Free WordPress Category Icon plugin is released

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Last week, our team created few free plugins and this is one them. Many users show post categories in the sidebar. Often, they are just 5-15 categories. Wouldn’t it be cool to show a nice little icon beside the category name that goes with it?


This little WordPress Category Icon plugin does exactly that. With this plugin, you will be able to show a category icon in the sidebar and before the category title in your WordPress website.

And best of all, this is an absolutely free plugin.

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Free Google AMP WordPress plugin supporting pages and taxonomy posts is released

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One of our customer asked “whether this theme supports Google AMP?” in a pre-sales question. Which makes us curious and digging into it, it looks like Google AMP is targeted towards mostly the content-only, news and article content so that the user can read the news or article faster and not for the content and images rich, dynamic pages.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages, in other words, it strips down all the design and functionality to show content only page to the user as soon as possible. Certainly this means it is not built for advanced WordPress sites with heavy content.


However, what if you want to use Google AMP on a regular WordPress blog? We looked at the possible options and there exists an official WordPress plugin that lets enables google AMP on your site but only for blog posts. It wouldn’t work for different post types & taxonomies, pages or category archives.

We believe WordPress pages and WordPress posts under Taxonomies should be able to use power of Google AMP.

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Video Site that Introduces Wushu Sports to the World

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Wushu is the Chinese martial arts. The aim of the team that runs is to cover all major championships and events. As the tagline says, broadcasts Wushu to the world. Let’s hear from the team, on what they have to share about their experience.

The team travels around the world to film documentaries and interview all the best athletes and coaches. They offer them the opportunity to become part of the Wushu Sports Team to anyone who loves Wushu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Shaolin. They built beautiful broadcasting Video Site using Templatic Video theme Template. We asked a few questions to the team to know how they got inspired to follow the idea of creating a website dedicated to Wushu and promote it online.

Introduction to Dedicated team was created by Sifu Alan Winner and Salie Lewi. Both are teachers of Chinese martial arts (wushu) in London, UK. As specified earlier, is a  video based website set up to introduce the sport of wushu to a wider audience. They do it by posting documentaries of the sport on their video website. They cover major events by the championships coverage and interviews with athletes and coaches from around the world.

Video Site

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User’s Success Stories Using Templatic Themes

Welcome to the Templatic showcase of real sites using our WordPress themes. Here we have published some user’s success stories, who created wonderful Directory Business sites. How they were able to implement their ideas with the theme. We are confident you will be impressed by what can be achieved by using our WordPress templates.

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How A Young Product Manager Turned his Idea Into A Business Using Templatic Classifieds Directory Template

Posted on is a kids marketplace in Malaysia built using the Classifieds Directory Template where the users can post a free advertisement of their products and can also view the products that are on sale and they can buy. This is a kids marketplace with super-easy search options and thousands of free advertisements make it clear that the Classifieds can be used to set up an online marketplace targeting various sectors of the market.

Mr. Lucas Lee, the owner of the website, shares his inspiring thoughts about Classifieds Directory Theme, and the story of the development of MyBudak.

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How Templatic Real Estate WordPress Theme Helped a Non-techie to Find Success

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We interviewed Neil Waldbaum to find out about his experience of building his properties portal “buywithoutabank” . Neil has kindly spared us some of his valuable time to answer our questions. Here we bring you some insight about how he’s turned our Directory into a Real Estate template and made it all happen.

The Buywithoutabank portal is designed to let its users sell or buy properties. Like the name suggests, this site allows users to buy property without the hassle of applying and waiting for bank loans. The listings on the site are well presented, detailed and with lots of pictures and clear explanation.

This is a very simple to use site that can help your business growth can be set up using the theme so that your clients can trust you by having enough information about you online. You can also display your offerings/products on the site and let your users study and evaluate them without having to contact you for every piece of information.


Home Page

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Success Story- MiPuntoMap- A Feature and Information Rich Directory

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Owned by Juan Fernandez – a broker, “” is city portal for the city Guadalajara, near the Spanish capital, Madrid. The site is built using the Templatic Directory template.
We have asked Juan a few questions about his project of building this comprehensive and successful website. Juan was kind enough to spare some of his valuable time to share with us some of the aspects of his success story with his Guadalajara portal.
Juan Fernandez


Templatic Directory Template Powering


The main purpose for developing the MiPuntoMap was to offer the people of Guadalajara, the facility of a city portal, where they could find everything related to entertainment, culture, etc. at one stop. This saves them from the drudgery of going through different sites and finding the relevant content.

Thanks to the google maps integration and location based facilities of the Templatic Directory template. MiPuntoMap is currently selling movie tickets, theater and concerts, as well as codes discounts for hotels, cruises, tours and travels. This provides the opportunity to attract a larger audience.

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Customer Story – CNR Group Insat – Apex WordPress Theme

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Nicea Consulting is based in Istanbul and develops web and e-commerce projects for their clients. They have used our Apex as a contracting company theme to develop the website CNR Grup Instant for a contracting company in Istanbul. We asked them about their experiences while developing the theme and here is what they have to say about it.


We are a digital agency based in Istanbul with name Nicea Consulting. We are developing web and e-commerce projects for our clients. Our client is an important contracting company in Istanbul. They choose us to develop CNR Group Insat site. We can serve our projects very good-looking. Contracting are important for Istanbul, there are a lot of competition. So we need a wonderful web site, and the theme is very enough for this.

Contracting Company Theme

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Customer Story – Sports Betting Directory – Emblem Directory Theme

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Interviewing, Gerasimos Kamplies, the owner and founder of Bet-Gate, an online gambling directory in English language located in Greece, was a pleasure. Migrating his data from an old website and making the best use of the Emblem Directory theme, he has expressed thoroughly, his experiences while building the site. He talks about his goals, his plans and how he executed it.


Introduce Yourself & Your Site

My name is Gerasimos Kamplies and I am the owner and founder of

Bet-Gate is an online gambling directory in English language located in Greece. Here you can find many remarkable websites related to sports betting, casino and poker, submitted in proper categories and sub categories.


There is also a specific category with gambling affiliates programs for those webmasters who have owned a gambling website and want to gain some extra income from it.

In September of 2005 I created my first website, a greek sports betting directory. About 15 months later added categories with casino and poker links. The website was fully translated in English but as it was growing rapidly I decided to create a new gambling directory in English language with it’s own domain name. And then was born in 2008.

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Customer Story: Full of Events – Eventum

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It was a pleasure interviewing Brandon who shared his experience of how he used the Eventum Templatic theme and has developed a really beautiful website. We asked him questions regarding what he wanted to achieve when he bought the theme and how he achieved that.

Full of Events is one of the best events website in Hawaii. With properly categorized Events and attractive design, the website has made a beautiful use of the Eventum child theme of Directory. It has the features of displaying the events by categories, attending the event, Selling tickets, Facebook sharing, allowing user comments, newsletter facility, auto-populate events from FB and much more.


Eventum powering Full Of Events

He shared his views and experiences and they are quite interesting. Read on, to find out the challenges, solutions and result of his journey to build the site.


Tell us about yourself & the site.

My name is Brandon and the site is Fullofevents which is primarily focused on events in Hawaii for now but with plans to franchise the model to all 50 states.

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