How to Improve Landing Page Performance On Your WordPress Website?

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How to Improve Landing Page Performance on Your WordPress Website

Imagine, a world where every prospect that lands up on your landing page becomes a lead.

Visualize those leads now converting into paid customers.

Now, stop.

While we all would enjoy this scenario turning into reality, such a world doesn’t exist. And, if anything, the reality gets harsh. Did you know that less than 3 out of every 100 prospects that click on your ad, subsequently your landing page, end up giving you a sale?

Quite a small number, but true.

However, you can change this number in your favor. From here, the next logical step is to build a killer landing page. You need to ensure that the landing pages you make, focus on meeting the expectations of the customers to improve their user experience. This way, you can ensure a skyrocketing lead conversion on your website.

Why Do You Need to Improve Your WordPress Landing Page Performance?

In simple words, to improve user experience.

Understand this; the success of your landing page will depend on you how well you engage with your audience. Since it is the first point of contact between your customer and the business, the design and landing page performance must be flawless.

That’s why you need to adhere to a few strategies that help you improve the landing page performance effectively. Let’s take a look at them below.

#1: Page Loading Time

Other than the apparent customer angle, there are several other convincing reasons why you need to speed up the WordPress landing page.

Research shows that there is a 40% traffic bounce rate for sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load, and a 1-second delay in page loading time can decrease conversions by 7%. Be it a static or an eCommerce site, the modern-day audience is impatient.

If your landing page loads quickly, then search engines will rank your page higher in comparison to slow-loading pages. Therefore, if improving your position in SERPs is essential, then your landing page speed should be a top priority.

#2: Landing Page Length


There isn’t a predetermined length of the landing page for WordPress that you need to hit. Single-frame pages can sometimes get your brilliant outcomes, and so can pages where you have to scroll down. However, the landing page performance can only improve if the product information has been expressed with credibility in two or three frames.

#3: Put Due Emphasis on the Copy

A study by says that you only have 8 seconds to make a strong impression with your landing page.

Start with an attention-grabbing but optimized page title. This is the number component for your page’s SEO and will generate relevant results for users searching online. Ensure that the page title, therefore, matches your long-tailed keyword. 

Follow this up with a page or meta description that is compelling. This helps in selling your page to the users viewing the search results. The idea is to get prospects to click through to your website.

Check for typos and other grammatical errors. Steer clear of any grandiose promises. Try to be convincing with your claims and keep the information precise and genuine. False testimonials are an absolute no-no.

You can use videos on your landing pages that statistic say can improve conversions by 86%.

Adhering to copy guidelines help your prospects to ascertain the benefits of your brand, which in turn can translate into your landing page performance is enhanced.

#4: Use Effective Call to Actions

This is possibly the most vital component of your WordPress landing page. To complement the efforts of an optimized landing page, the CTA must be designed to convert prospects to leads.

To generate quick reactions, make use of actional words or action-oriented phrases that is short and understandable.

Reinforce the benefits of using your product and how the CTA will get them closer to attaining the same. Use contrasting colors to create a differentiation from the rest of the copy on the page and ensure that the button is a visual stand-out.

The idea is to support the primary goal of the landing page, which is if users should or should not opt for your product or service that you are trying to sell. Do not use multiple CTAs as that can reduce the effectiveness of your landing page by 266%.

#5: Add a Live Chat Plugin to WordPress Website

Before prospect leaves their information on your landing page, a number of them may have questions for you. The simplest solution for this is to add live chat to WordPress as a plugin, like ProProfs live chat WordPress plugin.

Using a plugin as a part of your landing page also works because It creates more opportunities for the lead to be captured. With a support agent on standby to answer customer queries, it showcases your brand in a more positive light where customers come first.

The live chat for WordPress plugin is not a replacement for your CTA in any way. What is offers is a level of connection, personalization, and convenience to prospects, expediting their decision to convert seamlessly.

#6: Incorporate the Right to Social Proof

A Nielson report states that 70% of people will trust a recommendation from a stranger.

With unlimited access to digital information, customers today are inclined to believe more in what others have done and achieved success rather than taking a direct plunge themselves.

By highlighting the testimonials, reviews, and press mention goes on to build credibility for your landing page. You can also put together a statistic on your customer responses too.

The power that social proof has on your landing page performance, therefore, is undeniable.

Improve Landing Page Performance for Delightful Customer Experience

78% of businesses yearn for more conversions. And enhancing the performance of your WordPress landing page is directly relevant to increasing conversions.

To improve the speed of your website pages, you need to implement these techniques and follow guidelines to help you get there faster. Following these tips will help your landing page performance skyrocket. And employing these tactics will be a decision that you will not regret.

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