Top 6 Cheapest WordPress Hosting Services for Directory Websites

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WordPress hosting is needed to get your website up and running. Good thing there are a lot of cheap WordPress hosting options, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle on mediocre. We are going to take you through the categories to look for in a great web host and compare the top companies for you.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting provides the server space to store the information for your website. This is a database that saves the system files. Also known as hosting service providers. You access your files through the FTP software. 

Domain is the address on the internet to access the website.

You can setup your WordPress with a hosting service that offers PHP and My SQL support, and most offer a complete WordPress package with a 1-click install, and domain.

Categories to Keep in Mind

Amount of Web Traffic

The type of website you will have is important in deciding what web hosting service you will choose. If it’s a smaller website you wont need a larger service. For directory websites that need fat loading with a lot of traffic, and have many bulk items. A more reliable hosting service with larger storage will be needed. You will need to find a host that can actually handle your website without any issues.


This is described as the amount of time a hosting service can keep their server “up and running”. Usually as a percentage it is good to find hosting service that provides 99.9% uptime. This is important because you want their servers to continue to run so that your website stays doing what it needs to do. The higher the better when it comes to uptime

Speed/Load Time

One of the most important factors is loading time, because no one likes to wait. Page loading speed is crucial for a responsive website, and keeping your bounce rate down. Meaning the longer it takes for a page to load the less patience the users will have. Be sure to choose a host with the latest technologies to ensure the fastest speed.


Of course, we all know the cost is important. In particular the amount youre getting and what you get. Many hosts will offer a low costs for unreliable hosting or less storage than you need. Be sure to compare prices on what the lowest amount per what they are giving you.

Server Reliability

Yes, the most crucial part of a hosting provider. If you are not getting a reliable host then why even use their services. You need to be sure their system can reliably handle the amount of traffic your website will need

Migration Costs

This is something that many people do not look into because you usually don’t think about transferring your site somewhere in the beginning. But it is something to keep in mind. There are some hosts that will have migration costs and some will be free of charge. Check in to see how much you will be set back if you might need to migrate your site to another host.


24/7 support is great and having various forms of communication can be key when you need to get a hold of the support team

Type Name Uptime Speed Basic Price Storage
Small Website
One.Com 99.65% 612ms $2.45/mo 50 GB
Hostinger 99.91% 370ms $.80/mo 10 GB
iPage 99.97% 787ms $3.75/mo Unlimited
Larger Website
BlueHost 99.99% 406ms $2.95/mo 50 GB
HostGator 99.98% 432ms $2.75/mo Unmetered
SiteGround 99.99% 713ms $3.95/mo 10 GB


One of the most recommended hosting services out there. BlueHost has a package offer for WordPress websites.

Free Domain and Site Builder

1-Click Install

for 2.95/Month for 50 GB SSD Storage

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