12+ Best WordPress Plugins to Run Giveaways & Contests

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If you want to create an ecommerce business that grows every quarter, you need to start with the basics. Create and test a landing page that converts well, set up an ad campaign, attract email subscribers, and set up an email marketing campaign.

When that’s done, there’s one thing that you can do to attract more people to your business and increase sales. You can do it on your website, on your Instagram account, on your Facebook business page, or pretty much anywhere. It’s relatively cheap and has the potential for going viral.

This marketing method is the giveaway. “The premise is extremely simple. Offer your target audience a huge prize for subscribing, buying something, or doing anything else, and plenty of people will be compelled to do just that.” says a marketing specialist from do my essay service.

Why do you need to do this? Here are a couple of compelling reasons.

Why do I need a WordPress plugin for giveaways?

Running a giveaway is a great and inexpensive way to bring in new clients. Unlike with an ad campaign, you don’t need to pay for every click, conversion, or impression. You set the price of this promotion yourself by choosing what your gifts are.

Once you account for the gift you’re giving away, the estimated shipping, and add costs of distributing the information about your giveaway online, you’re left with the full price of this giveaway.

If the giveaway is enticing enough, it will spread and grant you more followers and leads than a conventional ad campaign can, especially for that kind of price.

Contests and giveaways mostly work on the basis of word-of-mouth marketing, the most powerful marketing of all. Make it a requirement for the contest to share it on social media, and it will catch on.

Does this sound interesting? Here are 11 best WordPress plugins to run a giveaway, updated for 2020.


Source: RafflePress

RafflePress is built by the team behind OptinMonster, and it receives timely updates and good support. This WordPress plugin for giveaways features a drag and drop builder for contests and a handful of simple but elegant themes and templates. You can create unlimited giveaways with the free version, but you’re capped at one site only.

If you want to get access to more design options, multiple websites, email integration, social media log in, and more, you’ll have to update. The company has multiple tiers priced from $39 to $159 per year. The mid-tier lacks two essential features, though, social media login and a dedicated button for sharing the contest with a friend.

The lifetime tier is a bit too pricy at $359, but given it’s the last payment you make to the company, it can be a good option. Provided you’re familiar with the software and like it more than their competitors.

Overall, RafflePost is quite good. The design options look great, you can set up a giveaway really fast, and it’s optimized for mobile. The biggest drawback is that if you want to get really good features, you can’t be using the free version.

Total Contest Lite

Total Contest Lite

Total Contest doesn’t have the biggest subscriber base just yet, but this doesn’t mean it’s one of those plugins that will disappear in a year. It has the Total Suite team behind it, and this company has created half a dozen plugins that have proven to be a success on WordPress.

This WordPress plugin for giveaways has a standard set of features that you may expect from it. It has a drag and drop builder that lets you create a good-looking contest, and allows even more customisation via WordPress REST API.

The downside is that the only thing you’ll be able to host with a free version is a photo contest. To access other forms of entry, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. It only has one tier and comes at $29 per 6 months or $38 per year.


It is a platform that will provide simple and transparent Giveaways. It offers a WordPress plugin with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The feature of the tool is that it is able to cope with a variety of marketing tasks (although for quizzes, there are more specialized tools available). Allows you to ensure effective work in the following areas:

Therefore, if you need a comprehensive solution, it’s time to consider this service. It will allow you to keep all the digital marketing of your company in one place. Excellent compatibility with other plugins will help to create powerful advertising campaigns and get more results. There are several packages from which the user can choose the best one.

Simple Giveaways

Source: Simple Giveaways

Simple Giveaways is just what it markets itself to be. A simple WordPress plugin for giveaways. It features a small number of templates that look okay but don’t have a premium look to them. You can integrate a timer into the giveaway, add lots of ways to enter, and all major sharing buttons.

The premium tier for a single website only costs $49 per year, which is quite a bargain. For that price, you’re going to get more action options and better-looking templates.

That said, the functionality of this plugin can’t compete with the pricier options. It also hasn’t received a major update for 2 months now, but hopefully, this will change soon.

Responsive Poll

Source: Responsive Poll

A WordPress plugin designed to create polls and contests. A modern interface will make use of simple and enjoyable. The tool is compatible with many useful plugins and the latest version of WordPress.

Responsive Poll offers the user to choose the option of designing charts that display the results of the polls. There are 7 of them, which allows you to find the one you like. There is a function of creating multiple surveys on one page.

