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Conquer the real estate market with Realtr WordPress theme

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Few weeks ago we teased a new real estate theme with a completely revamped design and functionality. That mythical theme is completed and ready for you to dive in. This new gem is called Realtr and it is THE best real estate WordPress theme out there.

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Get rich using price packages

With the new price packages feature you now have complete control over the services you offer to visitors. Unlike in RealEstate where you could only setup two different price types now you’re not only given an option to create an unlimited number of price packages, but also the freedom to set them up how you want it. Category-specific price package? Recurring price package? All that is now possible!

Realtr Theme for WordPress

Custom fields at their finest

Creating custom fields before meant editing the code but that won’t be the case with Realtr! Realtr comes with an advanced custom fields management system that will enable anyone to create a new field within seconds. Custom fields in Realtr provide you with tools to create your own search! Every custom field you create can be included in the search widget on the homepage. You can see a glimpse of this in the video overview below.

Show all properties using Google Maps

Category listing pages have a nifty little switcher that when pressed changes the listing view. The best part here is that it contains a Map view so your visitors can easily see where are those properties located. Realtr also comes with an all-new page template for showing your properties on a Google Map. There is a special section in theme options for managing this map. You can choose whether to show all listings or set a fixed scaling factor (zoom), among other things.

Property tags that make all the difference

In order to further differentiate one listing from another Realtr introduces property tags. These tags can be created in theme back-end and work in different ways. You can use the tags to mark the most popular listings or you can use them to highlight listings that you believe deserve the most attention. They are also a great tool to emphasize specific discounts or promotions.

Yes, it’s responsive

Realtr is our first responsive real estate theme and we’re extremely proud of it. You might be thinking, what about maps? Maps are responsive as well! Open the demo site on your tablet or mobile phone and see how the theme looks on other browser and devices.

Plethora of other features

  • Get unique information from your users with user profile fields
  • Customize all emails and messages that are sent or displayed by the theme
  • Set prices for each of your categories as well as category icons (for the Google Map)
  • Number of built-in payment gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout and 2CO
  • Track all purchases using transaction reports available from the theme back-end
  • Create promotions and various offers using the built-in coupon module
  • IDX/MLS integration
  • Already have a lot of content in csv format? Upload it using the Bulk Upload feature!
  • Enable Facebook connect with WP-FacebookConnect plugin
  • Specify how rent will be charged (day/month/year)

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Video Overview

72 thoughts on “Conquer the real estate market with Realtr WordPress theme

  1. FMB Guide says:


    I have some questions about the IDX integration:

    – does this require a 3rd party or subscription of any type
    – in the demo it only shows up as the map widget, but are you able to import the IDX data so they are actual listings used through other parts of the theme, such as the main properties for sale?

    Thanks. Overall this theme looks great!

    1. Vedran says:


      1. Yes, the theme requires the dsidxpress plugin for IDX to work.

      2. Not 100% sure since I don’t have access to that plugin. I’ll ask around and let you know. In case I forget to reply here please contact me via the contact form at the top of our website.


      1. Sam Ingersoll says:

        Hi Vedran,

        I’ve investigated and researched IDX systems for many clients and developed or contributed to the development of several different WordPress IDX plugins and systems.

        dsIDXpress is one of the Best affordable WP friendly systems.

        Most of the “tech gurus” in the real estate industry like me sell their own website systems.

        I’m one of the few that says that 95% of agents need a theme like “Realtr” rather than a custom or expensive theme – and that they need to spend more time on content and their services.

        How I Can Help Thematic and Club Members

        I’d be happy to do a Webinar for Members (or recording) where I show exactly how to integrate dsIDXpress, IDXPlus (brilliant SEO tool), DSSearchAgent, Spatial Match, and some other IDX systems into the Theme.

        I’d also cover some really important concepts related to Real Estate Business Development, Websites, Internet Marketing, and how to make sure their site adopts the best Social SEO practices.

        I don’t need any more clients BTW so I’m not trolling for business : ) though I’d be happy to generate some for the graphic designers and/or VAs that I use ($3 – $20 per hour folks that do much higher quality work then their hourly rate would suggest.)

        Let me know if you are open to hosting/promoting this.

        P.S. If anyone reading this does need help with minor CSS tweaks and graphic design just find me at q2results@ —- via Gmail or Google PLUS Sam Ingersoll — and I’ll refer you on to some people who can help that I am using right now on the theme.

