What is Geolocation? – How to Use Location Based Directory Websites

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What is Geolocation:

In short, geolocation is the location of a device, this can be a mobile phone, laptop etc., that is connected to the internet. This is usually dependent on cellular data, and IP address. 

Geolocation allows for the user of the device to reference where they are located in relation to what they are trying to find. You may use this if  allowed Google to use your location. When you open a map or are searching for a restaurant near you it will locate and show you as a pin.

Geolocated features are used a lot more than we think. It is a modern implication that is involved with our day to day lives. Here’s how:

Why Geolocation is Useful

Many reasons for geolocation as mentioned above: finding a restaurant, planning directions to a store, finding location history to see where that Costco you last went to, are all part of our everyday lives. It’s great for tagging on social media to keep users up-to-date, find an adoption center near you, or to find what is going on with the weather.

Other uses include interacting with users/followers online, giving demographic information, track exercise routes, and goal setting apps. It is also used to find elevations, recommendations, video notifications and checkpoints.

Geolocation for Localization

This means you can change content to fit and relate to the users within a certain area. Localization will enhance the experience by enabling relatable content. You can also use it to gain better geographical information for you marketing, and advertising. Being more relatable means more interactions.

Google Maps: Used to enable map-based features to show the user location.

Why is Geolocation a Necessity for Directory Websites

Contemporary directory websites need geolocation for prompt functionality and practical application. Without it, users are forced to manually find there location which makes for getting directions to be a drag. Any modern website enables geolocation for people to find and search near them. Location-based directories are the way to go.

  • Find a nearby ice cream shop
  • Get the exact distance to a house for rent
  • Find specials going on around the concert you just left
  • Determine the best bike routes near the short-term rental you just booked
  • Locate a dog park near you
  • Find the closest hospital 

This is great for multiple cities. You can plan ahead to find events near the hotel you will be staying at. Use geolocation to find the hotel, then find events near that location.

Having a map within your directory website is essential, but take it a step further with geolocated features.

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