Visual Marketing Trends in the Ecommerce Industry You Must Know

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Modern marketing has more than five thousand different tools. At the same time, you have only a few seconds to interest a potential customer with your offer. Communication should be fast, clear and informative. That is why visualization is so important. Modern marketing and sales are inextricably linked to visual content. Not only online stores but also representatives of the classic offline business are striving to demonstrate the best qualities of their products or services on the network. Why is that so? The brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Another fact supporting visualization is that 93% of communication between people is based on non-verbal means, that is, without the use of words.

Thus, your task is simple enough.  Visualization of content, the publication of images, infographics, and videos will definitely bring you more benefits, attract additional attention, make customers more loyal than when you provide them with a lot of text information. Use visual marketing to increase conversion and sales.

Top Visual Methods for Site Promotion


Infographics help quickly and clearly transfer data using graphical tools. Informative graphics allows you to effectively organize large volumes of statistical data, demonstrate the relationship of facts or objects and phenomena in space and time. 

Infographics should contain graphic objects that are associatively attached to the information presented or are its visual expression. The material should be useful, colorfully presented, and meaningful. Follow these hints on how to make a successful infographic:

  •       The topic should attractive and comprehensive;
  •       Create a beautiful and effective design;
  •       Take into account the target audience;
  •       Use colors that introduce the necessary emotionality in perception;
  •       Use high-quality charts, showing numbers and interesting facts;
  •       Determine the scale of infographics;
  •       Use timelines, creating stories;
  •       Demonstrate of credibility and reliability of sources;
  •       Take into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.
  •      Create presentations – get some free PowerPoint templates.

You may try one of these free services to create graphic visuals for your site: Adobe Express, Piktochart, Biteable, Mural, BeFunky.

Video Content

Video fundamentally changes the approach to advertising and communications and also dictates new rules for businesses. It quickly supplants text and graphic formats that are common in the online space. Everyone is used to text and photo stories today. And engaging video legends about your business can significantly increase traffic. You need to apply simple rules to achieve success: start with some intrigue, then the essence and, finally, show a fascinating denouement. Bright and catchy endings bring great results. It is also appropriate to approach the task with humor. Good stories leaving a pleasant aftertaste just add trust in the brand. How can you use video to promote your website?

  •       Interviews with opinion leaders who use your products and recommend you;
  •       Webinars that you hold to sell, inform, or test new markets and products;
  •       Video broadcasts of your events, in particular on social networks;
  •       Recordings of your public speeches, masterclasses, lectures, and seminars;
  •       Cases about your business, products, and services from your loyal customers. It is one of the most fashionable formats for sales in the B2B sector.

You can easily generate video content using ready templates from such online platforms like Ceros, Mapme, Apester.


Motion design is quickly becoming an integral part of marketing. Animated drawings become a strong tool for an online story: they attract attention, provide limitless opportunities for creativity in advertising, and help instantly convey the message of the brand. The web animation should remain inconspicuous in the well-done interface. The movement of elements is functional, it should facilitate interaction and not divert attention from the content. The exception is pieces of decorative animation that may be present on the site. They themselves are content.

The human brain can process 275 words per minute in writing, and can only hear 150 words per minute. It means that a lengthy text on the screen can cause psychic disconnections of a person’s thinking.

Instead, your cartoon with short phrases or words in the form of emotional triggers can be a very powerful way to get your viewers to pay attention to the key points.

Try to create your animation online with services like Crello, Renderforest, Moovly, Animaker.

Interactive Content

The main task of your marketing strategy is to attract customers quickly and for a long time. But in the face of fierce competition, you should opt for a non-standard approach. Interactive content on social networks is one of the latest trends. It is vital to determine the character of the target audience. Then you will manage to create interactive content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other sites that will attract a potential buyer. The purpose is to engage the user in real-time interaction. There are several ways to create this type of communication:

  • contests;
  • quizzes;
  • puzzles;
  • mini-applications;

The user becomes an active participant in the video being played on the screen. Hence, it is simply impossible to miss and forget the information about the offered product or service.

Today, you can easily create interactive content with the help of online services. Here are some of these,, Also, you can use grammar checking tools, like Grammarly or Proessaywriter, to feel confident your interactive content is clear and mistake-free.


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