usually recognized to provide an exceptional experience on mobile devices, to load fast, and to be very easy to use.
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Semicolon WordPress Magazine Theme

The semicolon is simple and clean. It is a WordPress magazine theme with a responsive layout, easy-to-read typography, a unique grid layout with featured posts support, a few widget areas, a special menu for your social profiles, and much more.

This theme is perfect for all newspapers, magazines, and blog websites.
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VMagazine Online Magazine Template

It is a responsive WordPress theme. VMagazine provides a multiple layout setting where a business can update viewers on news. Additionally, it is one of the quickest and simplest magazine WordPress website templates that allows users to create a news magazine website in no time.
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Web design

This is a design created for a website. It is displayed in search engines. It refers to the user’s experience rather than the software. It includes features such as blog layouts.

A web designer works on the appearance, blog layouts, and in some cases, content of a website. Appearance, for instance, relates to the color options, google fonts, and images used.

A good web design should be easy to use and cause no strain on the user. It should focus on suitability and allow the final user to be able to add features to it. It should also be a responsive design that will be accessible to both mobile phone and computer users. In responsive design, the content on the page moves depending on screen resolution while in adaptive design, the website is fixed in layout sizes that match common screen sizes. Having a layout that is as consistent as possible between devices is crucial to keeping the viewers engaged and building trust with them.

Flat design is not the same as material design, and although they share many common points, such as the commitment to the smallest minimalism, there are also huge differences between the two codes. However, they are not incompatible and can certainly be perfectly combined to get the best finishes.

For a material design to be considered perfect, it should portray

Clarity and readability

All these principles come naturally from the way in which the graphic component is managed and distributed, including the typography, which above all will be a clearly readable solution, the textual structure will be conventional and fluent, visual hierarchy motivated by the Use of more or less strong tones that generate contrasts that are also nuanced by size and order.

Lighting and realism

The logic is manifested primarily in the use of lighting effects and the management of both lights and shadows. Lighting is a great indicator of proximity, relevance, and situation, so it becomes a fundamental tool to influence the hierarchy we have been talking about. Now, buttons, images, and all the elements have shadows that indicate the degree of proximity and help us to position ourselves on the web stage.

Movement is the most effective tool for grabbing attention and guiding the viewer

Its language will be obvious, graphic, and enlightened in the eyes of the user. If you choose an option or a tool, then it comes to us, expands its dimensions, and vice-versa if we stop using it. Even an element changes color or shines when it necessarily attracts our attention.


From the order, for example; first the images and then the floating button, to the speed at which they occur, and in what direction they are heading and in what end they are moving. All of this is important because not only does the user indicate where the information is coming from, but it also makes the journey easier, the elements are arranged to make the reading process intuitive, easy, and enjoyable.

Unlimited coding

All of these principles or standards that we review are designed and developed for implementation on any medium and platform, regardless of its nature and the screen size, it presents. From cell phones, tablets, or computers. All possible supporters and destinations support this visual language and in fact, its transversality and compatibility are one of its essential ingredients.


What to remember when creating an adaptive design.

  1. Make a simple template. Simple does not mean boring. The ‘simple’ refers to the HTML structure of your website: the clearer, the better. Remember that a computer screen can fit three vertical pillars; on the screen of a mobile phone, you only fit one. Think about how you reposition the elements.
  2. Eliminate all unnecessary features; avoid confusing effects, flash animations, and any other code that slows down the loading of your page. The less content of this type you have, the faster the web loads.
  3. Define a style CSS for each “size” Create a tiny.css, small.css, and big.css (for example) based on the device on which it is viewed.
  4. Make use of the most used resolutions 320px / 480px / 720px / 768px / 900px / 1024px.
  5. Make your template flexible. If you can, work with percentages instead of fixed amounts.
  6. Typography; Sometimes a viewer’s device screen may be so small that all he/she can see is text. Therefore, a website must choose the best google fonts carefully so that if they are reduced in size, they will not lose their readability. In addition, site owners need to know how to combine more neutral fonts with others that have personality in order to give the site the much-needed character. So the first tip is to spend time choosing the fonts you use.
  7. Use high-quality images. As space is reduced, images are accompanied. Choose the ones that do not lose quality when scaled-down, and those that work the same way when scaled. A poor-quality image makes your website look bad.
  8. Keeping your images in full view prevents your photos from being cropped by inserting the img (width: 100%;) code into your CSS. In this way, you tell the device to recalculate the height to give the image so that its width can be seen one hundred percent.
  9. All lower the same URL. Forget about subdomains because the same index.html file in the root folder works for all devices (if you do the adaptive design correctly). You already know the advantage: the fewer subdomains, the faster the page load will be.
  10. Benefit from every view: Accessing a website from a desktop computer is not the same as from an iPad or a mobile phone. With the first one, you navigate calmly and relaxed. With the latter, you will do it in empty hours and close the window as soon as you get bored. Take advantage of these terms and conditions to keep the user entertained and have fun during these few minutes they dedicate to you. Maybe the viewer will be satisfied and decide to click on your content again.
  11. Get inspired by digital publications: digital magazines know how to benefit from the support and their design is very intelligent. Get inspired by them and create a website that is hard to leave.

Translation-ready WordPress themes.

A WordPress site owner can find translation-ready themes that only come with a .pot file. In some cases, an English version of .mo and .po files can be located too. These files are used to translate the theme into other languages. It should be noted that these themes do not provide translations to other languages, but a site user has the tools needed to localize the free WordPress theme, for example, the Loco Translate plugin.

For example, the Jupiter X theme provides the jupiterx.pot file and a WordPress user can translate the theme to their language.

A WordPress user can also find translation-ready themes that come with the .pot file containing translations into other languages. These translations are usually done by professional translators, volunteers, and perhaps other users.

Design a Translation Ready Theme in three steps

  • Create then load the text domain for your WordPress theme.
  • Enclose the Translatable Text String with the WordPress get text function.
  • Create the .pot file to finish setting up the translation-ready theme.

The gettext framework function is used by WordPress to translate the text string into the desired language. Gettext has a set of functions in a core translation API file (located in the wp-includes directory). The designer has to enclose the text string with the appropriate function. The appropriate code shows how to use the gettext function to localize your theme.


It takes two parameters: the text domain and the string to be translated. This is one of the most basic translation functions.

$name = __( ‘My Stats’, ‘textdomain’ );

This function is used when a designer wants to mark a simple string for translation and return the value to use somewhere else.


It is similar to the function above, the only difference being that it echoes the value. It is used when the designer is translating in the HTML content directory.


It is a function used for strings with plural conditions in them. It is not known beforehand whether it will be singular or plural because it relies on the momentary value of some parameter. A good example is a comment count.

The .pot file acts as the base that has the translatable strings.

Woocommerce support.

WooCommerce is an online platform where people can buy and sell their products. Woocommerce Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, configuration, and use. If WordPress site owners need help setting up or configuring their plugin, they should first check the documentation and FAQs of the extension. More times than not, they will find the question might have been answered already. If it hasn’t, they should submit a ticket.

Retired themes are supported until the WordPress online business owner’s subscription expires. If a fatal error in the code is spotted yet the site is using updated versions of all code, a ticket should be submitted at the helpdesk.

Woocommerce support fixes any defects in their products as quickly as possible after the bugs are brought to their attention. They also try to provide a solution via the helpdesk for smaller defects. This is considered a precursor to a more substantial update to the particular product as part of their scheduled product updates.


If a WordPress owner wants to speed up the process, he/she can make sure to follow the steps in their self-help guide first. If they don’t, the WooCommerce support might request that they do.