With flexible settings, you can conduct effective sweepstakes, while spending a little time on it. This plugin can be used absolutely free. However, the functionality will be limited. Subscription plans start from $ 15.


A powerful tool for creating forms. You can use it not only for practical jokes but also for any other task. Allows you to create forms and fully customize them for your site. With this plugin, you can segment your users well and achieve impressive results. Use ready-made templates or create designs from 0. After all, everything is possible with this tool. It is supplemented with analytics that make it possible to track the performance of campaigns. Typeform integrates seamlessly with popular tools. Therefore, you can:

  • Continue working with clients by adding them to CRM or various marketing services such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Connect Slack and other communication tools to send replies and set up a seamless experience.
  • Integration with Dropbox for easy file sharing.

It is one of the most popular plugins, and it has great features. Therefore, if you want to get a really powerful tool that has established itself in the market, pay attention to it. The tool is paid and the plans start at $35 / month. It is chosen by companies for its ease of use and great flexibility.

Source: Typeform

Contest Gallery

Source: Contest Gallery

This WordPress plugin won’t cut it for most people. However, if you only need to hold photo contests, this is the right one for you. Contest Gallery is a free plugin that helps you create and manage photography contests. The features include automated feedback when the contestant uploads an image, easy voting and a commenting system, plenty of photo display options.

On the negative side, it doesn’t seem to have a dedicated share button, which can be a disaster for a giveaway. If you’re going to use it, make sure you encourage users to share it online. Having the option to vote for a contestant with a Facebook like button sure helps with that.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

Source: Contests by Reward Fuel

Contests by Reward Fuel does not have that many active uploads on WordPress just now, but it sure does have a stellar team behind it. This WordPress plugin for giveaways has one of the best collections of entry options that include supporting you on Patreon, entering a secret code word, or streaming your music on Spotify.

The drag and drop builder is very easy to work with and it allows for a great deal of customization. The contest itself can be customized to an extent. For instance, you can only allow people from certain countries to enter, which is handy if you own a physical location.

Reward Fuel gives most of these features for free. More features can be accessed if you upgrade to a paid membership that starts at $16 per month.


Source: ContestsWP

ContestsWP is a barebones tool developed and maintained by a single developer. Despite this, the reviews indicate the plugin receives decent support and has a small following of people who don’t need much from their contest plugin.

It features a simple builder that lets you create a customer-facing form with custom forms of entry, allows showing specific messages to winners, and an admin area. This is a basic tool, but with the right skills, it can become a moneymaker.

The pro version that comes at $49 annually will only give you CAPTCHA, Mailchimp integration, and personal support of the developer.

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift

Source: WooCommerce

If you’re using WooCommerce on your WordPress website, you may need this plugin to run giveaways. It’s a flexible tool that allows you to run gift giveaways exactly as you want them.

You can award gifts when checking out particular products, do buy one get one free promotions, or tie the gift to a specific sum spent or number of items in the cart. With the pro version, you can create even more rules for your gift giveaways and make them as complex as you want. You can do it at the price of $49 per year.


Source: Woobox

Woobox has great templates and some great features to add to their offer. On top of creating a giveaway page, you can make website pop-ups to promote your contest to new users. The entry options cover Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Twitch.

The problem is, the free version doesn’t have any giveaway options. You need to upgrade to the $37 per month tier to start creating contests. While there are no more unique entry options, you can add a lot with webhooks and JavaScript customization that’s available at $99 per month.


Source: Woorise

Woorise is hands down one of the best apps for contests and giveaways. It has a collection of well-crafted templates that you can customize to fit your vision. Add conditional actions for entry, and don’t forget to attach the viral share button that will make your giveaway attract hundreds of new leads. Unlike many other platforms, Woorise adds this button to the free software pack, so you’ll be covered with essentials even if you don’t pay a dime.

If you do decide to upgrade to the $23 a month plan, you’ll get access to four times the participant entries, country restriction feature, and instant win giveaways. The best deal Woorise can get you costs $79 a month and will provide advanced analytics and integrations as well as CSS customization to make your giveaways truly unique.

What WordPress plugin for giveaways should I choose?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question since all business owners have their own preferences. If you only need the bare essentials, you may give Simple Giveaways or Rafflecopter a try. If the only thing you need is the photo contest, Contest Gallery is one of the best plugins for that job.

Need a good all-around giveaway software with ample room to grow? Try Woorise, it’s got the best value for the price on this list.

Don’t postpone the decision, the sooner you start growing your audience with contests, the better. Gather some ideas for giveaways, get a free version, and start experimenting!


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