        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Sam

          I suggest you submit a ticket to contact admin at our Helpdesk with your proposal. He’ll be able to give real answers regarding this.


        2. Bill pointer says:

          Looking at realtr for my basic foundation, and have access to the bdx feed for new homes, I am looking to simplify the search for new homes and maximize the mobil experience. Goal to set up new homes portal and national sales team. 9018307843.

      2. Chris says:

        Hi Vedran,

        Does the theme support the use of Displet IDX? I would like to tak e advantage of their custom landing page function, primarily.


        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Chris
          IDX/MLS support is fascilitated via dsIDXpress plugin. However I’m not sure Displet is supported.

  2. Engin says:

    I have already bought Real Estate and I though that this theme would be a update of that version, but so far as I can see it is a hole new theme. So is it possible to update from my real estate theme to this one for FREE?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Engin
      No, it is now, this is a completely separate theme. An update for RealEstate2 is coming soon (by the end of the month). When it comes you’ll be able to update the theme completely free…

  3. Engin says:

    Ok, it was a misunderstanding. Are the new features of the update of RealEstate2 already announced?


    1. Vedran says:

      No, we haven’t announced it yet – the announcement should come soon.

  4. Mark says:

    Please make sure it is FULLY MULTI LANGUAGE, including the property information.

    If used for any country other than the USA & Britain, the site has to be in English and the host language.

    If not, EZ Realty is a better option.

    That, being Responsive and ‘connecting with the dominant ‘Directory’, for the industry, are essential
    If the theme is to be ‘fit’ for the greatest use.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Mark

      You can translate the theme and use it in another language, including the custom fields in property submission form. This doesn’t mean people from other countries can’t use the theme, they can – they just need to translate it first. As long as someone is displaying content in one language he shouldn’t have any problems. It doesn’t matter if that language is English, Spanish, German or any other.

      1. Mark says:

        Not localization, where one can accomodate only 1 langauge per site and therefore are limited to one ‘set’ of users.

        Multi language means having the option to chose between ‘more than one language’ (multi).
        And therefore be used by more than those who just speak one language.

        It is an established option and any standard wordpress site can provide it, if the option is not broken by the theme being used.

        People don’t tend to view sites in foreign languages if they can help it, translation software often does a bad job of translation making a poor experience and a site won’t attract the foreign visitors anyway if the search engines cannot see more than one language.

        Beats us as to why you cannot see multi language as important for hotel, vacation, property, city guides and events sites! All are often aimed at foreigners to the sites location, rather than just locals.

        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Mark
          We understand how important that feature is. However, with features like custom fields it’s really hard to create a fully functionality multilingual theme. If the theme doesn’t have any multilingual capabilities MultiSite is always an option. Yes, it’s more work since you’re basically creating another site but it’s also unmatched when it comes to stuff you can do with it.

          We’re not ignoring the multilingual feature, as time goes by you’ll see more and more multilingual Templatic themes.

  5. Angel says:

    Hello guys,

    1) How can I change de order of display of custum fields in search widget on front display? I created a custom field and does not change the order although I changed in Position (Display order) at de Advanced settings. It only change de order in Custom settings at edit property.

    2) How I can add the contact form to the agent on the property display?

    3) How I can do to make the images appear as slideshow in property display?


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi there

      Please create a ticket in our Helpdesk, we’ll assist you there. We can’t provide theme support here in the comments :)


  6. Costin says:

    Looks nice but can it be used with WMPL or any other translation plugin?
    If you want to use the print option, the result is messy !

  7. Michael says:

    Is it possible to have a category for short and long term rentals? Can the rental listings be indexed and sorted by daily, weekly, monthly, etc?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Michael

      Yes, this is possible to set up – there is an option for this while creating the property.

  8. Michael says:

    Which one is better, the old but updated real estate theme or the newly released one (realtr)?

    Anyone using the real estate theme out there? Would you mind to post here what your experience is?

    I noticed Vedran is really responsive and helpful but I keep reading negative reviews about Templatic when it comes to bugs and support.