WooCommerce provides a product as it is. While the service can help you to configure its products (this is done within the capabilities of each plugin), it does not customize products or support any third-party customizations of its products. Customization is any changes to the products’ look or function in relation to how they are made available to users on WooCommerce.


If WordPress website owners need customization, Woocommerce does its best to offer advice and direct them to appropriate resources. However, it does not take responsibility or accommodate third-party solutions for customized products. Third-Party services that some customers have found helpful include WooExperts and Codeable.

In conclusion, many WordPress blogs benefit from using their free templates.


Before selecting which template to use, there are some factors to consider;

Whether it is updated

An outdated template will cause functionality issues. The drag and drop page features may be slow. The issues may also arise when viewers are checking your website and this will discourage them from returning.

Whether it is SEO friendly

Not all templates comply with the best practices of search engine optimization. A business should have a clean and optimizable theme to achieve the most important factor which is the search engine ranking. Having an SEO-friendly site is beneficial as it will generate leads to the website.

Availability of technical support

A business should make sure that the web template provider offers whatever kind of support in case technical issues occur or if a website owner has questions prior to downloading. If there are times that the instructions are not clear, having a support team to address all the concerns regarding the use of web templates is very important. The template provider should provide a prompt and accurate answer to any questions to achieve the best customer experience

Available Ad Space

WordPress website owners should verify if ads are allowed to be featured on their website. There are templates that reserve space for ads and some do not. This should be confirmed before starting because aspects like layout and design make a difference when there are ads you want to accommodate.

Ease of use

A business should choose a template easy that is easy to manage and use. Template management is important to make it stress-free in the event that modification of part of it is required. Selecting the ideal template that matches your content makes it easy for you to finish the website in a timely manner. Additionally, it can assist in achieving the perfect website a business aims to own. A good template will attract customers because of its presentable outlook.

Whether it is responsive

Most web templates are built to be responsive. Aside from WordPress templates being free, they are also designed to be responsive to mobile users. This is to make sure that customers received an ideal experience whatever type of device they used to view the site.

Whether the images can be optimized

A WordPress website owner should ensure that images uploaded are optimized. A template requires specific dimensions and one should check the exact size of the images and make sure it is not exceeded. Larger images can cause slow loading websites that will hinder the achievement of the best customer experience.

By adding the thousands of plugins that are available on WordPress, website owners can extend the operation or features of the blog in question to attract customers and readers.

The same plugins can add social platforms to your WordPress website with a simple drag and drop of custom widgets. Plugins allow website owners to create their site.

Some Useful WordPress Plugins

Featured below are a series of popular high-quality plugins.

Updraft plus


UpdraftPlus is one of the most complete page builder plugins one can find in the backup segment. With it, starter sites can not only make backup copies periodically but can also make them if needed urgently (for example, the moment just before a WordPress update).

Website owners can also restore a backup copy to leave the website at a previous point in case they incur problems. Furthermore, it enables the saving of copy security in more repositories. With this plugin, a business can store the backups they make in services like Amazon S3. A business can also make selective backups and choose what to back up (database, entire website, or plugins).


It is a built-in drag and drop plugin in WordPress that makes it easy to create a website. A business can drag and drop a grid layout from the many layout options, post formats, and content blocks. A website can also have a magazine theme or business theme where a publisher advertises content in appealing google fonts in order to boost sales.

To access your site’s widgets, navigate to Appearance » Widget in the WordPress admin area sidebar. Then, scroll down to find the WPForms widget. Next, drag and drop the WPForms widget to a widget location of your choice. Then, click on the WPForms widget to select your form.

To begin, you’ll need to be logged into the WordPress admin area. Once there, click on WPForms in the admin sidebar to go to the Forms Overview page.

Then, to create a new form, click on the Add New button to launch the WPForms form builder.


WordPress designers can enter a name for their form (such as “Email Us”) in the Form Name input section. If they would rather not enter a name, then the form name will, by default, be set up as the name of the template the designer chose.


Below the Form Name input, you’ll find form templates in the Select a Template section. These are pre-built templates of commonly used forms to help you quickly get started. Go ahead and click on the template you’d like to use.


Once you’ve finished building your form, you can use the Embed Wizard right from your form builder by clicking the Embed button.

From there, you’ll have the option to either add your form to a new page or to select an existing page to add your form to.

By selecting the Create New Page option, you’ll be asked to enter a name for the page. After adding a name, click the Let’s Go button to embed your form and publish your page.

If you choose the Select Existing Page option, you’ll be asked to select a page to embed your form to.

Go ahead and select the name of the page you’d like to embed your form on, and then click the Let’s Go button to be redirected to the block editor to embed your form.


It is a paid plugin (on its website you can find its prices). It is a highly recommended plugin if you want to build a multilingual website. Not only does it allow you to translate pages and posts but it also allows you to do the same for features on the sidebar such as categories, menus. It also ranks highly as it is very easy to use and can help boost your blog when readers browse through search filters.

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is one of the paid page builder plugins but is considered worth it as it will make the whole website creation much easier. This is because it does not require one to have much CSS code experience.

With it, you can customize with the use of design options. The template can be worked on in FrontEnd mode without the need to have advanced CSS code knowledge. This WordPress plugin also has a panel (very easy to use) in which you can determine the values ​​of the attributes of the selected elements. On the internet, you have an example of how it works.

The disadvantage is that a business needs to find out if it works with the template it has chosen for its website as this plugin does not work with all existing templates in WordPress.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another highly recommended plugin if you have no coding knowledge. This plugin is a visual editor with which you can visually create BackEnd and FrontEnd. With it, you will be able to work on the structure and content that each page or entry of your website has. Website designers can preview the demo content as they choose the perfect blog layout for their business sites.


If a website will have a blog section, SumoMe is a plugin that contains many interesting features but stands out when it comes to sharing social networks. With this plugin, you can add buttons for social networks almost anywhere on the blog. It allows you to connect with 18 social networks and customize the shape and colors of the buttons. Additionally, it allows you to add counters to know how often an entry you have posted has been shared and how many social networks have shared it. It also has another feature that is very interesting, and that is that it allows you to add share buttons on top of images. This feature is essential if you are planning a blog in which images have a dominant role (a highly visual blog). Additionally, along with the image that is shared, a link to the blog post is also shared. This is perfect for generating leads for your content. SumoMe has maximized social media integration and customization options.

Another feature that it contains, and that has some plugins, is that of the SumoMe Highlighter, which allows the visitor to share the text he selects for an item. That is, if this feature is enabled and a visitor selects a sentence or paragraph of the post with the cursor, then a button appears to share that sentence or paragraph on their social networks along with a link to the blog.

WP Touch


If a website business does not have a responsive theme or wants to create different appearances depending on the medium in which its site is displayed, this plugin will be very useful. The plugin’s various features help anyone to create a global and unique vision for your site. The result is a page that is easily accessible and usable by any user, which never hurts and is a plus value for your project.


It is the WordPress Plugin portraying excellence. It is perfect for linking your blog to social networks and generating feedback on various platforms. It has a wide variety of features and configuration options. Furthermore, it includes statistics, an e-mail subscription system, an image gallery creation system, and a spell checker among many other things.

10 Modern Website Design Trends for 2021

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Bringing in powerful modern design elements to your website can distinguish a great brand image, user efficiency, and enjoyment.

For your website, it’s important to keep up to date with the design trends that people are looking for. Your website can be a direct reflection of you and your business, so projecting a modern image to those potential customers, employers, etc. is always beneficial.

