9 tips that can upgrade the UX of your job board website

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Looking for the tips to ensure the success of your job board website?

Here are some of the must-have features of your job board WordPress website.

Adding some simple features can enhance the usability and performance of your job board website and make it more useful for the end users.

Let us have a quick look at the features that upgrade the UX of your job board website

  1. Creating unique and meaningful categories
  2. Watch the companies you allow to post on your website
  3. Moderating the job listings
  4. Filtered search for relevant and quick results
  5. Quick apply button on a job search page
  6. Maintaining the transparency
  7. Displaying testimonials on your job board website
  8. Telephonic support to the confused users

1. Carefully create unique and meaningful categories

Categories can be confusing sometimes, so you have to be careful while creating categories.

For instance, there is a category named “software engineers” and another named “IT engineers”. Both of the categories are identical and they can be merged.

Now imagine what happens when you keep both the categories on your website.

The jobs of same type will be distributed into under two different categories, which is not at all good for your website!

So by all means, be very careful to avoid repetitive categories.

2. Check on the companies you allow to post jobs

The quality of content that you display on your website matters the most.

Remember, you don’t want any illegitimate or meaningless content on your website.

Keep monitoring the quality of content posted on your website. This rules generally applies to any kind of website.

You should keep a check on the companies or individuals that are allowed to post jobs on your website. Take measures that help you prevent spammers as well as fraudulent from using your website.

The following are some of the tips that can help you to keep a check on the content of your job board website.

  • A clear disclaimer and privacy policy
  • ReCaptcha check on the submission form
  • Checking all the jobs before publishing(next point)

3. Moderating the job listings of your job board

This point is correlated to the previous one.

We moderate the jobs submitted from the front end so as to avoid any repetitive entry or confusing post.

So one of the important responsibility that comes with allowing front end submissions is that you have to look at the content that is submitted by the users.

The things you should check are

  • See whether the job is submitted under proper categories
  • Eliminate wrong or misleading information posted on your website
  • Check for the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • If possible, set a process to verify the legitimacy of the employers
  • See that all the required information is filled up and is valid

4. Filtered search for quick and relevant job results

A thing that the user would absolutely love about your website is the filtered search on the home page.

Who doesn’t like quick and relevant results?

A filtered search feature will assure that the visitors of your website get precise, filtered results based on the keywords they enter.

This saves the time and efforts of the visitors while finding the right job listing on your WordPress job board website. With this feature, they won’t have to go through the irrelevant job listings to find the one of their interest.

5. Quick apply button on a job listing page

With a job board, you obviously want help people find jobs, right?

So lets make that as easy as possible!

Don’t forget to add an Apply now button on your job listing page that allows the visitors to instantly upload their resume and apply for a job of their interest.

What’s the point of a job listing on your website, if the visitors are required to open their email account, and copy the address from your website and send their application manually.

The best idea therefore, is to allow them to send their application right through your website, with a single click!

Much efficient, isn’t it?

6. Explaining how it works. Transparency

This sounds a little bit off-subject, but it really helps!

When a user starts understanding how your system works, they’ll definitely trust you more.

A detailed “About us” page with a “How it works?” section is what I’m talking about.

Let your About us page declare everything about you!

Transparency is the key! The more information you give away, the better.

Here’s a quick list of what an ideal about us page on a job board theme should consist

  • Mention any physical location or telephone number associated with your business
  • Tell them how your system works
  • Explain the advantages of posting on your site
  • Explain the benefits of using your site to find a job
  • Additionally, you can mention some details like how and when you started the job board

7. Display testimonials on your job board website

Self appreciation fails most of the times, but positive reviews of your clients, never fails!

The testimonials section, with honest and positive opinions of your clients about how your website was useful to them to find jobs or employees.

New visitors, coming to your website for the first time, and unsure of the usability of your website may just stumble upon the testimonials and find out the beautiful things your users are saying.

This surely has a psychological affect on the visitors mind, and that could work in your favor!

8. Telephonic support to help the confused users

It’s always good to have someone whom the confused users can talk to.

You can provide telephonic support to the visitors seeking guidance and your help in order to use your website.

A support executive can explain an interested employer, the advantages of posting on your website.

On the other hand, a support personnel can help a job seeker to find the perfect job. The advantages are unlimited.

A telephonic support team, ready to solve the queries of a confused user, definitely helps.

9. Blogs on your job board website

Blogs on your website, adds to the useful content on the site.

Not just that, new, fresh, unique and informative content on your website increases the usability of your website.

Even though the main function of a job board website is to display job listings, a blog section never harms.

What can you blog? If that’s the question bothering you, here’s the answer.

There are a countless things you could do with the blog section on job board

  • Informative posts for the job seekers.
  • Informative posts for employers
  • For important announcement and news
  • Educating the visitors about certain subjects related to your domain


These are some of the best tips that can help you boost the usability of your website and make it more interesting for the front end users.

All of these features helps add value to your website and affects the ultimate user experience. If you can include all of them, you should atleast try to apply a few of them into your job board website.

Note: The screen shots included in this article belong to the Jobs Directory WordPress theme.

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