Is WordPress the best CMS for implementing SEO?

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Not only is WordPress the most popular CMS for creating new websites, but numerous existing websites belonging to some other CMS are also moving over to WordPress, which makes it the driving force behind 34% of the web. The latest release of WordPress5.3 in November 2019 has received more than 8 million downloads. Arguably, WordPress is the best CMS for SEO that leaves its competitors far behind. The SEO friendliness of WordPress is genuinely unmatched, which is why the open-source CMS is the ubiquitous choice for creating websites and launching powerful SEO campaigns under the guidance of some expert SEO service providers.
Keep reading to know the reasons for the popularity of WordPress.

Focus on user experience

Most WordPress themes and plugins are SEO friendly and have the elements for building professional, attractive, and user-friendly websites. As a result, the experience of visitors when browsing WordPress websites is much more enjoyable that keeps them engaged for a longer time and thereby reduces the bounce rate, which helps in better SEO performance. Since the bounce rate is a factor that Google considers for ranking websites, WordPress websites give plenty of opportunities for improving SEO performance. As users have a better experience with WordPress websites, it sends positive signals to Google that find reasons to reward sites with better ranking.

Create attractive permalinks

Permalinks are extremely important because it adds the much-needed context to the content. Creating an attractive and meaningful URL or permalink is very important for SEO and WordPress gives complete control to website owners and creators to edit the URLs of content so that you can insert keywords in it. Permalinks should be self-explanatory as well as SEO friendly so that users can quickly figure out what the content or article is all about so that they take an interest in it and open the page. Well-crafted URLs are good for search engines too, and help to improve ranking.

Managing Metadata is easy

The importance of Metadata and SEO titles is enormous because it helps viewers and search engines to understand the relevance of your website. Creating high-impacting Metadata is critical for improving SEO performance. Because it is the only way to tell the search bots what the site is all about and aids crawling the site for indexing. WordPress makes it very easy to manage Metadata, and you can insert keywords in Metadata to increase the chances of higher ranking. Keywords in metadata increase the likelihood of search engines rewarding the website with better ranking.

Image optimization is very easy

The speed of a website is a significant factor for ranking because users like speedy websites as it offers better user experience, and search engines too consider the website speed as a factor for ranking. Fast sites are likely to earn higher ranks. To maintain the speed of websites, you must use optimized images by resizing it so that it occupies less space and aids in the fast opening of the web pages. WordPress allows you to optimize images by creating alternative text for every image you use. You can insert keywords in the image description that will draw the attention of search engines. WordPress plugins allow you to create alt text automatically.

WordPress websites are speedier

Image optimization is just one of the ways to speed up WordPress websites, and there are some other ways to boost website speed, which gives added advantage to WordPress users. Since website speed is critical for providing a better user experience that translates into better ranking, WordPress users can enhance the page loading times by using suitable WordPress plugins. Shortpixel Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that compresses images as well as PDF documents that speeds up the loading time. WPOptimize is another plugin for improving website speed by clearing the database and compress your images for increasing website speed.

Optimized for mobile devices

The beauty of WordPress is that it has features that make it readily optimized for mobile users. When you create a WordPress website, it is ready for display on mobile devices without the need for doing anything extra. This is a massive advantage because it gives ready access to a wide section of the audience, the majority of whom use mobile devices. Catering to mobile users means that the traffic flow to the website will increase considerably.

Easy integration of SEO campaign with social media

To gain mileage in SEO, you must make use of the social media platforms that have become a great place for marketing products and services. It is almost mandatory to take your brand to social media platforms to gain mileage in branding and marketing. The success of your social media campaign directly influences your SEO campaign and improves ranking. This means that your SEO campaign should go hand-in-hand with your social media campaign. WordPress allows you to create customized social media buttons for your articles and blogs that make it easy to share them. Besides, you can even automate your social media campaigns and also add a social media feed to your website.

Dedicated plugins for SEO

Plugins are the real power behind WordPress because it facilitates optimizing websites and paves the way for earning a higher ranking. All that you must do is to use the right plugins. Yoast plugins are top-rated because of the simple ways of optimizing websites and creating content suitable for humans as well as search engines so that it improves the prospects of earning higher ranks and improve SEO performance.
Google Analytics is another WordPress plugin in the marketer’s armory that stands out from the rest. The plugins are highly user-friendly as it does not require any code for using it.

SEO friendly themes

Good web page design is essential to search engine spiders, as are the Metadata and keywords. WordPress themes have all the elements that make it SEO friendly, which means you do not need to take any extra efforts to optimize it for SEO beyond a certain level.
Using a WordPress website means that it attracts the search spiders right from the time it goes up without putting in any extra efforts.

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