Design features can bring better sales, more traffic, and committed users with less bounce rates.

Bounce rates can have a detrimental effect on your website, so it is key to discover innovative ways to keep that from increasing. Cutting edge features should be a top priority and don’t have to be hard. Let’s look into a few that you can adapt to your website:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Chatbots
  3. Serifs
  4. E-commerce Efficiency
  5. Micro-interactions
  6. Minimalism
  7. One-page
  8. Videos
  9. SEO
  10. Parallax

Let’s look at these in more detail.

1. Mobile friendly:

No matter what the purpose of your website is (to sell a product, informational, a personal portfolio) having a responsive mobile website is crucial. This has proven to be the nuts and bolts of modern websites. In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones and will continue to grow in 2019.

So it makes sense that most brands and businesses have taken the small step in bringing responsive mobility to their website.

Flinto Theme


We also recommend taking it a step further and having a dedicated mobile app (if your business can utilize it). In deciding on a website builder or hiring someone, be sure to check what the options are for mobile apps.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to chat online as if you were having a conversation with a real person. You have probably had a conversation with one if you have used a modern website recently.

Businesses have implemented chatbots into their websites as they continue to develop and engage with potential customers and clients.

They can be used to sell products, enhance customer support, and quickly answer questions. Users appreciate the ability to chat immediately, especially when some companies don’t have the ability to respond as quickly as needed.

3. Serifs

Serifs are making a sleek impression on the digital world, especially in this modern age.

For those not familiar, when it comes to typography, serifs are the fonts with strokes or small lines attached to the end of the letter.

The most familiar serif typeface is Times New Roman, and they are usually not considered to be as modern looking as sans serifs (don’t have lines at the end of the characters)

But serifs have been used by many businesses in a new and innovative way. Let’s say they are being brought back. A common myth is that only sans-serif can be used in digital productions yet here are a few websites that successfully presented serifs in a contemporary way.

Design Tip:

When choosing a modern font for your website it is important to represent your business in a cohesive style. Typefaces can give a certain feeling or emotion to your audience, and a perception of your brand.

From a design perspective, if you want to successfully use a serif it can be beautifully paired with a sans-serif to give a contrasting and interesting contemporary look.

Contrast can also help break sections up and give large paragraphs of information a distinct look, to make it easier to read.

4. eCommerce efficiency

It is no secret that eCommerce has been a large part of online business and is expected to continue to rise. 4.8 trillion in retail eCommerce are sales projected worldwide in 2021, and with that comes versatile, functional, and outrageously custom eCommerce websites.

This includes integration of chatbots, more personalized interactions, consumer data, and modern design.

Also, many consumers want effortless ‘cart to purchase’ websites. To compete with the massive online business trends out there, it’s important to make sure your eCommerce website includes efficient and safe checkouts, modern displays, and current products.


When building a modern eCommerce website is also important to have email marketing capabilities, not only for the reliability of receipts but also to bring more traffic from past and future customers.

5. Micro-interactions

There are many definitions of micro-interactions when it comes to web design.  Basically, micro-interactions are contained moments that revolve around a single-use. This can be classified as loading icons, animations, or any other element that gives the user a better experience.

The use of micro-interactions has escalated in 2019 and are now used in apps. Many businesses design their websites to encompass the benefit of the user.

Modern micro-interaction website design

6. Minimalism

Simplicity and minimal elements have always been considered modern. But in 2019, this has become more prominent than ever in web design.

Condensed wording with the minimal amount of imagery and features have blown up in the digital world. It is no secret that this has and will continue to be an important modern element.

Let’s look at how this is achieved in these websites:

Minimalist website design

modern website design

7. One-page

Single-page websites give the user a one-page layout with sections. The user can scroll down the page or navigate to the desired portion. Simplicity at its finest right? These are all the popular rage sections especially for portfolio websites to present designer’s work.

It’s easier for the user to scroll or jump straight to the of the page they want to see. This also eliminates any worry of malfunctions between pages.

Design Tip:

Always make sure with one-page websites that the categories are easily recognizable and broken up by a design element. This can be color, contrast, or just adding a simple line. But make sure to stick to a cohesive look and feel or it can be distracting for the user.

8. Video Background

Videos videos, videos. Videos are the most popular and efficient ways for businesses to grow. From social media, keeping websites interesting, or tutorials, one thing is constant in this modern age: videos catch people’s attention.

Social media platforms have made changes to be more video-friendly for that reason. Within the last few years, many websites have implemented videos as much as possible.

GIFs and animations have been a strong influence on modern design, as well. Videos are the way to go to keep the users coming back for more.

Here are a couple of modern websites with beautiful full-length video backgrounds.

Modern website video background


Modern video background

9. SEO

There are many ways to go about search engine optimization (SEO), but one thing is for certain it is the most necessary part of any modern website, especially in 2019.

SEO has always been an extensive part of the website building process and it can be achieved through using programs, plug-ins or just a few tactics to get search engines to recognize your website.

Either way, having SEO integrated with your website can be a critical component to drive traffic and business.

One of the most important is being mobile-first indexing. As of 2018, Google announced it would be optimized for those searching on mobile.

So, once you get your website mobile, more people can search for it on the go.

10. Parallax

A modern website design that has not left trending charts for a few years now.

The background of parallax websites scrolls slower than the foreground images, which brings a subtle feeling of three-dimensional design.

Integrating this will have a lasting effect on the user, but no one can deny it is a top pick to easily integrate a modern look for your website.
Modern parallax design

Design Tip:

If you want to optimize your design website approach you can combine many of these trends together, such as using minimalism in combination with parallax scrolling.

With minimalism, the goal is to not overwhelm the viewer and give simplicity. With parallAx scrolling, the achievement of simplicity and another lasting impression can be achieved.

Combine a few of these trends into your website and combine them to give your users an even better experience.

25+ Best WordPress Blog and News Magazine Themes 2021

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Want to start your own blog (or an online publishing website), but don’t know where to start?

We have a solution for you!

Here’s a list of just the best online blog news and magazine themes for WordPress.

But again;

How will you choose the best blog theme from among them?

We have a solution for that too.

This list of the best news magazine themes 2021 is like a brochure of themes and with a brief information about each one.

You can check the ones that meet your requirements and ignore the ones that don’t match your criteria.

We have picked up just best blog themes and best WordPress news magazine themes of 2021 in this article to help you find the best theme for your new venture.

In this list you will find :

  • Best magazine WordPress themes
  • Best WordPress news themes
  • Best themes for blogs
  • Themes for informative and content-oriented websites

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Newspaper Theme – News Magazine WordPress Theme

The Newspaper WordPress theme by tagDiv is the ultimate blog, news, and magazine template for WordPress. This is the best selling news and magazine theme on Envato Market in 2020 with over 90,000 customers. The template is designed to help you create everything with ease. From a small blog to a high volume traffic online newspaper, you get all the tools you need to be creative and productive in a single theme.

The latest versions of the theme feature an eye-catching design powered by a live drag-n-drop page builder – tagDiv Composer. This is the only page builder ever built for the publishing industry, so you’ll get the chance to explore, test, and redesign your website right from the front end without any coding skills. Also, the theme incorporates the tagDiv Cloud Library that comes with 1000+ ready-made templates for posts, category, 404, author, or search pages. Furthermore, the theme includes a Header and Footer builders with amazing styles. Now, everything can be customized on the front end of your site!

The Newspaper WordPress theme comes with over 95 demos and PRO demo designs you can install with a click for a fast start. The theme also has Video auto-play; it is SEO friendly, AMP and AdSense ready. Moreover, the Newspaper theme is GDPR compliant.

