Map Based WordPress Theme Features to Create Location Aware Websites

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Map based WordPress themes can help you create intuitive and user-friendly websites. These websites let the users find the places of their interest through maps instead of textual content.

Because using maps in websites makes it more interactive for the users. Especially when the website is an Online Directory website, maps play a significant role in enhancing the usability of a website.

Below listed are the location-based features of the WordPress Directory script and how it can help your potential users:

Choosing a map-based WordPress theme for your online directories:

Whenever creating online directories, you must always choose map based WordPress themes. Or if you are using a Directory building software, always go for a map-based directory software.

Maps graphically represent the physical address of a location. Maps can automatically detect the searcher’s current location and help with the routes, neighborhood, and distance of a location from their current location.

When maps are integrated into a directory website, it is possible for the users to find the location within the app or website to reach the destination.

People can use the maps to find entertainment, foods, places, shopping destinations, etc within locations in a map integrated directory.

Therefore, our popular Directory software for WordPress is crafted with the resourcefulness of maps in mind. Besides the main directory platform, there are these niche directory templates that you can use to create different websites like events directory, hotels directory, deals and coupons directory, etc.

Maps on the homepage of your WordPress Directory website

The idea of a Directory website with a map as the front page banner is as useful as it is interesting. The directory WordPress theme is designed with a map on the homepage banner.

This map obviously makes your website more intuitive and easy to understand. If the visitors are sure about the location they want to browse, they can directly use the maps to find the listings in the area.

Also, the homepage banner map also helps the visitors have an idea about the population of the listings in a particular area.

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Navigate directly to the listing detail page through the map marker

The location based listings on your website are represented by the map markers on the map. When a visitor clicks this map marker, the primary information about the listing is displayed.

These details include the name of the listing, address, website URL, ratings, etc. Clicking on the listing’s name will directly take the visitor to the listing detail page.

Hence, using the map marker’s details are an easier way for the visitors to reach a google maps directory listing
map directory theme.

Choosing the categories for filtered results on map directory website

Now there can be hundreds of categories on your website, and a potential visitor might be only interested in few of them.

So a simple solution for this is to be able to select the categories on the maps. So the visitors can select the categories that they want and hence get filtered results on maps.

Homepage map full-screen mode on your WordPress Directory website

If your visitors are more interested in maps than textual content than they can switch to the full-screen mode.

The full-screen map page will eliminate the text content and show all the listings (of the chosen categories) on the maps.

Using the link attached to the map marker to represent a listing, the visitors can directly navigate to the listing detail page of the listing

Ultimately, there can be a number of ways through which the maps on the home screen of your online directory can help the usability of your map directory website. It enhances the overall accessibility of a listing.

Detail page map on your online web Directory

Detail page maps are more focused maps. They have dedicated maps that will show location and details about just on a particular location.

With the detail page map, your user will be able to find out the exact location of that business on the same page, through the map. The only marker on the detail page map denotes the exact location of the listing. With the help of a map, the visitor can know about the neighborhood locations. Moreover, they can even find the route and distance from the user’s current location.

Here, the user doesn’t need to search for other apps like google maps. Instead, the maps are available right into the detail page of the listing. The visitor can find it on the same page with the accuracy and without wasting time to find and locate the same place anywhere else.

Get directions on the map directory theme

The detail page maps on your WordPress Directory software represent the listing address on the map.

The Google map’s get direction feature provides you with the ability to get navigational direction to find the destination. All you have to do is to key in the starting point of your journey.

Category page maps on your Directory website

Category page maps, as the name suggests are filtered maps. They show the listings of the selected category on the maps.

Assume the user is looking for the gyms in your listing directory. If the user navigates to the category page, he’ll find all the gym listings listed on the website. Using the category page map, the visitor can find the nearest gym listing.

If a visitor is confused about the address of a listing, he/she can check the maps and know about the neighborhood locality to get a better idea.

Proximity search/Filtered results on map based WordPress theme

Proximity search feature shows filtered results on your online Directory website. With the proximity search feature on your directory website, you can show your visitors the listings that are in close proximity to them.

For an example, you are looking for a listing in NewYork you just need to enter zip-code. All the listings of the NewYork will appear so that way you can efficiently find a relevant listing of that area you which were looking for.

Provide better Directory experience with this map-based Directory theme

Online Directory websites have secured their place as one of the most profitable forms of online business. And with maps on your online directories, you enhance user experience and make your visitors stay on your website, longer.

The map directory theme makes it easier for your potential users to find the listings based on locations or categories. Because of the available technologies, creating and managing your directory websites is easier. But what demands more efforts is getting and retaining traffic.

