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With the available technologies, you can create your online classifieds software in less than 45 minutes, on your own. No need to hire programmers or professional experts to get your website created. All you need is a perfect classifieds script to get started with.

Classifieds website is one of the most popular forms of online directories which directly deals with products (or services). For instance, an automotive classifieds website, or a classifieds website of products related to babies and new moms, etc.

What makes classifieds websites so popular is its ability to serve (and be useful for) a large number of audience. Classifieds directory website generally cover more categories than niche eCommerce websites. Therefore it can attract different visitors with totally different interests.

With large traffic is the opportunity to earn some passive income. Here are a few ways through which you can earn through your classifieds website.

Why WordPress to create your Classifieds Directory

WordPress is a free and open source. Moreover, it is really easy to learn and use. WordPress and WordPress themes enable you to create websites without writing a line of code. Moreover, most of the hosting companies provide WordPress optimized hosting for optimized performance of your WordPress website.

Moreover, you have a number of WordPress classifieds software available for free download that you can use and get started on your website in minutes.

There are many classifieds scripts and software available for free download. But they can be vulnerable. You can never be sure about the scripts that you download for free from the internet. Especially when you are going for a classifieds website with data submitted by users from the front end.

The better idea is to rely on a classified script that is totally secure, provided by credible companies. Here is a list of the best WordPress classifieds software from reliable sources that you can use to create your classifieds website.

Creating your Classifieds directory with the best classifieds script

If you try creating classifieds by coding, it might take your days (or weeks or months) to create a basic ad posting software. However, the days of struggling with long code files are long gone. Now we have the best of technologies to make website building easier.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to create a classifieds directory website with WordPress in less than 1 hour with the Classified WordPress theme. Have a look at the Classifieds Directory demo to see how your classifieds website will look. The WordPress classifieds template comes with a number of distinguished features. You can integrate any of the above-mentioned monetization technique in your WordPress Classifieds directory and start earning through it. Another way to create your classifieds directory is by using this affordable web PHP directory software platform.

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Advertisement Banners on your Classifieds Directory Software

Advertisement banners is a monetization tactic that works for almost all kind of websites. And so it does for the classified posting software.  These advertisements can be in form of text, static images or videos, etc.

All you need is a business who wants to be advertised on your website. Regardless of the Classified Website Builder Software you use, you can always use this monetization technique.

make money through classifieds website

Generally, such advertisements are for a fixed price rather than per click or per impression basis. The company who wants to advertise themselves on your website pays a fixed price to you and

Ad posting works on classifieds website because they are the websites where the users come looking for products. So displaying related products, or promoting companies that produce such products works.

The banner advertisements are linked to the website of the advertisers. Banner advertisements are direct advertisements that can be displayed in various parts of a website.

Featured Advertisements on your Classifieds template

You might be wondering, how different are featured advertisements from advertisement banners?

Well, they aren’t specifically different. But featured advertisements are special banner advertisements placed at more prominent places on your websites to attract special attention.

The featured advertisements are the highlighted or featured on your website so that they catch the visitors eyes easily. They too can be in form of text, image, or videos on your webpage.

The featured advertisements are generally placed in the header or contained as a part of the banner slider. Because these are the parts of the website through which you can get the best of user attention.

The featured advertisements obviously are more pricey than the ordinary banner advertisements in the sidebars or other under dominant areas of your website.

Paid classifieds advertisement posting on Classifieds Directory

The front end classifieds ad posting features contribute in two ways:

  1. Helps you generate revenue through paid ad posting
  2. Increases the amount of useful data on your classified web software

Popular classifieds software like craigslist allows the visitors to post their classifieds advertisements. However, this won’t work if you have a competitive classifieds website already allowing classifieds ad posting for free.

The first requirement for allowing paid classifieds advertisements is that your website should have enough traffic. If your classifieds website is a new one, with a few listings and visitors, the paid classifieds advertisements won’t work. Because no one would willingly want to pay for adding a listing on a website that has only limited traffic.

Therefore the best idea is to allow free classifieds front end submission in the beginning. And once your website gains enough traction, you can start allowing paid submissions on your website.

Check out how the listing submission page for your Online Classifieds script.

Featuring the Classifieds listings on the homepage/Category page

The listings owners who want to make their Classifieds listings more popular can pay more for enhancing the visibility of the classifieds listings. Most of the Classified PHP Scripts come with the feature to highlight the classifieds listing as featured listing at an extra price.

The featured price can be set when you create the pricing package. So if the Classifieds listing owners are interested to get their classified product featured on the homepage or the category page of the classifieds website, they can pay the extra price.

The classifieds products can be featured on the homepage as well as the classifieds category page!

Using Google AdSense on your Classifieds website

Google AdSense lets you get over the traditional form of banner advertisements on your website and moves on to a more logical form of advertising.

Google AdSense is, in fact, a service from Google, that allows you to display targeted advertising on the ad spaces on your website. All you need to do is to designate some space for displaying advertisement and paste the Google Adsense code here.

There are two main advantages of using Google Adsense

  • You won’t have to get in touch with the businesses and convince them to advertise on your website. In fact, the Google AdSense service acts as a mediator between the advertiser and your website.
  • The advertisements are not random. They are based on the visitors browsing history and past searches.

You can sign up for the Google AdSense service and get paid on the per click or impression basis. So if you want to earn through advertisement banners on your website, without having to get in touch with the sponsors to get them to post their advertisements on your website.

Selling products through your online Classifieds software

In a classifieds software, generally, the products are not directly sold. Instead, the contact details of the seller is provided. A classifieds listing is merely a reference to the product and product owner.

However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t integrate eCommerce features into your classifieds ads scripts.

On your classifieds website, you can create a section for selling digital/physical products. For this, your Classifieds website must support eCommerce. If it does, you can upload your products, set the shipping, accept the payment and start selling online.

If your WordPress Classifieds theme supports WooCommerce, then you can use it to create your online shop on your online Classifieds script.

Affiliate link posting on your online Classifieds script

You can help business promote their products through affiliate links. You can include the affiliate links to your associate websites through your page content or blog.

For this, you need to find out the products or services related to your classifieds ad posting software. You can place the affiliate links on your website banners, as well as text content.

The affiliate link is specially customized links through which your associate business can know the traffic that comes through your recommendation. This way you can earn affiliate commission through your WordPress classifieds website, every time a purchase is made using the affiliate link.

Restricting Classifieds listings with Membership plans

Another way through which you can make money through your website is by restricting the access to the pages/content on your website.

However, this only works when you are showing exclusive and very important content on your website. The most common way through which you can implement the membership feature in your online classifieds software is by allowing


Creating and managing classified website software gets easier with the available technologies. However, if you want to make your classifieds directory website more profitable, you can include one of the monetization technique mentioned above and start with your website right away.

However, how much you earn through these formulas is dependent on different factors like – overall traction your website gets, the placement of an advertisement, the dominance of your website in your field, etc. Traffic is the most important factor, among all of them. And to increase the traffic, you can try on different SEO strategies as well as promote your website through different mediums.

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