20 Fitness and Wellness Event Ideas to Inspire Your Next Website

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Fitness events are not only a trend right now but it will forever be a lifestyle. More and more people are turning towards the #selfcare and #selflove movements which involves being healthy from the outside and inside. There are events all over the world, bringing people together and inspiring them to make changes and keep pushing to become your better self.

Now is a great opportunity to embrace this industry by contributing to it. Creating a website for one or multiple events, manage events online, or make an event directory. This enables people to find and sign up for the event they are looking with ease and flexibility. You can also encourage more people to get out there and get fit by sharing their experiences and encouragement.

Making a website can be easy and we suggest using WordPress for many reasons.

Long story short, WordPress enables you to have the flexibility you will need to create a website with the necessary uses, design, and capabilities.

Fortunately there are many types of event websites to create a fitness niche for, such as:

  • Zumba Event in the Park – Single Event Website
  • Fitness events going on in New York City – Event Directory
  • Health Home and Garden Expo – Event Management

There are more ways to incorporate event type websites; see our complete list.

The problem is people feel like people have already done that, or there is so much competition out there you would never actually become a top competitor. But there are many new and unique fitness and wellness events for you to start a website for. These are ideas that can be up and coming or that give a modern spin to a classic fitness or sports event.

  • Trail Riding (horseback, bike etc.)
  • Goat Yoga
  • Shelter Dog Run
  • Rock Climbing
  • Aqua Biking- underwater cycling, another way to get your cycling in while being in the water
  • Spin Classes with a Twist
  • Acro Yoga- combination of acrobatics and yoga
  • Races/Marathons with a Twist
  • Flash Mobs
  • Zumba with a Twist
  • Boxing Classes
  • CrossFit Challenges
  • Obstacle Challenges
  • Biking Bar Crawls

You can also have websites for Expos/Conferences:

  • Self Care Expos
  • Body Mind and Spirit 
  • Face and Body Conferences
  • Health Home and Garden
  • Behavioral Health

Even if you are going with a traditional fitness event there are still things you can do to make your website standout:

  • Awesome Design
  • Event Calendar
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Pictures
  • Tell a Story/Feeling
  • Social Media Integration
  • Front-End Interaction

Overall, your website can become one with a lot of traffic but you need to know the best way to go about it. We have articles to take you from pre set-up: such as choosing an event theme, set-up, and beyond to get your event website going.

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