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We live in the world of digital marketing where it’s important to grab the attention of your website visitors and try to convert them into customers. There are different ways you can perform this task. However, if you are using a WordPress CMS then one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve this is to use WordPress popup plugins.

Any one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins will help you to show your targeted messages or campaigns to your website visitors. Messages will be displayed in the form of a popup window. Today we will explore together the most popular WordPress popup plugins for your site. We will write about their importance in running a business, and also give some examples of how you can increase conversion. We will present you the 5 best popup plugins and briefly describe each one.

What are WordPress popup plugins?

Popup plugins are basically tools that give you the ability to create pop-up windows or notifications on your website. They are usually used to show visitors some actions, offers, notifications or to collect e-mail addresses of visitors via a newsletter pop-up form. The complete content of the pop-up window can be personalized, and it is also possible to schedule the time when the pop-up should be displayed.

The importance of WordPress popup plugins

There are many reasons why pop-ups are important and why you should use them too. We’ll list just a few below:

  1. Increase conversion rate – Pop-ups are sure to attract the attention of visitors. It will multiply the chance that the visitor will take the action you want, which can be a subscription or a conversion;
  2. Collecting e-mail addresses – a great way to collect a list of e-mail addresses to which you can later send promotional newsletters, discounts, useful information, and in this way you will increase the conversion rate;
  3. Reduce the rate of leaving the website – if the popup window contains some information that interests the visitor, he will stay on the website and further explore the information you have placed;
  4. Promotion of special offers – a great way to present some limited or seasonal offers in a pop-up window, in this way you will generate more sales and achieve better conversion;
  5. Personalize content for different audiences – in order to increase the effectiveness of the messages you send through popup windows, you can personalize its content for each group of visitors. In this way each of the visitors will get the content they are interested in;
  6. Better user experience – if your popup window provides valuable and useful information to visitors, the user experience will be greater and then probably conversion;
  7. Sharing on social networks – interesting information inside the popup window can encourage the audience to share it on their social networks and thus increase your presence on the Internet;
  8. Creating surveys – popup windows are a great way to conduct a survey on your website and get the opinion of your visitors;
  9. Website visit monitoring – depending on which plugin you use, there are integrated analytical tools that will give you information about your website visits based on the pop-up window number of views;
  10. Resistant to AdBlockers – popup windows are usually not blocked by AdBlockers so important information will certainly be displayed;

There are many more reasons why you should use one of the popup plugins on your website. If you have decided to try it, in the rest of this article we will list some of today’s most popular plugins for this purpose.

1. Elementor popups

Considering that many website themes are based on Elementor page builder, we will first introduce Elementor popups, a great plugin for Elementor Page Builder that allows you to create any type of popup windows. This Elementor plugin is commercial, you can only use it if you have an Elementor PRO license. There is a way to create popup windows with the free version of Elementor page builder, and we will write about it in one of the next articles.

Elementor popups will help you create attractive and interactive popups to increase the engagement of your visitors. In this way, you will encourage them to take action such as registration, purchase, subscription to the newsletter and many others.

This plugin has the ability to create a popup window using the Elementor WYSIWYG editor, meaning that you will see all the changes you make in real time. All popups you create in this tool are fully customizable, you can change colors, fonts, layouts of elements and any other visual things.

There are many different types of animations and effects to make your popup windows more impressive and attract more attention. It is important to note that you can set the popup windows to be displayed only on certain pages or certain categories of products, thus showing popup advertisements to a certain category of visitors.

One of the best things is the ability to set the conditions when the popup window will be shown. For example, it can be displayed after a certain time, when the visitor moves the mouse cursor to a certain position or even when he leaves the page he viewed.

In order to know how effective your popup window was, you have built-in analytical tools that will provide information on the number of impressions, clicks and conversion rate.

Elementor Popups

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best tools on the market. Its main task is to generate subscriptions and conversions on websites. Using this tool you will facilitate the conversion of visitors into subscribers, customers or users through various forms of interaction such as pop-up windows, different notification bars, contact forms, registration forms and many other elements.

This is a commercial tool that does not have to be related to WordPress, but it also has a WordPress plugin that will connect to the platform and allow the use of all its options.

Like the previous plugin on this list, OptinMonster can set goals for your campaigns such as increasing sales, collecting email addresses, or reducing bounce rates. You can also set the time and place where the popup window will be displayed.

This advanced tool allows you to create lightboxes, popup windows, advanced notification bars and many other forms of displaying different messages. One of the best options is A/B testing, which allows you to compare different types of campaigns and see which one converts visitors the best.

OptinMonster can be integrated with all popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp. In this way, the lists of collected e-mail addresses will be automatically added to the list of subscribers. Many integrated analytics tools will display information about performance, views, clicks, and conversion rates. A very good option is the ability to display popup windows to people from a specific geolocation in order to target your marketing campaigns even more precisely. OptinMonster has a great interface and has its own visual builder that allows absolute beginners to create great popup windows.

Optinmonster WordPress Plugin - One Of The most popular WordPress popup plugins

3. Bloom WordPress plugin

Bloom is a great plugin that is used to create signup forms, popups and different notification bars, all with the goal of collecting a list of e-mail addresses and building a list of subscribers. This commercial plugin is a product of the company Elegant Themes, which is behind one of the most popular WordPress themes called the Divi theme.

By using this great plugin you will be able to create different popup windows that can appear anywhere within your website. You can use classic popup windows that can appear according to the given parameters – after a certain period of time, after a certain action or after leaving the website. There is the possibility of creating opt-in fly-ins that will be displayed depending on the action or if the user reaches the end of the page. Also there are in-line opt-in forms for which you will have a shortcode and you can place them on a post or page that you you want.

If you want to have optin-forms under your content, you can do it with this plugin. The window will appear below the content so you do not disturb the visitor in reading.

One of the best options is the ability to add opt-in forms anywhere in the widget area. You can create as many widgets as you like and add them to any widget-ready area. You can also require that your visitors subscribe to your lists before gaining access to premium content. This is a great way to increase your subscribers.

Like the previous tools on the list, Bloom has advanced analytics tools that will show the number of views, clicks and conversions. It has an excellent protection mechanism that will prevent misuse and eliminate unwanted subscribers or spam.

Bloom WordPress Plugin

4. Popup maker

Popup maker is an excellent tool for creating attractive and targeted popups for different purposes. Using this plugin you can create excellent campaigns to grow your revenue and email list with popups, slide-ins and banners.

This excellent tool has a visual editor that can easily create email opt-in popups, content upgrade popups, lead gen popups, ecommerce popups, contact form popups and many others. You can choose when to display the popup window, whether it will be displayed automatically with optional delay or click button or any element to open. The free version also offers to open a popup when a form is submitted, called form submission popup window. Popup maker can be integrated with most popular form and email plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Mailchimp and many others.

There are many configuration options. You can easily change all parameters inside of popups, plus control popup position, animation, sizing and more. You can set many conditions to target who will see your popup. You can find the popup maker for free in the WordPress repository. If you want much more advanced options then you can buy the commercial version.

Popup Maker WordPress Plugin


Using one of  the most popular WordPress popup plugins is one of the key marketing strategies of all large and well-known websites. These tools enable the collection of e-mail addresses, the promotion of special offers and the display of information to the target audience. In this article we wrote about the most popular WordPress popup plugins for your site. Depending on your business strategy, it’s up to you to decide which one to use.

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