7 Tips for Designing the Service Pages for your Business or Agency

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It’s always a great idea to create a business websites that talks for you to the people on the internet.

With the resources and technologies available today, creating a business website is really easy. Without being a technical expert, you can create and manage your website on your own.

And the best thing is – creating a business website is a lot easier than creating other types of website like a directory or a classifieds website.

However, the success of your business website depends on a combination of other factors like the SEO friendliness of your pages, promotional efforts, and the effectiveness of the pages.

And the most important pages of your business websites, or your agency websites are the “Service Pages”.

What are the Service Pages on a business/corporate/agency website?

Service pages are the pages through which you can explain your services to the visitors. There are typically two types of service pages:

  • A page that lists all the services offered
  • A page for each service, that explains what you do, how you do, etc.

These service pages are your like your sales representative on your website that explain people what service and what kind of service you provide. The service pages are therefore, the most important pages on your website. They should be properly keyword optimized, and written in a clear format and language.

The service pages typically have the following information:

  • Services title
  • A brief explanation on what the service is about
  • Pricing table
  • A few relevant images
  • Call to Action

Tips for the designing an appealing Service page

your service page should be well designed, and offer a great user experience. The content should be indulging and make sure that the visitors don’t leave quickly.

Title of the pages

Of course the title of the service page matters the most. Basically, try for a simple, straight forward title to express your service.

An intuitive title is what persuades the visitor to explore the page and know more. Not just the title, but the banner area, the introduction text, all should be persuasive.

Take care of the page load speed

No one likes slow loading pages. Especially when it comes to the important pages on your business website like the service page.

You can use the tools like GTMetrix, Google Page speed insights, to find out the factors negatively impacting the speed of your service page and work to correct them for the best user experience.

Include good images

Images can add an interest factor on a rather boring service page. They make your service page interesting and helps you easily explain your services to your visitors.

On the service page – you can either include high quality icons, or relevant images. Or the best you can do is – include real images related to your services.

Use your copy writing skills

“Persuasive writing” is what we need when it comes to writing a service page. It’s not a blog, it is a page that could make sales if properly designed.

Therefore, be very careful when writing a service page. Use positive words and an persuasive language.  Also use a story telling approach so that your visitors don’t get easily bored with your page.

And mostly, don’t make it about yourself. Try explaining your visitors how your services can actually help them.


People won’t believe what you say about yourself, but they’ll certainly trust what other customers say about your service.

Therefore, including related testimonials can leave a positive impression on the visitors. Ask your happy visitors to leave their kind words about how your service helped them.

Don’t forget the CTA

After telling your visitors about your service, your service page should end with a proper call to action section. The Call To Action at the end of an effective service pages add to the user experience is also a way for you to attract more customer inquiries.

Use analytics

This one, is not just for the service page, but using Google Analytics is great for monitoring the performance of your entire website. Google Analytics helps you with simple as well as complex analysis about your website.

You can find out a lot about the traffic number, quality of traffic, demographics of the users, poor and best performing pages, etc. And thereafter, you can use all these data to make important decisions about your website.

Know more about Google Analytics for WordPress

Final Words

Effective services pages on your business website can be a promising investment.

In this post, the points mentioned are nothing but the common traits of the best service pages. And when you have a good service, why not have a good service page too!!

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