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Looking for some great Elementor Based WordPress Themes? Can’t really blame you – Elementor is one of the best and most popular WordPress page builder plugins. Its simple interface and drag & drop way of creating pages allows even absolute beginners to create their first pages without any coding.

There are a lot of Elementor WordPress themes on the market for different industries and niches. We have created several Elementor based themes that you can use for your business no matter what you do. Keep reading, in the next few minutes we will describe our themes and their functionalities.

Check out these beautiful Elementor Based WordPress Themes

Elementor Based WordPress Medical Theme


Medical is a great WordPress theme that is compatible with the free Elementor and also Elementor Pro. You can use Medical to create a web site related to any field of medicine. No matter if it’s a medical blog, dental clinic, medical consulting, plastic surgeons or any other activity related to medicine, Medical is good to go.

Medical is one of our Elementor based WordPress themes which comes with several pre-designed pages. This is so you don’t have to spend endless hours to achieve the perfect design. Providing you’ve got good fast hosting, all pages are all well designed and load quickly. No doubt, you’d want to create some pages yourself. In that case, using the Elementor page builder and its drag & drop functionality makes designing new pages a breeze. This theme looks great and loads very fast so it won’t negatively affect SEO and the overall user experience but will help you increase the conversion rate of ordinary visitors to customers.

The Medical WordPress theme is completely responsive and will look great on any device and on any screen size.

Some of the main features of this theme are the sections where you can highlight your services, and there is also a great contact form for booking appointments.

Even if you only want to start a medical blog this theme is a great choice because it comes with the blogging option. Starting a blog is great for attracting visitors and increasing traffic to any website.

The Medical WordPress theme is SEO optimized, and you will further improve SEO if you install some of the SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or All In One SEO plugin.

Medical Feature highlights

– Multi-language support – if you use the WPML plugin you can translate this theme into more than 1 language;

– Easy to maintain – this theme is beautifully designed and you don’t need any special skills to maintain it;

– Full design control – all design changes can be done in the dashboard without touching any code;

– Browser compatibility – looks great no matter which web browser the visitor uses;

– Advertisements – predefined places for displaying ads or Google AdSense for easier monetization of your website;

– Plugin compatibility – this theme is compatible with all popular plugins and will work without any conflict. That being said, we recommend you always test any new plugin on a staging website first.

Some types of websites that you can create using this great theme are website for hospitals, dental clinics, plastic surgeons, health blogs, health centers, health stores, medical consulting site and many more.

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Elementor Photographer WordPress Theme


The Photographer WordPress theme is an ideal choice for you if you plan to create a website to professionally present your photos. This theme is beautifully designed, responsive and fast-loading. Using the Elementor drag & drop builder you can create your ideal design in just minutes.

If you do not like the design of the homepage or want to rearrange some sections then it is a very easy task thanks to Elementor page builder. All the pages of this theme are made in Elementor so changing any content will be possible in just a few drag and drops away. As well as all of the themes that are featured on this post, Photographer is fully compatible with the free and the Pro version of Elementor.

The Photographer WordPress theme contains many inner pages that you can use in your design. Just replace the demo content with your pictures and your job is done. There are many pre-designed pages such as 5 types of album galleries, pricing pages, testimonials page, a team page, shop page and many more.

One of the best features of this theme is that it is WooCommerce friendly. You can sell prints or even digital photos, and you can accept online payments depending on your pricing plans.

Photographer WordPress theme comes with great blogging options. Starting your own photography blog is a great way to attract more visitors to your photography portfilio.

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Elementor Based WordPress Fitness Theme

Fitness Plus

Fitness is a great theme if you’re planning to make a website related to sports, fitness, bodybuilding, boxing, personal coach website and many more. This is a great theme that comes with many predefined and pre-designed pages, has great SEO optimization, is responsive so it looks amazing no matter what device your users are on.


The Fitness theme is designed in Elementor and in just a few minutes you can replace the demo content with your own content and your site is ready to use. This theme is elegantly designed and has sections in which you can stylishly present your business. A very nice parallax scrolling section on the homepage will amaze all visitors. If you want to showcase your business there are many pre-designed pages such as a page where you can list all trainers, a detailed page dedicated to every single trainer, a page to list fitness classes, a page dedicated to every fitness class. You can of course edit all of the content – the pages are just samples.

Using Elementor drag & drop you can edit all these pages in just minutes. You can add your own content, add or delete sections, change colors, you can easily change whatever you want.

As with all Templatic themes, Fitness comes with the native WordPress blogging functions. Having a blog on your website can help you increase traffic to your site. Fitness is well optimized, SEO friendly and has a great contact page that visitors will use to get in touch with you.

This theme is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins. For example, you can also install some of the SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or All In One SEO to optimize your content.

The Elementor page builder allows you to place a section for displaying advertisements on any part of this theme too. This makes it possible to even sell advertisement banners or display AdSense to make money with your website.

