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Owned by Juan Fernandez – a broker, “” is city portal for the city Guadalajara, near the Spanish capital, Madrid. The site is built using the Templatic Directory template.
We have asked Juan a few questions about his project of building this comprehensive and successful website. Juan was kind enough to spare some of his valuable time to share with us some of the aspects of his success story with his Guadalajara portal.
Juan Fernandez


Templatic Directory Template Powering


The main purpose for developing the MiPuntoMap was to offer the people of Guadalajara, the facility of a city portal, where they could find everything related to entertainment, culture, etc. at one stop. This saves them from the drudgery of going through different sites and finding the relevant content.

Thanks to the google maps integration and location based facilities of the Templatic Directory template. MiPuntoMap is currently selling movie tickets, theater and concerts, as well as codes discounts for hotels, cruises, tours and travels. This provides the opportunity to attract a larger audience.

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UPDATE: And we are back. Safe and secure. The security is actively monitored by the server guys and experts at We have made several improvements and changes as well on our site that you’ll like. Read all about it here. Have questions? Please write to and we would love to answer any questions you may have.

Dear templatic customer,

Let me start by saying that templatic has Never Ever stored any credit card information on our site. All the transactions are only ever handled directly by PayPal or 2Checkout. Our site is only integrated with the above secure payment gateways so your financial data is always safe and never stored by us. In fact we never had access to your credit card or financial information.

Now I will go into detail and share what’s happened.

Our site was hacked recently

As announced on our social media accounts a few hours ago, our site was recently hacked and our databases compromised. It looks like the hacker may have gained access to our files and databases on our server.

We are actively working with to clean and protect the site.

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Earlier this week we discovered a vulnerability inside our Tevolution plugin and the Video theme. Owners of those products have already been contacted via email. The vulnerability allowed hackers to upload malicious files/scripts using the front-end uploader. The issue has since been patched. If you’re unfamiliar with Tevolution, it’s one of the main components of our popular Directory theme. If one of these Directory themes is currently powering your website please continue reading.

Tevolution plugin

If you are currently using a Tevolution-powered theme please update the Tevolution plugin to it’s latest version (2.3.0). You’ll find the download inside the member area. In case your plugin is extremely customized and you can’t update it make sure you overwrite the following file: /wp-content/plugins/Tevolution/tmplconnector/monetize/templatic-custom_fields/single-upload.php

You can download the new (secure) single-upload.php file by clicking here.

What about older Tevolution versions?

If you’re using Tevolution 2.0 – 2.1.8 update the file provided above and you’ll be fine. Do not update the entire plugin since there is a good chance your theme doesn’t support Tevolution 2.2 and above.

If you’re using Tevolution 1 please contact our support. We will explain how to proceed with securing your site. You can submit a support query by using the our main contact form.

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Over the past past few weeks we have made some hard, but ultimately necessary decisions regarding support. Our old Trellis Helpdesk has been replaced with Groove, an invisible ticketing system that makes easier for us to provide you with quality support.

Templatic Forums are now read-only

The first casualty of this transition to Groove was our good ol’ forum. To be completely honest we’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but every time we brought it up a small group of vocal forum users changed our minds.

As much as I personally liked the forum, maintaining two separate systems is simply unnecessary. Often times we found ourselves responding to the same issue twice since it was posted in both the forums and Helpdesk. When using a single system (especially one as advanced as Groove) this becomes much less of an issue.

From now on forums will be private so only old users who created threads on the forums will be able to access their threads after logging into the forums.

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At Templatic, almost everything we do is centered around a single objective — helping you to build a business using WordPress. Whether it’s a local business directory, a vacation rental website, a WooCommerce store or your own personal author website — Templatic themes are all about building your business.

As a child, did you ever build a sandcastle on the beach? Do you remember how great it felt to build something from scratch? The sense of accomplishment and pride that came with seeing a project through to completion? Chances are you feel the same way about the business you’re building, right?

But maybe you also had the experience of the tide coming in and destroying your castle. Or worse yet, maybe some kid, bigger and older that you, came along a stomped on your castle. Destroying an hour of hard work in just a few seconds.

The reality is, your WordPress website is facing a similar risk. There are hackers out there who are interested in nothing more than destroying your hard work and wreaking havoc on your business. But how do you protect your website?

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The brand new 2016 Business Directory theme is the latest addition to our collection of Directory child themes. Presented by Templatic with a fresh new look and inheriting the powerful features of Directory.

From the search options to the lavish homepage slider banner to the homepage featured posts design, this theme’s design spells elegance. As well as the beautifully designed homepage, detail and category pages have also been given close attention. Our main aim with this 2016 Business Directory theme was to combine both power, flexibility and elegance.

2016 Business Directory Theme - Templatic

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Nicea Consulting is based in Istanbul and develops web and e-commerce projects for their clients. They have used our Apex as a contracting company theme to develop the website for a contracting company in Istanbul. We asked them about their experiences while developing the theme and here is what they have to say about it.


We are a digital agency based in Istanbul with name Nicea Consulting. We are developing web and e-commerce projects for our clients. Our client is an important contracting company in Istanbul. They choose us to develop CNR Group Insat site. We can serve our projects very good-looking. Contracting are important for Istanbul, there are a lot of competition. So we need a wonderful web site, and the theme is very enough for this.

Contracting Company Theme

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We’ve published a few posts recently about the importance of creating content for your website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a directory, vacation rental or eCommerce website, content will play a key role in your ability to attract new visitors. The objective could be one of many things — boosting product sales, enticing advertisers or establishing yourself as an authoritative source in your niche.

Since you’re here reading this, let’s assume that you already understand all that. But unfortunately, creation is only one-half of the battle. The other half involves promotion. You need to make sure that your target audience actually sees what you’re publishing, or really, what’s the point?

In this post, we’re going to cover five ways to promote what you publish. Making sure that the time and effort you’re putting into creating valuable content does not go to waste.

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Interviewing, Gerasimos Kamplies, the owner and founder of, an online gambling directory in English language located in Greece, was a pleasure. Migrating his data from an old website and making the best use of the Emblem Directory theme, he has expressed thoroughly, his experiences while building the site. He talks about his goals, his plans and how he executed it.


Introduce Yourself & Your Site

My name is Gerasimos Kamplies and I am the owner and founder of is an online gambling directory in English language located in Greece. Here you can find many remarkable websites related to sports betting, casino and poker, submitted in proper categories and sub categories.


There is also a specific category with gambling affiliates programs for those webmasters who have owned a gambling website and want to gain some extra income from it.

In September of 2005 I created my first website, a greek sports betting directory. About 15 months later added categories with casino and poker links. The website was fully translated in English but as it was growing rapidly I decided to create a new gambling directory in English language with it’s own domain name. And then was born in 2008.

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It was a pleasure interviewing Brandon who shared his experience of how he used the Eventum Templatic theme and has developed a really beautiful website Full of Events. We asked him questions regarding what he wanted to achieve when he bought the theme and how he achieved that. is one of the best events website in Hawaii. With properly categorized Events and attractive design, the website has made a beautiful use of the Eventum child theme of Directory. It has the features of displaying the events by categories, attending the event, Selling tickets, Facebook sharing, allowing user comments, newsletter facility, auto-populate events from FB and much more.


Eventum powering Full Of Events

He shared his views and experiences and they are quite interesting. Read on, to find out the challenges, solutions and result of his journey to build the site.


Tell us about yourself & the site.

My name is Brandon and the site is which is primarily focused on events in Hawaii for now but with plans to franchise the model to all 50 states.

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