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Newsmag – News Magazine WordPress Theme

Newsmag is an excellent theme specially designed for blogs and magazine websites. It includes beautiful demo designs you can import with one-click to get a quick start. The template has plenty of customization options so you can use it without coding knowledge. The smart advertisement system lets the owner earn money by displaying Google Ads, AdSense, and banner ads across the theme.

You should go with this theme if you want to have a responsive, attractive and easy to use blog or magazine website. The theme is highly customizable right on the frontend. It also comes with various post styles to choose from.

Newsmag theme is extremely flexible and lets you create whatever you want with easy-to-use options. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and WPML plugins.

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Sahifa WordPress News Magazine Theme

Sahifa is one of the best news magazine WordPress theme for 2021. The theme is an amazing platform for creating website in RTL Mode.

For customizing the theme, Sahifa offers more than 400 options. The theme has its own page builder called the TiePage builder. This tool will let you re-structure the content blocks using simple drag and drop. The theme has a social counter plugin.

Sahifa offers your visitors the facility to search your site by using the ajax search. To add more blocks and features there are 40+ shortcodes available with the theme. There are widgets in the theme that you can use for various purposes. Besides everything, Sahifa is SEO friendly and performance oriented. With the Sahifa, display breaking news on your website with three animation effects.

With translation ready Sahifa, create a website in your desired language. If you wish to sell something through your website, Sahifa offers compatibility with WooCommerce. By integrating WooCommerce, you include all the sales related functionalities.

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FoodBlogger – A Minimal Food Blogging theme

WordPress blog theme

Introducing a fresh, clean, and easy to use WordPress theme for all the food bloggers. The multipurpose WordPress food blog theme is ideal for Recipe sharing websites, cooking blog, or any other food related website food-related blogs, magazines and recipe websites. The flexible food theme with drag and drop Elementor page builder support makes it easy to shape the food blog of your imagination.

The theme is clean and SEO friendly and compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce where you can show online shop for your site. The theme is easy to set up with one click install and have unlimited color customization options and Live customizer available.

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Gillion Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress Theme

WordPress blog theme

Gillion is a multi-concept blog/magazine WordPress theme and also online store theme which you can show and sell online products on your site. The theme is clean and well documented and does not require any coding skills. Gillion has many popular features that you can show on your site like integrating social widgets, bookmark option, creating an online shop and customizing your own site using WP-Bakery plugin.

Gillion has been designed to have powerful theme options whereas an admin of the site you can control the settings and modify changes as per your needs. The theme is well optimized and SEO friendly.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Grace Mag WordPress Theme<pdir=Grace Mag is a user-engaging WordPress theme best suitable for News-Magazine and blog. It is Gutenberg Editor compatible theme perfect for building news and magazine websites, personal blogging sites, media blogging sites or creating news portals sites, journals, articles, and other publication sites.

In Grace Mag, you can easily manipulate theme color, pre-loader, header options, banner, enable and disable page and post attributes as per your comfort. Furthermore, it is fully responsive in all kinds of devices of different resolution screen size.</p

Grace Mag simple, clean, modern and beautifully designed free WordPress theme. It is exceptionally friendly with SEO which helps to rank your websites in the first pagination on Google. Grace mag is easy to use and customize from WordPress live customizer or you can just use a one-click demo feature. Its other features are :

  • One Click Demo Import
  • Theme Global Color Options
  • Enable / Disable Pre-loader
  • Customizable Top Header & Main Header Options
  • Main Banner with custom Background Opacity Options
  • Post and Page Content Enable/ Disable Options
  • Featured Image Enable/ Disable Options
  • Related Post with date & comment Enable / Disable Options
  • Custom Background Image / Color Options
  • Search Page Customizations
  • Sticky Sidebar Enable/ Disable Options
  • Custom Footer Copyright Message
  • Popular Social Links and RSS Feed
  • Six Custom Widgets Area with Canvas Sidebar
  • Header Advertisement Area

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Live Magazine WordPress Theme

Live News and Magazine WordPress Theme
This Magazine WordPress Theme helps you quickly setup, manage and publish an effective online magazine.

This free Magazine WordPress theme lets you customize the look and feel of your site. Instead of bombarding you with endless options, it gives you primarily, secondary color choices to globally change the colors across your site.

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Noovazity – News Blog WordPress template

Premium-WordPress-Magazine-Theme, wordpress news magazine themes
Noovazity is a WordPress template for News Blog and is a part of Monstroid2 Multipurpose theme. It is regularly updated and well-maintained. It offers purpose oriented design with tons of useful features that a news website can benefit from.

Monstroid2 is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes which you can currently find available on the market. This multipurpose WordPress theme is just perfect if you want to build a professional multipurpose website, whether it is a news template, a portfolio or an online store! Additionally, more than 300 pre-built page templates, all SEO-optimized, are also available.
Furthermore, the Monstroid2 best multipurpose WordPress theme also provides you with a great diversity of demo content, from attractive images to engaging icons! Also, all the page templates are easy to work with and customize. Designed with the Elementor plugin and a bunch of powerful add-ons, the sections are very responsive and flexible.

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SimpleMag Photography Magazine Theme

SimpleMag Magazine and Photography Theme
SimpleMag is a WordPress news magazine theme. SimpleMag has around 9 Homepage variants to choose from. Install the demo data with one click and get started with your website.

This theme has a modern look and clear presentation of the content. A magazine needs to present all the categories to the visitors on the homepage itself. So, the theme comes with an ajax mega menu with columns. SimpleMag also has some Ad spaces to display advertisement and earn revenue.

For customizing the theme, the powerful admin panel has intuitive options. You can use available widgets and shortcodes to show content at various parts of the website. The theme has a drag and drop page builder to let you control the content blocks. So you can construct a page with your own imagination and creativity.

The theme design is responsive. SimpleMag can perform well in the RTL mode too. Moreover, SimpleMag is designed with SEO standards in mind.

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Publisher – Magazine news and blog theme

Magazine News them

Publisher is a news magazine WordPress theme with vast features and a thoughtful design. The theme comes with intuitive dashboard options so that you can manage your online news portal website or e-magazine easily.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce for all the eCommerce features you should need. Furthermore, you can start community discussions with the bbPress forums. Also, for creating new pages, or editing them, you can use the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder. You can choose from more than 200 home screen layouts. Also, it comes with ad sections for ad monetization.

This WordPress theme for news blogs is speed and performance optimized. It is SEO optimized and also allows Facebook comment integration on your articles with Disqus. You can even create and use custom post types and is multi-site ready.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

PenNews : News Magazine and Reviews WordPress Theme

WordPress blog theme

PenNews is a multi-concept drag and drop WordPress theme. The theme can be used for Travel agencies, business, food, blogging and many more. The theme is well supported with Google AMP to have better performance on responsive devices. The theme comes with elegant features like frontend submission page, custom post types options, multiple layouts and animations that you can choose from to design your own creative website.

PenNews is Gutenberg compatible and helps you create your own styles. The theme has video, galleries and slider styles and more than 100+ custom blocks that you can choose from to design. Compatible with BBPress, BuddyPress & Event Calendar plugin along with the WPML plugin to have a multi-language supported site.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Valenti Premium WordPress Magazine Theme

Valenti is a retina ready and easy to use reviews and magazine theme. The theme is responsive and supports high quality graphics. So that you can create wonderful websites in 2021.

