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If you are looking at templ.io for hosting your WordPress websites, then its only natural to be keen about what it offers and whether it will be a right choice for your website or not.

In this article, we will discuss all that it has to offer, so that you can decide if you want to migrate, or start a new website with Templ.io features.

A proper host will not only ensure faster performance but is also good for conversions and traffic retention. So let’s find out if Templ.io has all it needs for your WordPress website hosting.

Templ.io – an introduction

Templ.io is a WordPress hosting service powered by Google CloudPlatform. Its various services includes managed WordPress hosting, hosting for WooCommerce powered websites, and cloud hosting for agencies.

The aim it to provide fast, reliable hosting for business of all shapes and sizes, using WordPress as their website building platform. Their hosting services are best optimized for the requirements of a WordPress website and therefore you can expect smooth performance for your websites.

It offers a simple interface with the control panel options to let you easily manage your websites. Even if you don’t have an experience in website building and are totally new to it, you can easily launch your website without much hassle.

Templ.io hosting Support

Like any other hosting service, Templ.io offers a 24X7 hosting service. Their response time at an average during business hours is 5 minutes. Moreover, the support personals are skilled and have a good experience with WordPress and WooCommerce based site and they will help you the best they could by sharing their knowledge and letting you benefit from their expertise.

Moreover, they will debug your website when it slows down, or stops loading and provide you with the list of solutions that could be implemented in order to solve the problems. Your WordPress websites will also be regularly scanned to make sure they are malware free.

Speedy performance

When it comes to hosting, the primary concerns of most website builder is the speed. Templ.io hosts your websites at the reliable Google cloud servers and therefore they are secure and fast.

The Redis object cache will ensure that even your WP-admin section, to let you control your website, is speeded up. Your website is also made speedier with the Google Cloud CDN. Also uses MariaDB as a database solution to help the speed. It also uses Quic, the transport layer network protocol to reduce the latency, especially for mobile devices and connections with low bandwidth.

Other features

Besides the basic feature, here are some additional features that you get as a part of Templ.io hosting services.

Scale as you grow

First of all, there are pricing packages for all your different requirements. However, you can start with the basic package and gradually upgrade as your website grows. You aren’t pressurized to sign up for a high value package when all you want is a small content based website.


Your websites will be secure, because templ.io stores your website on Google Cloud, so it gets the same amount of protection that Gmail or your Google Account gets.


If you want to test some new feature, a new plugin, etc. you can setup a clone of your website and test the modifications before you actually implement them on your live website.

Regular backups

Daily automatic backups are stored for up to a month on a remote server. Moreover, you can easily back up your website whenever you want and store a copy locally if you wish.

Uptime checks

You website will be scanned every 3 minutes to check whether they are accessible to the users. Problems will be reported as soon as they are found. So you can focus on other important things rather than continuously worrying about your website’s availability.

Templ.io pricing

There are different pricing plans that Templ.io offers, for users with different requirements.

Trial period

If you are too uncertain about whether Templ.io fits your requirements or not, you can start with the trial. You get 10 days free trail without having to pay anything.

So you can explore the options, test the performance and see if the new hosting platform provides all that you were looking for.

A trail period of 10 days is long enough, and you can ultimately decide if you want to continue using the templ.io services after that. So you practically have nothing to lose.

Some perks

Regardless of the type of service package you choose, the following are the free services you get:

1.  Free Migration

If your website is already hosted on some other platform, the Templ.io team will help you shift it from it’s current host to templ.io cloud host. If you are planning to move your website, migration is one of the tasks that needs to be done very carefully, and can sometimes turn out to be very stressful or time consuming, or very expensive if you decide to outsource it.

But if you choose templ.io, you get free migration service.

2. Safety features

Again, regardless of the pricing package you choose, your website will be safety optimized to handle the most common mistakes that can result into an unsafe environment on your website.

3. Hacked site guarantee

If any time during the course of your hosting with Templ.io, your site is victimized by hacking, they promise to try their best to help you get rid of the malicious script/code.

4. Free SSL

Get FREE SSL certification from Let’s Encrypt with Templ.io hosting. It does not require manual installation or renewals.

Pricing packages for everyone

Different websites have different requirements and there are different Templ.io pricing packages for everyone.

The pricing packages that you can choose from are:

Micro – 15$ per month

This is the basic package for very small websites. You can choose it for small business website, or small blogs that you want to build an maintain as a part of your online identity.

You get 0.5 GB of RAM, and a storage space of 5 GB. However, if you want more storage, you can add it at an extra price of $0.30 per GB, per month. So if you run out of space, you can easily ask for more.

Besides, you get a bandwidth of 5 GB. However, that will not limit the scope of your website, if the requirement arises beyond that bandwidth, your website will still keep running, and you will be charged extra $0.20 per GB for the extra bandwidth.

Yearly price: If you pay annually, you pay for a reduced price of $14 per month.

Small – 29$ per month

For startups and small to medium sized websites, this pricing package is a great option. With this package you get 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of SSD storage. Ofcourse, you can add extra storage at an additional price of $0.30 per GB, per month, without any downtime.

