Create an online coupon directory software in less than 30 minutes

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Interested in making your online deals/coupon directory software that lets you generate some passive income?

Here’s a complete guide to on how you can create and manage a coupon and deals directory website. In this article, you’ll find the basic to advanced tips and tricks to create, manage and grow your coupon directory software.

It includes everything starting from choosing a niche deal coupon directory theme, adding links of affiliate, displaying/managing the daily deals,  a search functionality and also a front-end deals/coupon submission form.

The following are the steps you can follow to create your deals directory website in less than 30 minutes:

  1. Register the domain name and hosting
  2. Download and install WP Deal Coupon Directory software
  3. Manage Daily Deal template
  4. Wp-deal coupon/deal directory Software compatibility
  5. Making money through deals directory theme

Register your Domain & Hosting for your coupon directory software

The fundamental requirements for any website are domain and hosting. But as easy as they seem, you must choose the domain name and hosting service carefully. Invest time, research about the alternatives, pos, cons, read reviews and then choose the right domain and hosting for your coupon directory portal.

Decide on the domain name for your deals and coupon directory software

The journey of any website creation starts with the domain search. You need to decide the domain name of your deals directory website. The domain name is the permanent address of your website on the widespread internet.

Search for the domain as per the niche you have decided. My personal favorite is the Bluehost domain registration service. Alternately, you can go for NameCheap, GoDaddy, or any domain name registrar that works for you.

Once you see the domain search bar, enter the domain name you wish to have. If it has been taken by someone else always be prepared for the alternate domain name. After purchasing the domain name point your domain to your host by updating the name server of your domain.
Register domain for your coupon directory website

Subscribe to a hosting service for your coupon directory software

Domain selection depends on availability whereas before choosing the hosting you need to consider various factors associated with the hosting provider.

The main factors you need to consider are Reliability, Uptime, Efficiency, and Support. We recommend using the Bluehost hosting for your website which eliminates any of these pitfalls.

Go to the hosting provider’s site and Check the available web hosting plan. Select the plan which fulfills all your website need. As we’re going to create a WordPress website, I recommend using the WordPress optimized hosting from Bluehost.
hosting for your coupon directory software

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Starting with your online Deal Coupon Directory software

In order to create a completely functional WordPress coupon/deals directory website using this flexible, modern WP Deals directory template. Alternately, you can rely on a directory software platform to create your online coupon directory website.
Which allows users to submit their own deals on your directory website. Additionally, it performs perfectly on both mobile phones and desktop. Without touching a line of code you can create your marketplace coupon/deals website within few minutes.

After purchasing the domain and hosting services for your website, Install the latest WordPress setup on your site. Once you’re done with the WordPress setup download the wp-deal theme from here.

Installing the Coupon Directory Software

As mentioned earlier the coupon deals directory template is designed for non-technical people to be able to create and maintain their website on their own. Therefore it is really easy to use.

The theme can be installed and the website can be set up in just two-three steps.

Navigate to the themes section on your WordPress dashboard and upload the deals directory template. When the theme is uploaded and installed, you can activate it.

Activate your coupon directory software

Upon activation, you can install the sample data, click on install sample data button. This will populate your deals directory making it look exactly like the coupon directory theme demo.

So just with a few clicks, your coupons/deals directory website is ready with the sample images, posts, categories, deals etc.  Later you need to update it with the actual content of your deals.

Or you can have us install it for you, for FREE!

Save your time and efforts with our free WordPress installation service when you buy hosting from our partner – Bluehost.

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Customizing your Wp Deal

Now is the time to customize your deals directory template and make it look like your own website.

The WP Deals directory template for WordPress comes with enough customization options to make your website look and behave exactly the way you want.

The wp-deal provides flexibility to a great extent. Hence, you can change the user interface with fewer efforts.

You can upload your logo, set the site titles, change the colors and background, etc to rebrand your coupon directory template.

Also, you can change the typography of your website. Update the footer credits and create the menu of your choice. Also, the WP Deals directory template’s homepage is made of widgets.

So to change where certain screen elements appear you can adjust the movable widgets with just drag and drop options. Al the customization steps are clearly mentioned in the theme use guide that you get on the WP deals directory website template.


