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What Are Pros & Cons of Buying a WordPress Theme Club?

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A premium WordPress theme club is basically a large collection of premium themes, ideally including a wide variety of themes to cover different types of web projects. Many reputed WordPress theme companies offer access to all their premium themes for a fraction of their individual prices combined in the form of a theme club membership.

But is a premium theme club for you? Does it make sense for you to buy a theme club over individual premium themes? We will help you decide by walking you through the pros and cons of buying a premium theme club membership below.

Pros of Buying a WordPress Theme Club

Buying a premium theme club membership comes with a host of advantages as we discussed above. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones below.

Access to a Great Range of Premium Themes

Let’s face it. Buying many different premium WordPress themes for different projects and websites can quickly get expensive as typically these themes are priced around $50 each, especially when there are no ongoing offers. So if you own different websites or online businesses, a theme club or package can be a great way to save on your WordPress theme costs big time.

A premium theme club from a reputed WordPress theme seller like Templatic comes with all types of themes, so no matter how different your projects are from one another, it will have you covered. These theme packages include local business WordPress themes, agency themes, themes for general business websites, themes for blogging, themes for e-commerce stores that are compatible with WooCommerce, directory themes, themes for membership sites, themes for real estate brokers and directories, and the list goes on.
Advantages of WorDPress theme club

The theme club at Templatic also includes a healthy diversity of parent and child themes, so that you have many ways of getting the customized look you desire for your websites without having to mess around with the code.

New and Latest Themes

The WordPress theme market is a fast-changing one. The more reputed WordPress theme sellers consistently come up with newer themes with great upgrades over their older premium themes, offering better functionality and features.

But it wouldn’t be possible for most users to buy the latest themes to give their web projects a new and more modern look every time new and better themes are released. This is where a premium theme club can turn out to be a great option.

You would have instant access to every new theme that your theme club company releases, without having to pay anything over the renewal price you’re already paying for your theme club. This does differ quite a bit from one theme seller to another, but most reputed companies like Templatic do not charge anything for their new themes and offer it for free to their premium theme club members.

Ideal for Agencies and Web Developers

While a premium WordPress theme club can be a great option for just about anyone with multiple online businesses, they are a particularly good option for digital marketing agencies and web developers. This is simply because they need to purchase premium themes for each of their client, which can cost them a fortune.

A premium theme club, on the other hand, can turn out to be a steal for them. Templatic’s Premium Theme, for example, costs under $300 initially and then just $19 per month for over 100 premium themes and over 20 premium WordPress plugins. The great thing for developers is that all the themes come with their .PSD file that allows them to make all kinds of customization changes.
Theme club for professional website makers

Similarly, each of the themes comes with a multi-use license too, meaning that agencies can use them for all of their client sites without having to spend an extra penny.

Never Have to Use Free Themes

While there’s nothing wrong with using a free theme for unimportant sites like passion projects and portfolio websites, they are far from ideal when it comes to professional projects or blogs you’re looking to make money from.

Free themes not only have many limitations that prevent you from making the changes and customizations you need for a professional-looking site, but they also lack the kind of security, support, and features that premium themes bring to the table.

Cons of Buying a Premium WordPress Theme Club

A premium theme club may not be for everyone. If you only work on personal or passion projects or don’t see yourself using multiple premium themes in the foreseeable future, you may be better off just buying a single premium theme.

So let’s quickly go through some disadvantages of buying a premium theme club as well.

Higher Initial Cost

A single premium theme typically costs in the range of $27 to $47, while a premium theme club costs upwards of $150. Of course, the pricing varies greatly from one company to another, but this is the general range we are talking about. So if you’re only going to work on one project or website for a long time, buying a premium theme club wouldn’t make sense for you.

That said, if you don’t plan to stick to just one theme or online project forever, you should consider buying a premium theme club as you will still save big time than buying upgraded themes or different themes for different websites over the long term.

Renewal Costs

Most theme marketplaces charge a monthly or annual renewal cost for their premium theme club members. This may discourage some users from buying a theme club membership, as it may not make much sense for them to pay on a monthly basis when they only plan to use a couple of themes for the entire year.

Have to Stick to One Theme Club

This could be a disadvantage for even the users that do have multiple sites or a variety of different online projects. If you buy a membership from a particular theme club marketplace, you would have to stick to them for all your WordPress theme needs, unless you’re fine with shelling out extra money on premium themes from other WordPress theme shops as well.

A Final Word

Overall, a premium theme club can go a long way in helping you expand your online business empire or giving a new and improved look to all your websites while spending a fraction of what you otherwise would.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get access to a wide variety of high-quality, functional, and SEO-optimized premium WordPress themes, feel free to check out the entire range of Templatic’s premium themes, which you can get for under $200 and a cheap monthly renewal price of $19 a month.