This theme comes with its own inbuilt page builder called the Valenti page builder. This page builder will allow you to build your page using the easy drag and drop options. Valenti has different styles to offer, to present your post on the website. Being a review theme, it allows you to choose the review style: Stars, percent or point system. There are many options in Valenti specific to the news and magazine. For advanced customizations, you can use a child them.

Valenti is translation ready and comes with inbuilt .po and .mo files. Valenti is SEO ready and RTL compatible too. You can sell online with the Valenti by installing the WooCommerce plugin.

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Gonzo WordPress Magazine Theme

Gonzo is a theme specifically designed for news, blog and magazine website. The theme has all the features to let you set the blog website with easy and flexibility.

Gonzo has a clean design and its responsive. The elements of the theme are designed to ensure that they appear perfectly on any device they are viewed. There are blog layout styles you can choose from. The theme gives you the freedom to present the content the way you want. To present the images within the blog, you can use the Gallery module. With Gonzo, you can decide what you want for review systems. Your site can start with forums using the bbPress plugin.

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MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme

WordPress blog theme

MagPlus is a popular WordPress theme especially designed for Bloggers,Travel agencies and portfolios.The theme has many elegant designs and demos that you can choose from to design your own creative website.The theme has popular features like AMP,GDPR compliant,Adsense,WPML,Responsive,SEO Optimized and many more.

MagPlus theme has tons of features using the Drag and Drop page builder like Visual Composer,Live Customizer and multiple templates with 1 click install and premium plugins like Visual Composer, WordPress Viral, Quiz Plugin,Yellow Pencil Plugin,Social Jumbo Pack included as FREE plugins.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Bimber – Magazine WordPress Theme

WordPress blog theme

Bimber is a popular and light-weight easy to use magazine WordPress theme. The theme comes with many features which you can use for your creative blogging site. Custom Video Playlist, Adblock Detector, Social Media Widgets,Fake counters and reactions on posts are key features using this theme. The theme is clean and easy to customize & well documented.

With Bimber, you can monetize your site using Google Ads and other methods like affiliates, coupons, donations, shop and many more. The theme comes with 15+ pre-defines demos to start with and easily customizable with drag and drop page builder. More creative website templates>>

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

BoomBox — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

WordPress blog theme

BoomBox is a popular blog/magazine WordPress theme designed for bloggers. The theme is easy to use and customizable layout with viral content builder plugin. Compatible with BBPress, BuddyPress and Premium plugin like Ad Manager plugin, Visual Composer makes this theme more elite and well customized theme. It includes enhanced WordPress customizer options with advanced sidebar management options.

BoomBox includes attractive badges and post ranking options where you can add fake counters and views for making your post popular. The theme is well optimized and SEO friendly. Other features like WPML,Contact form 7 and Fully Responsiveness are included in this theme.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

CheerUp – WordPress Blog Theme

WordPress blog theme

Cheer is a powerful and luxurious design WordPress theme designed for bloggers and minimal magazines types of sites.The theme is specially designed for Gutenberg and includes 100+ layouts and designs to choose from to design an attractive blog website.Features like header & footer styles and 10+ unique demos which can be installed in one click to start with a creative blog site.

CheerUp is fully responsive and SEO friendly and comes with GDPR compliant along with multiple latest header and footer styles.The theme is compatible with Visual Composer plugin,WooCommerce,Contact Form 7,Yoast SEO and many more.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Typograph – Content Focused Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme

WordPress blog theme

Typography is a content based Gutenberg compatible WordPress blog theme. The theme is well optimized and SEO friendly. The theme is clean design and fast loading with full responsive layouts. The theme has multiple Custom page title styles on per-page basis, Page and post options, Smart sticky menu,useful widget areas, Sticky sidebars and many more features.

Typography WordPress Blog theme is well supported with CDN and developer friendly. The theme comes with a child theme where you can customize or design your own theme. It is SSL ready and cross browser compatible.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Reco – Minimal Theme for Freebies

WordPress blog theme

Reco is a popular minimal design blog WordPress theme designed especially for magazines, blog, digital freebies, mockups and others. The theme is easy to use and has been designed light weight to have a well optimized score based on SEO. The theme is fully responsive and translation ready and well supported with WPML plugin.

The main features includes multiple homepage designs and layouts with customized widgets designs. Reco has search widget, customizer options and powerful admin panel to control the site as an administrator.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Zeen – A Modern Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen is a popular next generation magazine WordPress theme designed to create a beautiful, silky-smooth and highly unique magazine, blog, newspaper, reviews site or even full blown WooCommerce shop. The theme is very much flexible and customizable for any developers and even beginners can become a tech savvy using this theme with no coding skills required.

The theme is very much responsive and well documented and can have a features to import demos with one click install feature. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce, AMP, BBPress, BuddyPress and many more. Zeen is GDPR compliant and well optimized with SEO.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

TheBlogger – A WordPress Blogging Theme for Bloggers

WordPress blog theme
The Blogger is a WordPress blogging theme especially designed for bloggers. It is easy to use with live customizer option where you can customize every bit of changes and preview it on your site. It supports multiple header layouts & styles and compatible with WooCommerce plugin to create an online shop on your blog site.

It is very much responsive and mobile friendly. The theme includes many features like SEO friendly, custom widgets options, Translation ready, advanced admin option panel and many more.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Amory Blog – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

WordPress blog theme
Amory Blog is a modern design responsive WordPress blog theme especially designed for fashion, travel and photography websites. The theme is fully widgetized and have powerful admin panel to control the theme settings. It consists of multiple sidebar options and having shortcode functionality to choose from.

The theme is clean and well documented and requires no coding skills. It also consists of multiple blog styles and supports premium plugin like Revolution slider. More photography portfolio themes>>

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Jarida Premium News Magazine WordPress Theme

Jarida is a responsive and retina ready WordPress news magazine theme for 2018. Jarida contains built in page builder using the drag and drop options. The advanced admin panel of the theme has more than 200 options for customizing the theme.

Jarida supports multiple page posts to be displayed on your website. It supports mega menu to display the categories on the homepage menu. The theme has many options to select the header, footer, sidebar, sliders, page layout or create it. Jarida is translation ready and WPML compatible for the multi-language translation. Jarida also has a social counter widget to show the social popularity of the theme. The theme files have clean code and is well commented.

Jarida ensures you that you can create a fabulous website in RTL mode. The built in short codes, are useful and intuitive. There are widgets, that too can be used for your purpose. The theme files are SEO optimized.

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The Voux – A Comprehensive Magazine Theme

News Magazine WP theme

The Voux is a stylish and detailed news magazine WordPress theme. The theme is Lightweight and focuses on content. It lets you create a professional magazine website in minutes.

The theme comes with pre-made demos and Visual Composer compatibility for easy drag and drop page building. It lets you choose from multiple header styles. This Magazine theme is compatible with WPML as well so you can easily view the site in any language you want.

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Jannah News – Newspaper Magazine News AMP BuddyPress

News magazine WordPress theme

Jannah is one of the best WordPress news magazine themes with great features. This newspaper magazine theme comes with multiple header block styles and new elegant design.

The theme is highly customizable and SEO friendly. Moreover, you have some very useful widgets like the weather report, etc.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Compass – Magazine WP Theme

News magazine WordPress theme

The Compass is a highly elegant and customizable WordPress news magazine theme that Comes with a modern responsive design. It lets you show off your content with the easily configurable homepage. Besides, you can use the drag and drop visual composer page builder to create your web pages easily.

