Integrating Email Marketing to your Social Media Strategy

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Social media works as an effective way to remain in contact with your customers and to inform them about your business. You can continue to apply new ideas, such as email or SMS marketing ideas, to improve your online presence. However, people forget that you can integrate different marketing strategies together.

Here’s how you can integrate email marketing with your social media strategy.

1. Integrating Rather than Separating

To help build up your email and social media markets, you should find ways to integrate the two together. People sometimes wonder what integration consists of, so look at these points to see what integration can offer you.

  • Working together so that both channels improve.
  • Offering resources between each other.
  • Maintaining consistency and unity between the two.

By integrating your email marketing with your social media strategy, you can bring the two together so that they can build off of one another. You can do this by having the two offer each other different resources to help the other while building a consistent brand.

2. The Benefits of Integration

While it’s possible to integrate email marketing into social media, would it benefit your business?


The image above shows the areas that each channel performs well in. While email performs well at delivering personalized messages and improving customer relationships, social media increases website traffic and builds up your brand among the community. By integrating them with each other, you can use each channel’s strengths.

While you can deliver messages to people through email, you can encourage your email users to visit your social media accounts. This will give them the chance to see your brand and to build further trust in it. The opposite works for social media accounts: use the brand you built to have followers join your email campaign.

In short, you can use the strengths of each channel to encourage your customers to interact with the other channel. This will build them both up and allow each channel to benefit.

3. Planning and Preparing

To effectively integrate these channels together, you need to spend some time planning and preparing for it. Here are some plans you should keep in mind to get your team ready for the integration.

  • Talk with your team.
  • Brainstorm ideas.
  • Decide where to start.

First, make sure to talk with your team and to let them know that you plan to integrate these channels. If your team doesn’t know about it, then it could cause problems in the future, so talking with them to avoid any miscommunication.

Spend some time with your team brainstorming different ideas so that you can effectively integrate the channels. As you discuss them, keep track of the best ideas and see which ones you can use later.

After you discuss the integration, decide where you should start. It will cause problems if you try to do everything at once. Pick the best one to kick off the integration so that you can help your team adjust while beginning the process. Decide about right social media management tools which can be integrated with email marketing platform.

The next step is implementation.

4. Ways to Integrate

After preparing, you need to decide what you will do to your campaigns so that you can start integrating them together. Let’s look at three simple things that you can do to start integrating your email and social media marketing.

  • Cross-promoting.
  • Recycling content.
  • Offering incentives.

When you integrate your email and social media marketing, you can easily cross-promote the two. Include icons in your emails for your social media pages that users can click on to access those pages. You can make posts about your email newsletter on your social media pages to encourage followers to join it.

You can easily recycle content between the channels. If you post something that performs well on your social media page you can include that information into your email newsletter. This way, you can make sure that important information gets out to all of your customers and provides them the information that they want.

Make sure that you give incentives to your customers for joining each channel. Mention on your social media page that they get exclusive deals by subscribing to your email. Use your email to invite subscribers to exclusive social media groups. These types of incentives will encourage your customers to join the other channel.

These three ways will help you to get started, but continue planning and discussing with your team so that you can integrate your email marketing with your social media strategy.

Final Points

While some people and businesses may view email and social media as different channels, they have enough similarities to integrate them together. Keep in mind that most people with email accounts have a social media account and vice versa.

As you integrate these channels and build up a similar style, you can convince more customers to join both channels. This will allow each channel to grow and to get you more business. As you integrate these channels together, you can improve interactions with your customers and earn more money.

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