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Quiz on your WordPress websites can be helpful in numerous ways. They make your website more interesting and interactive content also means more engagement.

WordPress is an amazing CMS and you can easily include quiz into your WordPress website to make it more appealing for the visitors. Nowadays, more and more websites are including the quiz section in their site, and that helps because it increases the time a visitor spends on the website, and also guarantees engagement.

Especially for content based websites like online news magazine or blogs, a quiz section can work wonders. There are different ways a quiz can help you achieve the objectives you want, and it depends on what you want to use it for.

But to include quiz, there are these simple plugins. Just install them and get started with quizzes on your website.

Quiz and survey master

This plugin allows you to create beautiful quizzes on your WordPress pages and post, to increase engagement and drive in traffic. It can be used to create different types of quizzes with different intent.

You can use the options available with the Quiz plugin to create surveys and interactive quiz games, to engage visitors and make your content more interesting, or to find out answers that can help with better marketing.

You can create interactive content with MCQ type questions using radio buttons, or questions to let the visitors choose from drop down options, or checkboxes. Moreover, you can also create true or false type questions, fill in the blank responses, polar (slider), accept button, and open ended questions with this plugin.

The plugin comes with plenty of customization options to let you change colors, text, or personalize the content for the users. There is also an option for email where the user as well as the admin will be sent results through emails.

You can apply different grading systems, like a correct/incorrect, or awarding scores/point for correct answers, or none at all. Moreover, you can create categories, countdown timer, and the option to share the results on social media.

There are many extra features, like hints for the answers, sequencing that is random or pre-ordered, scheduling the quiz’s appearance, one page or multipage quiz, set the number of question on each page, etc.  You can even create popup quiz, sample survey, or flashcard style quiz for your visitors.

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WP Quiz

This is a plugin for you to easily include quiz, polls or even surveys into your WordPress website. It allows you to create a trivia, personality quiz or flip quiz. It lets you create content sections that are totally responsive so that whether the visitor is using a mobile device, or a tablet, or a laptop/computer, it will still be clearly accessible.

Use the different options, add videos, images, text or a combination of them to create interactive content. With the available options, creating and managing quizzes on your website is easy.

You can create a single page or multipage quiz easily with this plugin. The plugin comes with demo data for each type of quiz, that you can import with just a button click. Moreover, there is also a reset button for your visitors, if they want to start again.

Also included in the design is a progress bar, that can be color customized, so that it’s easy for the visitors to know the progress status of their quiz. To re-use the quizzes that you make through the plugin, just copy and paste the shortcode on the page where you want it.

The quiz section too is highly customizable, and you have enough color options to create a background that either blends in, or stands out on your page.

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Quiz Cat

You can create interactive and viral quizzes through this plugin to help user engagement, get leads and improved revenue through personality quiz, trivia quiz or other such quizzes.

It is a fast, light and easy to use plugin that you can install and start creating quizzes with, in no time. All you have to do to get your quiz live is to set the questions, their answers and results.

You can create unlimited number of quizzes through this plugin to test the interest, knowledge, trivia quiz, or lead tests to qualify the visitors. Such quizzes can help you a lot not just with engagement but also to define and plan your content marketing strategy.

You can even publish this content by using shortcode, and make your blog post more interesting and unique just by adding a relevant quiz at the end of(or within) the content. The plugin allows you to create quiz that are responsive, and gutenberg compatible.

The quiz created through this plugin can easily be translated into any language of your choice, and there is also a premium version of this quiz plugin available for advanced features.

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HD Quiz

Create unlimited fun filled quizzes and easily embed them into your WordPress posts/pages using this plugin. With this plugin, you can build either quizzes just for user engagement, or questionnaires to fetch you some information.

The quiz styler lets you easily create unique layouts for the quizzes. You can even set the styling as global, applicable to all the quizzes you create, or unique for a certain quiz.

The mobile & touch friendly layout helps you create content that looks good and is as interactive as it is on a computer screen even when viewed on mobile phones or tablets.

Also included is the feature to let you set a timer for the quiz. Your quizzes with multiple questions will have pagination. You can even improve engagement by adding links to the results.

On your quizzes created with the HD Quiz plugin, you can even build image based answers. You can create different types of questions with different features, a featured image, etc.

There are also a lot of customization options to let you change the look and feel of your quiz. You can set the text that appears when quiz is successfully completed or when failed. You have the choice to randomize the order of the questions that appear on the quiz.

