Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins In 2024

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Take a look at the Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins In 2024 to protect your website now.

WordPress is the most popular CMS today and almost half of all world websites are powered by it. Because of its popularity WordPress sites have been the target of hacker attacks for years. Although there is no 100% protection, by using certain plugins and tools you can raise the level of security of your WordPress website and prevent the most common types of attacks. Due to the daily security threats from the Internet, today we will write about the most popular WordPress security plugins in 2024.

1. HideMyWP

Hide my WP by WPWave is one of the best security tools available on the market. This excellent plugin has the ability of hiding sensitive information such as plugin and WordPress theme names, CSS files and everything else that characterizes a WordPress site. In other words, this plugin will hides the fact that your website uses the WordPress platform. In this case, if the attacker does not know which CMS system you are using, then there is little chance that the hacker will be able to exploit potential vulnerabilities. This excellent plugin also offers the ability to block IP addresses, hide wp-admin and any other WordPress folder.

HideMyWP - Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins


– It perfectly hides the fact that your website uses WordPress CMS, making it difficult for a potential attacker to identify vulnerabilities;

– It has a smart IDS engine and firewall that will repel any type of attack;

– Very light interface and options that can be configured even by absolute beginners;

– Compatible with most known themes and plugins;

– Excellent customer support and regular updates.


– May be incompatible with certain themes or plugins. That being said, this is the case with any plugin, you need to test if it’s compatible on your website first.

Hide My WP by WPWave is a great security tool that every serious WordPress admin should have in their collection.


2.Wordfence Security

The Wordfence Security plugin is an excellent tool that is very popular and is used by a huge number of WordPress websites around the world. This plugin has many different tools that provide protection against different types of attacks on the Internet. The most popular options are firewall protection, malware scanner, real-time defense, login security measures. Some of the best options offered by this plugin are the ability to block malicious IP addresses and detailed reporting of all taken actions.

wordfence - Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins


– Excellent firewall and malware scanner with advanced options;

– Real-time monitoring and blocking of malicious traffic and attacks;

– Two-factor authorization in order to prevent unauthorized access to the admin dashboard;

– Excellent support and regular updates.


– If you have a weaker hosting server then this plugin can cause a decrease in the performance of your website and increase the loading time;

– The free version has some limitations so for advanced options you have to buy the commercial version.

An excellent plugin that offers a lot for its price, you should try it.


3. Sucuri Security

Third on the list of the most popular security tools is Sucuri Security. This is an excellent solution that provides protection against the most common attacks from the Internet, and has tools such as malware scanner, file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security hardening and many others. One of the main features of this plugin is an excellent firewall that provides powerful protection against DDoS attacks.

Sucuri Security - Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins


– Excellent malware scanner and cleanup features;

– Real-time monitoring of security status and detailed reporting;

– Excellent protection against DDoS attacks;

– Regular updates and excellent customer support.


– For an advanced level of protection you must have a premium subscription;

– Not suitable for beginners, for initial configuration you need to have good knowledge.

Another in a series of excellent security tools that is mostly chosen by more experienced users.


4. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is an excellent WordPress plugin that provides protection against many different types of attacks. Some of its best features are brute-force attack protection, strong password enforcement, database backups, file change detection and many others. Like the first plugin from this list, iThemes Security also offers the option to hide the WordPress login page and thus disable unauthorized access to the admin dashboard.


– Many useful options that protect against different types of attacks;

– One of the rare tools that has a database backup/restore;

– Excellent user interface that even beginners can use;

– Regular updates and excellent support;


– Limited free version, for advanced levels of protection you need to buy a commercial plugin;

– It is not compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins and may create a conflict.

An excellent security tool of a slightly higher price range, but it provides excellent levels of protection against various types of attacks.


5. All in One WP Security

All in One WP Security is a very good tool to provide basic protection for your WordPress website. Within this tool you have options such as login security, file integrity monitoring, brute-force attack protection, WordPress database protection, a very good firewall and many more useful options. Like most quality tools, this one has the ability to block suspicious IPs and generate detailed reports.


– Excellent user interface that even beginners can understand;

– Several security levels that will satisfy all user requirements;

– Detailed reports on security events on your WordPress website;

– Very good documentation, user support and regular updates.