Like the other themes on this article, Fitness is multilingual ready(WPML required), easy to maintain, you can change colors and background.

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WordPress Plumber Theme


Plumber is a great WordPress theme to help you promote and enhance your plumbing business. It is intended for individuals or companies that want to present themselves, their work and their services. The Plumber WordPress theme is excellently designed and contains strategically placed elements on the home page in order to interest your visitors as much as possible.


Since this theme is made to work with the Elementor page builder, there is the option to create new sections, delete sections you don’t like, or create content based on your needs.

There are many pre-designed page templates that you can use to promote and improve your business. If you don’t like any template then you can always create your own using the free version or Elementor Pro.

One of the best features of this theme is the “projects” and “project details” page where you can publish your completed projects. You can write text, description, and you can add image or video galleries. Below the gallery with your work you can add a testimonials section and show visitors what your clients think about you and your business.

The Plumber theme has great built-in admin options to help you tweak your web site to the smallest detail. Like all of the themes we’re featuring here, Plumber is SEO optimized, responsive and looks great no matter which browser your visitors use.

If you want to expand your business then you can start selling using this Plumber theme. We haven’t forgotten to make Plumber fully WooCommerce compatible. Whether you are selling physical products, services or downloadable products, you can do it all and accept payments.

As we have already mentioned Plumber WordPress theme is SEO optimized, and to further optimize your content you can install Yoast SEO or All In One SEO plugin which are fully compatible with this theme.

If you want to monetize your traffic then you can always start selling advertising space. Using Elementor page builder you can add advertising space or a banner in the sidebar or between the sections. It is possible to place text ads, image ads, and AdSense too of course.

This theme is great for any plumbing business, but with Elementor page builder it can be quickly converted for any other business such as interior fixing, carpenters, furniture fixing and almost any other business you like.

Using the WPML plugin you can translate this theme into any language. It is easy to maintain it without having to touch the source code. You can easily change colors and background and theme is compatible with all popular plugins.

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WordPress Dental Theme


The Dental Elementor WordPress theme is great for all those who want to make a great web site for a dental clinic. Whether you want to make a website for yourself or for a client this theme is one of the best on the market for that purpose. Using the Elementor page builder you can completely rearrange and use this theme for any niche. The possibilities are endless and depend solely on your needs and ideas.


Thanks to the Elementor page builder you can use front-end drag and drop page editing options to edit the home page to your liking. We have done our best to create many pre-designed sections that you can simply edit, duplicate or delete according to your needs. Any part of these pages can be changed in just a few seconds, just delete demo content, add your own content and you are ready to go. Dental is also fully compatible with the free or PRO version of the Elementor plugin.

In addition to front-end editing, this theme has custom admin options in which you can customize your website down to the smallest details. You can use a combination of custom widgets, custom admin options and drag & drop frontend editor to create your web site that you will be happy with.

The Dental WordPress theme is well coded and loads very quickly. It is fully responsive and looks great on any device and any screen size.

To present your work and services in style, the Dental theme contains a special section for displaying the oral healthcare services. In this way you will show visitors your work and encourage them to become your clients.

The Dental theme is SEO friendly and is fully compatible with plugins such as Yoast SEO or All In One SEO plugin. If you use the WPML plugin you can translate it into any language.

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Elementor Based WordPress Freelancer Theme


Looking at the world situation over the last couple of years, more and more people are starting to work remotely and as freelancers. This is another one of our Elementor based themes that you can easily customize without having to touch a line of code.


This elegant theme comes with beautifully designed slides that will grab the attention of your visitors. On the home page there are sections with information about you, a section with information about your work experience and education, portfolio section, services section and blog. Since this is a theme created in Elementor page builder, you can edit, duplicate or delete any part or any section. It is up to you to decide what works best for you and matches your services.

No doubt, you’d want to professionally present your work – this is where Freelancer comes in. You can use one of the 5 predefined portfolio pages, you can choose between masonry, standard, metro, gallery zoom and gallery boxed design.

Other included pre-designed pages you’ll love is the “services page” and “project page” (3 designs). This theme has a testimonials page where your visitors can see the comments of your clients.

Like most of the other themes we have featured, the Freelancer theme comes with a blogging option. You can share the latest information with your visitors on a daily basis, increasing your conversion rate and improving your business.

It is important to note that the Freelancer WordPress theme is excellently SEO optimized and is compatible with all popular plugins. It is fully responsive and looks beautiful on any screen size.

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More and more people are choosing to have their own websites. However, not everyone is professional enough or has the time to design a website that will have the visitors amazed. The solution is Elementor based WordPress themes so you can easily create the designs you like. In this article we have featured several Elementor based WordPress themes that were made with love by Team Templatic. All themes are excellently designed and also easily customizable if you want to make changes. They are also mobile ready and SEO optimized, and are compatible with all popular plugins.

Have any questions about our Elementor based themes? Contact our sales team now… we would love to answer all of your questions.

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