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Quiz Maker

You can use this plugin to create unlimited quizzes for your WordPress website. You can easily create interactive quiz style content using the simple options.

First of all, you can create all the questions you want, wherein, you can specify different styles for answers: radio, checkbox, text box, drop down selection, or numbers. Then you can create a new quiz and add the questions to the quiz very easily.

Categorization of questions and quizzes is also possible. If you are creating quizzes just for fun, you can simply disable data storing into your database so that it doesn’t unnecessarily occupy the memory.

Moreover, use the quiz timer if required, set the weight to answers to produce results or score board. There is also a customizable form, that the user can be presented with at the end of the quiz, to collect data that you can reuse at a later stage.

There are many options for user report generation. You can show the result using progress bar & percentage, or show user mistakes, or just percentage, etc. Moreover, this plugin can also be used to create surveys by choosing the “No influence to the score” option.

For easy customization, there are quiz themes, styles, and the preview options to see the final appearance. The user restriction feature enables you to selectively display quizzes based on the user role. Social sharing options are also included.

There is also a paid version of this plugin for those who require more features like import/export facilities, email facilities, sending certificates, campaign monitoring, WooCommerce integration, etc.

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Chained Quiz

This plugin, as the name ‘chained quiz’ suggests, lets you create the type of quizzes where the questions are connected to each other. In simple words, the quizzes where the next question of the quiz depends on the answer of the current question.

Generally, such personality quizzes, and certain other type of quizzes where the next question needs to be more personalized depending on the input of the question at hand, look like complex to build. But not with this WordPress plugin.

You can easily create such quizzes with the inbuilt and intuitive options available with the plugin. And to include the quiz into your post/page, all you have to do is use the relevant shortcode.

Like any other quiz plugin, the chained quiz plugin also comes with all the options to let you create questions to accept different form of answers: Multiple choice questions, open ended answers, radio buttons, check box based answers, etc.

There is also an efficient system for calculating the results by assigning points to each answer. To make this quiz more personalized, you can choose what happens when a particular answer is selected. The action can be navigating to a specific question, or simply leading to next question, or to end the quiz.

There is also a pro version of this theme if you want advanced features for creating chained quizzes.

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Watu Quiz

The plugin can be used to create exams, questionnaires, surveys or quizzes. This plugin definitely has more applications than other plugins mentioned in this list.

You can easily create questions, and answers and assign points to them to build quizzes or questionnaires. Once created, they can be embeded on any page/post you want using a shortcode.

You can create point based questions where points are awarded at each correct answer and when the quiz ends, the cumulative grade is calculated based on the points collected. Therefore, this plugin can be the best bet for those looking to create online examinations.

With this plugin you can create responsive mobile friendly and touch friendly quizzes so that regardless the device the visitor uses to access the quiz, the user experience is perfect.

It comes with ajax-based loading of the quiz results, which is definitely more attractive, and also allows Facebook and Twitter sharing of the results. There is also the feature to enable automated emails to the quiz taker with their results.

There is also a pro version with all the advanced features for letting you create fully fledged online tests with data export features, student logins, a grading system, categories, reports, etc.

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ARI Stream Quiz

You can use this plugin to create content to engage the visitors, increase page views in a fun way with interactive quizzes and questionnaires.

Such quizzes can be personality quiz that you can use to know personal preferences of a user for better marketing campaigns, or quizzes to know the knowledge of a person in a particular field.

You can even create tests, that ends with the result page, which can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or sent through email.

The plugin is lightweight and easy to use. Without any prior experience in building such a structure, you can create quizzes with all the intuitive inbuilt options. To create attractive content that isn’t boring for your visitors, you can add images both to the questions, as well as the answers.

This Quiz plugin is translation ready, and loads the quizzes through Ajax. There are features to export the results,  a play again button to replay the quiz, and ordering or shuffling the questions to pre-set the sequence of their appearance.

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Wrapping up

Creating a quiz on your WordPress website can be for several reasons, and since there are so many different ways to achieve it, you too can easily build one for yourself.

All these plugins are really easy to use and should work well with most WordPress themes. Moreover, they all come with enough customization options to let you define the styling and colors of your interactive section.

You can choose any of these WordPress Quiz plugins and create beautiful quizzes on your own, without any technical expertise. So which one will you go for?

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