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WordPress has made it possible to create feature rich websites effortlessly. And with all the enhancements for your WordPress websites available in the form of plugins and add-ons.

Among several others, one of the best premium plugins provider is the ithemes. And with the ithemes discount codes, you can get the best WordPress plugins at best price.

The iThemes store doesn’t really feature a store with thousands of products. They have limited number of Premium WordPress plugins, but they are all best at what they do.

One of the best plugins at their store is the backup buddy plugin for WordPress site backup.

In other words, the iThemes exchange store has some of the best plugins for your WordPress website maintenance and security.

Therefore, if you are looking for some extensions to make your WordPress website maintenance easier, you should have a look at what iThemes has to offer.

Similarly, there are other products at iThemes like iThemes sync for multi-site management, iThemes security pro with advanced security features, iThemes sales accelerator for boosting sales of your WooCommerce store.

iThemes discount codes, iThemes products and the best deals for your WordPress site

iThemes plugins are premium plugins with advanced features to help you with your WordPress website. They are priced at a yearly basis. However, once you buy their plugin, you can still use them without updates forever.

Therefore, compared to the other premium plugins for WordPress, the plugins at ithemes are nominally priced. Moreover, mention in this article, is the ithemes coupon code, that you can use to save more on your purchase.

The ithemes discount code is valid for one purchase. All you have to do is to copy the ithemes coupon code, and paste it into the payment processing page. Before we learn more about the itheme discount code, lets get to know some of the best products from ithemes

Backupbuddy: ithemes discount code for backup buddy

Backupbuddy is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins from iThemes. As the name suggests, this plugin is for backing up your WordPress website.

This backup plugin from WordPress is popular mostly because of its ease of use, and unparalleled performance. It lets you schedule the backups. You can decide if you want daily, weekly, or monthly backups. Also, those backups can be automatically uploaded to the associated cloud storages like Amazon s3, RackSpace Cloud, Dropbox, etc.

Alternately, there’s Backupbuddy stash storage, which is ithemes own cloud service, where you can opt to save your site’s backup. Also, there’s an option to email the backup to yourself.

Backup buddy comes handy when you want to move your WordPress website to another server or domain. This plugin is an easier option for duplication as well as restoration.

ithemes discount codes However, you can use the ithemes backup buddy discount code to get your favorite WordPress backup plugin at a discounted price. Paste this backup buddy coupon code on the checkout page and save up to 20%.

iThemes sync: Discount code, best deals and pricing

When you are into some online business, chances are, that you own and manage multiple sites at once. If that’s the case for you, iThemes sync is designed to help you out and keep your sites in sync.

In simpler words, iThemes sync helps you maintain different sites through one dashboard. So instead of logging into your different websites using different usernames and passwords and managing your website through different dashboards, iThemes sync centralizes it.

With iThemes sync, you can easily update your themes and plugins, view different results, manage SEO, manage users, optimize databases, etc.

Therefore, you have all your sites synchronized under a single management system, saving you lots of time and efforts.

ithemes discount codes

The ithemes sync discount code can be used at checkout for a heavy discount on this amazing plugin for easy WordPress websites maintenance.

iThemes security pro discount coupons

Enhance the security of your WordPress website with iThemes Security Pro. This plugin is designed and curated with the best advice from WordPress security experts. There’s a free version of this plugin, but we recommend using the premium, feature-rich version of this plugin.

Websites on the internet are vulnerable to different kinds of security threats. You need to make sure that your data and the content of your site is secure. And therefore, you need a WordPress Security plugin like the ithemes security plus to ensure to eliminate the chances of an attack on your WordPress website.

This advanced security plugin has many beautiful features like brute force detection, malware scanning, password security, database backup, file change alert, and many others. You should definitely try this plugin if the security of your WordPress website is one of your main concerns.

ithemes discount codes

Thr pricing of ithemes security pro starts at $80 per year, but there are packages with more features and enhancements at $11, $150, $197 respectively. You can choose whichever satisfies your requirements. With the ithemes discount codes, you can avail this plugin at best price.

ithemes sales accelerator

Running an eCommerce store powered by WooCommerce? Then you need properly detailed reports and insights on your sales performance need to have to plan your future sales strategies.

ithemes sales accelerator is designed to work with WooCommerce. It provides detailed insights on sales, and performance of various products and sales strategies. So you can conclude which sales tactics work best and hence accelerate the growth of your eCommerce website.

And what more, get all those reports right on your WordPress dashboard. Also, view the reports and analytics on your mobile phones through the iOs app. This plugin simply makes your WooCommerce store performance tracking easier.

ithemes discount codes

Ithemes builder discount code, promo codes and special discounts

Create amazing websites with easy web building interface from ithemes to let your create WordPress websites easily. This is a premium website builder that can be used by non-technical people to create a website of their own, effortlessly.

The iTheme builder comes with blocks and themes. So you can choose a basic theme, rearrange the blocks and create a design of your own choice. The itheme builder saves you a lot of time and efforts and lets you get started with your WordPress website in minutes.

The pricing for ithemes builder starts at $80 per year. Then there’s a package of $150 with more themes, a style manager. And finally, their best one is priced at $197.

ithemes discount codes

iThemes coupons, deals, promo codes for big savings on their best products

Another way to save more on your iTheme purchase, i.e Exclusive discount on Backupbuddy and ithemes exchange, is by subscribing to their newsletter.

You can save 25% off ithemes discount by simply subscribing to their newsletter. All you have to do is to key in your email address and let them send you updates on their new themes

On subscription, you get 25% off on ithemes purchase. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it??

Go to ithemes websites

Ithemes promo code for  sitewide discount and lifetime access

As for now, there’s no lifetime access plan or special code for ithemes plugins. But their yearly plans are fair and affordable enough.

The simplest way to get iTheme discount codes and about 15% off on ithemes using this ithemes discount code. The promo code works for all of the ithemes products. So no need to separately search for backup buddy coupon, or ithemes sync discount code, or itheme security pro coupons. 

How to use a backupbuddy promo code and ithemes Discount coupon?

ithemes discount code is to be added while checkout to avail the discount. The following are the steps to save on Tesla themes purchase using the Tesla theme promo code.

  1. Head to the ithemes website and check for the WordPress plugin of your choice under the relevant category.
  2. When you click the “Buy now” button, it will add the theme to the cart.
  3. On the checkout page, you will see a field for a coupon code.  You can copy the coupon code from our site and paste it there.
  4. On applying the coupon code, you can see the updated price. This shows the successful application of the itheme discount code or the backupbuddy discount coupon.
  5. You can now proceed to check out at the discounted price for itheme product you like.

So that is how you can use the ithemes latest coupon, or the backup buddy coupon, or the ithemes security pro coupon at best price.

Save more with ithemes discount codes, latest coupons, deals, and promo codes

With the ithemes coupons, you can get an exclusive discount and save on the purchase of the best WordPress plugin for WordPress site maintenance, security, and backup.

All you need to do is to apply the backup buddy coupon code and get the best plugin for WordPress backups at a discounted price. So are you ready to get up to 15% off on your favorite backup plugin?

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