5 Successful Fitness Event Websites and How to Create with WordPress Theme

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Looking for inspiration for a fitness event website? Here’s a list of event and wellness websites doing it right, what they are getting right, and which WordPress Themes you can use to achieve the same look and feel.

1. Wanderlust

  • Amazing landing page with great eye catching pictures
  • Easy to navigate
  • Upcoming events clear and precise
  • Visibly appealing photos
  • Social media integration
  • Subtle but brilliant email sign up

You can achieve a similar event website with ListingPro

2. The Color Run

  • Awesome background video
  • Great pop up for signing up (matches the rest of the website so you don’t even realize)
  • Homepage is an awesome photo that feeds your inner spirit
  • First thing you see when you scroll are the upcoming events
  • Sponsors listed nicely
  • Includes link to store with awesome merchandise

You can achieve a similar awesome website with EventChamp

3. Tough Mudder

  • Great pictures that really represent the feeling of the brand
  • Clear countdown timer to price increases
  • Cities clearly laid out with mileage for each
  • Training tips and lesson videos
  • Ruff Mudder event for dogs! BIG PLUS

You can achieve a similar Fitness Events Website with Eventum

4. Broga Yoga


  • Minimalism with clear colors for important links
  • Layout of pages is corresponding with websites
  • Quotes saying respectable things from respectable businesses
  • Image with instant visual representation of what its all about

You can achieve a similar website with RunCrew

5. #DoingThings

  • One word: Simplicity
  • This is the ultimate simple and contemporary website
  • Modern and straight to the point
  • Fun visuals
  • Easy search filtering system
  • Easy to find sign up

You can achieve a similar website with Eventum

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