Managing Your Directory Website

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We all know it’s one thing to setup your website but its a whole other thing to continue managing your directory website.

Management  can include many different categories such as keeping listings up to date, monetization, security, SEO, and bringing in more traffic. Here are the categories of managing your directory website that we are going to go through today.

Maintenance of Your Directory Website

Maintaining Submissions

This includes deleting old submissions and posts, or ones that don’t work. Maintaining submissions is  important for keeping spam or low rated sites away from your directory or listing website. Low rated sites that are linked to your directory will allow Google to penalize your website. In the end this will effect your search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Speaking of search engine optimization, as you have probably heard before it is important. Showing up on search engines can allow more traffic and in turn is the key to money for your directory. WordPress already has integrated features to help but there are more you can do to help with that. Here is a complete list of plugins that can optimize your search engine ranking.

Custom URL’s and Permalinks

These are the website addresses that is located in the navigation bar. There are several types of settings for permalinks including city base, author base, listings category, and listing base. Make sure with your website you are able to customize your URL’s because some are not optimized.

Allow Ownership Claims

If a user (or you) post a listing, the actual listing owners can claim ownership of it. This is similar to online review websites where people will write a review about a company and explain different information, then the actual owner can find and claim it. This allows for complete maintenance control of those claims.

You can also have users pay for the claim which can generate a way to bring in money.

Create Listings

You can individually submit your own listings by using the back-end. This is great to get a head start on listings, and the owners can claim those listings later on. You can add your own images, and map location. Creating listings provides more efficiency for your website and ensure the listings are fulfilling your requirements.

Allow Reviews and Ratings

For your directory website, you need manage the review and ratings on posts. These are documented ways that impact people’s decisions. They can be beneficial or completely detrimental. It is important to go through and maintain reviews because some can leave an incorrect reputation. Ratings are also important because a lot of people wont even look at a product or service if it is not at least average rating.


It is also important to protect your website from slowing down and malware. There are ways to automatically scan your website, detect and delete those threats, so your website can always run smoothly. Other plugins can allow for registration authentication logins, and access to backing up for migration purposes.

Some features are built-in but for more security there are a surplus of plugins.  Using Plugins for like Malware, Sucuri, Google Authenticator and BlogVault.

Here’s everything you need to know about security for your directory website.

Monetization (Make Money with Your Website)

Advertisement Banners

This is the easiest ways to make money with your directory website (really any website, or business). With the widget integrated design this allows for ads almost anywhere on the page. You have the ability to use Google AdSense or have the users upload an image or video ad banner. 

Price packaging

By allowing different types of packaging you can integrate certain categories to charge depending on what you would like. These can include different offers, price and time length. The user can choose which one they would like.

This is great for detailing a certain number of days that it will remain active, so you are not manually checking in and remembering how long each package is supposed to be running for. Also allows for a specific number of entries to limit the amount or can increase the price for more listings.

Category specific packages are another step into specifying prices. If you would like a particular category to have a price such as featuring to homepage or events page, you can add that detail.

Featured Listings

This is efficient for having listings on the homepage or right at the top. Most submission users will want to have their listing at the top. Charging for featured listings is a great way to gain more money.

Promoting your Directory website

This can include keeping any content such as blogs updated to keep traffic coming back to your website. This is great for certain niches, if you have a blog which maintains a steady knowledge base you can easily integrate affiliates and gain money through promotional products. The more traffic you have the better, for your listings and making money through your directory website.

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