How A Themes And Plugins Marketplace Can Make Your Life Easier?

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With most of the active businesses shifting their focus towards developing a strong online footprint, the web development industry has never been busier. Each day, as the market requirements change and grow, developers need to produce more enhanced solutions in order to deal with the growing demand for fresh content and improved features. The more work we get, the more time we need to make in order to finish all the projects on time, which is why there is a need for ready to use customizable content that would allow us to focus on more complex tasks.

On the other side, creating a large library of files that have no other use than to occupy our storage space until we need them is not a productive choice, as it never is when it comes to keeping dead weight. Therefore, it’s much more reasonable to put those templates to use and turn them into a passive source of income and add some reputation points to our name in the online world.

Codester is an online marketplace that brings together developers from all over the world in order to create a unique pool of demand and supply sources for customizable, ready to use open source software designed to build websites and all kinds of applications. Let’s take a closer look at what this software supermarket can do for your web project.

The most elaborate offer of various software solutions

If you are looking for website themes that are easy to customize and offer customer support you can rely on, then Codester is a place you just have to visit. A wide array of themes built for virtually any platform you can think of. Anything from popular WordPress solutions to WooCommerce for retailers that want a fresh appearance, all the way to PrestaShop, Drupal, Ghost, Joomla, Magento, Muse, and many other popular platforms.

If you are happy with your choice of themes but feel that your website would benefit from additional functionality, there is an immensely large bank of various plugins that will make your website both aesthetic and functional, as well as keep your performance on a high note. The constant supply of fresh scripts and source codes allows you to finish your work faster thanks to numerous PHP scripts, JavaScript, C# source codes, Python, CSS, Ruby, VB.NET, and many more languages, depending on your needs and preferences.

For all those app designers out there, developing software that ultimately runs a business or takes care of the security of a client is stressful most of the time. Especially for those developers that operate as a one-person team, cutting down the amount of work is always a blessing.

Android developers have access to a variety of app templates and source codes that feature customizable Android Studio and Eclipse projects which allow you to modify them and launch your own app. The same offer goes to iOS developers that can access Xcode projects that could later find their place among other App Store applications.

The choice of app templates doesn’t end with the two major players on the market, game developers can choose all sorts of game templates and source code for Buildbox, Unity, Construct 2, and other platforms, all fully customizable, with the following documentation. In addition, a colorful choice of different graphics allows you to obtain amazing graphics solution for characters, fonts, or even download customizable content for a digital marketing campaign for your game launch.

Passive income and reputation building opportunity

As most businesses prefer hiring web developers that already have some kind of history behind, simply because the business owners don’t want to risk with untested options, it’s a real challenge to get that initial breakthrough everybody needs.

Codester allows you to make a name for yourself in the world of the software industry by uploading your work and offering pieces of software you made to clients from across the globe. The good thing is that you can sell one piece of software multiple times, and get paid every time your product is downloaded. The whole process of selling software using the Codester platform is simple:

  1. First, you have to create a user account, which is free and also gives you the chance to receive regular updates and news that matter to you.
  2. Upload your software and wait for the tech support people to check it for security purposes, this is how Codester makes sure nobody gets harmed. Once the product is confirmed as working and safe for use it becomes a part of the regular offer.
  3. Wait for the money to start flowing through PayPal or wire transfer, whichever suits your purposes. It’s also important to know that, unlike most web development software marketplaces, Codester leaves you with 70 percent of the price you placed for your product.

There is no constraint in terms of what you can upload and place for sale, as long as your product is working and safe for use by other people. You can develop software for any platform, built using any programming language you know. And the most amazing feature is that you are not obligated to sell exclusively on Codester, you can place the same products elsewhere, too.


In the world that seems to spin on digital marketing and mobile apps, it’s important to know where you can go to when you need to find a solution that can save your time and allow you to deliver quality results. Codester provides the most comprehensive offer of web development software solutions and applications that are easy to customize and launch. Colorful choice of themes for all popular platforms, an ever-expanding palette of scripts and codes for virtually any purpose you can think of – all of this, and more, awaits you at Codester.

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