10+ WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Websites In 2024

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Create beautiful translated as well as multilingual websites on WordPress with these WordPress Translation Plugins. Here are the best WordPress Translations and their features compared.

Thankfully, we now have tools that make everything easier. Want to create a website? Use WordPress. Want to design your page, use page builders. Want to translate your site, there are so many plugins for that too.

When you build your website using WordPress, you wouldn’t want to spend much of your time to manually translate your website. And why would you? There are tools for that and they promise to make your life easier.

Weglot is one of the most efficient WordPress translation plugins. It is one of the best tools to create a localized or multilingual websites.

Weglot supports manual as well as automatic translations. Whether it is a Shopify eCommerce website or a BigCommerce website, Weglot integrates with multiple platforms. However, to translate WordPress websites, you can use the Weglot WordPress plugin. Download this plugin for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository and integrate it easily into your WordPress website.

Weglot translations help you save time, helps the SEO of your website and doesn’t slow down your site. You can use Weglot free version for trial – that allows translation into a single language and upto 2000 words. For multiple language support, you can subscribe to one of their premium plans.

This translation solution for WordPress comes with a user friendly interface. You can change the langauge of your website in just minutes with the automatic translations. For the best results, make sure you go through your website to find out ambiguities and fix them through manual translations. However, the process to do this is simple with all the options available.

Weglot WordPress plugin allows translations in over 64 languages and also has a team collaboration option inbuilt so that you can manage translations very easily.

If you have been looking for WordPress translation plugins, you sure know this name. The WPML plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for multilingual and translated website.

The WPML plugin for WordPress translations is easy to use and manage. The steps to setup and use the plugin are easy. This translation plugin works with most of the WordPress theme, almost all SEO plugins and even works with the page builders.

WPML also has some addons that you can use to add more features. They are: WPML Translation Management for managing translations and translators on your website, WooCommere multilingual for translating the products on your eCommerce stores, BuddyPress multilingual to create a multilingual social networking website.

It also has WPML Media Translation, so you can assign and use different images/media for different languages. This is one of the most important features considering the fact that media elements easily catch user’s attention and deliver your message easily.

What I like most about this plugin is it’s pricing. There are three straightforward plans for your website’s translation, or to convert it into a multi-lingual website. The first one is basic – for blogs, for corporate business websites, and other small sites. You can use WPML’s basic plan know as WPML blog for single site only. The next one is for larger businesses and websites. This plan obviously has more features than the basic one and comes with a licence valid for 3 websites. If you are an agency, there’s a pricing plan for you too. The licence here is for unlimited website with all the WPML features.

Polylang is also one of the popular translations and multilingual plugins for WordPress. This WordPress language plugin lets you translate your posts, pages, menus, widgets, etc.

Polylang allows integration with Lingotek for translation management solution. So you can use machine translations, and manage manual translations through translators, or hire them. If you want to translate your WooCommerce based store through WordPress, there is a plugin for that too.

Even though there is a free version of the Polylang plugin, we recommend you go with the premium version. With Polylang Pro to translate the base slug for custom post types and taxonomies. For features like string translation management, you can use additional addons.

Polylang is totally feature packed. There are a number of features in this plugin and addons that can make using this plugin a little complicated. However, if you are looking for a translation solution that takes care of every front, this plugin is for you. The WordPress translation plugin also provides compatibility with almost all the SEO plugins to make the translated version SEO friendly.

The polylang premium version can be availed at €99. The free version isn’t supported while the premium version allows you access to their premium support.

This WordPress localization plugin too has a free and a premium version. So you can try it before you actually use it to translate your website.

The best thing about TranslatePress is it’s visual editing interface. With this interface, you get a live preview of the translations you make. There is a sidebar panel, like WordPress customizer, where you can make the changes, and a preview panel, where your webpage appears. Clicking the part of your website in the preview area will let you customize it through the side panel.

The visual editor of TranslatePress can be compared to that of the Weglot. TranslatePress support both – Manual as well as automatic translations. When it is activated, the default translation style is manual.

You can opt for automatic translations with Google Translate API, for which you will need the API key. This Translation plugin too can translate everything : Posts, Pages, Taxonomies, Menus, Translate WordPress themes and strings, url slugs and WooCommerce products. It also allows translating the content built through page builders.

TranslatePress also has 3 pricing packages. At €79 you get the basic package, with single site license. At €139 you get a license that can be used on 3 sites, and a few additional features. For the agencies, it is priced at €199 with unlimited site license.