    1. Vedran says:

      Realtr and RealEstate2 will share a lot of the same features. It will basically come down to design (which theme looks better in your eyes). Templatic has changed immensely in the last months, most of the comments you see on the Internet are quite old. Theme support is received within 24 hours (mostly sooner) while bugs are solved within a few days (faster if it’s a security issue). If you have any questions about Templatic or any of our themes feel free to contact me on my email at any time


    2. Engincan says:

      Hi Michael,

      I am using the real estate template and I like the support but I think you have to change a lot because the theme is a basic template. For example: you have to add new field hard coded because these features are not included.

      1. Vedran says:

        Yes, that’s true. Old RealEstate theme doesn’t have custom fields support. However, there is a thread in the forums which you can use to easily add 2 new text fields

        That said, RealEstate2 is just around the corner and like previously mentioned it will come with custom fields functionality.

      2. Michael says:

        Thank you for your feedback.

  9. Michael says:

    Will realtr work with WP multisite? Do you offer a list of locations (cities, states/provinces, zip code, etc.) that we can easily upload instead of adding it manually?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Michael
      Yes, Realtr works with MultiSite. All our themes work with MultiSite. I’m afraid we don’t have a list of locations that you can upload into the theme. You’ll have to add that manually.

      1. Engincan says:

        Verdan , is this the week of the updated version of real estate? :)

        1. Vedran says:

          Not sure, haven’t heard anything from the developers. A big part of the theme is already done so the time frame is still the same, end of this month or early next month.

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you, Vedran. I will trust you and rely on your information and purchase one theme and may go for more if things go well.

    1. Vedran says:

      Most of the team is using MultiSite to test the themes. I’m actually the only one not using it :)
      You shouldn’t have any problems running Realtr with MultiSite

  11. Michael says:

    How often or how fast do you update your themes to be compatible to the latest WordPress version?

    Note that WP 3.4 will be released in May.

    1. Vedran says:

      All our themes are always compatible with the latest version of WP. If we notice something not running correctly we release an update as soon as possible. This is true for all bugs, not just those caused by a new WordPress version.

  12. Costin says:

    Looks nice but can it be used with WMPL or any other translation plugin?
    If you want to use the print option, the result is messy ! Is there something that can be done?

    1. Vedran says:

      No, the theme doesn’t have have any multilingual capabilities and it’s not WPML compatible. I asked our programmers about the print functionality (it really doesn’t look good), I should know more about that tomorrow.

      1. Costin says:

        Thank you so much for your answers and I’m waiting for your update on print.
        It could be great if multilingual (with WPML or other plugin) will be implemented. Maybe you could ask about it also.

        All the best!

        1. web design montreal says:

          +1 for the multilingual capabilities

        2. Vedran says:

          Our programmers fixed the print functionality yesterday.

          1. Mark says:

            multilingual ignored again!

  13. Condos Montreal says:

    Us too we are in Montreal and Its a must to have it in two language here in Montreal.

    so +1 for mulitlanguage

  14. Phyllis says:

    Good Day, Do you know when the update to the real estate theme will be available? Also, will the updated theme be responsive like this one?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Phyllis
      We don’t have the exact date just yet but it should be soon. Week, 2 weeks, I don’t see it going longer than that. The updated RealEstate theme (RealEstate 2) will feature the same design as before, it won’t be responsive.

  15. Ostheimer Webdesign says:


    in the demo of realtr one can see that the slider images are not displayed correctly in size, they are being stretched.
    Will this be fixed – is there no auto-cropping?


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Andreas
      We don’t usually use cropping in sliders – people tend to use the exact size images for the slider. I’ll have a chat with our programmers and ask them about this.


      1. Ostheimer Webdesign says:

        OK, so you don’t use cropping – but why stretching the image in a showcase? All the good themes do resize the images so you don’t have to do that (which is a great feature) – saves time! Of course it’s best to have the exact same size but you should not rely on that.


      2. Michael says:

        Hi Vedran,

        Is this issue resolved? I agree that the big image on the main page is distorted and stretched.

        1. Vedran says:

          Hi Michael
          The slider is still showing images without timthumb. If you need help implementing it submit a thread in the forums and I’ll try to help.

  16. Naga City Real Estate says:


    Will there be a discount for people who already bought the original theme?

    1. Vedran says:

      There is no discount on Realtr for people that purchased Real Estate. All users that purchased Real Estate can download Real Estate 2 completely free. You can read more about this on our docs center.

  17. ugohalu says:

    I have tested Realtr on my ipad and iphone but it take many hours to show the pages and top contents ownt appear, does anyone have same experience?
    Responsive means works on any size of devices.

