How To Sell Digital Products On Your WordPress Store?

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When it comes to selling digital products, there seem to be many options to make it possible. You can use an eCommerce platfrom like Shopify or Gumroad, or use WordPress to create your digital downloads store and sell digital products on your WordPress website.

A WordPress store to sell digital product can help you sell digital products like Photographs, artworks, comics, ebooks, software files, etc.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • WordPress for digital products
  • Payment processing for digital products
  • 10 WordPress themes for selling digital products

WordPress for digital products?

As mentioned earlier, there are so many platforms online through which you can sell digital products. However, if you are thinking of WordPress for creating an online digital products selling website, than it’s not a bad idea.

WordPress is a free, open source and very easy to use CMS. With the available tools and add-ons, you can easily sell digital products.

The following are the advantages of using WordPress to sell digital products:

  • WordPress allows you to create modern, responsive & mobile friendly websites
  • Availability of WP Themes and Optional plugins to choose from
  • An SEO friendly platform for better visibility
  • Abundant and easily available tools for promotions
  • Great for the beginners to start with

With WordPress you can easily start with your digital product selling website without any prior experience or technical expertise. Anyone, can use the available tutorials on the internet and setup their own WordPress website in just minutes.

Once your website is live, you can easily manage it with the intuitive options available in the WordPress dashboard.

Can I use my WooCommerce theme for digital products?

If you are familiar to WordPress, you must know that the easiest way to create an online store through it is by using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the free and excellent tool to help you create and manage your eCommerce website through WordPress. It is a plugin that supports selling physical as well as downloadable products.

When selling digital products, the rest of the process remains same, the only difference is the absence of shipping process, and the presence of a download page where the visitor can download the digital product from.

Therefore, there’s not much difference in terms of how the products are sold, whether they are physical or downloadable items.

10 Best Themes for Selling Digital Products through WordPress

There are so many eCommerce themes for WordPress to sell digital products. You can either use a WooCommerce theme or a theme that supports a plugin like Easy Digital Downloads.

To sell the digital products online, you can use one of the below listed themes. They are highly customizable and can be used by even the beginners to create a website on their own:

Wishlist on an eCommerce website is one of the most desirable features for the buyers. It helps the buyers to save the products they are interested in and buy them later.

This feature on your WooCommerce website will surely help improve the user experience on your wooCommerce based eCommerce website. The requirement of this feature depends on the type of theme you choose. While some themes have an inbuilt feature of the wishlist, some don’t. If your WordPress eCommerce theme doesn’t support the wishlist feature, you can use this lightweight plugin and add the feature to your website.

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool from Google to help you track and analyse the traffic on your website. Similarly, WooCommerce Google Analytics tool will help you track your visitors, and provide you with important statistics and reports about your WooCommerce based store.

This feature is important for you to keep track of your traffic and plan better for your website. You can track the inputs and reports of different sales policies, different periods and that can ultimately help you plan for the future offers on your eCommerce website. This plugin is really easy to use and integrate into your website.

Your buyers might insist on getting proper invoice and payment slips with their orders. This is what this WooCommerce add-on helps you do. It will automatically create and add an invoice to the order confirmation email. Or you can allow your buyers to download their invoices through their account profile on your website.

And sure you can edit the invoice using the HTML code, to make it completely professional, add your store details and personalize it as much as you want. The plugin supports many languages to create the invoices, in case you are trying to localize your business.

A fully functional and effective WordPress eCommerce website is bound to have products with variation. The variation can be weight, color, or size. In this case, you can use this plugin to create attractive variation swatches on your product page.

The most popular eCommerce websites use the variation swatches to create attractive and user friendly product page interface. You can choose the shape, square or circle for the product swatches using this WooCommerce addon.

Customer reviews on your WordPress eCommerce websites leaves a positive impact on your buyers and add to the user experience. This plugin helps you set an automatic review reminder for customers who recently made a purchase from your store.

The review form is informative for enhanced customer review, trust badges, etc. This is a very useful tool for creating a positive impact and creating a product page.

This is a WooCommerce plugin is a package of several useful features into your WordPress eCommerce website. There’s a bulk price converter to increase or decrease the price of products at large. Currency change and exchange rates,

At an advanced level, this plugin supports price based on User Role, Wholesale Price, and setting price as per a given formula. There are a number of useful features that this addon comes with. It even includes PDF receipts, and shipping invoice. There are so many features for custom emails, enhanced shipping and order management features, cart and checkout features, etc.

Booster for WooCommerce has a group of all the useful features for creating an enhanced experience of shopping for buyers and even adds ease of management and more features for you as a store admin.

One of the first steps towards enhancing the user experience on your online shopping website, is to create better search feature for the buyers. This WooCommerce add-on will enhance the simple WooCommerce product search by adding the Ajax Search feature. It will help buyers with an advanced search with live suggestions.

With the advanced algorithms, the results provided are as accurate as possible. Even the results are presented in an organized format. The first matching categories are displayed at the top and then matching products. It is a light weight plugin and you should sure include it into your website if you want better search features into your website.

When talking about the Global online stores, or an eCommerce website operating over different geographical locations, you will need multiple currency support. This plugin helps you show Price Based on Country for WooCommerce.

So you can sell the same product in multiple currencies based on the country of the buyer. It automatically detects the country of the buyer and shows the currency accordingly. You can choose to automatically calculate and set the price by applying the exchange rate or you can choose to set it manually. It will also let you add a country switcher to your website as you see on most popular eCommerce websites that ships to multiple countries.

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