Lingotek is a free WordPress Multilingual plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin repository. The services include automatic and manual translations. Moreover, it also allows access to the community of bilingual translations, and community translation solutions.

The features of lingotek are based on the type of “Translation profile” you choose. There are three different translation profiles: Professional, Community & Free automatic.

With Professional services you get to let the translators from your chosen translation agency or choose one from the Lingotek marketplace. The process of translation is well organized and transparent.

If you don’t want to use the professional services to have your website translated, you can do it yourself. With the Community translation profile you can use the Lingotek Workbench that is a text editor used for translating, reviewing, and post-editing multilingual content.

The Free automatic translation profile is actually the automatic translations. They give you instant results, effortlessly, but as you may know, automatic translations are not 100% accurate. However, you can edit the translated website using the Lingotek Workbench.

To indicate that your website is a multilingual one, you can use the language switcher. The language switcher is available as a widget as well as in the navigation menu.

Use the Google’s automatic translation services to translate your WordPress website or make it multilingual. This plugin too has a paid and a free version.

Gtranslate has helped translate more than 5,00,000 websites. This translation solution allows translation in over 103 different languages.

You can achieve your translated, multilingual website through the automatic translations and then edit them to achieve a 100% accuracy. With this translation platform, you can easily translate the URLs of your website too.

With GTranslate, you can translate Posts, pages, categories, tags, menus and widgets. You can even translate WordPress themes and plugins. You can test this plugin and its efficiency easily because it has a free, 15 days trial version. The list of supported languages by GTranslate covers almost all the major languages. The Pro SEO features are available with the premium version only.

You can download this plugin for free but there are some limitations – Advanced multilingual SEO for better results in localized search, lack of WooCommerce support, Live chat support, etc.

MultilingualPress is also one of the translation services for multilingual WordPress websites. This plugin works in a different way as compared to the other translation and multilingual WordPress plugins.

MultilingualPress allows you to create different versions of your website translated in different languages, stored as different websites in a multisite environment. The efficient way to do so is by duplicating sites, that will copy all the data from the first site, and then you can convert the duplicated website into another language.

Therefore, for your website in each language, there is a different website. However, all of them are connected through a lighweight language switcher.

The language switcher can be included into the menu or used anywhere through the widget option. The language manager with MultilingualPress comes with 174 language choices.

The newest version of the plugin – MultilingualPress3 comes with Gutenberg support (which it didn’t in the previous versions), Automatic language redirector, WooCommerce translations, Yoast SEO synchronization, custom post type translation support, etc.

If you are using WPML and want to switch to multilingualPress there’s a dedicated plugin to transfer your translations.

Locotranslate allows translating your website quickly using the inbuilt translation editor within your WordPress dashboard. This plugin has a free and premium version.

Locotranslate even provides translation tools for the programmers. They can extract strings for translation, generate localized templates, etc. You can create and update language files directly in your WordPress theme or your plugin.

This plugin too comes with the option to collaborate with translators to help you localize your website. The free version of the plugin is good for small projects. They have their limitations but if you want more, there are different price packages to choose from.

Multilanguage is a simple and straightforward multilingual as well as Translation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily convert your website into a single or multiple languages.

The plugin allows you to choose from more than 80 languages for your website. If the language you are looking for isn’t mentioned in their list, you can add a new language too.

Besides, you can set a default language and choose to show the language switcher into the menu or by using a widget. There are many other features to manage the appearance of your language switcher, to hide the url slug for default language, etc.

The pro version has many other features – the most important of which is the ability to translate the custom Post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields. You can even choose to translate the post categories, tags and their descriptions, widget title, website’s title and tagline.

The premium version of this plugin also supports translation of content built through Elementor page builder, It also allows you to create separate menus specific for languages, Display/hide widgets for different languages and the autoswitch of the language by detecting the IP address.

What will you use to translate your website?

Without these translation plugins, changing the language of your WordPress websites would be so difficult. Manual translations are not only time consuming and need a lot of efforts.

Instead you can use one of the multilingual or WordPress translation plugins and use your time in other developmental activities.

You can choose a plugin from the list based on your requirements. I find the pricing and features of Weglot great, since they allow me to choose a plan according to the number of words I want to translate.

Similarly, you can find a plugin that works best for you and go multilingual without wasting time.

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