6 Ways to Monetize a Directory Website

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Starting a successful directory website is a huge undertaking. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes searching the web to find a long list of directory sites that were clearly started with a flash of motivation yet quickly died out just as quickly.

It’s sad but true. There are many directory websites out there that look like they had real potential if only someone had stuck with them long enough to generate results and ROI.

The problem is that too many people start looking for ROI before they’ve actually invested any serious time or effort into the project. If visitors sense that your site is about little more than making a quick buck, there’s a good chance they’ll disappear in a flash and never come back.

One of the great things about directory websites is that there are so many different ways to monetize them. That said, monetization isn’t something you want to jump into too quickly — especially when you’re content is still thin. Our last few posts have been about the importance of creating high-quality content before anything else and I’d recommend you read those posts first.

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Welcome to the Templatic showcase of real sites using our WordPress themes. For your convenience, we have categorised them by its business niche like Real Estate, Business Directory, Event Directory, Classifieds Directory, Food Directory, Wedding Directory and Vacation Rental. We have also shown some highly customised, well optimised, Multi-language and well designed sites here. We are confident you will be impressed by what can be achieved by using our WordPress templates.

Did you use/modify one of our themes to build a wonderful site?

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Here Is How Authors Are Selling Ebooks and Online Digital Products Over Websites

These websites are the e-shops for digital downloadable items which allow authors to submit and sell ebooks and digital products. The websites are made using the publisher, ebook or Digiseller themes. These websites let the users download the digital books and can be used for both, paid as well as free ebooks.

  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Shopping Malls

    E-books and Digital products Directory

    The website is informative. It gets updated every now and then with the updates in the current affairs of the retail market. It is a guide for the retail marketers of East Africa.

    Purpose: The aim is to provide the shopping mall business men the information about the activities in the East Africa’s retail market space.

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  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Drinker’s Guide to Healthy Life

    A Book Website

    This is a website for a book “The drunker’s guide for healthy living”. This website has it all, information about the book, a section where the users can place their queries, reviews about the book, etc.

    Purpose: A promotional as well as a user support and informative website for the book.

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  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Official website of James Zwerneman

    Author’s Official Website

    James Zwerneman’s official website that contains all his bio and childern e-books. With this website the users can buy his books, view the events related to him and get information about the author.

    Purpose: The website is an official website of the author James Zwerneman, where we could find information about his e-books and buy it.

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  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Official website

    This is the official Malidoma website that sells the ebooks online. Malidoma Patrice Some´ is a Doctor who shares his knowledge with the base of this website.

    Purpose: Through this website Dr. Malidoma shares the ancient wisdom and practices which have supported his people for thousands of years. This is done by offering books and other information through this website.

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  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Real Economics

    Book Promoting Website

    The website is aimed at promoting and explaining what the book is about. The website is an information potal for those who are looking forward to buy the book.

    Purpose: Real Economics is a book. The website aims at making the people understand what the book is about and how it can help them to understand the economics better.

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  • sell ebooks and digital products, Ebook, Publisher

    Digital Wilderness – F L Ciano Official Website


    F. L. Ciano is the author to the ebook Digital wilderness. The website is aimed at providing the information and the glimpse of it’s concepts and chapter.

    Purpose: The purpose of this website is to provide information about the book and provide the visitors the links to order it online.

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Directory Websites in Right-to-Left (RTL) Orientation

These are the websites that have made use of the RTL mode feature of Directory theme. The directory theme comes with support for RTL languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

  • rtl

    Join Events

    RTL Events Directory

    Join events is an multi-language site and RTL. Event submission is possible using this site. The entire language of the site can be changed at one click. If require website can be switched to LTR and is also it can be switched back to RTL in just one click.

    Purpose: The website is in Arabic language and therefore in RTL orientation. If you want to make a site very flexible and offer the people the comfort of having your site in their own language, here’s something you can get inspiration from.

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Automotive Product Manufacturers & Service Provider Websites

These Automobile WordPress themes are for car lovers. The websites focus on providing the users the information about automobiles like the car manufacturers, procedures and service providers. They use the theme Automotive or automobile, with filtered search options.

  • Automobile WordPress themes

    The Renter Center

    Equipment Rental Website

    Renter Center is a business providing rental automotive equipments based in Idaho, US. It display the tools it has to offer on rent on their website. With an advanced search facility, the renter center website provides you fast and accurate results.

    Purpose: The main purpose of this website is to display and promote the tools they offer. The users can search for the required equipment and get details of the showcased eqipments.

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Beautiful AD posting site with Directory theme

These websites are the Classifieds Directory websites that let the users post advertisements as well as view the advertisements posted by the other users.

  • Classifieds Directory

    Classified Directory

    Balimall is a beautiful classified website that allows the front end users submit their adverstisemene. The home page has categories tags that can be clicked to find the category-specific results. The advanced filter options lets helps deliver the most relevant results to the searchers.

    Purpose: Submitting advertisement and having viewers view the advertisement where they can get detailed amount of information regarding the product they are viewing can be the key of success for a classified site. A classified child theme is therefore occupied with the fields and options that can help you set a fine classified online site.

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  • Success Stories


    Kids Market place

    This is a classified site with in-numerous advertisements. It’s a marketplace for the kids products in Malasiya. It allows the users to post free advertisements and also lets them view the advertisements posted by others and contact them.

    Purpose : This market place set up using the kids market place with super-easy search options and thousands of free advertisements, makes it clear that the classified can be used to set up an online market place targeting various sectors of market.

Beautiful Event Directory Websites

These are the event directory sites that allow the users to post events and view them. The directory theme with the events add-on can be used to create the events Directory websites.

