How To Promote Events Website: Top 7 Ways To Get Started

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With the available tools and programs, creating an Events websites is easy. But how to promote your events website?

As much as creating a beautiful website and populating it with useful content is essential for a successful website, promotions play an important role too.

Because bringing traffic to a website can be considered one of the most difficult tasks. Here are a few methods to promote your events websites.

SEO optimization and Organic traffic

One of the ways that could work for you is proper SEO optimization of your website to make sure that visitors are drawn to your website through search engines.

But this method takes time and a lot of efforts. You must try different methods to improve the visibility of your website and see what works for you.

The first step to an SEO friendly website is choosing an SEO friendly events WordPress theme. The theme that is crafted with SEO standards in mind will surely increase your chances of impressing the search engine.

Next is, using SEO plugins to optimize the content that you add to your website, pages you create and posts you publish. Here’s a list of best SEO plugins for your WordPress website.

Besides, you can do a lot with blogs and content marketing to increase the odds of ranking for different keywords for your niche. It even helps you make your website more interesting and increase user engagement. To draw organic traffic at an initial stage, you can use the services like Google AdWords.

Social Media Marketing

If you don’t use social media to increase your outreach, you are doing it wrong.

Reaching people with similar interests is really easy using the social media. It offers both – free as well as paid medium for marketing your event business website.

First of all, start by building business pages and social media accounts for your events company/website. Use a social media friendly WordPress theme. Such a theme will come with inbuilt social sharing buttons and social media buttons.

You can even use the advertising opportunities provided by social media like Facebook, etc. Ultimately, you can use social media to connect to your visitors/customers, know their opinions and interact with them for a better service.

Guest posting on other websites

When you are new to a business, you could use someone’s built up traffic to promote your website.

You simply start by making a list of websites that can serve as a promotional platform for you. You can send them an email asking for an opportunity to post an article with a backlink to your site.

Once you get the permission to post, you can publish a useful blog on the host’s website with a backlink to your website.

Make sure that the websites you choose to post on have a good SEO credibility and an audience that would be interested in your website.

Direct mail marketing campaigns, press releases

To promote your events website, the first thing you would want to do is to make sure that those who come to your website, are at least offered to subscribe to a newsletter.

For that, you can use your event theme’s inbuilt newsletter integration, or rely on an external plugin.

To inspire your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, you can offer them free tickets of the events, ebooks, or any other such goodies.

Advertising on local channels

This is the simplest of all the promotional channels. Depending on the scope of your website, you can choose the local mediums to promote your website.

For example: If you are creating an events website to promote an events venue located in your local city, than you can publish an advertisement in your local news paper, or a local entertainment channel.

You can even promote events websites by getting your business listing published if an local city directory exists for your town. Besides, you can approach related businesses and ask them for a sponsored advertisement on their website.

Ready to Promote Events website?

There are many different methods to promote events website and bring about more traffic. But there isn’t a specific manual that could work for us.

The best method to promote your events website depends on many different factors: The purpose of your events website, your targeted audience, the scope of your events website and a few other factors too.

Only a little experience can help you find out what promotional tactic will actually work for your website. And the above listed methods are great for you to get started with.

So are you ready to start promoting your events website now?

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