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We are happy to bring you our top WordPress page builders comparison list. Any of these page builders is designed to make designing your website super-easy without needing to hire a web designer.

WordPress is the most popular CMS today and is used by almost half of all websites in the world. It became popular due to its speed, stability, ease of use and a large number of available themes and plugins. There is also a very large WordPress community that will help you solve absolutely all the problems you have with this CMS. Because of everything we mentioned, WordPress has become a favorite platform for creating new websites. However, it was not easy for absolute beginners to create a new website if they were not skilled in coding. This is the reason why page builders were created. Page builders are the tools that allow absolute beginners to create their website without any programming. There are many good WordPress page builders, and in this article we will describe the best WordPress page builders to use for designing your site.

As we have already mentioned, WordPress page builders are tools that help you to create your website, meaning that you can design your pages without any programming. They have ready-made elements that you arrange on the page by drag and drop. This means that anyone can design their own page, it just takes a little imagination and creativity. Keep reading because I will list several of the most popular page builders and I will mention some of their pros and cons.

1. Elementor

Elementor is currently the most famous WordPress page builder. It is a tool that uses a drag and drop system to create new pages. Its great popularity ranks it in first place, and it is used by almost 6 million websites. Many developers of free and commercial WordPress themes decide to integrate this page builder into their themes in order to make it easier for future customers to design pages and improve the user experience. Using this page builder you can create responsive pages that will adapt to any screen size. Within Elementor there are many predefined templates that you can use to create your pages. You can also create your own page and save it as a template for future projects. There is also a Pro version of this plugin that has many more useful options.

Elementor - Top WordPress Page Builders Comparison

See what Elementor users have listed as pros and cons.


– Great user interface: Elementor has an excellent interface that is suitable for absolute beginners;

– Pre-designed templates: there are many pre-designed templates that you can use as a start in your design;

– Customization options: there are many options that you can customize and create perfect unique web pages;

– Wide use: Elementor is the most popular page builder that many theme developers integrate into their themes. This means that it is compatible with many themes on the market.

– Updates: Elementor has frequent updates in which known bugs are fixed and new options are added.


– Easy to learn: Although Elementor has an excellent user interface, it can be difficult for some users to learn its options and functions. Learning takes a lot of time;

– Consumes a lot of resources: If Elementor is not properly optimized, then it can consume a lot of resources and thus significantly slow down your website;

– Incomplete compatibility: users often report the incompatibility of Elementor with certain plugins and themes;

– Limited options within the free version: The free version offers many options and you can create a basic page, however for anything more you need to purchase the PRO version.

– Price: Elementor PRO is an expensive investment for most users.

Considering that Elementor has a free version we advise you to try it before buying.

2. Beaver Builder

Second on the list of the most popular WordPress page builders is Beaver Builder. This is also a drag and drop tool that allows you to use the mouse to create most of your page. You are able to create excellent responsive pages that will display well on all devices. This page builder comes with many predefined templates that will make the design work much easier. Like Elementor, Beaver Builder has a PRO version that offers many more options and features, and some of the best are a theme builder, WooCommerce pages builder, and the ability to use WordPress multisite. Although the concept is the same as Elementor, many users claim that Beaver Builder is a bit easier to learn and adjust some advanced options.

Beaver Builder - Top WordPress Page Builders Comparison

Below we will list the pros and cons of Beaver Builder based on user experiences.


– Beautifully designed user interface: Beaver Builder has a beautiful interface that beginners will love. Options and functions are clear and easy to find and control;

– A lot of customization options: This page builder has a lot of customization options that will help you create any page, from a simple one to a complex page with different types of forms;

– Very fast: Beaver Builder is very fast, users did not report that they had problems with the loading speed of their websites, unlike with Elementor page builder;

– Plugin and theme compatibility: this page builder is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins. This means that you will be able to easily edit your existing pages that were not created in Beaver Builder.

– Updates and support: Just like the previous one from this list, Beaver Builder has regular updates and excellent customer support.


– Limited free version: within the free version there are options for creating simple pages.  However, if you want to create any complex page you will have to upgrade to PRO;

– Small number of predefined templates: Beaver Builder does not have a large collection of predefined templates, which can make it difficult for some users to find a design on which to base their page;

– No pop-up builder: this is an option that most users miss, you won’t be able to create pop-ups or opt-in forms;

– Price: the price of this page builder is not acceptable to all users, especially bloggers or people who are just starting their projects.

Although Beaver Builder does not have some advanced options like Elementor, you may like it, and it all depends on your preferences and the type of page you are creating.

3. Divi Builder

Third on the list of the best WordPress page builders is Divi Builder. This is a tool that comes as part of the Divi theme, and is used by more than a million websites worldwide. Like other page builders, Divi uses a drag and drop system to create pages according to your wishes. All pages created with Divi Builder are responsive, and it is best to use one of the many templates as a starting point in creating a page. The free version is quite limited, but that’s why Divi Builder has a PRO version that has a theme builder, A/B testing and many more useful options and functions. Users of this page builder mostly complain about the price. Currently, Divi builder is the most expensive tool for this purpose, and below we will list all the pros and cons reported by its users.