  • Event Directory

    All Tech Conferences

    Tech Events Directory

    This is a simple and elegant site that is targetted for events of the technological categories. It aims to let its users find the right tech events. Events submission is also allowed. It offers a way to the event owners to promote their events by getting listed on their site.

    Purpose: The regular event website, but targetted for events of a specific type. This makes it very easy for users of a certain interest-group to search for the event they want.

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  • Event Directory

    Join Events

    Events Directory

    Join events is an multi-language site and RTL. Event submission is possible using this site. The entire language of the site can be changed at one click.

    Purpose: Our theme are any language compatible (Even RTL languages!) . The site render’s an RTL display and still looks beautiful and completely organized. If you want to make a site very flexible and offer the people the comfort of having your site in their own language, here’s something you can get inspiration from.

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  • Event Directory

    Eventi Bergamo

    Events Directory

    Eventi, is an events site that lists the events of the place. The front-end user can use this site to post their events. The most interesting thing about this site is that it can be viewed in multiple languages like Japnese, Arabic, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Afrikaans.

    Purpose: How nice it is to have your users click on a button and the whole site gets translated in their local language. The wpml compatibility of directory theme lets you make this possible. Create a multi-lingual directory, and make it possible for people to choose the language they’re comfortable with. This definately will increase your site traffic and useablility.

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  • Event Directory

    Drone Racing Clubs

    Drone Racing Events Directory

    It’s a unique website that lists the drone racing clubes, events and news. It’s a global directory and covers the listing of various countries. The events can be posted for free or by paying a nominal fee for getting it featured on the home page.

    Purpose: How a directory can be used for a particular industry. Such direcories can become a great success if they contain the most relevant and are resourceful enough to cover all the information related to that industry.

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  • Event Directory

    Lake Tahoe Reno

    Local Events Directory

    A portal for lakeTahoe with a map, listings, events,news, jobs and blogs related to the place. This website is a wonderful Directory for the Lake Tahoe. It allows user submissions too.

    Purpose: Customize the Directory website to suit the places. It’s a perfect tourist guide for the place, that has everything related to it.

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The Importance of Creating Engaging Content for Your Online Directory Website

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Are you thinking of starting an online directory website? Or have you recently launched a directory website and find yourself struggling to gain traction?

Let’s be honest here, purchasing hosting, setting up WordPress and Installing our Directory Theme is a relatively simple process. Sure, you could run into a few hiccups along the way, but we’ve got a support team and an extensive documentation that can resolve most questions or problems quickly.

Soon enough, you’ll be looking at a shiny new website that’s all ready for visitors. And this is where the real work begins because now it’s time to start creating content. That’s right, content — the stuff that will draw in visitors in and keep them coming back to your site again and again.

Last week, we talked about the importance of defining your market or niche for your directory website and then finding a way to serve their needs. Today, we’re going to discuss one way that you can approach that challenge, which is through the creation of interesting and helpful content.

Best WordPress Directory Websites For Global Business

Directory WordPress website, can be used to create a global business website. Enabling to display multiple cities and add listings to it. The websites shown here are the ones that have listings spread globally and not limited to a certain city.

  • Global Business Websites

    Visit To Australia

    Travel Directory

    The Australia tourist guide contains all the things you need to know while you are planning a trip to australia, before you leave for australia, and the things you should do while being here. It also allows user submissions to make the directory more information rich.

    Purpose: This is a travel directory for the country Australia. It is a complete tourist guide that a visitor to Australia can use.

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  • Global Business Websites

    Hungry For Halaal

    Cuisine Directory

    The hungryforhalaal is basically a cuisine that that has extended its functionality to provide the other informations too. Not just hotels and restaurants, this website covers up for venues, speciality of a place, products, travel, etc.

    Purpose: Extend the function of your child theme’s functionalities by using the base theme’s features. Your user’s would definitely love extra something when they land on your website. Use the vast directory features to surprise your users with that extra information and offerings.

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  • Global Business Websites

    FOODroute VENLO

    Cuisine Directory

    The cuisine website offers the listing of restaurants, food deals, food blogs, etc for multiple cities of Netherlands. The site allows registration and submission of the listing. It is a translated website and has made the best use of the theme features.

    Purpose: Make a local directory for your place, in your language and faciliate the people by ease of accessing the information related to their city at one place, in their own language.

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  • Global Business Websites

    Craft Distillery Tours

    Business Directory

    Craftdistillerytours is US distillery portal that lists all the distilleries in the US. It allows to submit the distellery business to the website.

    Purpose: An indepth guide about the distilleries in Us. The visitors can post as well as view the distilleries.

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  • Global Business Websites

    Vaper Search USA

    Vape Listings

    The directory theme can be used to setup a directory of a single commodity too. The example is here, aimed for particularly the vape markets, it’s seeminlgy impossible to list out all those things that a directory can be set up for.

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Healthcare Based Directory Websites

Healthcare Based Directory Websites that focuses on the healthcare and medicinal areas. The websites are customized to suit the concept and the directory features are changed and used for the purpose.

  • Healthcare Based Directory Websites

    Dent Card

    Health-care Directory

    DentCard features the dentists and their clinics in the cities of Forence. It lists the best professional dental experts. Provides the users the information of dental professionals available near them. Apart from these, it also includes a feature to book visits to the dentists.

    Purpose: City guide theme used for listing dental clinics, and thereby creating a portal for dental care experts. Similarly the theme can be used for creating innumerable “business oriented portals”. For example: A garage portal, a surgical-doctors’ portal, a stationery suppliers’ portal, a restaurants portal/ food-guide, A charted accountant’s portal, mechanical work portal, and the list goes on.

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