You can use the compass theme and create your own website without hiring experts. Use the customization options to make your website look and feel the way you want.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Portus – News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

News magazine WordPress theme
Portus is a news Portal theme that comes with clean code and easy to use features. This news magazine WordPress theme is easily customizable.

Portus supports WPML for multilanguage translations, and WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your website. Moreover, you can use the Visual Composer plugin to redesign your web pages with easy drag and drop options. This news magazine theme is fully responsive and supports mega menu for flawless navigation.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

INFRA – Clean & Elegant Magazine Theme

News magazine WordPress theme
INFRA is one of the most popular news magazine themes where you can easy to use and customize your site as per your needs.With advanced features like SEO and Responsive Friendly you can install this theme on one click.

This theme is compatible with the Visual composer drag and drop page builder so you can easily create your own pages and design your site as per your requirements. Besides you can set custom Sidebars, and background and images to make your website more attractive.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Extra – News magazine WP theme

News magazine WordPress theme
The ultimate visual page builder magazine theme that you can use for your site. Install the theme and create your own news categories, post and pages with the page builder. This News magazine theme is easily customizable.

You can use this theme to sell online using the WooCommerce plugin. Extra is fully responsive, mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Herald – News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

News WordPress theme
This is a modern news Portal & Magazine theme specifically designed for news and magazine readers The theme is fully responsive and it comes with all the easy options through which you can create your website without writing a line of code.

The Herald news magazine theme comes with unlimited sidebars and multiple page variations. Create a multilingual news magazine website with this WPML compatible theme.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Good Space – Clean Magazine WordPress Theme

Good Space has a simple design that focuses on the content. The theme is not particularly designed for news and magazines. But it offers everything to establish a feature rich publishing website in 2018.

The inbuilt page builder works by drag and drop. With this page builder, you can create a page of your need easily. For customization of the theme you can use the Powerful Admin Panel or the shortcodes. The shortcodes allows you to create the content areas as per requirement.

The Good Space theme allows you to choose from the thumbnail options. There you can opt for the video, image or slideshow of some images. With Good Space the .POT files are already provided. These files lets you translate the theme in any language. To attract the attention of more and more people, the theme supports the social sharing of the posts. The theme has font, logo and background up-loader. This means that customization options are not limited to the choices given in the theme.

Good Space theme takes care of your SEO concerns. So you just need to take care of your content without worrying about anything else.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Goodnews – News Magazine Theme

Goodnews is a well designed, news magazine theme for WordPress. The theme offers you a wonderful way to present your blogs and posts. It has an inbuilt smart advertisement system to display the advertisements. You can charge clients for having their advertisements on your website.

Good news will let your visitors search through the site using the Ajax search. The theme supports video for displaying news in the website. Moreover, there are other options too for displaying your posts in the website. The theme has a weather widget that will display the temperature and weather widget. The advanced admin panel of the theme makes it easy to change the look and feel of the theme.

The visual composer plugin is compatible with the theme. You can manage the content of the website using drag and drop options. Good news is translation ready and compatible with RTL mode. The theme includes Layer Slider and Revolution slider.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Hemlock – Magazine Blog Theme

Hemlock is just another WordPress news magazine theme also good for blogging. The theme has a simple yet attractive design with necessary features.

The theme does not come with extended functionalities but ensures that you get everything to start up a successful blog. As the theme is not loaded with unnecessary extensions and features, it is quick to load. Hemlock has a design to focus on contents and has eliminated unnecessary details. Professional bloggers, as well as beginners, can start their blog with the theme. The theme has social media icons in to let your visitors share their posts with friends.

To ensure that people can access and enjoy the blog and news from any device, Hemlock is responsive. The powerful admin panel of the theme allows you to manage the appearance and behavior of the theme. Hemlock supports Videos, music and image galleries in the posts.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Rosemary – Magazine Blog Theme

Rosemary is a responsive, and bright WordPress theme for creating a lively website in 2018. The theme is designed for presenting your blogs in an attractive manner.

The theme has 5 predefined styles for blog. This means that you can present your content using five distinct ways. Rosemary has custom widgets that will add features necessary to your blog. For example, There’s a Latest post widget that will display the latest post to the visitors. This way the visitors will be aware of the latest posts on your blog-site.

Create a well designed contact form using the Contact Form 7 plugin that is compatible with the theme. The theme has a full-width page template to display content without sidebars. You can choose the fonts and colors for the website using the easy admin options. The social media sharing of the blogs is possible through the social icons in the header. This will allow the visitor to share your post on their social media accounts.

If you want to create a website in a language other than English, that too is possible. Rosemary comes with localization files to translate the theme in the desired language.


Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

True Mag – Best Magazine Theme

True Mag is an amazing premium magazine WordPress theme. You can select from the 11 available homepage slider styles for your website. The theme is responsive and optimized for performance in mobile phones. For signifying the content, True Mag has easy navigation and clear content display.

The True Mag theme comes with the Visual Composer built in. So, you can create your page or move and update the content of the existing page with simple drag and drop options. The interesting thing is, it comes in-bundled with the theme. The TrueMag comes with a Video Ads plugin that is designed for True Mag. This plugin makes it possible to play an advertisement video before starting the actual video. To make the videos on the site more interesting the theme has many options related to this. You can choose to display video in a full-width page or inbox. The video auto play and next video auto play feature is also included in the theme. Sharing the posts function also comes inbuilt with the theme.

True Mag allows advertisements in predefined ad spaces in the site to let you make money through it. The theme has customization features with innumerable options. You can set the font, color, background, and icons using the admin panel options. The theme is RTL compatible and allows multi-language translations using the WPML plugin.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

BuzzBlog Magazine Blog Theme

BuzzBlog is a simple and attractive theme for your personal blog. The theme is based on the Bootstrap framework. The theme has an elegant and responsive design with powerful graphics quality.

Buzzblog has 11 predefined style templates to let you choose from. To ensure that your blog gets the deserved social love, Buzzblog has the social media sharing function enabled. The images on the website, when clicked will be displayed in a beautiful lightbox.

To include features in the theme, you can use the 60 shortcodes. BuzzBlog also allows embedding videos in your post. The footer of the theme can be reconstructed as it is totally widgetized. You can replace or edit these widgets for your use. In case you want to display the maps on the website, this theme comes with Integrated Google maps. The header of the theme can be totally customized from the theme admin panel. You can choose from the 7 layout options to display the blogs on your website.

If you wish to translate the website into any language, you can easily do that. Even multi-language translation of the theme is possible using the WPML plugin. The theme is SEO optimized.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Retro Portfolio WordPress Theme

Retro Portfolio is a one pager WordPress blog theme. This theme has a single page portfolio system to display the content. The theme allows you to present your blog in one page through its retro design.

Retro Portfolio has a very detailed admin panel that allows you to control the look and feel of the website. Through this panel, you can change the fonts, colors, layouts, etc. The theme lets you have total control over the home page. This is very important for a one-page portfolio website. With the back-end options, you can control the various sections of the homepage and make the page work the way you want.

If you are looking for a portfolio theme to use as your blogging platform, Retro portfolio is for you. You can integrate all the blogging tools with this theme. The theme is fully responsive. The user experience won’t suffer even when the website is viewed through any mobile device. Retro Portfolio has a working anti-spam filer on the contact page. The theme is translatable. You can use its Vintage design to display the website content in any language.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Redwood – WordPress Blogger and News Theme

Redwood is a simple yet stylish magazine-blog theme for WordPress. It is perfect blogging platform. It is designed with the bloggers in mind and focuses on content.