People tend to stay longer on a website when they can easily find what they are looking for. And a WordPress map directory theme helps you with that.

Therefore, using WordPress map directory theme to create a location-aware website is not just easy and profitable. So are you ready to create your own map based directory theme with WordPress?

Map-Based Themes

Here are few of our map based directory themes that you can use to create map based websites of different types. Such sites mostly are online directory, city portals, or niche portals like a website to list all the designer boutiques, an online directory to list best coaching institutes for Charted accountants, an online directory for listing different type of cleaning service providers, etc.

Directory WordPress Theme

User generated content on a directory website

The Directory WordPress theme comes with a beautiful and organized design to showcase your location-based listings. These listings can be a listing for a place, event, a classified item, etc.

Directory theme is designed with monetization in mind and therefore it comes with many distinct features to help you earn through your website. The most common way to make money through such websites is by allowing paid listing submissions so that local businesses can advertise themselves on your portal. Therefore, powered by the “Tevolution” plugin, the directory theme includes a fully front end submission system.

All you need to do is to create price packages, configure the submission form by removing and adding the fields you need and start accepting front end submissions from your users. Each individual listing on your WordPress directory theme comes equipped with a map to let you show the exact location graphically.

The directory WordPress theme also comes with many child themes that are also map-based. You can choose one as per your requirements!

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The Spot Finder Theme

Spot Finder is a directory theme with a lively looking design. It is for you if you want to create fancier directory websites. It certainly comes equipped with all the directory theme features that we talked about previously.

It can be used to create a travel directory, a directory for all the salons or spa in your city, or a directory with different categories to list different facilities in your city. Along with the multi-city feature, the Spot Finder theme can also be used to create a directory with listings for different countries.

It has all the map-based features you need. The geo-location feature, maps on category page as well as listing page. The biggest difference between spot finder and the directory theme is the way listings are presented. Spot Finder lets you display listings AirBnb style. It is very simple to use. With the available features, you can easily add and manage the listings. There is an easy to manage front end submission system that will work with little to no customization required.

SpotFinder is mobile friendly and built with SEO in mind. It is ideal for all your directory requirements. The post type called “listings” to let you submit the place listings is already available, but you can opt for other addons like real estate, jobs, classifieds, etc.

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The Business Directory Theme

If you are looking for a directory template to create directory that lists local business without requiring advanced customizations, the business directory theme is for you.

The main difference again is the look and feel of this theme. If you like simpler designs to create your city portal, you can opt for the Directory parent theme, but if you want a fancy looking map based business listing directory than you can choose this one.

As mentioned earlier, only design is different, all the features remain the same. You can use this directory theme to create a map-based website with WordPress, that acts as an information portal. The maps will definitely make the search more interesting since they are responsive and interactive.

The map on the listing page will not just provide the visitors with the location information but will also help them with directions & navigation. Also, the category page map will help the visitors to find the relevant businesses based on their location. More features like geo-location tracking and proximity search will help your website serve the best results to a viewer based on his location.

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Unlike other directories listed here, the HomeQuest theme has different features and can be used to create professional-looking property portals. It still comes with all the directory features, some of them are modified to fit the requirements of a real estate based website.

Using this WordPress real estate directory theme, you can easily become the owner of a property portal of your city with just a little investment. You can create a real estate website, an online directory actually, and create different property categories like apartments, row houses, mansions, condos, villas, beach houses, etc. Another factor to categorize the listings will be the location of the listings, so it becomes very easy to find the preferred property.

For example: It is easy to find a list of all the row houses in Georgia, and choose the one that interests you.  Such a property listing website can be used by agents as well as property owners as a platform to advertise the property they want to rent or sell. The theme comes with an advanced form to help people search for the relevant type of property.

Even brokers can register themselves on your website and list all their properties. And you, as an admin of the website, can set a price for allowing submission on your website.

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ListingPlus Directory Theme

This is the latest Directory theme released last year. It is a simple, modern, and feature-packed directory theme that you can use for a niche directory or a city portal with different types of listing.

It is totally customizable and therefore you can use it to create almost any kind of online directory website. You can use the Listing Plus directory theme to create a local or global directory website with WordPress. Truly multipurpose, this theme is SEO friendly and beautifully responsive.

It has all the basic directory features including the front end submission system, along with custom fields support. This gives you the ability to change the type of listings that you want to be displayed on your website. For example: If your directory lists different cars than you can create a custom post type “Cars” add the categories and include custom fields to create the perfect car listing.

The Listing Plus Theme comes with Google Maps for each business listing. Maps are also on category pages, to display all the available listings for the category. And there is also an all-in-one map page where all the listings added to the website are shown.

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