Manage Daily Deal template

The wp-deal coupon/deal directory theme contains many pages, you can manage the interface of each page from the backend easily. You can also redesign the page and give your own taste to it.

Create & Submit Deal with Frontend form

WP Deal directory software is a much more than the simple Deal themes.  Integrated front-end deal submissions feature makes it more viable and turns the site into a deals portal.

The theme has the feature to let the website visitors/owner/subscribers can submit a coupon/deal by a front end submission form. The admin can customize the form elements and fields and change it according to their niche.

deals directory software: Submission form

Wp-deal deal/coupon directory Software compatibility

The theme is standalone but it provides the compatibility with the following third-party plugins.

Social Logins on your coupon directory Software

In the theme, you can enable social logins through the well-known social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The  Social Login plugin is fully compatible with the theme. by adding, activating the plugin and following the simple steps given in theme guide it will be integrated into the theme.

SEO plugins compatibility with your coupon directory

In order to optimize the directory content for search engines, the theme provides compatibility with these two SEO plugins.

These both the plugins will work with wp-deal in the same way as with other WordPress templates.

Contact form plugins

In order to setup contact page, You can use any of the following plugins.

Make money through deals directory theme

The coupon/deals directory sites can help you earn some passive revenue through it. Here are a few ways through which you can make money through your deals directory template.

Advertisement banners on your deals directory website

You can display sponsored advertisements in the sidebars or the other sections of the website and start generating revenue.

The WP Deals Directory template comes with advertisement widgets that you can place at any section of your website.

Alternately, you can subscribe to the  Google Adsense service to display targetted advertisements to your visitors based on their search history.

Paid coupon and deals submission on coupon website software

Once your website reaches a benchmark in terms of traffic and click-through rates, you can start allowing paid front-end deals submissions.

As mentioned online, the WP deals directory template comes with a fully functional front end submission system through which the visitors can register and submit their deals.

You can create the payment packages of your choice with different attributes to be displayed to your front end visitors. A business who wants to display it’s coupon/deal on your website can choose a package and submit the deal upon payment.

The deals directory template comes with an inbuilt payment processing options so you can start accepting payments right away.

Become Affiliate Marketer and Make Money Online with Coupon/deals directory software 

There is a trend of coupon codes, deals, and other money-saving offers.  People search for discounts and coupons before purchasing anything. Hence coupon directory is more useful for buyers as well as sellers and affiliate marketers. The buyers can save money, the sellers get more sales and you can become an affiliate marketer and get a commission through the links.

To become an affiliate marketer follow the steps below

  1. Select your niche.
    Selecting a niche is the most important before starting any site. Create a mind map for your site and gather deep information related to your domain.
  2. Research for the various affiliate products and programs related to your niche
    Search for the website and platforms which provides affiliate membership and that should be the best match for the domain you have selected. Irrelevant content may or may not result in a high conversion.
  3. Advertise the products on your site.
    When you’ll register as an affiliate member of any products or programmes. You’ll get an affiliate link, banners, and other sample data. Use this data on your site for advertising purpose.
  4. Create excellent product content.
    Product content is very crucial and fundamental part of any website which are marketing affiliate products. Create unique, Excellent, powerful content which can draw more traffic to your site.
  5. Generate an audience.
    Share your portal content through various social networking platform and generate traffic. Again the relevant content is necessary to the success of your site.
  6. Promote those products and update your site regularly.
    Regular maintenance, and updating your deals and coupon directory is a most important task. Your affiliate will create new offers and coupons each day, you need to update the recent content on your site regularly. As well as remove the outdated content which may create a false impression on users mind.

Now is the time to make your coupon directory software

It is an easy and time-saving approach to create the coupon portal with the wp-deal coupon/deals WordPress template. Because it already comes with all the features required by a coupons deals website, your efforts are reduced to the minimum.

The coupon/deals directory portal helps to earn more monthly passive income with your right efforts in the right direction with the right content.

If you have any suggestions or questions/opinions, you can reach out to us by posting your comments here.

Check out how your deals/coupon directory software should look.

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