To make your blog available to people visiting through different devices, the theme is responsive. The homepage banner slider shows the featured posts with an option to read more. The theme has options to customize using the back end of the theme. This customization can range from changing the font and colors of the theme to enable and disable the elements.

The theme comes with social media widgets to let the visitors share your post on their social accounts. If you wish to create a website in your local language, that is possible using the localization files provided with the theme. Redwood has a number of custom widgets that add features to your site. The theme has promo boxes to display categories or use as a way for navigation to important pages in the site.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Website Magazine Blog Theme

Website is a simple and elegant WordPress news, blog and magazines theme . The theme allows you to choose from the dark and light version.

The website theme is responsive and optimized for touch gestures. The website supports videos for the content of your site. To display the content using portfolios, the theme offers portfolio styles to choose from. The menus of the theme auto-adjusts themselves in the desktop or mobile phones. The ample amount of the shortcodes allows you to have additional features in the site. The theme also allows the content to be tweaked for the mobile devices.

The theme is compatible with the WPML plugin. You can convert your site into multiple language with the theme. The theme also comes with .po and .mo files for translation into desired language.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Voice Responsive Magazine Theme

Voice is a theme for creating professional blog or magazine websites in 2018. Voice is one of the best selling WordPress news magazine theme on theme forest. The theme has good looks and a responsive design.

The easy to use and intuitive admin control panel is there to let you customize the theme. This panel can be used to change the appearance of the theme. The same admin panel also has options to set how the various theme elements behave. To let your visitors have perfect results in minutes, the theme is performance optimized. The theme lets you have posts with multiple pages. Voice lets you set different layout for different categories. Apart from all this, the theme has custom widgets to let you have additional features in your website. With this theme, you can show the number of visits of each post.

The Voice theme has an inbuilt translation module for the theme translation. Optionally, you are also provided with .po and .mo files for translation. The theme has shortcodes that lets you have more features to be used in the theme. To let you earn through the magazine or news website, the theme has an inbuilt banner ad systems. To ensure your blog gets social love, the theme comes with an inbuilt social sharing system.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Florence – Blog WordPress Theme

Florence---Just-another-WordPress-site, wordpress news magazine themes
Florence is a responsive and clean theme for creating a blog site. The theme is perfect for creating simple but professional blogs.

The theme has unique post formats for Standard Posts, Videos, Gallery and Music. Florence has the options to hide or show the elements. This makes it possible to control what the visitors see. The theme is highly customizable. The admin panel lets you set everything with easy options. In case you want to create a website in your own language, Florence helps you. The theme comes with localization files to let you create a translated website.

Florence comes with social media integration to allow the social sharing of your blog post.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Continuum – Magazine WP Theme

Continuum---Magazine-Wordpress-Theme, wordpress news magazine themes
Continuum is a theme exclusively designed for blogging. The theme has features and flexibility that makes it possible for the theme to be used for any kind of website in 2018.

If you want to post a blog that reviews a movie or a product, there are inbuilt review systems for these. The reviews pages for movie, games, books, products, and music comes inbuilt with the theme. The theme also has custom widgets that you can use wherever necessary. Besides, there is a number of short-codes available. There are more than 205 options to change and customize the theme. There are options for page templates to choose from. The homepage is totally customizable.

The theme lets you focus on the content. It manages the rest itself. For advertisements management, it supports google Adsense. It also comes with in-built support for social sharing of your news, blog or reviews.

Theme Details Get Hosting Theme Store

Hot Topix WordPress News Theme

Hot Topix is a professional and typical WordPress news magazine theme.

The theme is completely stand-alone. It does everything that a news/magazine website should do, without requiring any additional plugin. The theme has an advanced admin panel to let you set up the theme options. For minor CSS changes, the Custom CSS editor is available that lets you make changes without actually editing the theme. For important alerts, you can use the news ticker. The homepage of the theme can be set with drag and drop page building options.

The theme come with the .po and .mo files. This means that the theme is ready for translation into the desired language. The theme is also compatible with WooCommerce. It lets you start selling any downloadable (or shippable) products online. Hot Topix is SEO friendly too.

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Soledad – News Magazine Theme

Soledad is an easy to use blog and magazine theme of all time. With 200+ slider and blog layout combinations, It’s not at all needed to explain how flexible the theme is.

If you are looking for an easy to manage blog and magazine theme, this one is worth a try. Not only for its attractive looks but for the multiple options it provides to change the look and features of the theme to fit the user’s imagination. The theme already has 250+ demo homepages with variations to select from and the team promises to launch new with the time. It has pre-formatted 404 and Under construction, pages are readily provided. Even the mega menu has two different styles to choose from.

The theme comes with the .po files to let you easily translate the theme into multiple languages.

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VideoTube – WP News Theme

VideoTube---A-Responsive-Video-WordPress-Theme, wordpress news magazine themes
Videos are an amazing way to inform people. The theme comes with easy options to let you create and manage a video blogging or news website.

The theme has a responsive design. It can be viewed from any device. The theme allows you to re-establish the homepage as per your needs. With lots of shortcodes and theme options, you can create exactly what you want. The theme allows you to embed videos from the most popular video sites or to upload video from your local drive. It also allows user registration and video submissions. The videos will come with a like button. It also has a view counter that shows how many times the video was viewed. So you can evaluate the popularity of a video on your site.

The theme is translation ready. It can be used to create a website in any language you want.

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Made Magazine WP Theme

Made is a review/news website for BuddyPress. The theme has the potential to engage the users in your content and spend maximum time on your site.

With the unlimited customization options, you can create a website you imagine. The theme has all the features for reviews and ratings. The ratings is automatically averaged and shown. It offers four ways to let your users submit their ratings. The site can also be used for creating a non-interactive website for reviews and news.

Made comes with more than 80 shortcodes, 16 widget panels and 11 custom widgets. The theme also has custom ad spaces which can be used to display advertisement and earn money. There are about 150 theme options and more than 50 review options, that makes it possible to control the theme behavior and look. Also you can choose the size of featured image easily with the available options.

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Ink – WordPress News Theme

Ink is a theme for WordPress blogging. The theme has a minimalist and clean design that focuses on the content.

Ink theme has lots of custom widgets to choose from. The theme is SEO optimized to ensure good search engine ranks. It is responsive and has high quality and retina ready graphics. In this theme, you can embed content from Spotify, Sound Cloud, Vimeo and YouTube. The homepage of the Ink theme is totally widgetized. This means that you can change and re-order each and every content block of the home page. This theme also allows you to create a multi-page post. The theme supports Google Web Fonts. You can choose from those fonts to change the typography of your website.

The restrict content pro plugin can be used into the theme to create a membership based blog website. Such a platform can be paid or free subscription based. To change the language of the website, .po and .mo files are provided for translation.

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ionMag Premium News WordPress Theme

ionMag is a great premium WordPress Theme that can suit any blog, news, or magazine website. Developed as a flexible template, ionMag has an elegant, responsive and retina ready layout. It comes with powerful features, such as a custom, frontend, drag and drop page builder, a set of 16 premium themes, various header & footer styles, intelligent ad system, 21 custom widgets, and much more. With the one of a kind page builder, every change is happening live. You can mix and match over 100 handcrafted elements to create good-looking pages.

If you are searching for a theme that can match your beauty, fitness, fashion, tech, baby, auto, art, or voyage site, ionMag could definitely be your choice. From post styles, category templates, to beautiful big grids, and a comprehensive theme options panel, this theme is worth taking into consideration. ionMag magazine WordPress theme is AdSense ready and uses the best SEO practices.