You also get 10GB of bandwidth, and it will be extended if the limit is reached. The additional charge will be $0.20 per GB for the extra bandwidth.

Yearly price: If you pay annually, you pay for a reduced price of $27 instead of $29 per month.

Small plus – 54$ per month

This plan is an extension of the small plan, for the growing businesses, with a little more requirements than small ones. This is the best choice for medium sized and progressive websites where the traffic and requirements are much greater than the basic small sized websites.

Such websites are generally interactive websites that require more resources, more storage and demands more bandwidth. You get double the RAM than the small plan, i.e 2 GB of RAM. 18 GB of SSD storage, and additional storage space can be acquired $0.30 per month, for 1 GB.

Moreover, you get a bandwidth of 18 GB where the uptime is maintained even when the bandwidth is exceeded at a price of $0.20 for a Gigabyte.

Yearly price: If you pay annually, you pay for a reduced price of $50 per month.

Medium – 79$ per month

Now this is a the package for large websites, with large requirements. Such websites are interactive, and the ones with larger number of expected visitors at a time.

The RAM you get is 4 GB, double of what you get in the small plus plan. The storage SSD, is 25 GB and 25 GB of bandwidth. Of course you can get extra storage SSD at additional $0.30 per GB, per month, and extended bandwidth at $0.20 per GB when the site’s traffic reaches it limit.

Yearly price: If you pay annually, you pay for a reduced price of $73 per month.

Large – 149$ per month

This is the final option for all the websites that requires more than the above listed facilities. These sites are generally large eCommerce websites, online directory websites, classifieds or interactive sites that accepts public submissions, or websites that do a lot of online processing, LMSs, etc.

These kind of established websites where the traffic is very high, and the processing requires more resources, need efficient hosting to maintain the traffic and keep up the performance. You get 8 GB of RAM when you sign up for this plan. Also included is 50 GB of SSD storage, that can be extended with an additional $0.30 per GB for a month.

Besides, for accommodating all the traffic, you get 100 GB bandwidth, but the website will be kept running without any downtime or crash if the limit is reached and you will be charged $0.20 per GB for the additional bandwidth.

Yearly price: If you pay annually, you pay for a reduced price of $136 per month.

Note: All these plans are for single WordPress installation.

There are add-on services too!

There are additional services that you can get for your websites, with Templ.io.

Speed optimization

Keep your performance optimal with the speed optimization services form Templ.io.  The service includes ensuring the optimal configuration for flawless performance of WordPress. It also runs a plugin audit to find and replace the black listed plugins. Also, includes database optimization, image optimization, managing cache, and monitoring server logs for issues.

It also checks for other serious issues that may hinder the processing of WP-CLI from working, and troubleshoots them.

Free of charge when migrating to Templ.io from other platform. The regular pricing is $199.

WordPress Updates

This service ensures that your website is kept up to date with regular updates. It’s free for the first year and $49 per month afterwards.

It includes – updating WordPress for the latest version, plugins update as well as the theme update. It also ensures timely update of plugins where vulnerabilities are found.

Templ.io for Agencies

If you are a web development agency, Templ.io offers you the business plans to setup more than one website, and manage them all through a single control panel.

Templ.io for WooCommerce stores

Templ.io also provides an efficient and safe environment for hosting WooCommerce based online shopping websites with WordPress.

Since your website will be supported by the Google’s cloud based interface, aided by WordPress optimized environment, you websites will be faster. This ensures a better conversion because slower websites means losing customers.

How to setup your website with Templ.io

WordPress is a CMS designed for the non-technical people, the business owners who want to create and manage their website on their own. And therefore, even Templ.io comes with user friendly interface and intuitive options to let you manage your websites when hosted on their servers.

Register/create an account

You get first 10 days for free therefore you can easily register with your Google account, or Facebook or by email address.

Choose to create a website

On the welcome screen, you have all the important options. You can choose to create a website, or start migrating from another platform, or skip to see the control panel options.

To start with website building, you can click on the create a website button. The next step, asks you to enter the website name you want to set.

The control panel options

With Templ.io you get a very intuitive and user friendly interface to manage your website as well as various aspects of hosting.

The options here are quite intuitive and self explanatory. You can see through the screenshot itself that there are no difficult technical terminologies or complex admin structure.

Everything is organized under the proper menus, and even the storage usage, and other information is provided in such a way that it is all very easy to understand.


The importance of finding the best hosting service for your website, is that the entire performance of your website depends on the type of host you choose.

Therefore, it is essential that you choose the hosting service that is best for your website and ensures safe and efficient performance of your WordPress sites.

Even though Templ.io is not as popular as Bluehost or other such hosts, it promises the best performance and innovative features for speedier websites.

With all the latest services, Templ.io certainly provides an optimal hosting environment for your WordPress websites.

And you have nothing to lose, try the free trial and check if it has all that you need. Or get in touch of the support and they might just come up with fixes to make your website’s performance even better. Once you are sure about transferring your website to Templ.io’s cloud hosting platform, they will even move it for FREE!

Try Templ.io now

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