    Can I also clarify Realtr only works as English not other language web, if so how come??

    1. Vedran says:

      If you’re testing the theme on our demo site make sure you test it without the theme strip at the top. In other words, test on this link realtr. Unlike Realtr demo, the top strip isn’t responsive and will stop the theme from showcasing it’s responsiveness.

      Just like all other Templatic themes Realtr only comes in English – but you’re free to translate it to any language you want. To learn more about the translation process, please visit our docs center.


  18. uttam says:

    Mr. Vedran

    1> search suggestion feature….Can include to keyword search box..

  19. Roy Hayes says:

    Looks an excellent theme.

    Can we limit the number of listings per Agent package? eg 50 – 150 – 500 – unlimited?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Roy
      I’m afraid Realtr doesn’t allow you to create such packages. Each submission is charged separately, there is no way to purchase a package that would allow you to submit several properties.

  20. SP Homes says:

    Will this work ok for Spanish real estate, sales & rentals, most of the USA-specific items ( MLS number ) etc are of no use here

    1. Vedran says:

      Yes, it will. Fields like MLS can be removed from the theme (you can also create new ones).

  21. Kreatif Nusantara says:

    Which one would u prefer. Real Estate 2 or Realtr ?
    Whats the main difference instead of adaptive or responsive ability on both?.
    It would be an advantage if u compare both theme ability. Thx yo.

    1. Vedran says:

      Differences between themes are mostly in regards to design:
      1. Realtr is mobile-friendly (responsive), RE2 isn’t
      2. RE2 comes with preset skins, Realtr comes with a back-end for changing the design
      3. Realtr has a completely widgetized homepage (including the slider), RE2 doesn’t
      4. RE2 has a “Schedule a showing” contact form on property detail pages, Realtr doesn’t.

  22. Mike says:

    Happy Holidays… I’ve been reading reviewing and testing Realtr VS Real Estate 2.
    Is there anyway on the backend to make Real Estate 2 become responsive?
    I’m ready to buy and get this started but want to be sure before doing so… If its not responsive ill go with Realtr.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hey Mike
      No, I’m afraid there is no easy way to make Real Estate 2 responsive. The only way to do it is to painstakingly tweak the CSS.

  23. Andy says:

    I’ve tried the demo on a Sony Ericsson Android.
    Nothing changed. The size of the page is same as if it was a regular desktop page. Nothing mobile about it…

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Andy
      Try opening the demo site again, does it work better?

  24. Andy says:

    I did.
    A menu appears with all its sub menus and under it the whole site.
    Doesn’t look nice at all.

    1. Vedran says:

      I opened the site on Galaxy SII with Dolphin browser and it worked great. The menu will show sub-menus only when the menu button is clicked, it shouldn’t show it from the get-go. Try installing a different browser on your phone, does it look better? If not, try taking a screenshot and sending it to us via the contact form at the top of our website.

  25. Margaret says:

    Wish you would integrate the features from both real estate templates.
    I see i’m not the only one undecided which to buy, and end up not buying either :-(

    1. Vedran says:

      The features are almost the same, only differences are those 4 I mentioned in my earlier comment. You can’t really go wrong with either theme.

  26. Margaret says:

    Can it support agents with multiple listings easily, how?
    Don’t see it in your demo, all agents have just 1 listing

    1. Vedran says:

      Agent can post as many listings as they want, there is no limit. However, they can only post one listing at a time – there is no way for an agent to bulk upload listings to the site.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can we add customer “Categories”?

    What I am trying to do is have a few sections like “For Rent”, “For Sale”, “Condos” etc. and then add CUSTOM FIELDS special for each category.

    I already know that you can add CUSTOM FIELDS and have each field display only in a particular CATEGORY. But I don’t see where you can add special custom categories. I am trying it on your special test demo site I created for testing.

    1. Vedran says:

      I’m afraid category-specific custom fields aren’t available in Realtr. That functionality is available in themes like GeoPlaces or Nightlife, but not Real Estate / Realtr.

  28. Alexandr says:

    Good day to tell me how to setup my theme ad placement new clients, as when a user logs and feed them ads are not displayed ID of the new ads?
    And how to set up other payment gateways?

    1. Upendra says:

      For the first issue can you please create a ticket in our helpdesk?

      You can setup payment gateways from Dashboard>> Realtr>>Advanced Settings>> Payment Options.

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