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This list will help you find out the best theme for your website in 2018 without much hassle. Just check the specifications and go for the one that is perfect for your site. With easy options and ample opportunities to customize, the themes are manageable and easy to use.

When creating a news, magazine or blog theme, you will need more and more time to research, think and prepare your content. After all, Content is the king. So, save your time and concentrate on your content. Choose one from the list and get started with your site.

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Wix vs WordPress – Top 6 Differences

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When it comes down to choosing the website builder that’s best for you, you need to consider a few categories.

First is whether to use, WordPress or a Website Builder, then we can look at WordPress vs Wix

What is the difference?

WordPress is a software that enables you to design your website. It is an open-sourced Content Management System, which means anyone can make their own and contribute to it.

(WordPress.org not WordPress.com)

This is a direct reflection of the over 50,000 plug-ins and 11,000 themes.

WordPress is technically not a website builder, but is commonly referred to as one because you can build a website using it’s platform. 

It is the fastest growing CMS, with over 500 new sites being built daily in the top 10 million websites on the web.

Wix is a site builder which hosts its own websites, and is said to be one of the largest in the game right now.

Wix are the only ones that distribute the templates and apps available,  and this includes 100’s of options and plenty of customizing features.

Since it is a website builder, the editor is much different than WordPress, which we will get to in more detail later.

So which one is right for you and is Wix better than WordPress or the other way round?

We have narrowed down the categories to look for when comparing these two giants, Wix and WordPress.

Either way you will find something specifically for your needs.

In short, to remember:

Wix = Less Learning Curve, Less Flexibility

WordPress = More Learning Curve, More Flexibility

You can think of building a website like a house:

WordPress allows you to customize the structure, and placement of walls, if you so choose. You can even have it built by someone and just change the aesthetics like the layout of furniture, and paint color.

With Wix, you can’t change the structure of the house, but you can customize the furniture and paint color to what you want. This can ultimately change each website to be completely different.

But let’s take a look at the major categories for deciding between the two:


The interface is what you use to edit your website. Pick the one that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.


The editor for Wix is easy to use, because they pride their business on having a user-friendly system. This is why they are considered one of the best.

Wix achieves this through the simple drag n’ drop editor. This is an instant What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) perfect for beginners and life-changeably easy.

The interface is also clean and less cluttered than WordPress, with a sleek design and easy set-up.

Other companies have tried to replicate, but Wix is one of the best at it.

Wix Interface


WordPress has an easy interface, when it comes to not dealing with code, and prides themselves on usability with flexibility and complete customization.

With this comes a back and front end system

The editor is set-up to see the dashboard where you manage the settings, plug-ins and features.

So if you would like to see what the viewer will see, you have to switch from dashboard to demo.

Plug-ins do exist for WordPress that gives it a drag and drop interface such as Elementor,

(WordPress has also recently updated with Gutenberg, which has a block system for more user-friendliness.)

The expand-ability is the main difference between WordPress and everyone else. It simply cannot be matched with the endless possibilities.

WordPress Dashboard



Since many third party companies sell themes and plug-ins for WordPress, you can find any type for you specific industry, level, or category.

There’s themes for

Themes include any type of website you can think like business, education, eCommerce, design studios, videos, restaurants; you name it.

My point is, there are a lot of options but Platforms like Themeforest, and EnvatoMarket can make browsing through extremely easy. You can also find great blogs that narrow down themes, review, and list the top themes.

Most themes have the ability to stand large capacity websites with a lot of pages, so it’s idea for large businesses or for those who want to expand for the future.

If you are a beginner it is always a good idea to look at tutorials and tips on the best way to go about installing your theme, and once you know, it’s a breeze to perfect it.

Many themes also come mobile-responsive which saves the trouble of manually adjusting or encountering issues in the future.

WordPress Themes on Templatic


Wix has many templates to choose from, that can also be specifically designed for a certain industry. Each have custom features that can be included and altered the way you prefer.

You can always customize the design and use apps to get the template where you want, and they make it easy to make it unique and up to date

But once you choose a template you cannot change to a totally new one

Most of the templates are mobile-friendly but not responsive. You can always rearrange and customize the layout for mobile devices. 

Wix Templates

Features: Apps/Plugins

For features we suggest doing research to find out if your website builder has the features you are looking for. These can include many categories such as SEO, security, or online store options.


There is an entire App Market for Wix that provides great features, with over 300 apps. This includes specific conventional features such as galleries, events, and online stores.

Wix does not have the same amount of selection with their apps as WordPress plug-ins, which makes it easier to narrow down.

You can have complete confidence in the reliability of the apps and don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

If you are looking for non-conventional type features this may not be the best option.

Basically the difference will be whether conventional is  enough for you.


WordPress plug-ins, as you know, have endless possibilities.

Some are already provided to you depending on your hosting site.

Plug-ins can turn your ‘house’ into a ‘mansion’ with top of the line features, and many your probably didn’t even think you needed like:

BlogVault: For backing up your website and migration

Weglot: For translating your website

Malcare: For securing your website

Smush Image: For optimizing your images

Bottom line, the amount and type of plug-ins can get overwhelming so we suggest doing research on the best ones.

It’s a good idea to find a trusted website that will give detailed explanations for the best plug-ins, since many users have issues with compatibility.

Find recommendations so that you don’t end up with plug-ins that are not compatible or not updated.


WordPress Plug-Ins

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites have been up and coming for many years and will continue to be a trend in 2019.

If you are one looking into an eCommerce here are a few things to think about.


WordPress has the advantage with the Woo-Commerce plug-in, which is perfect if you are looking to expand your store in the future, and is stacked with features most people didn’t even know existed.

It has multilingual options, full control, and ultimate additional features.

With all WordPress themes and plug-ins there will always be a learning curve and can have some additional charges


Wix has an entire section dedicated for online stores, and is a great option for a small store, or an up and coming.

They have one of the best website builders for integrating products, and even engaging your products on social media. 

Wix is one of the most affordable when it comes to online stores, but a few key features keep it from being reliable with larger stores, so keep that in mind.


Search engine optimization is key to gain traffic for your site. How well will your website show up on Search Engines?


Wix has many built in SEO features that allow for great optimizing features.  

There have been many negative opinions about the capabilities of the Wix SEO in the past, but they have made many improvements.

Unless you are looking to rank with an extremely difficult keyword, then the SEO for Wix works just fine.

One attribute that does not benefit SEO is with the free plan you cannot customize your domain and it will automatically name your photos. 


The beauty of WordPress is that the SEO is as good as the plug-ins that you choose to use.

Plug-ins like Yoast SEO, which has high rankings and unsurpassed features, makes SEO easy for you. 

Like everything else with WordPress the options are endless when it comes to SEO and the features that allow for you to show up on search engines are the ultimate against other sites. 


Of course your budget is the most important, so it’s crucial to look at all the factors when deciding between builders and CMS.


Wix has multiple options starting from-

  • Free: Includes Website with Wix Ads; Doesn’t include Domain Name
  • $5: Connect Domain ; With Wix ads
  • $13: Start with no Wix Ads; plenty of storage
  • $23:  For Business and eCommerce; Online store and premium apps

(There are more options, go to Wix.com for more information)


  • WordPress is Free
  • Hosting can range from: $2 and Up with Bluehost it is $2.95/month and highly suggested for WordPress websites.
  • Themes can range from $0 – $90

In conclusion:

We suggest looking at all factors when deciding which way to go.

Both Wix and WordPress provide great options to build your website.

Wix is easy to use, and has great customization features.

WordPress provides complete flexibility and customization for you.

Which will you choose?