Divi - Top WordPress Page Builders Comparison


– Real-time review: Divi Builder has a visual editing option that will allow you to see all changes in real time;

– Advanced page design options: Divi builder has some of the most sophisticated options that will help you create highly customized pages. Some of these options include custom CSS controls;

– A lot of templates: This page builder offers a lot of predefined templates that you can use for your projects. Users mostly use homepages, landing pages and different types of forms;

– Lifetime updates: After you buy Divi Builder you will have lifetime updates available.


– Difficult to learn: Divi Builder is like Elementor, you have to spend a lot of time to learn how to use it and how to use all its features effectively;

– It is difficult to switch to another page builder: Divi Builder is designed in a special way, so switching to another page builder will be a difficult task;

– Can slow down the website: Users have reported that Divi builder can slow down the loading of the website, and this is especially noticeable on mobile devices;

– Price: Divi Builder offers annual and lifetime membership packages, but its price is extremely high compared to other page builders.

Divi Builder is a great tool that will help you create any kind of page you want. However, if you wanted to switch to another page builder then it will be a difficult task. There is a free version of this tool, be sure to test it.

4. WP Bakery

One of the most popular WordPress page builders is WP Bakery. It is used by almost 5 million websites worldwide. Like other page builders, WP Bakery creates pages by drag and drop, and all pages are responsive and look great on all devices. There are many predefined templates that are classified by category, and using one of them you can create your own personal template that you will use in future projects. This is a powerful page builder that stands out from the competition with a slightly lower price. Pay once and you have a lifetime license with free updates, premium support and access to template library.

WP Bakery WordPress Page Builder

Below we will write what users think about WP Bakery page builder.


– Great user interface and backend editor: this excellently designed page builder offers the possibility of creating pages without knowing CSS or HTML.

– Compatibility: WP Bakery is compatible with almost all WordPress themes and plugins, so you will be able to edit them without any problems;

– Many predefined elements: Unlike other page builders, WP Bakery has many predefined elements such as social media widgets, CTA buttons and much more;

– Live preview mode: it is possible to see all changes and design in real time;

– Updates and support: Users report that customer support is excellent.


– Limited options: WP Bakery has limited customization options compared to other page builders. This can make it difficult to create a complex page;

– Poor user interface: the user interface is somewhat worse compared to other page builders;

– Slow code: WP Bakery has a specific code structure, which can greatly slow down the loading of your website, and this is most noticeable on mobile devices;

– Slow updates: according to user statements, there is a possibility of waiting longer for updates and bug fixes than it is usual.

WP Bakery is a good page builder that focuses on ease of use and compatibility with many WordPress themes. The price is affordable, and there is also a free version that you can try before you decide to buy.

5. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is an excellent page builder that has been integrated into the WordPress CMS since version 5.0. This means that you don’t need to install an additional plugin or use the services of third-party tools to use it. Unlike other page builders, Gutenberg is based on blocks and allows you to easily create custom pages. All pages will be responsive and will look good on all screen sizes. The blocks Gutenberg has are text blocks, image blocks, code blocks and many more. There are many plugins for Gutenberg that will extend its functionality and add additional blocks so you can create the pages you envision.

However, considering that it is a tool that is integrated within the WordPress CMS, we have to say that it has limited options, and it can be confusing for most users, especially if you are a beginner.

Below we will list some pros and cons of the Gutenberg editor.


– Integrated into WordPress: Gutenberg is integrated into WordPress and does not require any additional installation or configuration for its operation;

– Very light interface: Its interface will allow users to easily create content using different blocks;

– Gutenberg uses blocks: Unlike other page builders, Gutenberg creates content using individual blocks for images, text, video, code and many others;

– Regular updates: Since it is linked to WordPress, Gutenberg has regular updates and is very stable.


– It can be confusing: since Gutenberg uses a block-based system, it can be confusing for some users to learn and adapt to this type of content creation;

– Limited page builder: this page builder does not have many options that other page builders have, and this makes it difficult to create some complex pages;

– Poor performance: users have reported problems with loading certain blocks that load much slower than others;

– It is not possible to create complex pages: due to the lack of blocks, modules and functions, Gutenberg is not good for creating complex layouts. You will have to manually add or edit the code.

Gutenberg is a good page builder that is simple and user-friendly, but it is not for demanding users who need much more functionality to create complex layouts.

After listing the 5 most popular WordPress page builders on the market, we will now give you some tips on how to choose the best page builder for you.

The most important things to consider are:

– Ease of use: use a page builder that is easy to use. Choose the one that takes you the least time to learn and that will take you the least time to create a particular layout;

– Predefined templates: use the page builder that has the largest selection of predefined templates that you can use in your projects. If possible, find the one that offers the most free templates;

– Advanced options: if you are working on more complex projects, choose a page builder that offers advanced options such as theme builder, dynamic content and WooCommerce builder;

– Price: choose a page builder that fits your budget and has enough options that will allow you to do the job you envisioned.


Today we have brought you the top WordPress page builders comparison list to help you choose the one for you. All of them mostly work on the same principle of creating pages, but each of them has its own unique features and advantages. Whether you are a professional or have just started creating websites, surely one of these page builders meets your criteria. Take into consideration the pros and cons that we have listed and you will find your favorite page builder which will help you to create excellent pages that look great on all devices.



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