– Some advanced options are difficult to configure if you are a beginner;

– The free version is very limited;

– May be incompatible with some popular themes and plugins.

Another in a series of excellent security tools that will protect your website from the most common types of attacks from the Internet.


6.BulletProof Security

A very powerful and advanced tool for keeping your WordPress website healthy is BulletProof Security. This excellent tool has some advanced options such as firewall protection, advanced malware scanner, login security and the ability to backup your website database. What sets it apart from the competition is an excellent setup wizard that will help you configure the basic options of this tool.


– Combination of several different tools for comprehensive protection of your website;

– Advanced firewall with option settings;

– Login security options;

– Malware scanning and removal;

– Regular updates and excellent support.


– Limited free version, for advanced protection you need to buy a commercial plugin;

– Difficult initial configuration, setting advanced options is not suitable for beginners.

An excellent security tool that is more oriented towards demanding users who know how to properly configure protection for their website.


7. SecuPress

SecuPress is a great plugin that has a slightly different approach than other plugins. It has an excellent security scanner, and if it detects any problem, it will suggest corrective actions. Among its other options we will mention an excellent firewall, malware scanner, brute force attack protection and numerous security alerts that will report and log information about the health of your website.


– Excellent and light user interface with options that are easy to configure;

– Advanced firewall that will block malicious traffic and send notifications;

– Alerts and notifications in real time when a threat is detected;

– Regular updates and good customer support.


– To try some of the advanced options you must have the commercial version;

– Users had compatibility issues with certain themes and plugins.

An excellent security plugin with a very good user interface and easy configuration that is adapted for users with limited knowledge.


8.Cerber Security

Cerber Security is an excellent security tool that provides multiple levels of protection for your WordPress website. This tool has built-in functionalities such as malware scanner, IP blocking, login security and protection, SPAM protection and many others. Cerber Security plugin has a very advanced monitoring system where you can see various and detailed security reports so you always know the state of your website’s health.


– Excellent anti-spam scanner;

– Advanced and effective malware scanner;

– Possibility of blocking by IP address and country;

– Two-factor authentication and login security;

– Frequent updates and very good customer support.


– For advanced options you must have a commercial version of the plugin;

– Configuring certain tools is a problem for users with limited knowledge.

An excellent tool that has a very good monitoring system so you are always up to date with what is happening on your website.


9.WP fail2ban

WP fail2ban is excellent and one of the simplest security plugins on the market. The free version is used by more than 70,000 websites worldwide. It is characterized by numerous useful options such as failed login attempts, block user enumeration, block username logins, blocking users, SPAM protection, block countries, site health check and many others. It is fully automated and will automatically detect most threats from the Internet and respond accordingly.


– Excellent protection against most frequent attacks such as brute-force, user blocking and many others;

– You can adjust the options based on which the banning process is executed;

– logs and reports with detailed analysis and information;

– Does not affect the performance of your website, very fast and stable.


– You need to know the fail2ban configuration to be able to integrate and set it up;

– It does not offer protection for some basic types of attacks as its competition does;

– Setting certain options can be confusing for beginners.

An excellent tool that does its job but does not consume your server’s resources and does not negatively affect the performance of your website.


10. Defender Security

Defender Security is one of the best security tools on the market. It has many options for protecting your website, the most important are advanced firewall, malware scanner, IP blocking, login security. Any threats will be stored within logs that are very well sorted and you can analyze them later.


– An excellent firewall that you can fully configure according to your wishes;

– Malware scanner that can clean infected files;

– Ability to block IP addresses from which suspicious traffic comes;

– Brute-force attack protection;

– Excellent customer support and regular updates.


– The free version is quite limited, for advanced options you must have a premium subscription;

– Users had compatibility issues with certain themes and plugins.


Maintaining the health and safety of a website is the basic task of every website administrator. In this article we have listed the Top 10 WordPress security plugins in 2024 that will help you prevent attacks on your website and keep it as healthy and functional as possible. Considering that most of these plugins also have free versions, we advise you to try them first before deciding to buy a premium package. Before installing any plugin be sure to make a full website backup.

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